Eiyu*Senki Gold

Eiyu*Senki Gold

This is an alternative version of Eiyuu*Senki, with a new storyline. It takes over its cast while adding additional heroines and powers up its system.

The old Far East country of Zipang is ruled by the greatest hero Yamato Takeru and since it has secluded itself from other nations, it had developed its own unique culture. The hero of Oushuu, Masamune, starved for excitement in this time of peace. After finding a young man by the sea who had lost his memories, she concocted a plan to put him in charge and challenge Takeru. If he was able to defeat her, then Zipang would break its seclusion and take over other countries, leading to world domination!

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  1. I’m almost done with my 1st try playing this game, but for some reason there are lots of missions that’s a bit hard to finish due to how tanky they are.
    I’m at war with the Pandora army, but haven’t got a few of the ancient heroes yet and again them being tanky as well.
    A friend recommended I fuse items, but when do I start fusing actually? I’ve been following fusion guide on GOLD wiki, but haven’t begun yet.
    Anyone here have any tips? Don’t wanna go to final battle with crappy build.(I also got my ass wooped when I fought Enkidu & Gilgamesh, won with only 2 units left irritating really! -_-)

    1. Try to craft new items and strengthen your troops accordingly. Also note which unit has more attack and more defence. Use those units that can cause delay in enemy’s action and generate less aggro.

    2. Strengthen OP characters which are; The MC (exploit his summon hero skill), Bedivere (her OP Carnwenhan skill which can deal up to 50k of dmg if you use proper items), Columbus or Nobunaga (I prefer Columbus tho), Kay, Tristan (Put some bow items on her and she will become a heavy critter), Rasputin (put her in the front for tanking and healing the front lines, she can also deal dmg if you want her to be be a fighter not a support). I will not be talking about the OP ancient heroes because you’re struggling with them.

      You can also exploit the next round button to gain funds and use them to improve you max troops (there will be some fights if you continuously skip 5 round but there don’t worry they are weak).

      You can also look for the Eiyu Senki (not gold) strategies because they are basically the quite same. I just basically use the good old Eiyu Senki strats to overcome hard bosses.

      Also it’s easy to know how OP the character is if you look at their skill. You can find their dmg by the percentage above them like (200%, 500% or 40×10%-ish)

      I also recommend finishing the heroines’ story mission first before fighting strong opponents because they can give you strong items, funds, new skills and also new missions that is connected to the current mission.

      I came here cause the download link in IGG Games suck. I cannot complete Aristotle’s route and use MC’s summoning hero skill in some levels. I hope it will not e the case here in Eroge Download.

      Hope you guys have fun 🙂

  2. God Bless you Admin and whoever work on translating this, I hope you’re free from Corona and any other problem.

    I have been waiting for this, the only regret I have from the original eiyuu senki is that lack of H scene for my favourite waifu Ishikawa Goemon.

    Now I will have no more regret after playing this.

      1. There is a secondary meta bonus in that any turn you take an action resets the antihoarding counter which is 1 turn on hard and nightmare mode (3 on hard, 5 on normal)

        Also as it is infinitely repeatable you can use it to generate money directly with Marco Polo’s skill if you use the right setup you can actually get a pretty good amount of money out of it (Though it’s only worth to do on hard or nightmare)

        I have to unlock Waku Waku on nightmare mode again but I’ll write a item guide / troop guide later

  3. Minor Shambala Layer 6 Guide since it was a really frustrating gimmick final fight

    You need to abuse the Brave Mechanics, Stealing the enemy brave and preventing the enemy from gaining any brave when they hit you.

    Charlemagne [SOMA and +DEF ITEMS] Front Row
    (Any unit that does not let enemy generate BRAVE is fine)
    Huayna Capac [Inti Raymi] Back Row
    Palamedes [Priwen] Back Row
    Himiko [Akashic Records for Free Heal] Back Row
    Merlin [Magolia/Magonia] -9999 Delay SINGLE [200 Delay]
    Nostradamus [LES Propheties] -9999 Delay ALL [320 Delay]

    You may not need a healer if the decoy can Tank enough damage.

    Priwen has an insane delay of 300 but will steal more brave
    Inti Raymi steals less but only has delay of 200

    I’m not sure the Nostradamus strategy would work because it has a much higher skill delay than Magolia and there is not always a need to use both Inti Raymi and Priwen at once
    The enemy will use Sacrificial Altar if they have 3 or less You may need to consider when using Les Propheties would be worth it
    It might be worth it to use both Nostradamus and Merlin in the same fight since Nostradamus can cancel Merlin’s Delay

    1. Also an important note about Nostradamus is that the Standby Action has a delay of 50 where her normal attack has a delay of 150 so be careful about the turn order

  4. The fan patch made by schen on f95zone fixes the crash
    (Or maybe there were 2 crashes? but it should fix both)

    Backup upload of the patch
    files catbox moe/gp0bax.zip
    This is the version that doesn’t have the 100% CG, if you want a 100% save just go over there and get the other version

    1. Schen also made the Seiso patch (page 22)
      According to the patcher it uses the older fan translation by surferdude, shame JAST didn’t want to work with him officially

      Only registered users can view links
      A flaw in their system that attachments are available to everyone with the crash fix.

