Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou

Timeslip!? Kazuto went out to catch a thief that sneaked into school. But the next instant, he finds himself in a wasteland. What’s happened!? He is surrounded by bandits. They mumble something, and attack him. Just when he is about to be killed, a girl appears in front of him. She swings a big spear, and beats them up. “My name is Kanu, master. Let’s fight together for unification of country.”

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      1. download the one they says “ttf-bitstream-vera-1.10.zip” extract it then on all the files that say vera and install them one by one. it’s doesn’t have to be in games folder just click and install then the game’s font problem should be fixed.

    1. Wow! Thank you very much!
      That did work!
      Now text looks just like it should!
      No overlaping, no suffering!

  1. Anyone have an idea how to fix the font. I might be missing something but i cant seem to find that darn font patch anywhere.

  2. Alright, so I’m trying to find the font that is supposed to work with this game but I am having no luck. Does anyone know where the link to it went or have a copy of the font?

  3. I can’t see other option besides new game and load game option plz help what can I do and how to replay scenes I unlock plz plz help …..and sorry for my English it’s not good so plz try to understand and help plz….

    1. You are forgeting the Eiyuutan + and no. You can say that the english translation of shin koihime is just starting and it is a Fantranslation, then if you are following the cronologiy you have Moeshouden before someone begin to think about Eiyuutan. I belive you can wait for at least 5 years before someone start Eiyuutan.

  4. Sorry to bother you, guys. I just downloaded the game, voice patch and font. I’m following the instructions but I can’t find any zip file with the patches 01, 02 and 200 anywhere. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe you download them from anyther place, I don’t know. I don’t know either if you can apply the english patch without these patches. Can anybody help me?

    1. You’re downloading too fast. Free users can download two files concurrently. Wait until first two finish downloading before starting third.

      1. Wonder if you could use Mega? that way its easier to download using megadownloader which could let us download all the files at once. Of course all the links has to be on mega just like what PC-Games download does with their Mega links.

  5. If anyone else is having a problem with the exe, just add the archive and the destination folder into the list of your antivirus scan exclusions, then the exe should extract and should not delete itself, i use avast and it worked for me.

  6. hi there just want to thank you for the game. Having problems with computer calling Icebody.exe a trojan though.

  7. When I run the game I don’t see the scene replay option could it be that I installed it wrong or does this game not have it, i’ll really appreciate it if someone can tell me why.

  8. illegal argument to set effect in startup graphic effect
    Help i have that erro when it come to ero CG

  9. admin, are there any changes to the files? after i extracted the files, the icsebody ain’t in exe type but just blank file.

    1. maybe you just need to adjust your Region & Language to Japanese? it works perfectly to mine though.

  10. Wow, probably one of the best piece of eroge ever made. This is an absolute masterpiece. 10/10 Highly Recommended!

  11. I’ve just completed 13th Home Base Phase. After I click “End the Home Base Phase”:
    right-clicking anywhere or left-clicking any buttons save, auto, skip, log, or the (x) on the dialog box, freezes the game, & a window pops up saying
    “Icsebody.exe has stopped working”.

    During my gameplay I’ve been clicking all Shoku members consistently, towards the Kan’u ending. By now Kan’u, Bachou, Chouun, & Kouchuu have all been consistently been clicked on 13 times. By this time Bachou gets maxed out. Also I’ve been alternating between Chouhi & Shokatsuryo. Chouhi has been clicked on 7 times & Shokatsuryo has been clicked on 6 times.

  12. Admin will someone one day make a eng patch ? or will never happen i ask cause i look there and then on the updates what u guys so translare in the latest days

  13. Urgh… the game engine is taking no less than 25% of the CPU, and my old i3 350M threatens to overheat. What should I do? (aside changing the CPU obviously, which is kind of complicated on a laptop)

  14. Anyone get stuck on shuuyu fight? keeps getting 7000 reinforcements and does 3000 dmg every 3rd turn. I get her down to about 30k then my own resources are too low to keep up.

  15. Barely any gameplay, a weak MC whom everybody loves, and vanilla lovey-dovey H-scenes. I can’t recommend this one unless you’re more into mediocre VN’s.

  16. hi i’m a loving eroge guy i i just buy(in past tense) the sequal and second sequal and i want to start translating, so admin if you know any program that will take out the japanese and move it to an easy to read sheet so i can translate line by line without having to be infront of the computer? any help on this from anyone would be helpful. THANK YOU FOR READING! VERY MUCH!

  17. I have been trying win battle Bachou and Chouhi VS Kakouen and Jun`iku for one week? but nothing… Does anybody knows how to win? Because I do not know

  18. finished DL the game files, now the voice files and voice patch.
    tried the game a bit and wew.. great Op, can’t wait to play with voices (not just bgm)
    thanks a bunch for uploading this

  19. hey admin, been downloading great games in your game. good job. also been nervewrackingly trying to find a shin koihime musou. i know it’s not yet translated, but when it does, can you add it to your site? i enjoyed this first series. also can you add a vn translation status so that all of us here can wait and see progress about tranlating eroge? just finished aisha’s route, i can’t really wait for the Shin koihime musou game. this franchise is both entertaining and too erotic which i like…

  20. i got a question, so when i finish downloading the main game, is it in japanese voice or wit has no voice files? im currently downloading it so i want to make sure that it has voices in japanese cuz i still prefer japanese voice than english though. as long as it’s english in text and has japanese voice then i would be very happy to play this… so far best games in this categories ive played are majikoi, majikoi S, tears to tiara (for battle gameplay and story only) and Duel Savior. please confirm my question if the file is in english text with japanese voice. tnx….

  21. Ok i downloaded the game & it works the text i fixed it following the intructions. But everytime one of the main characters talks i get..
    “the game failed to load a file in PlayDSB().”  so how canu fiix this it’s really annoying. Please Help. (`~`)/ Aaaaahhh!!!

  22. Hey admin. I have windows 8 can i play this game? Also i dont have a disc drive do i need one?just bought this laptop. o_O

  23. Guys uhhhhh I can’t load the game. It just says Failed to generate directinputmanger. Can i get some help cuz this is the 2nd game i downloaded and it doesn’t work.

  24. For all those who have get this ‘necemem.nsi is not found’ error. I just extracted the folder to desktop and my problem was solved. Just try if you have this problem. Have fun.

  25. ADMIN does this game MAIN CHARACTER ( MALE PROTAGONIST) is the same as on the actual anime or the MAIN CHARACTER ( MALE PROTAGONIST) is just some CHARACTER create 4 HENTAI SCENES on this GAMES?

  26. I already downloaded the game. I got the voice patch and all working, but something still bugging me.

    When I run the game, there are only 3 options: New Game, Load Game and Quit Game. When I watch on youtube, there are more options. So I’m wondering, how do I unlock those options. Or is there a problem with my game? Just being a paranoid guy here.

      1. I had the same issue under Wine; the Wine AppDB say this as well. That points out that removing all the music files (BGM/*.ogg) will give you error dialogs instead but allow the game to proceed. In my case it was easier to just play it in a VM, which also works well.

      1. Also, do I need to have a special file to run the game? Like, do I have to put the game into another file or something like that? Sorry, this is the first time I have ever tried to download an H game myself.

        Ah. Thank you very much then. ^-^ And when I get enough money, I will most certainly support the game by buying it.

        1. Nope, this one is really straightforward. Download all parts. Right click on first one -> “Extract here” ( assuming you have WinRAR installed ). Start the game with koihime.exe

          1. Sorry to bother you again but, do the files get deleted if I dont use the premium download in the link?

          2. No No No. It refers to files stored on server, not the copy you’re downloading. Yea, i know it might be confusing for people who didn’t use filehosts before – don’t worry about it and download for free.

          3. Um….quick question again: when you said download the first file, did you mean the first PART? Or the very first file DA-1 click Game Download? Because the latter says that I cant download that file with a free account and says I have to use premium in order to download that size of file.

          4. Cool~ Thank you very much! I think that’s all the questions I have for now. lol thank you for helping me. ^-^

  27. The game works perfectly for me but when i get to the part where the mirror’s light swallows me up i get a “runtime error” “abnormal program termination” how d i fix this? FYI i tried re-extracting and didnt work.

    1. That’s when OP movie is being played as far as i remember. You probably don’t have proper codecs installed. Install CCCP codec pack, restart the PC and try again.

      1. Thx admin it worked. Since it got fixed i downloaded the voice patch but now it says “the game failed to load a file in PlayDSB().” everytime a voice is about to play, any idea for this one? I downloaded it and extracted it all on the file that i get when i extract the game (where the icsebody.exe is) is that the right place?

        1. I don’t remember folder structure, but make sure that the voice files are right inside game folder, not in subfolder that’s created by default when extracting it, ie C:/Koihime/patch.xp3, NOT C:/Koihime/KoihimeVoices/patch.xp3

          1. sry it was my fault i only downloaded the patch and not the voice files >_< *facepalm* it works perfectly now thx for your time ^_^

    2. I cut and paste the opening movie out of the folder. Skips the Opening vid but I bypassed the error.

  28. Is there anyone having problem in extracting lscebody of 1GB in this game and getting the extracted folder of just 250~ MB from 1.1 GB of 6 rar files.
    And when I’m starting this There is an error NECEMEM.SNI not found I’ve extracted it(6 files) for about 20 times but it still not working.

    1. shin is an alternate version. more characters, enhanced battle system, and three separate routes to choose which country to support (as opposed to just choosing which girl follows you in the ending sequence)

  29. Shin Koihime Musou is available but there are no translation patches in any language. Somebody is working on it but no release date of any sort as far as I know.

    I started playing through a indirect translation system thing that lets me understand it enough to enjoy the game. It’s VERY clunky but beggers can’t be choosers.

    So far I’ve finished Shoku and Go route at least once though not all characters have been explored fully. The Shoku forces acts a bit out of character in the Go route for the sake of conflict between Shoku and Go in the gameplay… but other than that it’s nice.

    A mild spoiler follows though I didn’t connect the routes to the endings or put them in any order.

    There are three endings. One route has a single united China, the other has three countries co-existing, and the last has two countries ruling China. Some characters lives or dies depending on the route. And completing all three routes adds a funny short route though I personally found it…. mildly nauseating (take a guess why).

    1. i’m also having error
      NECEMEM.SNI but after i reextract it again the problem solved. so what is the problem i guess i dont know but just reextract it again if you have any problem.

  30. Hey guys… why theres always and error? It said “error This game failed to load a file in PlayDSB?” can someone help me?

  31. Question:

    Is this game in english patched (already patched such that I don’t need to download additional parts)?

    If so, what are the other download links for; such as the voices links? And what is the font dl link for?

    1. Yes, this is english game.

      Voice patch, as the name implies, adds voices to characters – without it, it’s text only. Font download is optional for people who have problems with their game displaying text properly.

    2. well its already translated on English or have an English patch once its put here on the download section man.

      besides this is quite good compare to sengoku rance.
      because this was based on China. anyway very nice game
      and have a very good voice patch too. 🙂

  32. This is a really good game. It’s got enough plot to make you care about the characters and the battle “mini game” is fun and engaging. The H is also very erotic and well written. Anyone know if poople are working on a translation for that sequel mentioned XD?

    1. Have you checked the settings to see if you have it on “All” or “Previously Read” ? If you have it set to “Previously Read” then you can’t skip what you haven’t read.

  33. I wonder. What will come first? The translation patch for Shin Koihime Musou coming out or me learning Japanese enough if I start now.

    1. Hmm.. i wonder.. it isn’t that easy learning japanese you know, especially the kanji part. though it’s a different story if you are chinese. and you have to familiarise yourself with the language, it’s yet another different story though if you watch anime as your breakfast luch n dinner. it will take a month at the very least, if you are already familiar with the language, though i bet there’s still a lot of words you will not yet learn. anyway, good luck

      1. learning to read & write japanese is hard hard but just speach is easy.(i learned in 4 hours) so you could just learn to speak japanese and listen to wat they say.

        1. I don’t know about your time there. As a guy that knows spanish and english and is learning japanese now that seems somewhat farfetched to me.

      2. anem66:Being a chinese doesn’t make me easier in learning japanese. We’re the same pal. Things are not as wonderful as you think..

        Just the same as you can speak english very well but that doesn’t give you any advantage in learning Malay Language.

        In this world, everyone is equal.

        1. still if u learn chinese and english, u can learn easily almost every languages in europe and asia(exept russian and german) because its almost the same thing personally
          I talk chinese,english,french,spanish and im learning japanese.

          1. oh you are just like me but even with Chinese it doesnt mean that you can learn Arab and SE Asia language because chinese is only similar to Jap(only Kanji) and that’s it!
            5 languages you are good, I speak 6 languages but not that good in spanish.

          2. you two are my GODS!!! i have been learning Japanese for around a year now all on my own O.O learning to read is Metastatic i am not a big fan but i am also learning Arabic French Latin and Spanish i have already learned Indonesian one day ill be multilingual 😀

          3. indonesian, filipino, malay, all southeastern languages based on 1 language so u could find many similarities there, and yet that’s only at the national language, in indonesia itself there’s many other regional languages which is similar but quite different in meanings, anyhow dont understimate Japanese language yeah I’m quite able to speak Japanese but to hear an actual japanese talking sometimes i got confused, the ones at games and animes already been simplified

          4. Apparently, you don’t speak English very well because one speaks English not talks English. (By the way I SPEAK English, French,Spanish, and Japanese.)

        2. So true as for me too I know Malay and English and learning Japanese, at the same time learning the programming language is a tough job.

  34. 1 addition to the comment i made on june 2nd.
    Back then I completed the main storyline just once and thats why:

    *spoiler dont read*

    I typed it had a cliffhanger ending , a few days after that comment i completed the other main heroine routes and after that got the true ending. I must say that the true ending really is a lot better than the normal heroine endings and totally worth playing this game for. Heck this game is so awesome but that ending made it even better.

