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  1. not sure if this the right spot, but I noticed you have amairo-chocolate, but don’t have amairo-chocolate 2, is possible to get the second one at some point.

  2. So there are uncensored patches as seen above, right? How are you getting them uncensored? If you need anyone to help I’d love to help.

  3. Hi, could you perhaps upload more games aimed to girls? I see BL and eroge aimed to gays and men mostly. Is it too much to ask a game for heterosexual girls too? Thanks a lot

    1. The Josei ero market is very sparse even in Japan, none of which are overall generally popular among both age groups, making their popularity extremely low, and even lower still among jp-en translators, which are also majority male in general minus ero, and lower that even further to ero translators, which are about 98-99% male (at least biologically), and you find the existence of such translations to be almost nothing, I’d say maybe 1 or 2 have ever been done, and the 90s PC98/FMTowns era those are from has long since lost all internet presence.

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