The Bell Chimes For Gold

The Bell Chimes for Gold

The heroine, Maria is a skilled herbalist. She saved up money in order to get married with her master, but he ended up using the money to marry another woman, dumping the heroine. He went as far as saying: “you can buy a man with the money you earn from your skill.” This helped Maria decide what to do next. “OK. If one can get a man with money, I will buy one and get married!” Five men, who have fallen quite low, are available to her.

10 comments on “The Bell Chimes For Gold

  1. Why would anyone want to fuck ugly expired geezer scrotes? Simply because you gotta be gay to enjoy this game. The cgs are just the naked heroine boobing around with her juicy vagina. GIRL we know what you are

  2. i know people dont generally prefer something like this but i kinda dig it. i was so surprised when i found this game’s trial run. at the time i wasnt searching… this is probably a gem hidden between the rocks for me. XD also, i haven’t played the game but that samuel guy looks my type?

  3. Thanks! ^_^ Was looking forward to this one ever since it was annouced! ^_^ I like the Art and the Gameplay seems Cool reminds me of the Atelier Series… I don’t find most of these Dudes Attractive but at least there’s the Elf William… ^_^ The Hentai is Hot i like it! ^_^ :3

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