    *spoiler over*
    *spoiler over*

    Hurry up mangagamer , give us shin koihime musou already .
    Lol that after a few months this game still left such an impression. Yes it’s that good.

    1. I would have to agree with you on the spoiler of that comment, the fourth ending made the game feel better than the ending of the other routes, and most other VN endings, in my opinion that ending makes the game even more memorable.
      (although it already was with the other three and main story.)

  35. Hey I’ve been playing this vn for like a week now and it seemed fine until today. When I tried to open up one of my saved files it says “This game failed to load thumbnails in SetSaveInfoOne().”. And then when I click ok it says “This game failed to acquire a SaveDataHeader in ReadyToSaveLoadClickableMap1().” what should I do? Please don’t tell me I have to download the game all over again. That’ll be such a pain

  36. I just finished the main story but when i play it again ,it always jump out every times i try to save !!! Could any1 help me plz !! TT_TT

  37. I really hate to add to the barrage of questions, but could someone throw up a “specific” walkthrough for the semi-final battle? The one on Gamefaqs doesn’t work I’m afraid, or I’m misunderstanding it. Please remember to put a “spoiler alert” in front of it if you choose to answer. Thanks in advance to whoever answers.

  38. Oh my god this is so fucking BORING, I’ve been playing for 3 hours and all I’ve seen so far is one nipple and one ass, that’s it. And the fights are incredibly repetitious and boring, holy shit.

  39. First of all thanks for the game!!
    I finished the game without any problems yet today when I went to re play a bit when I went into full screen mode the window just stayed the same size but surrounded by black… I’ve tried to fix it but I wasn’t able to do it, so any if you guys can help me please
    My computer is windows 7

  40. I seem to be unable to download the 5. part. I started the download – network error at 90%, tried again – network error at 75%, tried again – network error at 10%.

    Could you upload at least that part to a different hoster? Thanks.

  41. holy cow. is it just me or is the kerning absolutely terrible in this game? some words look like they are split into two if a thin letter like ‘i’ is involved but others overlap themselves if they have something like a capital ‘W’

  42. Yeah DA never works for me. Can’t download ANYTHING from it because it always says something about a captcha and just refuses to let me download it.

  43. Hi everyone, I really didn’t have any problems installing this game so I thought I would share on the steps I took to keep it simple. Please remember I use win 7 x64 so things might be different if your system doesn’t match.

    1. Course I downloaded everything provided including the fonts.
    2. Next I installed Japan support using the FAQ provided by Eroge
    3. I mounted my cd and clicked next, then waited for it to finish.
    4. I unzipped and installed patch 01,02,200 in that order
    5. I copied and pasted the new fonts
    6. I put the English patch in the installed folder and clicked it.
    7. When finished I ran the game.

    It wasn’t that bad to install so I hope this little step by step helps.

    Thanks for providing the game Eroge you guys do and outstanding job and it’s appreciated.

  44. I got this game and it keeps hanging at the part that I think is the Intro movie. How do I get past it?

  45. hey admin, can you get another place to upload? when i download it tell me that i have to wait 2 hours which is ridiculous, since my internet download speed is 60 mb/sec, i can even dl a full game of 20gb in 25 mins, something is wrong here.

  46. such a great game, i loved every moment of it the ending is very touching and sad at the same time IMO but i won´t say more so i won´t spoil anyone and Admin THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for sharing this game!!

  47. I can’t seem to download from the website. It keeps saying that I have the ‘Wrong IP’. Could you please reupload using another website?

  48. Umm. Can I ask anybody how to fix my problem with the game? Coz i just finished the main route after a few days but when i rerun the game and went to another route (rin rin’s). After capturing Son Go(?), whenever i try to go to the menu the game window just crashes/ not responding. Can somebody please tell me what’s going on?

  49. I wonder when the sequel is going to be translated… I really look foward to it… And btw, the game is great, i don’t regret spending few week waiting to download the game

  50. I know it hasn’t translate yet, but anyone know where to download Shin Koihime Musou other than mangagamer?

  51. Any chance for a torrent option? I download barely 21KB/s with links provided here ( still immensely grateful for them ). And is there any chance for torrent download option for other older uploads? Thanks for the hard work.

  52. Part 1 is deleted :l

    The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be:
    •The file expired
    •The file was deleted by its owner
    •The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

    1. It’s probably just a problem with your internet connection or you’re already downloading two things from that site already, it worked just fine for me

  53. Ok well I just finished the main story ( still have a few side character ero scenes for 100% cg but that can come later ).
    I was REALLY impressed with the game, the story was one of the stories that left the strongest impressions ever with me.
    The ending was also really good

    *spoiler dont read*
    *careful it might really be a spoiler but i’ll be careful*

    man that cliffhanger ending is making me crazy.

    *end of spoiler*

    Anyway a very good game and I recommend it to anyone! 😀

  54. This game is huge and i really mean huge. Normally I easily play a route a day of a visual novel and that is without playing non stop but wow I have already put so much hours in the game by now and still haven’t completed a single route.
    The battles are half decent but I am happy that I read on a review website that you dont have to do the battles all over again after you’ve completed them once. That really motivates me to try out all the character routes once im done with the first.
    Thanks admin for the upload because i’m really enjoying it so far.

  55. um i cant download part 6 admin it says i need to wait 23 seconds but it wont budge it just sits there

  56. everything is working perfectly as always admin 😀 thank you very much.
    Played just a very small part of the game but so far it’s interesting 😀 I’ll write more once i’ve played more.


  57. Thank you for this. I have always been a fan of this game. I bought the copy a long time ago, and then it was stolen by a “friend”. Now I get to play it again 🙂

    I can’t wait for the sequel Shin Koihime Musō: Otome Ryōran Sangokushi Engi to be translated into english. I already bought the japanese psp version.

  58. I just bought Koihime Musou I have zipped up the files then move them into one file then extracted all the files and yet the game keeps reporting this error

    1311 Source file not found C: Users\myname\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp2_koihimemusou_1_of_4.zip\koihimemusou_1_0f_4\Koihime_Musou\Data11.cab Verify that the file exist.

  59. Are there any walkthrough or something for the second last war battle? Used two guides and they stated same way but the enemy’s number of soldiers just kept increasing and it continued until the 73rd day where my whole team just got wiped out with their numbers of soldiers increased up to 60k +

    1. Nevermind. Found my own way. Seems easier to go at full offense than following a guide to go on defense. xD

        1. General: Shokastsuryou
          Strategist: Chouchi
          Soldiers:All light, so charge all the time
          Formation:Gated Corral, Rotating Charge, Repeat.

          Hard battle, she get 7000 more soldiers every 3 turns I think.

  60. Please Admin reupload using Mediafire, 🙁 i had many troubles and limit downspeed with DA, thks for your attention 🙂

  61. I’m having problems with the game. Whenever I try to run it, it comes up with:
    “The version of the file you are running is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, then contact the software publisher.”

    I’m running Windows 7 64 bit and have no idea what’s wrong.

    1. I found the problem. For some reason, the “Koihime” file is being blocked by Windows. How do I get around this?

  62. Excuse me but I really need help here, I’ve tried playing a couple of times and the game worked, but every time I try to load the game data it disappears. I don’t know if I did something wrong or if I have to redownload the game again, so could someone please help me?

    1. Did you extract or did you play directly out of the zip file? I remember when I first started playing visual novels, every time I closed the game, it removed my save. After a while, I learned that you should first extract the files. btw sorry for giving you a reply so late. I hope it helps. 😀

  63. Thanks for the upload admin.

    Quick question: on the 6th of this month, about 3 and a half weeks ago, mangagamer’s site updated their game, adding voice data and fixing minor bugs.

    I wonder if the links will have the same treatment. Voice data I guess we already have, but I’m curious about the minor bugs…

  64. Um im new to this site so i downloaded all six part of the game so what do i do next to start the game.I tried extracting part 1 it says the file is corupe or some thing … plz some one help me! I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME SO BADLY!!!!!!!

  65. I want to ask if i already have the shin koihime musou (jap ver) and someday the english patch is completed and i download it can i just run the patch or i must download it again and run the patch. please reply ASAP

  66. Hi admin! Sorry to ask this but I’ve been searching for a while without any success.
    Will you eventually upload the officially voiced version of Koihime Musou that mangagamer released recently? It’s as hard as hell to find it or my searching skills are getting bad -_-

    Thanks in advance for the answer.

  67. First of all, sorry for the stupid question but i want to ask something. When i want to download it, i need to enter chaptcha(usual i guess) but the problem is why does the chaptcha i entered always wrong?? I had checked it many times and it’s still wrong. I’m really at the edge here. Again, sorry for the stupid question T.T

  68. Hello I just download all the file
    However when i extract it, some error happening when extracting part 5 and 6. Iono whats what, then I try to run lcsebody.exe then this message appear : “(Title window : Error) NECEMEM.SNI is not found”, then click OK, then this message “This game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI”
    What should I do? Redownload part 5 and 6?

  69. When i try to play this game after downloading it, the text is meshed too closely so they overlap in several areas, making it hard to read words. Do I need this to be in Japanese App Locale or something?

  70. hi guys, i need help here, i was extract all of the file and it did great(can be played) but the problem is, i can’t load my data, everytime i get out from the game, and tried to load my last data it disappear. and i can’t find the icon anywhere and make me must to extract it again to play it again, can anyone help me?

  71. I’m having an issue when attempting to extract the files (I downloaded the multiple part version)
    When I go to extract them it goes along fine for part 1 until i get an error message saying there was an issue with extracting a file.
    I go to look where the error occurred and it always has this at the bottom of the list (lists of all the files and whether they were extracted correctly)

    Error: Access is denied
    Extracting Koihime\BGM06.ogg Error: unable to create output file “C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\New Folder\Koihime

    Anyone know how to fix that issue?

    Also whenever I try to extract ANY of the other parts they fail right away with the error:

    Extracting Koihime\Icsebody Error: CRC mismatch in file “Koihime\Icsebody” in the archive “C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\New Folder\Koihime.part2.rar”

  72. uhhm, i downloaded the game successfully but the game freezes when it’s the time to play the opening movie. Please help how can I remedy this? Thanks…

  73. MG has publish their official voice patch!!!! ^^

    It’s much better and there is a perfect control of the voices.

  74. I’m using window XP, I’m still confused to install the new font, i can’t find the click to install new fonts…

  75. that mean reak size of this game more than 2G+++ because game has only 1G+++ and voice 1G+++ i am right but this story real good make me cry escpacialy RIN-RIN story behind story of rin-rin don’t have parent because his parent has be death because of War I am wait this game SESASON 2 plzz from my deep heart

  76. Mornin’ guys, I have a little question. Where can I download Shin: Koihime Musou? I thank you if you can tell me, ‘cuase I´m tired of searching in the net and download fakes that doesn’t work and that stuff. Sorry for my english

    1. well it’s not out yet and since koihime muso was translated by mangagamer an official translating company, many fan translators won’t touch the series so we just have to wait for mangagamers to release the english version which might take a long while

  77. will you put all the stories of Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi on this site when they come out, which you can download them but their PSP games and not sure if ther H-gams either, but if they have english subs out willl you put them here?

  78. 100% working
    Btw there is an easter egg by the translation team just start the game and stay in the menu without doing anything for something like 5 min to activate it.
    Its self explanatory just click next to the “filename” that you want to open and click right of the “back” button to go back to menu. Its the voicefiles that were in the game but unused

  79. ADMIN.. I entered windows, go to font, then click add new fonts.. but for some reason i cant browse the file.. i tried dragging the whole files but it says the files are damage.. need help, and thanks for the downloads.. love your site~

    1. the CG appear when you spend time with the characters in home base
      in order to get them you need to spend more time with the specific character

  80. i already play shin koihime musou english without english patch
    but ITH + ATLAS^^

    (btw, the full voice patch is so large about 7,5 GB)

      1. i forgot to mention it, you need H code to play this game better. (if you not use it the translation will messed up)

        Shin koihime musou H code:
        (v1.00) /HS4@4F7730 or (v1.02) /HS4@4F8E90

        good luck.

          1. Mornin’ guy, I have a little question. Where can I download Shin: Koihime Musou? I thank you if you can tell me, ‘cuase I´m tired of searching in the net and download fakes that doesn’t work and that stuff. Sorry for my english and for bothering you.

          2. I was wondering the same thing but i think eventually the admin will post it (At least i hope so)anyway all we can do for now is be patient and trust the admin. ^_^

          3. there are no english patch for shin koihime musou yet
            that’s why the admin cannot post the game in here :V

          4. hope someone does it soon then for the fandisc one too it will be so fun harem ending yay

        1. You are talking about Shin Koihime Musou Otome Ryouran right.?

          I check your code and it seems like its the correct code for the game.
          So i put the code, but translation still messed up. How to fix it.?

  81. I’m having a problem extracting the file lcsebody (not lcsebody.exe), it says that part 6 is broken, even though I’ve downloaded part 6 from mediafire multiple times and it always shows as broken. Anyone with the same problem?

  82. Warning to everyone who is planing to download this game part 4 is extremely slow on mediafire for some reason,rapid is fine though. Rest is okay.

  83. Are these all divided up the same way as the last batch? For example, I downloaded all but part 3 for the last one before Filesonic shut down. Do I only need to download the third link, or all of them again?

  84. For others having trouble downloading, at this point Filesonic appears to have gone turtle and shut down all downloading, presumably in response to the Megaupload mess, so nothing Admin can really do about it.

      1. Sorry didn’t mean to imply you weren’t going to do anything, just that the problem wasn’t your fault or something you could immediately resolve. (also, hadn’t looked at the frontpage in a bit, my bad.)