      But I’m not interested enough to register to get a download link, someone else can reupload that patch if they care I’m not gonna worry about it.

      I predict JAST will upload a crash fix of their own within a week or so, highly doubt they’ll add Seiso officially.

    2. That’s tempting and all, but I still want the patch from JAST since the f95 all have there fair share of problems too.
      This kind of bugs is such a kill joy to be honest, because if 2 of the events is bugged and are unplayable then players can’t trigger more events related to the others, since you need to finish a certain event in order unlock other heroine events.

      1. It is Lucky that the bugged event is the last one from Aristotle so her H-Scene is already unlocked and as far as i am aware there is no event locked by her event. (if one is it is a non essential event because you can get all items and all H scenes with her event bugged so every event that she could open up will just give money)

          1. The other one is an event with Sun Tzu and Qin Shi Huang.
            The bug don’t seems to crash the game but doesn’t register a CG in the gallery.

    3. Can you specify the link of the thread? It seems the link of the backup file on catbox was already dead and I could find the person that you mention in F95zone

  5. Can someone help me with the Russia stage which has loads of debuffs and both Ivan and Rasputin are present. I was doing EU and Russia together and got the pocket warmer from Da Vinci. So I decided to conquer Russia before EU. Even with the pocket warmer I cannot complete that stage. Should I continue with EU before Russia or is it possible to capture Russia before EU.

      1. Oh, so it’s kind of impossible for me. I have 4k troops max. Also, can you explain to me how increasing troops work? Is getting MVP the only way to increase them?

        1. If it’s anything like the original, you should be able to increase them by purchasing troops in the troops menu. I haven’t played gold yet, as I was finishing up the original, so I’m not entirely sure, but that bit’s probably the same.

          1. I think this one is a bit different as there is no way to purchase any troops. You can only replenish them if after battles. The max troops of a unit gradually increases and I think getting mvp is the only way to increase it quicker. Or maybe I am playing it wrong.

          2. No, you can indeed increase units just the same as the old game. It’s in the same panel where you recover your troops.

          3. @Ogogin I am such and idiot I never noticed that. I’ve been playing the whole game without increasing my troops all the time. Only Dark Realm and Uruk is left for me to capture and I have over 2 mil money left. I’ve made the game unnecessarily harder for myself.

          4. @sos
            Don’t worry, it’s fine. Actually, since 1 of the requirements for recruit a certain unit is to own 880k funds, you don’t want to spend money over the bare minimum to heal when necessary until you reach at least 2/3 of the game (or at least until you conquer Perth).
            You just got it a little too far XD

  6. Guys I´m experiencing a bug and keep on crashing during Aristotle´s event. Is there a fix for this??.. I bought the game btw.

    1. Yeah, me and someone else got it and posted about it here. If you bought it, I recommended letting proper peeps know about it. In the end, I simply chose to skip it.

      Doing that sucks, but it’s not there’s really another option right now till a patch comes out.

      1. 2 Events are bugged, Aristotle being one of them.
        Jast Usa is aware of it and is probably already fixing it.
        Alternatively, a fan patch is already available on the web and fix the bug.

  7. Questionable translation quality on this, though getting into another translation vs localization debate is pointless.

    Only a small amount of typos, which will probably be fixed when they patch the game, though getting a hold of those patches can be annoying

    The more important thing is they didn’t include two things from the original game

    1. The Gallery Sprite View Feature (Sprite Mode, you may have seen it in a few games before)
    2. The Additional Character Hazakura Seiso which was a cameo for Majikoi S added in a 1.03 JP Patch
    I don’t know if it’s some licensing issues or just laziness)

    The sprite viewer is whatever though I really have trouble believing their claims of being unable to include Sprite View because of ‘questionable material’, it honestly makes me paranoid they removed some of the H-scenes, because all of that ‘material’ already exists in the game itself.

    I would bet they’ll be forced to remove some H-Scenes in a later patch or relist the game with removed content later with how Steam has mood swings on what they allow and what they do not

    As for the gameplay:

    Fairly similar to the original as you would expect, I don’t know anything about character balance changes but the new characters obviously have new skills.

    The synthesis system (fusion system) is complete shit, you need to use the Fusion Guide on the Eiyuu Senki wiki to not blow all your good items on trash, which you could maybe avoid half of it if you were even allowed to see what you were fusing (And the guide says minimum amount of 4 playthroughs to get all items)

    *There is a crash for the ‘Don’t know what you have till’ event that may be fixed eventually, and I don’t even like that character in battle so it doesn’t have that much impact, but still, literally unplayable.

    1. Actually to correct a mistake the normal version is distributed through their website which is this uncensored version, and unless something unforeseen happens I doubt they will censor the product on their own distributor.

