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  1. create desktop icon rightclick desktop icon go to containing file location highlight and copy address bar. run patcher delete the “f:/” that they put in automatically. paste the address bar you just copied into the destination and the patcher will do what it does. hope this helped sorry its late just now started playing it and thought id help any who wants it.

  2. question: i installed the patch, and it worked successfully, but there was one thing that confused me. It created a Patch folder that has two files in it with the same name and type as two of the game files. It also made a notepad document saying both of those files installed successfully. When i look at the normal and patch folders they have different sizes. Should I overwrite the normal ones with the patch folder ones?

    Please reply!

  3. This is where mine downloaded to using windows 7 and 8. if you cant find it, try looking in this path. (your user will be different then mine) C:UsersMikeAppDataRoamingFamily Project

  4. If anyone ever figures out what folder to install this patch to, please let me know. I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

    1. In case anyone ever has trouble like I did, I reinstalled and watched where it was installing the game files (which for me, was C:/Docs and Settings/User/Application Data/Family Project). Ran the patch on that folder and works fine.

  5. Hello Admin, I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. I wanted to put in a suggestion regarding addons, there seems to be more addons that you can only find if you are actually on that Eroge’s specific page, however for those who downloaded a lot of games already before you uploaded new addons, it’s hard to keep track of. My suggestion is that the addon section be updated to reflect all addons. Thanks again.

  6. Where are we supposed to put this? when i drag the patch on the game shortcut the game starts so im assuming that works but is there another way? so i don’t have to keep dragging it? Thanks

    1. You aren’t installing the patch, just running the game normally. You have to run the patch directly to remove the censorship.

      1. I’m aware this is way to old for you/this person to care, but it was still never answered.

        1. Just create a desktop icon on you computer. right click the desktop icon. go to file location double click the containing folders id in search bar delete the F:/ there and copy in the address leading into the game and run it.

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