      2. Yay!.. I thought that peace of news was an answer to thease recent issues (other games with the same thing, can name them) including this one. 🙂 You’re the man. And thanks, will wait patiantly for changes to happen.

  85. Admin, I am aware that you have advised people to wait and all ow FileSonic to sort out the issue with Part 3. However, I am writing to ask if it would be possible to upload a new link or provide a Fileserve mirror in order to fix the problem.
    Thank you for your time reading this and I am grateful for the constant effort in keeping this site working and up-to-date.

  86. Hey admin, might want to look at the link for part 3, it’s not working for me. Coming up as “file deleted” or something.

      1. Btw, it’s nothing on admin’s side. Got the same message while trying to download something completely different. As admin said, probably just an overload on servers or something.

  87. 3rd .rar part I can not download for some odd reason. It just reacts differently on Filesonic than all the other parts. It says, right after clicking on the “Download” button and instead of showing timer, the following: “Your download is ready” and the button “Start download now!” appears. When I click it it shows a blank page with this message every time, no matter what I do:

    “You can not access this page directly. Please use the website to start your download or contact us in case of problem.

    If the problem persists, clear your cookies and try again.”

    And I tried clearing all cookies on my Google Chrome, tried using Opera instead, nothing helps. By using EXACTLY the same steps all the other parts I tried downloading so far work. The timer appears after the first click, then Captcha, then a working download link. But not Part 3, that one does just what I wrote. Any ideas? Please help me somebody, if you can, I’d really like to finish doenloading the game.

    Dunno if it was mentioned earlier but I presume not, as all I can see is the after download discussion.

    1. Filesonic servers are totally overloaded today, since it’s weekend and two of their major competitors closed down. Servers are acting funny ever since peak hours – just wait it out and try again later.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply, will do that.

        Just in case the problem would remain (even, say, after the weekend), what should I try then? Your advice. Actually contacting them and saying that a link is broken and oh be so kind and repair it if you would? Or is it a bad idea and will endanger the whole set of files due to the copyrights issue? Meaning then finding another source to download from.

        I’m not experienced with file hosts which is why all the maybe silly or childish questions (advice requests)…

        1. If you won’t be able to download it within next 12 hours just let me know (post comment here) and i’ll either contact them or post new link for part in question.

          Actually… i think it’ll be faster to just post new link. I’ll prepare one in 2 minutes. Just wait a moment.
          New link posted. try again.

          1. Still having the same issue. Hopefully it’ll be working again soon. Really looking forward to when it’s up and working. Still only number 3 that isn’t working though.

          2. thx for the upload… subarashi game… ne, i want to ask you to ’bout the other game it’s okay right, i’m worried cuz it’s a thread for another game…

            what i want to ask you admin-sama is ’bout the “Harem Party”… cuz i just realized after completing the download it short 1 part… i really appreciate admin-sama if you can quickly solve this problem… since i’m a collector of eroge, to tell the truth i really want this game cuz it’s practically rare on my country… and cuz this site is my one and only choice…

            thank you for your undivided attention and ganbatte kudasai


  88. admin do you have any idea if someone has started translating shin koihime musou if so do you have a rough idea of when they will be done

  89. I’m having problem runing the game…. When i try to open it say “the game failed to generate a directinputmanager”. what should I do?

  90. Good work admin you have a great site, I really liked this game so I was wondering if you will post Harukoi Otome from the same maker, I think it’s already translated. Thank you for your good work

  91. Excuse me but is anyone having problem similar to mine? My KoihimeMusou will crash when I reach the point where Wu(Go) start to attack me. The battle where I fight with Sonshoukou. Whenever I go to save or the settings menu, it will stop responding. I’m running the game with Vista 32bit. The game runs well until this part onwards. Anyone have any idea whats going on?

    1. I have the same problem myself, i skip one Sei’s home base and it’s work but after you fight sonshoukou you can continue the sei’s homebase i don’t know if it’s work for you but please try it

  92. this is confusing im not really sure how to do this….i downloaded the first part but its not working…do i have to download them all first? GAH!!!! someone please help!

  93. Hey, like i saw once before, i can’t get the fronts to install, it just says (jap text or something) is not a valid front format and can’t be installed Q___Q

  94. So the download all went smoothly and I went straight in to playing, which was awesome. But some of the text is scrunched together. Does anyone else get this?

  95. i got a suggestion, why dont you guys upload it in Mediafire…

    cus its kinda hard for poor people to catch up in fileserv and filesonic :3

    1. Admin has already posted several times that he won’t be using other hosts cause of several reasons.

      One of them i recall was that files he uploaded would get removed constantly etc..

      Fileserve/Filesonic is “slow” for me aswell (max 350 kb/s locked as free user) but be glad you are able to enjoy all these visual novels for free.

  96. Ok I have been having a problem with the game that seems to fix itself at certain points but others doesn’t. What I mean is that for certain characters the game seems to repeat the same scenes over and over again. It’s been going on for the last two playthrough of the game. It does this for the characters of Soso, Totaku and Kaku, Ryofo, the two twins, Ensho and until recently it was doing it for Sei. After I played Rin Rin’s story for the first time since I got Shuri Sei started to have more scenes, but I still can’t get the others to stop replaying the same scene over and over again at each home base phase.

    1. Same here, REALLY wish i could read/play shin koihime musou right now. I’d even pay mangagamer for it, to bad they only allow credit card transactions.. if only paypal weren’t such assholes and allowed “adult” content to be sold with the payal system.

  97. Hi, Thank you very much for your hard work… Completed the Game and it was magnificent. Just love the story and the girls (other than the lolicon,though i damn mind koumei :P)

    Anyway, Administrator, is there anyway to change the internal translation ourselves?

    ########Slight SPOILER###########
    Cos for example at the portion when sonken decides to form alliance, “Anti Toutaku Alliance” was displayed when i only heard the Alliance word in their speech and Anti toutaku was like dunno how many phases before already…

    Thank you very much for your help and your work in uploading this. Cheers to you, man(or woman:))….

  98. yea i downloaded all the parts, extracted it and when i tried icebody.exe i got an error message saying the game isn’t compatible with a 64 bit os, i run win 7,dont know whats wrong. tried to redownload, said parts 5&6 were broken, cant extract the files without my computer crashing, someone please help

    1. Hi, did you try running with administrator privileges? or try running with compatibility mode.
      But i doubt thats the case..

      I downloaded using filesonic. And it works very well or more like, i cleared 100%… 🙂 (Using Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate)

      There is no problem with the file. so i guess is either the file you have downloaded became corrupted or if you download from fileserve.. the files uploaded in fileserve might be the problem… as filesonic is more likely not the problem since i downloaded from there.

      Help this helps 🙂 and hope that my english is that bad.

  99. So nice to have a game work on the first try…

    The game is nice though I can’t help but think the real-life souls of whom these lovely ladies are based on must be rolling in their graves…

  100. So far, I heard the MangaGamer are working on english version of
    Shin Koihime Musou but they haven’t announced the release date. Hope not too long. 🙂

      1. @ Markules
        To be honest with you, I have 3 things I want to say:

        1: Where I found it you ask is on Youtube when I was looking on stuff about Shin Koihime Musou, untill when I saw one of the uploaders said something about MangaGamer on their description.

        2: I’m not fully 100% sure of what they said is true but if you think about it, MangaGamer’s business is getting better with new games they translate it, especially Harukoi Otome ~Otome no Sono de Gokigenyou~ which shares the characters on Koihime Musou.

        3: If you wish for MangaGamer to translate the Shin Koihime Musou as quick as possible, then you might as well buy their games to reach 2000 copies.

        So that is all I have to say. 😀

        1. Wow really ?
          I love this game; and I have played the Shin version; my Japanese is good enough to listen to the female voice but reading still is a problem for me. If what you said is truth i will buy their Harukoi Otome.
          Beside Peach Princess Manga Gamer is the only one that release some decent store game.

          1. Well the same as me, my japanese is good in the choukai(listening) but i reallly hate kanji. because of that i don’t want to play the japanese version because i will wait the english vers.

  101. Just as a mather of curiosity, how long is this site running?
    God, why did it take me so long to find it, good damn job mister admin, keep up the good work! xD

  102. please help i download the game but when i try to save during
    home base phase it freezes and i get lcsebody crashed please help

  103. NECEMEM.SNI is not found I got the same problem here and I wish admin can straightened up this matter ASAP on how to solve this problem. It’s a disappointment to me after countless hour of download and the game can’t be played. help me Admin really appreciate it :/

  104. to anyone with the graphic problem when starting the game, it said the iscebody was corrupted when using rar in part 2 so i redownloaded part 2 and it worked and installed. fixed my problem with loadmasker and ect.

  105. after i finish download, when i try to play it said ‘this game failed to generate a directinputmanager’, what should i do to play this game?

  106. When i start the game i get an error “NECEMEM.SNI is not found.” “This game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI.” What does this mean?

  107. Admin slight problem when i tried to extract all the files from all the parts it says no data to extract from files 1.

  108. Dear Admin,

    I just discovered this site today and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I bow my head before you. I am a fan of these games. However, there are so many here, too many to choose from. Could you please recommend a few of your favorites, that are uncensored? Preferably with gifs. THANK YOU!

  109. this game is great. best humor i had have in many years
    well eroge scenes isnt really something for me, but the rest is so great it sometimes make me wanna laugh to death xD

    1. forgot to mention…. wish there would be a second game of this kind xD

      if anyone know a game as great as this one plz tell me xD

  110. Hi admin,
    I used window vista and I have a lot of problem with the game that it doesn’t run out properly at the end of the game it always crash when I skip the message or using any other keyboard and somewhere in the middle of the game it does the same but I can’t save instead. Any suggestion that you can help me out.

    Are those link has been re-new and fix?

  111. ok probs how do i defeat shuuyu i cant seem to beat her the second time and its pissing me off i have only 42000 troops to her 50000 and she just keeps getting more any hint cheers

    1. I can only think of 2 things to help your problem…
      1. Look for the “Walkthrough” in gamefaqs and adapt that strategy for that battle/restart from an earlier save if need be.
      2. Cheat…. download artmoney/cheatengine and alter the enemy soldier number or your own.

    2. The strategy the guide uses didn’t work well for me. Instead put Shokatsuryu as general and Kanu as strategist. Get all the light troops you can. Choose Rotating Charge first, then Gated Corral, and repeat. Both will do around 8000-10000 damage at first, letting you outpace her reinforcements. Be sure to activate Shuri’s ougi every fourth turn to avoid the fire damage.

    1. You have to download the voice patch for the game and load it into the main folder. The only one who won’t have voice is Kazuto the main hero but everyone else will.

  112. Hey sorry the bother but I have a question, If I download a few parts of the game using one mirror (mirror 1)and the rest od the game using the other mirror (mirror 2)the game will run or not?

  113. man…
    this is the first time i play eroge with a lot of h-scene…

    but the story is quite good…
    the mini battle also a bit interesting
    i’m enjoyed this game….

    any other eroge similar to this ….

    1. Probably after 5 years or so, I just hope Muv Luv Altered fable along with the other Muv Luv Games gets translated before then

  114. I am deciding to download the game since i watched the anime and loved it but i just need to know a few things. 1. Will this work on a mac? im asking this becuase when you talk about the text download you say it needs to be in the windows folder. 2.( and this is for anyone to answer) will this work well on a laptop?
    Please and thank you

    1. It works without problems on laptop, no idea about mac tho – this is windows game, so it all comes to how good mac’s emulators are.

      1. iv gotten everything set and i have downloaded the first part but when ever i open lcsebody.exe i get an error saying “NECEMEM.SNI is not found”, what’s this mean?

        1. NVM i got it working, but i just have one last question, and this is for anyone to answer. How do i make lcsebody.exe fullscreen, i got a window that said if i wanted it fullscreen and i clicked no, without pay attention, and now i cant find a way to make it fullscreen, can anyone help me?
          Please and Thank you.

  115. Wow… Just wow! I just finished my first playthrough 10 minutes ago and I’ve to say that this was a really good game. I loved the characters, loved the music, loved the story, loved the plot, loved the battle system… I even loved Chousen (no homo here -_-)!! My favs chars were Shuri, Shion, Sonken’s sister (forgot her name) and Yue&Ei; but my fav story was Shion’s, pretty beautiful (though I wanted to “love” Riri too). On my first playthrough I completed Shuri’s and Aisha’s stories so I re-loaded my last save data and get both her endings, now I’m going to replay it to get Rinrin’s ending and then the harem one; I also intend to complete ALL side stories. I just love this game! Thank you very much, Admin., for uploading this and others badasses games like Monster Girl Quest and Cosplay Fetish Academy!!!

  116. to get harem ending after complete all main heroine route, you must maximize Rinrin and Shuri route until it’s picture change to golden color, after that always click Aisha (no need to maximize it) and play until the end.

    1. Yeah, I have tried that way too, but in the end I just get 2 choices “think of rinrin” or “think of shuri”

      1. weird, i just go with order Aisha,Shuri,Rinrin along the way i complete some sub-heroine paths as well, after that i load Rinrin save point before final battle and i get choice “think of everyone”

  117. can anyone help me?
    I want to get the harem ending, I have finished all the main heroine ending, but when I choose new game and not choose anyone or make them equally chosen in the home base phase, I get Aisha ending in the end, I don’t get the “think of anyone” choice. Any solutions? Please help me

  118. uh … Hello, Administra-san!

    I know that you have a lot to the ears, but I do not know if you know that there is a third Koihime Musou titles are: And Shin Koihime Musou ~Moeshouden~. Could not some times when you are that too, after you’ve loaded Shin Koihime Musou translate into e.com, and the third SKM. grab the title later times also e.com? That would be so nice.

    Bye, Nanashi!

    1. I know about those games, but since they are no translated yet i’m not going to post them. There are only fully translated titles on this site.