      Also another note, the H-Scenes are rather short due to the amount that exist in total
      It was mostly the same in the first game, the only difference is that some characters got more short scenes while others got 1 (or 0)

      Though as for rating the game:

      Gameplay: 7/10
      The gameplay is mostly the same as before and it has a passable amount of strategic depth regarding unit placement
      The main problem is that the Item System was ruined due to the fusion system inclusion, but that isn’t technically a flaw of the gameplay itself.

      The Ancient Hero system is still as annoying because you have to include those types of Hero in your battles as frequently as possible as it is the only way to increase their troop count, Though they have the benefit of no troop penalty scaling.

      Normal Character CG: 9/10
      *That excludes the H-CG which uncensored or not doesn’t affect the rating
      Though hard to predict when a CG can occur, the art is actually very nice (There are several artist listings so I couldn’t tell you who made the CG though)

    2. 1. The “Gallery Sprite View Feature” isn’t present in the original game, it was made by fans and only included with Interface Translation patch. Obviously JAST wouldn’t use it.
      2. Majikoi (aka Seiso) patch – additional licensing / fees / etc…
      Well fans already made patch for JAST version with her + crashfixes.

  8. I only have one thing to say, just build GOEMON, the Chick just deletes everything with the right team even on the hardest difficulty lol.

    1. It doesn’t really matter, do which you want. Other then the whole conquering the world to save it, and mostly the same characters, they are basically 2 different games with same style. Don’t worry too much about.

      Just have fun with either.

  9. Got the same Problem as Treast when i start Aristotle´s Event “Don’t know what you got ’till…” i get 2 Syntax error reading as following after translating

    Sintax Error
    Illegal processing was performed during script analysis
    Please contact support with the following error code.

    Code: TC02-1.03c-40180-733 [00000000]

    The program will be forcibly terminated because processing cannot be continued.

    Part of the configuration file may be corrupted.
    Do you want to run the file diagnostic tool?

    The second one is identical except that the Code is
    Code: TC02-1.03c-40180-164 [00000000]
    Searched the internet and found nothing
    Also for some reason i don´t get the event to recruit Seiso. Is she not in the english version?

  10. Hey –

    does anyone know if the GOLD version would have any collisions, i.e. installation fuckups, etc.., with original Eiyu Senki version? I guess I’ll peruse the Registry and see just how many bird-droppings the installer left in there first. As I recall the original was a pita to install (it is JPN version – not talking about SCREAMtm platform (which I despise)). lol..

    Reason is – I have like 10TB and so always have kept every VisNov I’ve installed (unless I hated it…).

    So – yeah. I’ll be looking in to it but if anyone has run into an issue where the GOLD version has clobbered any registry entries from the original version or anything like that, give a holler – thanks 🙂

  11. So I found a bugged event? “Don’t know what you got ’till…” keeps crashing my game. Anyone know a way to get?

    1. I searched for awhile and finally found the saved games on my machine. Be advised that this is for original “Eiyu Senki”, but I don’t see why they’d change basic behavior like this…

      Strangely, under the same user directory in which I had created my “Documents” system folder — which isn’t even on the system drive… so – your “root” will vary, but with a search you will find it.

      Windows knew about that folder because I had created some content, including the “Documents” system folder in this directory – so… look for “Saved Games” beside the “Documents” folder perhaps, i.e. in the same root-folder, and then beneath it:

      “E:\USERNAME\Saved Games\TENCO\英雄*戦姫\UserData”

      I find that other games have used it as well – Moenovel and WillPlus for IMHHW, and A.Sky.Full.of.Stars (a non-TL version but..) both put my saves in that “Saved Games” folder.

      My system is non-default, in that I moved USERDOCS and USERDOWNLOAD locations to E:\ drive (getting the crap off the solid-state system-drive). If not in %USER_PROFILE%, do a recursive search for it or use windows search even.
      Cheers – hope you find it.

  12. Im confused does anyone know how much new content their is and how much new story there is? Ive played the other one twice now so idk if i want to just go back through for a few extra characters. Please lmk!

    1. As for the story, I won’t tell you much but there must be changes for the new characters, As for the cg, there are characters that they did not have in the previous game that they now have and some get better cg in my opinion, an example: in the cg of Napoleon from the old game you never saw his breasts and now if

  13. “This is an alternative version of Eiyuu*Senki, with a new storyline.”

    I don’t get the description.

    Is it’s a whole New Story or Just adding a New Route ?

    1. It’s a completely new story. Sure, it’s basically Zipang taking over the world. But it flows different, Like you go to North America instead of Asia first.

      1. does it still have the same characters and H-scenes from the original? or are we missing out on some of the characters?

  14. OMG!!!!
    I hv been waiting fr this
    thnx a lot admin
    fr anyone wondering whts different about this compared to the original

    – its has new characters but dont worry the old ones r still there
    – some changes to the original story
    – better UI
    – even better OP theme

    once u play this version u will never want to go back to the original cause it is sooo much better

    1. OMG just on a whim i cheked if there was something new and wow i didnt expect this but hell yeah i was waiting for this for almost 2 years XD

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