Lily Knight Saga

Lily Knight Saga

Lily, a knightess in the royal guard, was ordered by the queen to clear the nearby forest of demons.
She came into contact with a mysterious crystal that grew tentacles from her own body—

Compelled by her own transformation and the mystery of the crystal, Lily and her trusted companions set off on a series of adventures!

Lily Knight Saga is an epic RPG told in 8 chapters + extra.
Add party members and discover titillating X-rated scenes
while enjoying the journey and Lily’s story.

Monsters and townfolk aren’t the only people you can hook up with.
Lily can enjoy “night visits” with party members and take on dubious sex jobs,
even pimp out her girls to make extra money.

You can beat the game in a “pure run” without any change to your H meter or seeing any sex scenes.
In this case, you also won’t be able to recruit certain characters.
The adventure may become quite difficult. Do you have what it takes?

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  1. Does anyone knows how to increase corruption? i’m stuck at 30 and sleeping with Dorothy doesn’t raise it anymore D: (is it because I’m playing the easy mode?)

  2. Holy shit the art in this is bad but I really like the soundtrack. Most rpgm games have generic music that does not stand out in any way so this is a breath of fresh air.

  3. Kakurenbo ~Futari Dake no Himitsu no Jikan~ this game is amazing pls we need a tanslation of it pls pls pls its amazingj ust omg pls we need it stop what you are doing right now and translate this amazing VN this is like gods work so pls I am begging you !!!!

  4. someone know how to enlarge window size for RPG maker’s game?
    all game have very small window size
    thanks for reply

  5. Hey, isn’t this a prequel of Naedoko Demon’s Ground, right?
    Yaay, finally they translate it to english. Thank you, admin, for uploading this.

    1. Well, it is not a prequel nor is there much hint in it being set before or after it but it sure is set in the same universe like pretty much every work by Tsukinomizu Project.

      And luckily, they are far from retirement and made many more works like these ones. Nightmare Girls was just recently released.

      I recommend pretty much any work of this circle to anyone who likes (ball-less) futanari and perverted (not really rapey) H with monsters and monster girls (still can’t help but love the futa faries).

      High Art quality, high Content count (base HCG) and pretty entertaining (rather comedic, gameplay may be not that straight forward but is not grind).

      1. Actually it is a prequel, Naedoko Demon’s Ground is set 2 months after this. And two of the main characters from Lily Knight Saga appear in Naedoko and even comment on events from it.

        As for Nightmare Girls, sadly this translator has no plans on doing it so some guy is doing a edited google translation instead.

  6. Hey so i’m stuck on this game, i need to find someone called Giselle but ive looked everywhere so far and cannot seem to find them, any advice?

    1. @Somethingorother talk to everyone in the PUB and adventurers guild, they tell you rumours about her. After you hear those she should appear in the dock area.

  7. It mentions about there being a readme provided for english descriptions. Anywhere I can find it as it’s not included with this download?

    1. Difficulty options:

      There are no H scenes that are locked based on difficulty level. Also, difficulty level can be changed
      at any time in the game.

      -Enemy parameters down
      -Various chests in the school you can open for benefits (Gold, stat up items, weapons, accessories, healing items)
      -Enjoy the scenario and H-scenes


      -No change one way or another
      -Good for your first playthrough or first time playing a tsukinomizu game


      -Enemy parameter’s up
      -Gold in treasure chests is replaced by monster material items
      -Big monsters and rare monsters appear more often
      -For those who want a tough RPG to play through

      Weapon Types:

      The character profiles shown in the weapon selection screen at the start of the game are showing which of your (eventual) party
      members shares that weapon/zodiac symbol. Each weapon/character is tied to a zodiac constellation.

      Hammer (Aries):
      – Skills that impact enemy parameters (debuffs)
      – Can use shields, good defense/health
      – Front line

      Axe (Tauros):
      – Two handed axe with high damage, low accuracy
      – One handed axe that’s easy to use (plus a shield)
      – Front line

      Gun (Gemini):
      – Special weapon that uses not only attack power but magic power as well
      – Just as strong from back row
      – Back line

      Fist (Cancer):
      – Equipped weapon has lower attack than others, and is influenced more by the wielder’s stats.
      – Base parameters higher (other than magic power)
      – Many powerful skills
      – Front line

      Greatsword (Leo):
      – Skills are all attack related
      – Though no support skills or many all-hit moves, unparalleled single-hit attacks.
      – Depending on equipment, accuracy may be bad
      – All two-handed weapons
      – Front line

      Curse Mark (Virgo):
      – Some physical skills, so front line is a potential
      – Low magic power for direct damage
      – Lots of buffs/debuffs and status effect magic
      – Either line

      Short Swords (Libra):
      – Lower attack power than other front line weapons
      – Lots of status effect and debuff attacks
      – Due to low defense, back row might be good too
      – Either line

      Long Sword (Scorpio):
      – Versatile skills such as all-hit moves, status effect skills, and elemental attacks
      – Can equip a small shield with your sword
      – Front line

      Bow (Sagittarius):
      – Back row weapon with high attack, low defense and various support skills
      – Second highest attack power and agility
      – Back Line

      Spear (Capricorn):
      – Many skills can do full damage from back row
      – Except all-hits and normal attacks
      – Either line

      Wand (Aquarius):
      – Use fire, ice, wind, earth, light and dark magic.
      – Can also use recovery magic
      – High magic power
      – Back line

      Dagger (Pisces):
      – Uses high agility to deal damage before enemy’s can react
      – Status effect skills
      – Front line

      Name change from Naedoko:
      If you had played Naedoko Demon’s Ground before this, Naki is a mentioned character. Her name was updated to Nanahime.

      (Character) Naki -> Nanahime

  8. Very good game, probably the best RPG Maker game on this site.
    If you like it make sure to also try Naedoko Demon’s Ground which is set in the same world.

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