      1. Mmm..so there are many sequels for this game. Many sequels means it’s a good game. I must DL this then RAWRRRR

        Oh yea admin big thanks for your great job. I believe you will always upload all nice eroge games here as soon as they are translated in english. Arigato gozaimasu

  119. Hello. ^_^
    First off, Thanks for uploading these games.
    And foremost the Help you provide when Installing those Games, thanks too you I could Install Daibanchou without problems. ^_^

    Well I wanted too ask if Koihime Musou is just an VN or are there actual Gameplay like Strategic Battles or Battles like most Console Type RPG’s have? ^_^

    Sorry for my bad English, but since it isn’t my first Language I cannot help it if there are error’s. ^_^

    Thanks for the soon coming reply. ^_^

  120. I seem to be having a problem getting new scenes to load. They play the same scene over and over evertime I click on thier pictures in the home base phase. It started with Sei and then it went on to Enshou and now it’s moved onto the Yue and Ei-chan. Now it’s even gotton up to Ren and Sousou. What causes this issue?

  121. Great game 🙂
    everything works just fine for me
    I’m just wondering If I’m the only girl who likes this game lol 😛

    1. the trick to fixing this is to take those 10 “vera” items and copy paste them into the fonts folder i did this with harem party and it worked just fine so good luck!

  122. HEY Admin,
    Will you have the follow up for this game?? I was wondering if you could get shin koihime musou…I downloaded this game and loved it and was hoping for the next game?? Thanks and keep up the good work, Love the site!!

  123. hey admin, just wonderinf if this game is working or not? that comment from ‘Nanashi’ has me a bit scepticle but i can’t deduce what he’s tryign to say exactly, just want to know before downloading all of it haha. Thanks and keep up the good work, love the website 🙂

  124. I’m sorry that I have railed at the time! I would like to know if you or you could not even load at Shin Koihime Musou erogedownload on it? But if it does not work in 10 parts, but in 6 to 8 parts. Please, Please! It does not matter if Japanese is on, it can then be loaded to Fileserve and the Filesonic, please! Bye!

    1. Erogedownload has only fully translated games. However, i’m working on separate site – erogegames.com, which will also contain partially translated and even some untranslated games. It’ll be long time before it’s done however.

  125. If you have a problem with necemem.sni thing you just have to create a shortcut in your desktop, if ur using win vista/7 right click on the shortcut then click troubleshoot compatibility, start program, next and save setting or go to properties, compatibility, run win xp pack 2 and run admin. i asure you the game wont crash too, thats what i did and i never encountered any problem exept necemem.sni at the start. was it helpfull?

  126. is there going to be a chance you will put up
    Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi~ pc version up with a eng patch if so cool if you cant do you know where i can download it for free?

  127. Ummm..I looked through all the the comments and found only 1 solution to my problem, and it didn’t even work. My problem is that the game wont start even with my anti-virus off. It keeps telling me NECEMEM.SNI not found, the game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI. This is really ticking me off. If you could help me with this situation, it would be much appreciated. I already played and trial and was really looking forward to playing this game to D=..

    1. alrite…well I tried to fix it by placing all files in the same folder..and I thought it was about to work when it told me 2 things: The game failed to load Graphic-files in LoadLayer(0), and, The game failed to load graphic-files in LoadMaskLayer(0)…what do I do now? please help..

  128. THANK YOU for putting this up on your site!
    it’s one of my best games to play even though it’s a linear plot…(looks up)…hahaha Ryugenzawa says it pretty well! I’m also hoping for the next one, loved this game and the story hahaha even crying for the ending *spoiler*since i didn’t know about the harem ending first(thought it was sad that everyone else was left behind/ went away)*end of spoiler* and the music for the title screen is awesome i sometimes could play for awhile just to listen to it hahaha. well enough rambling, this was a really great game to play i hope there are ones like it out there.
    thank you again admin, i wouldn’t of played this if it weren’t here

    1. Hahaha.. Sorry for the spoiler dude.. Forgot to mention it coz I was kind of psyched up.. And I liked the BGM for the title screen as well. I also have it in my phone and set it as a ring tone for awhile.

  129. THANK YOU ADMIN!!! GOD I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! This is by far the best game that I’ve ever played. I only had problems with bringing up the menu screen after Kouchuu/Sei’s Menma scene… Oh! And also a severe lack of sleep..lol
    I just love the Home Base scenes, especially Sonken/Renfa, Kan’u/Aisha, Shoaktsuryou/Shuri, Chouun/Sei, Sousou/Karin and Kouchuu/Shion. Though, I was quite depressed when I reached the first ending(Aisha) because I had to leave the the others behind, but that okay! Because there is a harem route!(I wonder if Karin was jealous of Kazuto or the other girls?) I’m dying for Shin Koihime Musou and the fandisk.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate having you upload the game. Thanks again Admin!!!

  130. Hi, Thanks for the link but theres a problem with my game I downloaded it and i played, everything looks like fine but when I passed the part 2 of the game, every time i pass it appears a message what saids “Error, Access violation in the script” and again and again (its piss me off) but the game continue. I want to take out that thing but i don’t know how…
    Please i need an answer and txk u…

  131. having a problem, everytime I start the war with Son-go(Shuuyu)
    Icsebody fails respond whenever I try to go to the menu, press skip/auto/log. anybody know how to fix this problem?

      1. actually, the menma stealing part was causing the trouble for me XD looks like Sei’s anger was so strong that it even caused the malfunction of the game XD

  132. @ Outpost Omega J

    Thank you that did help and it does seem to be working normally now, and though I hate to be a bother do you know why the voice patch when installed might not lead to the voices sounding?

    If someone asked this question my apologies I am on for a few moments before having to surrender the computer for a bit and can’t check at the moment.

  133. I played this game for awhile and got to where Son-Go starts attacking. Problem is the game doesn’t allow me to go to settings anymore, view log or quick save without crashing. Am I the only one with this problem?

  134. Ugh. 2nd Base Phase on Shokatsuryou/Shuri’s Iscebody crashes and at almost beginning of 5th battle… Please help Admin. I was really looking forward on finishing this game =(

  135. I tried the fix for the text but I am still getting some letters overlapping, do I need to re-install the game after installing the font to get the text to display properly?

    1. If you are referring to few instances where the final line of text wraps back to the top and over laps the name of the speaker, and when you go to re-read it in the log, that final line is the only part that shows up for that “paragraph” for want of a better phrase, I don’t think that has anything to do with the Text Patch.

      When I first started the game, the font was looked like a 5-year old writing in crayon, with a lack of coherent spacing as well. (Example of the Spacing: I tloo keds ometh ingl ike t his.)

      After the patch, the text looked much cleaner.

      If I remember correctly, there were no more than 5 such overlap instances I mentioned above and most of them were clustered time line wise. I won’t mention early or late game, so as not to provide any spoilers.

      Reinstalling the game shouldn’t make a difference, as the patch really isn’t a “patch”, you just adding a few more fonts to your system. No different then if you purchased a font file and added it to your system manually. I might be wrong on this point, but while I’m no expert, I am fairly computer literate beyond an end-user skill set.

  136. um admin will their be a shin koi hime musou released on this site if so when will it be out, bcuz i heard it is a good game…….

  137. I seem to be having a problem getting new scenes to load. They play the same scene over and over evertime I click on thier pictures in the home base phase. It started with Sei and then it went on to Enshou and now it’s moved onto the Yue and Ei-chan. Now it’s even gotton up to Ren and Sousou. What causes this issue?

  138. The reson NECEMEM.SN shows up is cus that ur anti virus is not allowing the Icebody.exe to function properly, just turn of ur anti virus and then u can start Icebody.exe and play the game,cus that is what I did ^^

  139. ahhhh good game btw for ppl still not getting harem, it finally worked for me when i decided not to start new, once i finished, just load the sucker and keep doing that until harem

      1. will take quite some time before anyone will translate it, i hope mangagamer publishes it, but i’m not so sure cause they didnt even sell 2000 copies of kouhime mosou (2000 was required in order for baseson to “officially” add/release the japanese voices) because cheapskates like us are getting it here for free :p

  140. Hey umm what do i do?
    The game isn’t starting properly because it stuffed up when changing from Windowed to Fullscreen (Didn’t go full, just went to the corner)
    Do i have to keep my saves and reinstall now?
    It’s saying failed to load graphics layer or something

    1. Well the game works now but it won’t go into full screen. It just moves into the corner.

  141. Is there any way you could use maybe Megaupload or something?
    You don’t have to, it’s just i don’t like the speed of fileserve very much plus it constantly fails and stuff like that

    1. Never mind that any more
      I’ve already downloaded all parts, though fileserve stuffed up occasionally.
      I’ll probably solve this before anyone answers, but do i need to extract from all of the files? Or just one since it’s in parts

  142. Just letting ya know, fileserve part 4 went 404.

    Thanks for the releases, just recently found this site and I have to say its quite nice 🙂

  143. can anyone give acurate tips on how to get the harem ending? i have all other scenes CG’s so i’ve finished the game 3 times, once for each main character
    however now on my fourth run, i can’t get the harem ending no matter what. I have Aisha, Rinrin and shuri at the same level (no choice on the last home base phase, because whoever i chose there would have been automatically chosen as finishing char) and have also completed the routes for Sui, Sei and Shion(other completed paths are Shia and Non).
    What else should i do?

    1. Ending is not chosen automatically – at last choice you’re given three options “Think about Aisha/Rinrin/Shuri”, but once you complete all 3 routes, the fourth one will appear – “Think about eveyone” – it leads to harem ending.

  144. since I was having toruble with your downloads not working for me since the files always ended up corrupted and being broken I decided to just buy the game frome mangagamer but it was through your site that I discovered the game so thank you for sharing it ^_^

  145. i just see an anime about this one,and im wondering if the shin koihime musou is a eroge pc game too???

  146. Hot Damn this game is epic stuff, and the best part is you don’t actually have to bother with some shitty select from 1-4 options either. Good Art, Good Scenes, and incredible voice acting if you get the voice patch. 🙂

  147. Wall of text coming, please forgive me.

    I meet a “little problem” whenever I try to go past the “Give me my menma back !” event on Chouun’s road, or when I beat the game. Simply put, when one of this event come, I become unable to save, access to chat log or skip text. If I ever try to do it, the nice little Windows error come, saying “lcsebody meets an error and has to shut down blah blah blah”. May anyone help me ?
    Forgive me for this poor english, but writing in a foreign language is difficult, even though I try to do my best.

    1. It’s a issue with voice patch – someone posted workaround for this in earlier comments. Apparently people responsible for patch lost interest in fixing it properly.

      1. Quite bad >< With a few tests, it seems it's only the Chouun's event who's messing up, if I try to end the game without seeing it, everything is fine. Guess I'll have to try to erase the voice patch ans try again…
        Anyway thanks for your reply, and sorry for not having seen the previous posts about this problem, 500 comments powa \o/

    2. Your English is quite good. I would not have realized you were not a native speaker had you not said so.

      Sorry for so many negative statements in that. I’m not deliberately trying to confuse you.

  148. please help…when i try to extract the file i always get(winrar diagnosis message…cannot cre8 koihime\BGM17.orgg what will i do to this problem please help i want to play this one!!!

  149. I downloaded everything from Filesonic ( with some exception of icsebody from part5 and Bgm01 from part6 / says integrety test failed , corrupted or whatever ) furthermore , when i try to start the game with Icsbody.exe, it says that NECEMEM.SNI is missing in order to start … requiring asistance plx 😉

  150. admin! please re upload the part 4 on file serve.. it said that the file is no longer accessible while all the others worked fine.. appreciated!

  151. just asking a question…if i download the 1st 3 rar. on fileserve and the other 3 on filesonic can that possibly work…..

  152. this is probably a stupid question but here goes.

    I torrented the files with the english patch and fonts and when i renamed the icsebody file to include the .exe option it still won’t initiate the program.

    Could someone help me out?

    1. You “torrented” them? Did you get them from erogedownload.com or somewhere else (like piratebay?)

      Cause you don’t need to rename anything at all, icesebody.exe is already there after extracting all the .rar parts.

      1. I deleted the file and i am trying to download the links from here now.

        The only thing is that filesonic seems to hate me and i am having problems getting the downloads to start. It keeps on saying free users may only download 1 at a time when i am done with the previous download.

    2. You should try asking at place you downloaded it from…
      The one posted here works without problems.

  153. For some reason fileserver is much faster and there’s no download delay compared to sonic. Hopefully the file is kept on there.

    1. That’s the reason for mirrors in first place – fileserve is usually faster for USA, while filesonic works great for europe and asia.
      Second benefit is that those companies work on different schedules – filesonic is company based in Hong Kong, and fileserve is in USA – since their copyright agents work in different timezones, even if one deletes links we have about 12 hours before second one has to take them down – in meantime we can prepare different set of links.

      1. Strange, ’cause Fileserve downloads way faster and stable then Filesonic, and i live in Europe – Belgium.

  154. I found what caused the bug in the voice patch . The bug is in Choouns path. At some point one of her events will cause the bug. I tried it many times, and if i didnt pass that certain event than i could move on in the games without it breaking down on me.

    I shall see if you can continue her route later in the game ill post here later

    1. Ok i just finished.
      Good news. Yes you can continue the Choouns path. But you cant play the scene where She finds out you ate here denmpa all the way till Songous assistan betrays her, After that happens feel free to continue her route

      1. My good sir, let me be the first one to thank you. You’ve saved me hours of my time by posting your help.

  155. plz reupload links, and i can never get the stupid survey download to work, it will never register no matter what i do, so screw that >.<

  156. ummm…. i really like this site, cause it gave my gaming life become filled with colors but~~~~

    can I request for the person who uploads these games to also pls. add shin koihime musou…. the sequel to this game….

    I’ve had waited for almost 3 years for it’s translation to be realeassed….

