Next Knight Kuon’s Chroncicles of Debauchery

Next Knight Kuon's Chroncicles of Debauchery

If Kuon the knight uses her “power”,captured princess Tia becomes obscene!?
But if Kuon is defeated bad things happen too!

Can Kuon rescue the princess without using her power?

This RPG challenges you, as Kuon, to find a balance: use her power too much and Tia pays the price.
The knight from the next nation has a choice to make!

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  1. Ok, this was so fun to play. This game managed to pull 2 things I didn’t expect to find in an rpg 1. No random encounters 2. No battles (cept for bosses, that is). You just touch enemies and kill, it’s so fast and it really kept me hooked. Plus it’s pretty short I finished it in about 4hs in game.

    And here’s some advice: get rabbit’s foot asap. You see even if items’ descriptions are untranslated you can kinda make out what they’re for. Rabbit’s foot double items’ drop rate, so what you wanna do is grind on one enemy till you get 99 of their drop, then go with another, and once you get 99 of all enemy drops of the area, sell them in town and buy better armor and swords. Light earrings and anklet replenish your hp and mp respectively as you walk. Best accessory though is that Feather worth 50000, it greatly increases exp gain, so make sure to get that early in the game too. Oh and 1 last thing, do use the contract spell, I must of used it about 6 times in total with no penalties whatsoever; you even get all cgs and recollection as a reward, ain’t that cool? 🙂

  2. cleared the game but haven’t complete the h scene for kuon and the 1st slot for dia, any idea how to unlock it?

    1. by working hard. you must even use the power that causes Tia to become lewd, you can do things using kuon but not tia, in the end game, they(the game) will unlock all scene for you

  3. What i must go in the basament? i thinked there was don inside but i don’t found him, how the story continue after this?

  4. Where do you go after you get out of the sewer dungeon through the well? I can’t find don. The mine is off limits too

  5. I think RPGmaker games should be tagged “RPGmaker”
    I’m trying to look for more on this site, but I can’t because there’s no RPGmaker tag.

  6. Does anyone know how to trigger the very first CG? Last one left, and I’d rather not regrind through everything.

    1. You can trigger it by going into the castle to rescue Dia without removing the lewdness [the times you used the contract] with the shadowy figure. That way, Dia will still be lewd when you try to rescue her, causing the bad end.

  7. i am stuck here where i cannot go in to brothel and the mine is also off limits. what to do next?

    1. have you used the mirror next to kuon’s bed yet? If not, that is required to advance through the story

  8. Does anyone find second sword in abandoned mine about which the magician speaks and what to do with 5 keys

    1. Does anyone find second sword in abandoned mine about which the magician speaks and what to do with 5 keys

  9. Maaan, the grind is real on this one. In fact, it’s so heavy that I felt like I traveled back in time to 1980. AND I WASN’T BORN YET!

  10. can anyone help me out? im at the part after you knock out don and get the key from his office. I woke him up and he ran away. Im suppose to chase him but I have no clue where he went…

    1. If you go to the area with where you got the key you see a stairs to a dungeon between two angel statues.
      (I mist that a few times myself)

      1. ohhhhhh thanks I wish they showed you him running into that or something. 😛
        thanks man.

        1. are you suppose to find anything in there cause i was expecting him to be there and hes not O.o

  11. Just a few tips:-

    To get all the H-scene is simple;

    NEVER use the contract.

    To check how many contract you have already use open your menu, go to inventory and under the important item tab you will see the demonic bracelet. Use that item and it will tell you how many times you already use it. If it tells you its zero, you are fine. There are times in the story Kuon will use the bracelet in story but thats fine, it won’t effect the count.

    If you complete the game without using the contract, you will be notified that all the CG have been open.

    There are also items that you need for easy grinding;

    1.Collect 50,000 gold to buy the Valkyrie’s feather at the accessory shop. This will double your exp gain but give you minus 20 Max MP. Wear it, just -20 MP won’t make any difference.

    2. Get the sword in the forest, and you also need two items to finish this quest, one is own by a drinker in the pub and other is in the mine inside a wooden box with a closed lid.

    3. The armor in the church, you need to help the people in the town to get this one. Mostly of the people you need to find is inside the houses and NOT in the shops, pub and inn. This quest is available after the mines.

      lol, after playing thug hero party, I never want anything like that to happen so while playing this game I never want to see Dia being rape. After I finish the game, Dia told me that I try really hard to not use the contract and open all the CG for protecting her. That really touched me and I’m glad I played this game.

      Yeah I use no contract, and I was given all the H-scene CG with the story.

    2. WRONG
      you can completely wipe the usage of the contract just before the last fight so it doesn’t even matter just make it easier and use it to get all of the scenes its easier and faster

    3. Thanks for the tips. Also, if you buy the rabbit foot, monsters drop 2 items every time, so you can earn the money even faster 😀

  12. Pleasehelp.I+m+stuck+in+the+game.+I+cant+enter+the+whorehouse+after+i+ve+gone+to+the+barrier,+which+tells+me+to+investigate+in+the+city.

    1. Talk to more villegers in the area before the pleasure district at some point you will get a scene where you will enter that building.