  157. Just to add another notice about it, the links are down. Please re-upload the files.

    Thank you very much.

  158. Admin, the fileserve links say that file its not available
    and i have not more suvenirs for dowload the file
    please fix it

  159. Yo Admin, Is there any games here are compilable for mac users and also Deamon application can’t be compilable too. Sorry my desktop has crashed and still repairing…

    1. Don’t think there are a lot of Mac OS X-based VN’s, i don’t even know a single one…. Your best bet is to run it in crossover, or install xp/win7 in bootcamp.

  160. any one help me

    can some one tell me how to fix this problem

    when i finish sousou ark and finish the home base phase and try so save for the next ark this always popup

    icsebody.exe has stopped working plzzzz help me how to fix this

  161. After a couple of weeks, I have completely cleared this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that in time you will also give us Shin Koihime Musou, as well as its fan disc, ~Moeshouden~. Thanx a bunch!

  162. so im downloading it at fileserver the mirror 1 links and im getting them as rar’s do i need a program to run them or do i just open them? id like a guide or some help plz

        1. actually its saying that i need to have the following volume to continue extraction, and says insert a disk with this volume?

    1. Strange…. i’ve run this game on Windows 7 (32&64 bit) and even tested it on unbuntu 10.10 (wine) and didn’t had any crashes at all.

      Simply downloaded and installed the game…. and moved all the voice files into the koihime directory, launched up icebody.exe and that was that.

      I can give you a save of the true ending, normally if you’d copy paste this to the save-folder all the cg & sexscenes should be unlocked.

      url: http://www.easy-share.com/1914644150/SAVE99.LCS

      1. I appreciate the thought, but I would rather complete the game myself. The admin acknowledged that there was an issue with the game (likely the voice patch, and no, it doesn’t seem to affect everyone), so I’ll wait to see what he says.

      2. can you tell me how to get the whole story because enshou ending is no complete when i finish here ark so its hard to get the final ending plzzzz replyyyyy

  163. this game was pretty good and the story was really cute and funny. Also can anyone recommend some good eroge with tanned girls?

  164. So yeah, I feel like i’m the only person having this problem. For some odd reason, the font patch doesn’t seem to work for me.

  165. I finished this game recently with no problems and can safely say its one of my favourite eroges. Apart from the lack of voices it has a large selection of girls to choose from and has some awesome cg scenes. The addition of the battles (mini game) make it interesting as well. I compiled info as i went through the game as well so if anyone would like me to make a quick walkthrough then let me know.

        1. just install over and it works, as far as I know. Although… I started a game, then did the voice patch, and something weird happened so I had to start over, but I don’t know if it was the voice patch. Anyways, you can just skip back to where you were, it shouldn’t take too long.

  166. Is the PS2 version of this game significantly different from the PC version? I looked up Koihime Musou on google, and a few pics came up with wedding scenes for some of the characters. I just played through the whole game and did every single characters scenes, and I didn’t see anything like that. Or are those scenes from Shin Koihime Musou?

  167. @ mister sister

    Try tinkering with crossover options, make a specific setting for icesbody.exe.

    I know cause i had the exact same problem (game loads but crashes when you click on menu) on linux (ubuntu 10.10) using wine.And because wine and crossover are practically the same, that problem didn’t surpise me one bit.

  168. By the way found how to avoid that bug but it will be welcomed if repaired. The problem is Sei route, the game will crash after you run her third to last scene (the scene where she found out you and rinirn and sui stole her menma).just ignore her route before that point and proceed to the end, after finish the end, then load back to the beginning of the last 4 home base scenes and complete her route (dont save or right click or scroll) press control instead of press skip, process till the end, then close the game.
    if you dont do that, even if you finish the game and you save on new game, the game will crash and when you open a new one, it still on the status of not finish her route
    note that you will get her last cg on her final scene

    1. thank you for that way to progress by not doing the sei story arc saved me alot of trouble you are a saint

  169. We got a big problem here… Basicaly the only way how to play through this bug is to play without voice right?

  170. I’m having a problem, after the Shuyuu arc starts i can’t right click anymore without being able to save, and i can’t use the quicksave button on the UI to save as it crashs also, Am I the only one having this issue?

    1. no you’re not the only one having problems. Even if the arc’s are different (I forget the names), that problem is showing itself. There are some people who don’t encounter the problem, but I myself do. I don’t think there is a fix for it yet, but I pray it comes fast.

    2. Shit, just ran into this problem myself. It can’t save at all? Not even quicksave? That’s a big problem. I heard it only works like that if you are doing Sei’s storyline, and I hope to god that’s true, otherwise I might not be able to finish the game…

  171. can anyone re upload this to other dl sites…
    for some reason file serve can’t be accessed or denies the download…
    already tried to change computers and internet service providers…

  172. So it was extracted and installed on a Mac, and it starts up and you can see the title screen where it says new game, load game, exit, but whenever you try to click something or press any button, it freezes. Any fixes? Have crossover, but cant really figure out how to run it WITH crossover.

    Is one of the best eroge games that i played in my life, i finished all, but I only need the last part of Enshou

    Thx again admin

  174. Just finished Aisha’s path, Ren and Shuri are next. 😀
    Btw I never got a problem with sonken’s arc.

  175. *sniffle*… I just finished Ren’s path, I think… I watched a birthday scene, then instead of her portrait graying out, it was all bright and had a character next to it and I couldn’t click on it anymore… AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH THIS GAME MAKES ME SO SAD

  176. i just finish all the route just now in total there is 4 Ending(Aisha, Rin rin, Shuri and the harem) to get the harem ending finsih all the 3 route and load again and finish again and choose “thing of everyone”

    finish all the scene of aisha, shuri, bancho, sei, kyochou, sousou, and sonkan. in the first game

    second game the remainging character to complete all the CG’s

  177. redeployed and beat her easily – thanks again for the help!
    (yeesh, after all that trouble I’d better get an H scene outta her 🙂 )

  178. Hey guys, this is kinda embarassing since otherwise the battles in this game are so easy, but I’m having a hell of a time beating the battle “Stairway to a Dream” (the second battle with Shuyuu). I don’t know if it’s because I burned through too many soldiers in my first battle with her, but we start the battle with almost the same number of soldiers, and no matter what I do I eventually get overwhelmed by the ambush she pulls every three turns (she adds 4000 soldiers and kills 2000 of yours). It’s not an ougi so I can’t block it with Shiren, and since our troop numbers are so similar I just can’t think of a strategy that will defeat her before she overtakes me in numbers. I unfortunately saved after the first battle with her, so I can’t go back and try playing that one again more conservatively. Should I just start the whole game over? Thanks for any help!

    1. If you lose a battle, you can select “redeploy” and try it again with more troops than before. I don’t know if the battle your talking about is a special case, but if you havn’t tried letting yourself lose and redeploying (not retreating), then try that.

      1. Oh awesome, I didn’t know you could do that because I always just quit when I saw there was no way to overtake her numbers. I’ll go lose and redeploy – thanks a lot for the tip.

    2. See first the 2 strategy shuyuu use then find the effect strategy for it.And reload again use the deffensive strategy to minimize unit loss.

    3. Since you solved it, it won’t matter to you but I’ll reply for the others who can’t accept defeat (like me). I also had trouble in that battle. The key is the battle before that. On the first shuuyu battle, I used offense formations + koumei’s hougo to nullify the fires and quickly finish her off. I was left with 70,000+ troops for the second battle. With that amount, offense formations + sui/rinrin/sei hougo will win the battle before your army runs out.

  179. Question: Do the smaller characters (the ones that are under the three main romances at at the home base screen) run out of scenes? Or do they have as many scenes as you have home base times? I’m just wondering if I can do more than three side character storylines in one playthrough. On that note, do the main romances run out of scenes before the end of the game, either? So I can see all of them (I know I have to choose, but it would be cool to see them all in one game).

    1. Yes everyone runs out of scenes, some girls sooner then others. And yes you can do definitly more then
      3 character storylines in one playthrough. You wont be able to get all the girls in one go though. It took me 3 playthroughs each with a different main lead girl to unlock all the other ones

  180. Yeah, yeah, I’m waiting for this game so can you please re upload? I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

  181. Hey admin, ‘File not available’ anymore on Fileserve. Can you please reupload it again? I’d love to play this game. Thanks, admin!

  182. I mean the koihime voice patch on this page , just overwrite the files. If that doesn´t work try files like lcsebody.exe

    1. I tought since it complains about Graphic Files, that it would mean that the game can’t find the CG its supposed to load.

    1. I don’t know what patch you talk about, could you name the file?
      since the only exe I got is the Icsebody, the rest just is Ogg files, one Mpg, a Ico and some files the computer doesn’t see as a format.

  183. I guess I am the only one with the “This game failed to load Graphic-files in Load Layer().” Error? since I don’t even get to the events you all talk about here.

  184. Hi there, wonder if there has been a fix yet for when the game crashes at the sonken arc? I can get through it with enough time, but when you can’t check the formations mid-battle, its pretty annoying. And out of curiosity, those that have encountered this crash, does it still crash after the sonken arc?

    1. I the same thing has happen to me as well. And yes, it will continue to crash thought out the entire game. Even if you finish the game and try to start a new game or load after returning the title screen it will still crash. Let me ask you some thing, have you been trying to clear Sei’s events when it started to crash?

      1. I have been clearing her events, but it’s not like it started crashing after her first one, it just started at the arc. I’ve been through a lot of her events, the most recent before it started crashing when you eat her memma and have to repleace it(if i’m spelling that right), or the two girl action. Hopes this helps.

  185. Ok, I take back what I said, it stay’s at the museum scene the entire time but the text does go on. I like the art but spending all the game with the same BG is not my idea of playing a game.
    Help requested please. (Got Direct X 10 so there should be no problem with that).

  186. I love the way it looks and the way you translated the game.
    it just gives the following error while playing : “This game failed to load Graphic-files in Load Layer().” You can click ok and continue to play but it keeps popping up all the time.
    So it does work, but I tought I’d just tell this to you all =3

  187. admin please upload it on hotfile XD
    i cant download it on fileserve
    why you upload all other games on fileserve?
    arent you always use hotfile?

    1. Because hotfile friggin deletes his uploads every 2-3 days.

      Everything will be fileserve… how come you cant download fileserve? What kind off bullcrap is that.

      1. i cant download it because it says my IP still download file(but im not downloading anything)
        and after u comment my post the link says “file not available”
        aw man. . . I want my erogedownload back to my old days >_<

        1. Reset your router (using config) and see if the problem still exists. Are you using some kind of download manager? Cause i’m using internet download manager and it downloads just fine…..

          I’m glad things are changing to fileserve, downlaods are faster and there aren’t long waiting periods in between downloads anymore.

          1. hey. . . it seem my internet connection using shared IP T_T
            i think that the problem here
            yeah well. . now im download it using premium link generator DL speed at 150kb/sec
            yup problem solved ^_^

  188. Has anyone had their game suddenly start crashing all the time? I’m at the part where shit happens and you have to fight Son-Go, clicking any of the on-screen buttons crashes the game. Right-clicking and the scroll-wheel also crashes the game. Does anyone know what the cause is or how to fix it?

  189. I don’t know why my comment appeared as a reply to mistersister but is there a fix? and FYI I couldn’t get it working on CrossOver so I just downloaded Parallels Desktop

    1. Edit: I just saw someone ask if it will work with CrossoverGames. My friend has that, so will it work with it? They never got an answer…

      1. Most likely, i’ve been able to get the VN to work on my laptop running linux ubuntu using wine (although it sometimes crashes). So jeah it should work, since Crossovergames is practically the same as wine.

        If it doesn’t work right out of the box:

        a) Tinker with your options, some option may be causing the game not to work. (I know cause i have 4 different “wine”- settings saved for several games)

        b) While he is using Mac OS x, why doesn’t he install windows 7/xp in bootcamp? You get the best of both worlds that way.

        1. I keep telling him to, but he says his HD is too small… anyway, thanks! How would you install it with a wine program, though? It comes in three packs, so would he just extract it and run the .exe with crossover, or can crossover extract files or something?

          1. Simply put… yes, normally extracting it and play should to the trick. But 50% of the times you need to adjust some things before they do work :p

            Also… what his HD is to small? What kind of Mac is he using :p

            If he even makes a small partition of 20 to 30 gb exclusively for Windows games… i don’t really see a problem.

          2. says he only has 9 free gigs left 😛 what about installing the voice files? As far as I know, you can’t alter installs with crossover… i guess it’s not so bad to do without them, but they make the H scenes infinitely more interesting.

  190. Jeah, seems to be the case with lots of uploads, give the admin some time, switching all games from hotfile to fileserve takes a while.

    1. Totally, just click on the girl you want to romance, that’s it.

      Since it doesn’t matter if you “cheat” on the 3 main romances, there are no hidden routes. Just keep clickin away until you “unlocked” every scene with each girl.

  191. i must be the only one having this issue, but when i start the game, a pop-up comes up saying somthing about ogg or wav file is not found? Any solutions? Also, thanks admin

  192. how do i get the first episode of aisha’s h-scene? I got her ending and chose her all the way to the end but i still don’t have it. 🙁

    1. im not sure how you trigger it but i think you need to have talked to her enough times more than the other main girls in order to trigger that flag. I somehow got it, its some outside sex scene.

  193. Would it be a problem to upload this to a different hosting site?
    Maybe not rapidshare, but how about megaupload?

  194. hey admin can I request a game to U, If yes can U upload the english patch of “Rance 2” to “Rance6” If possible thanks!

  195. I don’t know if anyone found a fix for the crashing problem yet but the problem always happens with me when I reach the Sonken arc of the story while continuing progressing the Sei arc.

    The easiest way I found to do this is to set the Skip option to Skip all ahead of time, then once you reach the point where you can ONLY left click, use the control key to skip through dialogue you have already read.

      1. can u pls upload this in megaupload or uploading.com i have been asking this for a while pls i beg u…….

  196. and also because whenever i click on download it gets redirected to the main page so pls upload it on megaupload

  197. Can u please add a link for megaupload fileserve,filesonic and the other downloading sites do not work for me only megaupload works…………

  198. Anyone had a problem where the game crashes when you turn on the skip function? Is there a fix for it?

    1. k its not just the skip function but everything else except continuing on the text. (right click menu, skip, log, auto, and quick save causes a fatal error)

  199. Walkthrough — *NOT DONE BY ME*


    -=Battle=- First battle
    001. Kan’u (Aisha)
    002. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    003. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Battle of Zhuo
    -=Battle=- Yellow Turban Rebelion – Act 1
    -=Battle=- Yellow Turban Rebelion – Act 2
    004. Kan’u (Aisha)
    005. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    006. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Battle of Sidhui Pass
    -=Battle=- Battle of Hulao Pass
    007. Kan’u (Aisha)
    008. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    009. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    010. Ryofu (Ren)
    011. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- The En Family’s Assault
    -=Battle=- The Fall of a Dynasty
    -=Battle=- The Coup d’Etat
    012. Kan’u (Aisha)
    013. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    013. Bachou (Sui)
    014. Chouun (Sei)
    015. Kouchuu (Shion)
    016. End the Home Base Phase
    017. Kan’u (Aisha)
    018. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    019. Enshou
    020. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    021. Ryofu (Ren)
    022. End the Home Base Phase
    023. Kan’u (Aisha)
    024. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    025. Bachou (Sui)
    026. Chouun (Sei)
    027. Kouchuu (Shion)
    028. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- The Might of Gi
    029. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    030. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    031. Enshou (Reiha)
    032. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    033. Ryofu (Ren)
    034. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- In Pursuit of Glory
    -=Battle=- The Twin Jewels of Gi
    035. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    036. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    037. Bachou (Sui)
    038. Chouun (Sei)
    039. Kouchuu (Shion)
    040. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Penetrate the Fortress
    041. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    042. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    043. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    044. Ryofu (Ren)
    045. Enshou (Reiha)
    046. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Battle with Sou Gi
    -=Battle=- Counterstrike
    -=Battle=- The Fall of Sou Gi
    047. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    048. Bachou (Sui)
    049. Chouun (Sei)
    050. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    051. Kan’u (Aisha)
    052. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- A Creeping Shadow
    -=Battle=- A Formidable Foe
    053. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    054. Sousou (Karin)
    055. Chouryou (Shia)
    056. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    057. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    058. End the Home Base Phase

    SAVE – 1

    059. Sousou (Karin)
    060. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    061. Ryofu (Ren)
    062. Kan’u (Aisha)
    063. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    064. End the Home Base Phase

    SAVE – 3

    065. Kan’u (Aisha)
    066. Daikyou & Shoukyou
    067. Sousou (Karin)
    068. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Engagement
    069. Kan’u (Aisha)
    070. Daikyou & Shoukyou
    071. Sousou (Karin)
    072. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Battle with Sou Gi
    -=Battle=- Counterstrike
    -=Battle=- The Fall of Sou Gi
    073. Kan’u (Aisha)
    074. Sousou (Karin)
    075. Sonken (Renfa)
    076. Daikyou & Shoukyou
    077. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Bonds of Steel
    -=Battle=- Stairway to a Dream
    078. Kan’u (Aisha)
    079. Sousou (Karin)
    080. Sonken (Renfa)
    081. Sonshoukou (Shaoren)
    082. End the Home Base Phase
    083. Kan’u (Aisha)
    084. Sousou (Karin)
    085. Sonken (Renfa)
    086. Sonshoukou (Shaoren)
    087. End the Home Base Phase
    088. Kan’u (Aisha)
    089. Sousou (Karin)
    090. Sonken (Renfa)
    091. Sonshoukou (Shaoren)
    092. End the Home Base Phase
    093. Kan’u (Aisha)
    094. Sousou (Karin)
    095. Rikuson (Non)
    096. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- The Beginning of the End
    -=Battle=- The True Enemy
    -=Battle=- ???
    -=Battle=- ???

    –=Rin Rin=–

    LOAD – 1

    059. Kouchuu (Shion)
    060. Bachou (Sui)
    061. Chouun (Sei)
    062. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    063. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    064. End the Home Base Phase
    065. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    066. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    067. Bachou (Sui)
    068. Chouun (Sei)
    069. Kouchuu (Shion)
    070. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Engagement
    071. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    072. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    073. Bachou (Sui)
    074. You decide to see Kan’u
    075. You decide to see Chouhi
    076. You decide to see Shokatsuryou
    077. You decide to see Chouun
    078. You decide to see Bachou
    079. You decide to see Kouchuu
    080. You decide to see Toutaku
    081. You decide to see Chousen
    082. Chouun (Sei)
    083. Kouchuu (Shion)
    084. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- A Contrived Battle
    -=Battle=- Ambush
    -=Battle=- The Demise of Son Go
    085. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    086. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    087. Bachou (Sui)
    088. Chouun (Sei)
    089. Kouchuu (Shion)
    090. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Bonds of Steel
    -=Battle=- Stairway to a Dream
    091. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    092. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    093. Bachou (Sui)
    094. Chouun (Sei)
    095. Kouchuu (Shion)
    096. End the Home Base Phase
    097. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    099. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    099. Chouun (Sei)
    100. Kouchuu (Shion)
    101. End the Home Base Phase
    102. Shokatsuryou (Shuri)
    103. Chouhi (Rin Rin)
    104. Kouchuu (Shion)
    105. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- The Beginning of the End
    -=Battle=- The True Enemy
    -=Battle=- ???
    -=Battle=- ???

    SAVE – 2

    106. Think of Rin Rin


    LOAD – 2

    106. Think of Shuri

    –=Harem=– (complete other “routes” first)

    LOAD – 3

    065. Kan’u (Aisha)
    066. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    067. Ryofu (Ren)
    068. Enshou (Reiha)
    069. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- Engagement
    070. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    071. Ryofu (Ren)
    072. Enshou (Reiha)
    073. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- A Contrived Battle
    -=Battle=- Ambush
    -=Battle=- The Demise of Son Go
    074. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    075. Ryofu (Ren)
    076. Enshou (Reiha)
    077. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- A Creeping Shadow
    -=Battle=- A Formidable Foe
    078. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    079. Ryofu (Ren)
    080. Enshou (Reiha)
    081. End the Home Base Phase
    082. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    083. Ryofu (Ren)
    084. Enshou (Reiha)
    085. End the Home Base Phase
    086. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    087. Chouryou (Shia)
    088. Enshou (Reiha)
    089. End the Home Base Phase
    090. Toutaku & Kaku (Yue & Ei)
    091. Chouryou (Shia)
    092. Enshou (Reiha)
    093. End the Home Base Phase
    -=Battle=- The Beginning of the End
    -=Battle=- The True Enemy
    -=Battle=- ???
    -=Battle=- ???
    094. Think of everyone

    1. Dude, this is one of the few VN/eroge games out there that don’t need a friggin walktrough. It’s as easy as it can get. Just click on the damn girl you want a romance with… that’s all.

    1. You have to do Kan’u, Rinrin, And Shuri’s route first then when you play again pick any three of the girls again then when you get to the end there will be a Option that says Think about (Who ever you chose) and Think About Everyone just click on the one that says Think About Everyone

  200. I finally got the Harem Route but I really want to get all the girls CGs the only one i need is just Sei Everytime I click on her the game crashes I just want to know how to fix this.

  201. Is it just me or has someone else noticed something odd with the screens in game where u can choose with whom to talk to? In the beginning there were two ‘screens’ in a row, and in the second one there was Shuri who hadn’t even appeared in the story yet. After that in every ‘screen’ there are people who haven’t appeared yet. Is it a bug in game or something else?

    BTW thx a lot admin for all these great games! I think i’ll enjoy my stay here for quite a long time ^^

    1. Ok, forget about this, i tried it again and now it works normally. It must have been some sort of loop or something…

  202. Oh I Put In The Voice Patch. IS It Only The Girls Who Has Voices Or Both Guys And Girls Too?(Excluding Main Character)

    1. Yeah, there are male voices too. I think some of the male characters don’t have voices like the first guy you met in the game. The “MC” has no voice obviosly = P.

  203. cool! TVM… BTW, i beat the game, but i don’t want to go back and get all the CG’s… Anyone have a gamesave?

  204. Game works fine patches and all except it does stop working when I minimize the window for some reason which can be a little annoying.

    1. im having the same issue as him. It has to do with the crack, so could you upload the crack only so i can test?

  205. can you please upload them to media fire?
    FileServe is always unavailable saying file not found…
    Thanks in Advance

  206. hi admin.. plz reupload..

    also, plz upload Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 2 and 3 because their translations are finished..

  207. Admin can u reupload wind a breath of heart i already downloaded part 1 and now i cant donwload the other parts,i cant believe that most of the games was deleted by hotfile.Ty for this amazing site!

  208. I am having troubles installing the fonts. It is saying that the font is not a valid font to be installed. I am using windows 7.

    1. extract the font.rar then open C:windows\fonts.. i just click all 10 files except the local.conf, then drag into C:windows\fonts it’ll automatically install the fonts.. i’m using Win7 too

  209. And why when i opened “http://new.hotfile.com/dl/18471860/d40bc4b/Aoishiro.part12.rar.html” it’s requested password? is it already passworded? what is the username and password?

  210. thx for aoishiro fixed..
    Btw admin could you please reupload exodus guilty in hotfile looks like a good game and many people already request to reupload it in hofite too..

  211. Sengoku Rance is a battle type and strategy type though be warned is a huge time sink, I spent nearly all my free time playing that game until i beat it. Its very addicting.

  212. I love the game it’s very interesting I am wondering if there are other games like this. You know the battle type and strategy type . Please responde… 🙂

  213. got problem when i want to save or use the quick save button.. the program suddenly stop working.. it happens after i got all the gilrs… =.=”‘

    1. It happens to me before the battle againts Son Go, anyone knows a solution?? or it is needed to start all over again?? (please tell me there’s a solution ;A;)

  214. admin could you please reupload aoishiro all link already removed too cant believe they remove most of the games not only here but also from the other site and looks like many of them already closed >,<

  215. Does anyone know of a walkthrough or a “how to play guide” for this game?
    I’ve gotten some progress on the game but now to the point where i actually need to know how to play to win.

  216. mangagamer is checking all download site if thier product is being distributed(illegaly) and then request to delete the file… same for eien no aselia i think, coz JAST will have an official release of it

    1. Again can you blame them? I hope they reach the 2000 sell mark, so they can translate the sequels aswell. As much as i like free stuff, if i could give them their money for the game i would… but they only accept creditcard… aaargh.

      Remember Mangagamer is not a big company, and is trying to survive making their passion for japanese vn’s, into their profession. Those who can… please get an official copy , wish i could, i would hate to see Mangagamer quit because of people keep leeching their translated VN’s…

      AND NO, i don’t work for mangagamer :p

      1. It’s not really sequel….more like a whole new story with the same plot with …MORE…GIRLS!!I really do hope it get’s translated too.

  217. This isn’t the only one that they deleted them I tried to download Aselia but that’s not up either.

  218. Uh any idea when number three upload will be available, I’ve got the first two done, tried to upload the third but it seems to be empty every time I go to download it.

  219. Maybe, if Hotfile is the problem, will you consider going to another filesharing site ? Just asking maybe that’s the problem. I have personally no problem with hotfile, it just seems that the files gets deleted more often on hotfile, or maybe like other comments said, ppl are watching this site every hour to put down the dl’s.

    1. Yes, i’m testing another site right now, but uploading over 300 GB of data will take some time.
      Alternatively i’ll just buy a server in some country like Romania, Belarus, or Russia who dont give a shit about DMCA and host files myself, while asking for donations, but I consider this last resort.

  220. umm, can i make a request? its DEARDROPS. i rly rly love OVERDRIVE’s VNs. or can someone tell me when MangaGamer’s gonna release an english version? thank you very much! i appreciate every single of your uploads!! :DD

  221. i swear some people are checking this site every hour just to check if it got reuploaded and then try to take it down again.

  222. its like a game of cat and mouse the cat keeps biting (deleted) but the mouse (files) always comes back hahaha

      1. harsh words seeing as the person who keeps bringing the mouse back is the same person who controls this site u just used to post on

  223. I think they somehow already deleted your part2 and part3 files. I bet they get paid good money to delete your files that swiftly.

    1. Please do something about da capo 2
      I want to download part 6 and 7 but it seems the file is deleted
      How can i download it?
      Please reply admin

  224. lolz yet again. hay admin wat about doing torrents? they wont be deleted that way or maybe using a different file share link sendspace would that help?

    1. There won’t be torrents here due to two reasons:
      1. Many people can’t use torrents due to university/work/fascist ISP restrictions
      2. Legal implications – posting links to download is legal where i live, seeding torrents isn’t.

      1. easier said than done, how much you suggest they up the price to? and will people still buy it? they are unsure if they voice it, people will buy the game. The Western market for eroge is not the same as that in the east.

        you might be one of those who pay for quality, but majority wants things cheap and/or free.

        1. if they want it cheap and free people wouldnt buy the game outright from the maker they would buy it from other stores like ebay etc. where quilty is down for a cheaper price hence why preowned is so populaur. and if they wanted a game that cheap they wouldnt pay money for it anyways no matter the situation

    1. you are aware that is just a gimick to boost sales right? if they could have put voices in the version they would have put it in the release this would have boosted sales far more than not putting voices in it. this is why foign countries always get the bad end of the stick when comes to GREAT JAPAN GAMES. They always remove bits or put extras in theirs and we still have to pay the same for it

      1. We’ll yeah… but can you blame them if shitloads of people freely download their games? I don’t know about you but translating an entire VN takes a lot of work.