  13. Ok so turns out i only needed to replay 1/5 of this to get all teh scenes so here is a SUPER QUICK GUIDE TO 100%
    1. Abuse the contract it has no demerits and unlocks the scenes
    2. After you clear the forest go back for a moment and get the sword in the small pool of water next to the entrance, take it to the blacksmith and he will put you on the way to getting the only weapons worth having in the game
    3.DO NOT BUY ANYTHING just save up for the max armor it takes like 15-30 min grind MAX to get it with contract and either the mine or sewer dungeon
    4. Once in my check the side areas to the east before going to any of then north areas thats where you get the ore to finish the sword so pop back into town and get it
    5. You get a prompt before every boss battle so save there to get all the scenes
    6. BRANCH POINT After you complete the mine go to the church to get the purify quest (otherwise just proceed with the attack to get the bad end scene) Do all the quests(about 4-5 in total scattered around the main town area) and get go to church when prompted to get a cutcene/H scene after this go to the shadow man and reduce your lewdness to 0 and don’t use it until the final battles since you won’t need to since you can now go to the priest and get the best armor in the game aside from the store one.
    7. Last two scenes SAVE infront of the final battle and get defeated by the werewolf for 1 scene and Wart for the “true” scene. And thats it.

    1. I don’t know if you’ll see this reply, but your comment was pretty helpful while I was going through the game – thanks for the guide!

      However, there is one scene I can’t get: it’s the first one on the first page. Do you remember how you triggered it, and what it’s of?

      Thanks in advance!

  14. Any1 got a completed save i don’t feel like playing trough this snoozefest to get the last 3 images

  15. Thanks for the upload admin.

    oooh a female MC rescuing a female char but…. are there any Yuri H scenes? Or the H-scenes are bunch of rapes because of losing and using her “powers”?

    1. Sadly, there are no yuri scenes, even though that was what motivated me to play the game. The scenes that come from Kuon using the ‘powers’ and the scenes where she’s defeated are all rape scenes.

      There’s one scene I can’t unlock, but the only other ones are a masturbation one & ones where they’ve been mindbroken to want sex.

  16. Good art, but not enough scenes & what the few there are a too mild & too short. :/

    Give us something with combat rape?

  17. Guys, do u know how to cheat in this game? or any save file might help. I just want to see the cg files or breeze all the way fr the story purposes.

  18. So if you hit alt and enter it will let you go full screen, but every time i do it crashes. any fixes for this? 😮
    I have win 7 if it matters.

    1. It’s possible your graphics card doesn’t work with it. I have two and my NVIDIA card in full-screen flickers like crazy, but the Intel one works. Might be a similar issue for you.

    2. Had this issue too with another game, switched to fullscreen and it crashed, after that all other RPGmaker games would attempt to start in fullscreen and immediatly crash. No config file either, the solution is hidden in the windows registry.

      Warning: If you don’t know what the windows registry is, be very careful because modifying the wrong values might break your windows installation.

      Open regedit (press windows key, then type regedit), navigate to HKEY_USERS/S-1-5-21–1000/Software/Enterbrain/RGSS3 in the left panel, then double-click “LaunchInFullScreen” and set the value to 0.

      1. Path is HKEY_USERS/S-1-5-21–(three blocks of numbers here)-1000/Software/Enterbrain/RGSS3, apparently angle brackets are not allowed in comments.

      2. My problem is my 3×1 monitor setup. Some games decide fullscreen is 3×2 (6 monitors), and I can see either nothing, or only the top half. I learned long ago, that the best fix, which doesn’t risk damaging the registry, is to go into the game folder, and delete the SAVE file. Then I simply start over, and never select FullScreen.

  19. if the next one could be Lucia Script ~Princess of a Age-old Kingdom~
    i would love it but if not that’s alright you know whats best (hope i did not offend anybody)

  20. Tags? I don’t want to, ever again, go blindly on rpgmaker games.

    Yes I’m talking about the recent release

    1. Tags would be:
      Romantic Yuri, Knight and Princess, Demons, Possession, Rape, Combat, Corruption

      Oddly enough, despite the strong tags, it’s fairly on the cute side.

  21. Y-You’re uploading 5 games…in the week right before finals? Are you trying to massacre my grades?!

    1. Good luck with that hahahahhah better to read some good stuff rather than study for your exams,become just like us we will welcome you with open arms hahahaha.

    2. You better try and study I mean Im in college and already did my finals so I can enjoy all these games (^-^), but anime tiddies arent worth failing over

  22. Thanks a bunch for uploading so many games. Ugh I just realized something. I never really looked or asked if you have a method to accept donations for your work on Do you accept donations?

    1. This wasn’t translated by Erogedownload, just posted. If you want to help, consider donating to the translator, who’s at

      1. Even though Admin doesn’t TL the games s/he still posts these games pretty much right after they come out. Admin has to pay for the domain and other shit, so I would still try to donate to Admin.

        1. I think admin makes money, when you download his files as a premium user.

          Basically just use “DA-1 click” link and buy premium there… easy peasy

      1. Same problem. the mine’s out of limits, can’t enter holy city, brothel is locked … and bouncer. caught pickpocketer (and saw again as girl). Turned in sword, got stone from scholar (and side effect in room), and that’s it. stuck in first town with nowhere to go

        1. Got stuck here as well. check the mirror beside kuon’s bed in the pub to advance to the story. It’s not noticeable at first because of the color

        2. You need to check barrier north to the town and then talk to some people walking in the streets. After that you can proceed to the brothel.

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