        Like i said in a previous post: if they had more payment options then just creditcard, i would gladly give them my money, so they could continue to translate awesome VN’s….

        1. i wasnt meaning an english voices i mean it would have been an easy task to just get the voices from the oringal game and carry it over. but i do agree with u.but they removed the japan voices to save on space. Thats the only reason that stoped me from buying it i have plenty of money but i cant justify buying that much for a game that has parts removed. u miss out on half the fun of playing the game. Thouugh to be fair it wasnt nearly as bad as what mangagamer did to when they cry they removed all interactive parts of it (minigame room, voices, staff room, music) i mean serious the game had bout 3 tracks left BUTCHED IT WAS

    1. thank you i wanted to see if it wsa my buggy sav so i will test it out with the non buggy sav u gave me thx. now hope this works then once ive finished the story once ill properly replay it anyways for the alternive endings.

    2. okay i think i may have worked out why it was buggy. it might have to do with aisha ending the save file u gave me doesnt seem to be aiming for any pertilaur ending which hint=s that the problem had to do with aisha ending maybe? well either way ty for the save

      1. Aisha ending you say… That means you are only following hers? Don’t know for sure as it is as you said not aiming for any particular one but I tested an earlier save. The previous home base without choosing anyone, arrived at the one which after the game stops working and again without choosing anyone and… No problems, worked perfectly.

        I will try doing exactly the same thing except for Aisha and see how it goes.

      2. Well after several testings I concluded that at least here the problem is caused by Sei’s option. As long as I don’t choose Sei in home base right before the problems or in the previous home base it doesn’t cause problems… Aisha’s seems to be fine?

        Which ones were you following?

        1. Oh and if I choose Sei on the next homebase it causes the same problem, no problem with the other options I tested.

          1. well i was maining aisha, Komei, ryofu, sei and kochu in my buggy playthough. so it might be sei i wil avoid her like the plague in up coming play though and see if u are right

  225. intresting but why i mean i restarted when i put the voice patch on. so i made a brand new save so wat could of happpened. hay crono do u mind sharing your game save? coz serious i got this far and to turn bak now and restart when i feel im so close to the end

  226. I don’t know yet but apparently the save file itself is corrupted. I have passed it on to other people and it also didn’t work for them. When they passed me their save file of the same part(different home bases though) it worked without problems.

  227. is someone able to check out test if it just the voice patch having issues? tho i doubt it is seeing as it says the file for the game isnt responding not the voices file. and the voices work fine beyond that that. damn i really wont to be able to save my game again

  228. Same problem here. If I don’t do anything besides ctrl, enter or clickin mouse I can keep going. I tried to see if I went ahead enough it would be better but up to the next home base it still gave the same error.

    Not sure if this is the game itself or the voice patch though…

  229. DS i have the same problem ive worked out that beyond the home base phase just beofre that fight against kakouten that if u try to use any of the buttons or go to the menu freeze u can play the game normaly however for some reason u are unable to save/skip/auto run or even check the log. im not sure why this happens if anyone has any ideas because i am so close to the end (i think) and would like to finish the game being able to save lol

  230. for some weird reason the game crashes every time i right click, go to message log, or quicksave when i get to the fight against kakouton and kakouen

    1. Ever since most of JAST games got reported and deleted I’m keeping copies of files which i uploaded to hotfile on separate server with 100 MBit upload speed so that in case they get deleted i can just reupload them quickly. If my hotfile account get closed i can just make new one or move to different host.

      1. ty admin for your hard work. its dogdy how tanslated versions get bits and piseces cut out of them when u pay good money for them. If the game had a fully voiced translated full version i would have just payed for myself but this rarly happens so again i thank you for this game ive been hunting for since i watched the anime

      2. Thanks for putting it on fileserve I’ve been trying to download this for a few days and its been either taken off or i turn my computer off before it finishes downloading. lol. Also depending on how good the game is i may just pay for it anyways since it looks good and it would be nice to have more games decencered like this one. plus the anime was good so this will likely be even better

  231. Hey guys i get a message box in the game that prevents me from playing.
    “Illegal argments to set effects in StartupGraphicEffect().”
    does anyone have a clue what that means ? lol xD

  232. Thanks for the new links.
    Btw, does anyone have a save file with the complete cg and scenes? I found a japanese one but it seems it doesn’t work…

    1. Thanks.

      Maybe it would help to upload the files with gobbledegook file names.
      It would be hard to search for on there but as they’re linked from here there should be no problem.

  233. Links got deleted second time. New one will be available in few minutes.
    I wonder when they will get bored reporting them…

  234. Somehow I had a bad feeling about this, when I found this in the morning and started downloading (did the first two parts). At work I felt that when I returned home, it’d be down… Look there, it is down >_>

  235. Looks like I waited too long to try this one the hotfile links have been removed =(
    does anybody have a mirror?

    1. We’ll… i’d like to upload it on Duckload, but i’m not sure if the admin would be to happy with it..

  236. Chousen Is DA Best!!! Never failed to make me laugh!! Great game, u earned my gratitude to supply us with this game,admin!!

    1. you can get the harem ending only after you go through the story with the, 3 main heroines. Then play through it one more time and at the end you’ll get a choice to “Think about everyone” and then choose that one. Hope you enjoy 😀

  237. Im still quite new to this but,
    During the home base phase,is there any difference as to who you visit 1st?

    1. No, i don’t think so, especially not with the sub-heroines, that doesn’t effect the ending with one of the 3 main girls.

      I think the game only remembers the number of points (aka visits) you spended into each girl and before the last end scene, it will be decided by this which girl you have chosen.

  238. Is there no scene replay or at least cg mode in this game? Or do you have to complete the game or something to unlock it?

    1. Way ahead of you, forget them to include in my list, were actually the first VN’s i played, and yes they are both awesome.

      I heard they are working on Da Capo 3 right now, so maybe in a couple of years we’ll be able to enjoy it aswell :p

      I’ve you haven’t seen it yet, i’d advise you to watch all the Da Capo anime series (Da Capo, Da Capo S.S, Da Capo I.F, Da Capo 2, Da Capo 2 S.S ), they are not the best, but definitly enjoyable if you are a fan of the series.

      1. Side note, there’s a rumor that the Da Capo 2 Spring Celebrations (which is kinda like an addition to each girls story) MIGHT be getting translated. Fingers crossed

    1. My fuckin god, why keep people asking this, look what it says on the homepage.

      Yes every game here is english translated or has an english patch.

      1. Ah, come to think of it, now that I’ve looked around the site a little, it does say that…

        Thanks for your answer

  239. By the way, could someone advise me some other great VN’s (don’t has to be eroge, can be anything) for when i’m done with this one?

    VN’s i’ve already played

    Bible Black
    Kana Little Sister
    Ever 17
    Kira Kira
    Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia
    Suika A.S
    Cross Channel
    Fate/Stay Night

    1. Sengoku Rance is really, really good. Might want to follow the walkthrough for it but I’ve wasted a huge amount of time on that.

  240. Goddamn need all the voice files now, cannot continue playing until i got them :p

    oh well gonna play some BF BC2 then.

  241. i played alittle of the sequel shin koihime musou its a remake of the first 1 koihime musou but with more characters and u get to pick what team u want to be in… shin koihime musou moeshouden is a fan disc ..its the last game i only played alittle of it..bec they both not translate

  242. op.vosm = opening = Heating Soul

    promo.vosm = promo = 蒼天の向こうへ (プロモーションテーマソング)

    the other 2 i can find out about it, but abit busy to start up external hard drive and browse it.

    all those are from the Koihime Musou Soundtrack CD or can be downloaded somewhere, which you should find out by yourself. =/

      1. Ok i searched and found no results relating,only download links for the game. I’ll really appreciate if you could giv me the song names for the other 2.
        Thanks in advance!!

  243. Any idea for the original song names for the 4 .ogg sound files in the folder,namely:
    Thanks a lot

  244. HOLY !@#$ I just found out that in the 3rd (and last) Koihime Musou game there are 52 heroines @.@ now thats alot of girls.

  245. how do i change fonts ingame?

    it doesnt stop the game or make it crash but some letter cross over others, and it makes some words illegible.

    thank you in advance

      1. Sorry, I don’t get it, I downloaded the fonts, and I have them in the Koihime folder, but nothing happens, and I try to “install them” but when I doble click them, it only appears a sample of the letters, and that’s all…what should I do??

  246. I just finnished the harem ending and i really enjoyed it.
    It would have been better if all girls who you can visit during home base phase would have their own endings…

      1. you need to get all 3 main heroine endings. then additional dialogue option appears at the end of game.

    1. because of licensing crap
      well not that i blame Nexton or Base Son
      well if MangaGamer managed to sell more than 2000 copies of the game the official voice patch will come out
      so go and buy the game and support MangaGamer

      1. Even if they do sell 2000 copies, which was always doubtful to begin with, it will still take a while for them to come out with a voice patch probably a few months. They’ve only reported hitting 500 sells.

      2. I would really want to buy it from Mangagamer, but since i don’t have & use a credit card yet (i’m just a poor college student :p) , there’s no way to give Mangagamer my money…. sad… cause this game is totally worth it.

    1. The voice patch is close to finished. I don’t know how much longer it will be, but from the looks of it, they still have about 6-8% of it left to do.


      Yes and no….in a way (i think atleast)

      (In Aisha ending, still need to complete the other 2 you see Chouun, Kouchuu, Bachuu fighting Saji to give Kazuto & Aisha a chance to escape/start anew in a new world…. They litterly say they would sacrifice them so that they could escape or something…. this also happens and they are able to live together in the end.

      If i recall correctly Aisha said something (while in the St Fransesca parallel world) about Chouun and the rest (all the others, including ren,Tonken, everyone in that world) will still live on somewhere.

      So it aint’t that clear (correct me if i’m wrong about the previous part) what really really happened to your other crew

      You are welcome to discuss this and voice your opinions about this particular ending. (But add some spoiler alert)


      I’ve completed all three endings, even the harem ending but since everyone is there that ending doesn’t apply to this discussion.

      Anyway, after each ending, one of the first things you and the girl you chose talk about is if everyone’s okay/alive. Each time either you or her say that they believe the others are alive, just in some other world.

      If I recall correctly, and as Caelistas said, while the girl you chose is coming to rejoin with you, that one a-hole whose name escapes me tries to stop her and the others say they would sacrifice themselves to save you and her.

      Sadly, they never go back to the fight between them so you don’t really know what happens. I took it as you interpret it however you want.I personally took it as you and your honey live happily ever after, and all the others are wishing you well. I could be wrong, but that’s how I took it. Sorry this is so long

  247. hey some help i try to open icebody.exe but my fuckin sonar erase it can somoene help to shut it off or somethin to install it?

  248. Once you beat the game with the 3 main endings, the next time you get to the end choice you get a new option that ends in a super harem end with every single girl from all the countries.

    1. Super harem you say interesting… got to have that ending :p

      Still one thing i find rather strange/funny is that you can fuck your whole general staff and crew, and your main loved one doesn’t even care one bit… what the hell? :p

      1. Hmm did you read all the text? There’s a lot of lines from the girls saying they don’t care if you love other girls as long as you give them attention to. I think Aisha is one of the most jealous though. She gets really mad when she catches MC after having sex.

        1. Jeah i know, she wasn’t so happy when she tried to wake me and found a naked ren besides me haha :p

          1. This is supposed to be a good game but…
            Somebody have a walktrough?? I am not that good with the choice…. Please let me know…

          2. Just go visit on of the 3 main girls which you like, all the rest of the girls doesn’t really matter if you screw them or not, doens’t really need a walktrough.

      2. Caelistas, that’s because the MC is a leader of a nation in ancient China. Whether it be in the Warring States days, The Three Kingdoms period, Rome, Babylon, leaders had many concubines. It just turned out that in THIS game, all the ‘concubines’ are incredibly cute/sexy/beautiful generals and retainers.

        Any woman of a figurehead like our MC has to accept him fucking whoever he pleases.

  249. I just finished Aisha story, watching the credits as we speak….

    All i can say is wow…. those who haven’t finished it, go play it right now, ending is both sad and happy.













    Soo.. i take it only Aisha, Rin Rin and Shuri are romanceable? Cause they kinda, all sacrifice themselves….
    That’s to bad, i want a “real” ending with other characters now, i don’t even like rin rin… Goddammit :p

  250. It’s also not that hard to understand the system. The game is a glorified game of Rock Paper Scissors with some formation weight and general weighting.

    Intercept nullifies Charge
    Charge nullifies Fire (Archers)
    Fire nullifies Intercept

    Then factor into that your Strategist’s bonus for using a specific formation, and formation vs formation. Note that if your strategist has no bonus for a particular formation AND your enemy is using a formation with an advantage against yours, you will come out the worst of it even if you win in the RPS portion.

    For best results, when going into a new battle, pick the Solid Wedge (as it’s most defensive form), and play four turns to see what the enemy does, they ALWAYS will only rotate between two formations, or not at all (sticks with the one). Then just reload the game and pick something that gives you a massive weighting advantage against them.

  251. Ok, i was able to beat her, didn’t do anything different though, got that bitch both times now without any problems.

  252. actually it is possible to kill her on your 1st try I use Shuri and Aisha for a whopping kill while using Offense only
    to end it quickly before Shuuyu keeps gaining since using Defense formations makes it worst and harder to deal with
    just beaten it today gotten Shuri ending.

    1. One reason could be that you don’t have your locale set to Japanese. On the website has a whole description on how to do it.

    2. download->unrar files->double click icsebody.exe

      You will probably need to download the fonts package aswell, to do this simply: download->unrar file->one by one double click the downloaded fonts and select INSTALL FONT.

      Thats it, go play it

    3. What OS are you using?

      more importantly, does the application simply doesn’t run, or does an error appear?

      1. I Think MRJ Has The Same Problem As Me. When I Click On icebody An Error Pops Up Saying. NeCeMem.Sni Not Found.

        1. actually i know what you did you renamed the file so it cannot start
          Dun rename the file and restart the game. it should work

          1. I Actually Didnt Rename Anything. I Just Extracted The File And Clicked On Icebody And Thats What Showed Up. The Little Error Thingy

    4. When you extract the game files go to the Koihime folder and click the application named ‘lcsebody’. This should launch the game if your system can support it.

  253. So do i get this correctly?

    You need to let die off your soldiers? Cause i always retreat & retry before that happens..

    And jeah i know who you’re talking about with those 2 pink hair “girls”. So do you need to persuade them or something? I only talked with them like two times and whenever i try to talk to them a third time it leads me automaticcaly to a sex scene with them…. something that i’m trying to avoid cause i’m going Aishi-only right now.

    And jeah i’m glad you noticed that that bitch keeps getting supa fast reinforcements when you’re sooooo close to beating her.

    Ok i’ll try to kill off my units, while still putting op a fight, i’ll see how things go.

    1. If you retreat, it restarts so if you lost and gained more soldiers, the gained soldiers will disappear as well.

  254. First i’m going on a ONLY Aisha route, she rocks and is a total babe, had to reload quiksaves alot of times though, ended up fuckin people i didn’t want to fuck (yet :p).

    Then some questions:

    1)Is the voice patch already available here?

    2) Also, i’m stuck in the game @ Shuuyu’s battle-game, whatever i do, i keep on losing with only minor differences +- 6000-8000 enemy troops left. So i need some help here.

    I know which tactics give an advantage over her but her fire attack (- 4000 life) and the “ambush” attack (+- 2000/3000) are owning my moves and tactics. I even tried to use Shuri as general (cause she can nullify Shuuyu’s fire attack, but i STILL end up losing. Also (and i don’t know if this is a bug), for some reason once she remains with around 6000-8000 soldiers, she starts getting massive reinforcements which rises her soldier total back over 10000… and more…… while you continue to get owned by fire,ambush and regular attacks.

    Sorry for the long post, but i could use some answers here!


    1. it maybe impossible to win in first try so why dont u let see kill all ur troops and get more troop when u redeploy and then try again
      if u can keep u for a while the pink hairs girl will help u u cant win without her help because the bitch when she get 5000 soldiers then she do something that she getting hard to kill and add 5000-2000 in one round ans kill u off

    2. u know if u fail and try again u get more troops then u started with? it keeps happening and growing until u win so if u fail dont rage quit just die and redeploy for more troops

  255. i progresse in this game i tried to save but the game crash
    hellllllllppppppp pllllllllsssssssssss

  256. There are ONLY english games on this site. This is a pirated and cracked version of Koihime and yes its in english

  257. Is this game english sub??? there are no english patch???
    how can I differentiate eroge which japan sub or english sub???


    1. dude , check the title of the Blog:

      “Eroge Download: English Visual Novel Downloads”

      seriously, people don’t read.

      /facepalm at the fails

  258. I click on the “lcsebody” after I’ve extracted, but the game don’t start, it says “NECEMEM.SNI is not found”

  259. ikki:

    It’s pretty simple.

    There are 3 links to hotfile. Each file contains one part of a .rar archive. Download each of the parts into one folder.

    Once you have all 3 parts downloaded in the same folder, right click on any of the files and press “extract here”. If you don’t have the “extract here” option, go to win-rar.com and download it.

    Once you have extracted the files, a new folder should appear. In that folder, there will be a file called “lcsebody.exe”. Use that to start the game.

  260. I just do Bachou with Kouchou Maxed out archers and use the +Attack Archers and Def+ Heavy then spam shoot and Ougi, Kouchou makes your archer formations skyrocket, and Bachou activates her Ougi when you use shoot which kills a good number of enemies. This combo, I have yet lost with.

  261. Some voice patch information:

    Don’t use it until it’s completely finished. It causes crashes, scene skips and loops. It also causes some backgrounds to fail loading and the voices don’t match up sometimes. I just went from home base to home base in two lines of text, so there are still a few bugs to work out.

    It should be finished in about a week, as far as my information goes. It seems they are having difficulty finding someone to work on it instead of waiting for MG’s sales to hit their mark, which probably won’t happen.

  262. You cant really mess up on this game, or at least its pretty hard to. Just read enemy formation patterns and right click to check formations to see what beats what.

  263. Can anyone tell me when a walkthrough will be posted? I hate to say it but whenever I try to do eroge without them I always end up messing up. BADLY.

  264. Have they released a version that comes with the voice overs? I’d be more inclined to buy it if they did.

    1. Not yet. They won’t release the voices until they sell 2000 copies which can take quite some time or not at all. For now, there is only the fan voice patch which is still about 85% done. They are working the fix the crashes and errors.

  265. The game plays great but once I turn my computer off the Icsebody application disappears and have to extract the file again. I have Norton Security Suite. Can someone tell me why it keeps disappearing.

    1. Because you are using Norton, the WORST anti-virus ever made, and ever after a regular uninstall keeps haunting your system.

      Probably Norton thinks that Icsebody.exe is some kind of virus/spyware etc… I’d suggest you get another antivirus, one of the best ones out there are Kaspersky and Nod 32 (there are some really greet freeware ones too)

      If you don’t want to go through this hassle, go to the Norton configuration, and look for something like “Add exclusions” or something like that (anyways that’s how it’s called in Nod32). Here you can easily add programs and files that you never ever want to be scanned or removed by your antivirus (Norton in your case).

      I had a similar problem with some other games and cracks, that Nod32 thought were viruses, but adding these to the exclusions list removes that little inconvinient problem.

  266. This way you can write everything on 1xDVD and install it from there or from a folder on your hard drive.

    1. Voice patch is complete, but 15 out of 210 scripts are not working with current version of the patch and crash the game. Since many of those scripts are important ones ( 3 of them are game endings ) i’d prefer not to post such buggy project. Right not i’m waiting until it gets fixed and then i will post working patch.

  267. The voice patch is quite buggy still, maybe about 85%? or so working. If you’re expecting 100%, i’d say hold off for a bit.

    1. same here :), gonna wait for 100% voice patch to work, going to need to play 2-3 rounds of playthroughs anyways

  268. Hooray! Been waiting for this visual novel to pop up! Thanks a lot erogedownload.com and admin! ^^ b

  269. Anyway…for the guys above who wanted a walkthrough, I ll tell you how to get the endings in two very hard steps >.>

    1. Click one of the main girl u want till you seen all the scenes and shoose her at end.
    2. Once u get all 3 girls harem ending choice appears at the end…

    Hard right?

    1. Yes about…. that…

      are all home base characters romanceable? Cause i can’t check without some walktrough, and didn’t want to end up usulessly trying to get someone that will not even work.

      So far i’m sure the following are romancable:

      Kan’u (Aisha)
      Ryofu (Ren)
      Shokatsu Koumei (Shuri)

      Ones i really hope are romanceable:

      Chouun (Sei)
      Son ken (Renfa) & Son Shouku (Shouren)

  270. Voice patch has been done for a little while now. A small amount of the scripts are broken, though. There should be an update for them later.

    boards 4chan org/jp/res/7034169#7035919

    Replace the spaces with dots etc.
    Required Japanese voice files are also in the thread.

  271. There isnt really a need for a walkthrough. Think of it as a point game. Press the girl and you get a point.

    1. yea i figured that much, but there is supposedly a harem ending, and THATS the one i want a walkthru for

      1. Try spreading out the points equally I guess and get them to a sort of “love” status and by love status I meant where it seems that they sort of openly admit their feelings or something. Not sure since i’m just going for main routes first.

  272. So the voice patch will be done in a few hours eh?
    Looks like I’ll be molesting this page for quite a while now.

  273. I bought this one off of MangaGamer after trying the demo; keeping this copy around for archival purposes. Well worth the cash — go buy it!

  274. This game is one of the few games out there that are actually worth paying for.
    Please buy the original version or there might not be a sequel for you to pirate in the future…

    1. Well, one VN i wouldn’t mind boughting 3 to 200 copies of is Clannad, but indeed this one was worth my time.

      Originally i started my first VN here: Da Capo, cause the anime was epic, but instead this VN STOLE my attention.

  275. Yes bang everyone in the game, LOL in the homebase phase, I kept choosing Aisha+Sei. Er- Not for perverted reasons…. *Looks away*

    :O Voice patch almost done yay~ Anyways… Ya people who pirated the game early on get it for a lower price as well.

    1. -like 5 euros isn’t really worth all that trouble/bugs/glitches w.e
      *>.> accidentally pressed submit be4.*

  276. just make your own flowchart, at least that’s what I do.
    write down every choice you make and the choices after that one. If you don’t like the ending, go back a few choices and redo. Or go find a walkthrough. however since the English version only got released a few days ago it might not be out there yet.

  277. i know im not the one to say this… but the world where Dong Zhuo is a very cute loli is very VERY messed up… and its a disturbing turn on!!!! ADMIN! YOU RULE! Thank you once again for giving us such a bad ass game!

    1. The game doesn’t have voice patch, they’ll release voice patch after they sell 2000 copies, through their website or something.

    2. Actually, work on voice patch is almost finished – all scripts have been re-edited to match original voice file playback calls, and there’s just some linking and compiling stuff to do – it should be done in few hours.
      In the end people who didn’t pay for game get BETTER product than the ones who paid ( game is missing font files, which cause text to display improperly – pirates have it already fixed, customers still wait for MG response; Registration doesn’t work on certain 64bit systems, and customers who paid for product can’t even start the game yet, while many pirates already finished it. MG official stance on this problem: “disable antivirus and firewall”.; Pirates will get voice patch two days after release, god knows when customers will get it… ).

  278. wow,i can see lots of comment here,this game must be good,but maybe i will try it later,righ now im playing kingdom^^

  279. i can understand why people want this one more than shuffle…. anyone who played Dynasty Warriors would instantly jump in the band wagon ^.^

    Admin, whoever you are, you have done the entire perverted world a great deed

    1. BTW, i guess there is no girl’s route in this game

      I have only seen three ed:

      1.Shu 2.Wei 3.Kure
      (1.蜀 2.魏 3.呉)

      From what i know, they are name of the three kingdoms. ^^

  280. I just wish they had a “Progress bar” telling how many copies are sold >.< waiting without any leads is torture.

    1. Actually its more accurate to say the anime totally ignored this since the original version of this VN (the japanese one) came out before the anime.

  281. sorry I’ve just saw the error in it on the BGM0000 i just changed it to BGM00 so if anyone else is getting this as well just do like i did

  282. okay problem here ever since i DL last night I’ve been playing it with no errors and today for some odd reason it’s not working for me and here’s what it looked like
    is there something i did wrong or anything that i need that is
    required to play this?

  283. mr.maddness i know what u need..u need sound thts wat tht error means ..i had it befor fix your sound try redownloading your audio.

    1. I managed to get the computer to fix the error via plugging in some speakers lol. Set the volume to max and the game worked perfectly. Thank again everyone.

  284. @anon
    You have a corrupted file, redownload it.

    You too. Redownload it. I have no errors whatsoever.

    1. Re-downloaded but still the same problem. Here’s the exact error message.

      Error writing to file: “Koihime\lcsebody”
      File fails CRC check: “C:\Users\Jobinn\Downloads\Koihime.part1\Koihime\lcsebody”

  285. Everytime I try to open the game/ click on lcsebody.exe the game gives me an error about not generating directsoundsmangers. Can someone help me with this?

  286. I can’t download part 2; the download just fails part way though. Is anyone else having this problem?

  287. Lol i just downloaded a torrent for this last night an now you have posted it >.< well will download this an get rid of my other one 🙂 thanks for the upload

  288. a voice patch would be most welcome, hope to see one soon weather its from MangaGamer or a fan made patch and is it me or is some of the text all bunched up. you can still read the game but it looks kind of ugly

      1. For some reasons, my comments are not getting through so I’ll try breaking the link :
        www. mediafire .com/?wk2x50iv08c8wg2

        These are the fonts you’ll need.

        1. Comments containing live links are automaticaly held for moderation, due to huge ammounts of spam.
          I just woke up, font files will be added to first post soon.

    1. Making voice patch will be harder, than it was in demo version, since mangagamer split longer sentences into few shorter ones and now voice filenames doesn’t match the script calls – it will need to be manualy fixed for fan patch ( or we can just wait and see if mangagamers keep their word – according to their twitter during first 12 hours after game launched they got 50% of sales that Shuffle! ( their best selling title to date) got all-time… ).

  289. Tough titty now ain’t it? Well its just cracked so MAYBE they did something wrong with it. I dunno as I haven’t finished downloading it yet.

  290. YEEEEEEEEEEEES! I knew admin gonna update this game today! Thank you thank you so much!

    I hope someone will make a voice patch soon.

  291. There might be voices as stated by MangaGamer. If they reach 2000 sales on this game that is. But even if they dont release a voice patch then some other guys will probably make a patch for it.

      1. Unfortunately no, just either gotta find it yourself after beating the game or whatever the requirements are or find a walkthrough

  292. um just wondering what is the gameplay of this game?
    Is it Rance-ish or is it like the other “route/talk” type V.N.

    1. It’s a normal route/talk VN with some battle strategy thrown in. The battles are straightforward and are really just click/attack and repeat.

    1. no. voice will take some time, i don’t think its as simple and easy as cracking it. They need to transfer voices from the japanese version to the english version, its not that simple.

  293. thanks for uploading this you are now one of the only people in this world i will ever respect for doing this

  294. You know it was a race between you uploading this and my bank clearing my checks fast enough to buy it. You won sir.

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