Koihime Enbu

Koihime Enbu

Based on the Koihime Musou visual novel, Koihime Enbu features a reimagining of the Romance of Three Kingdoms where the majority of characters are girls. Originally an arcade fighting game, Koihime Enbu draws upon this pedigree to offer players accessible and exciting mechanics that will draw in beginner and veteran players alike. Koihime Enbu is an ground based fighting game.

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  1. hellmyhand says:

    I’m trying the scenario mode,+but+how+do+you+save?

  2. fighter says:

    Can i play online mode?

  3. Kalibre says:

    straight up arcade type fighting game, i find it fun, if you’re looking for a vn or eroge this is not one

  4. oscar says:

    one waiting for the second vn of koihime musou series for a long time…see this and well thanks admin but no

  5. Jim says:

    I was able to fix the D3D9 device failed error by copying D3DX9_43.dll from SysWoW64 to the game directory, but now I’m getting The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). 🙁

  6. Steve says:

    I keep getting a D3D9 device failed error. Anyway to fix this?

  7. Rune says:

    You and me both!

  8. Artix says:


  9. eltra says:

    First of all thanks admin for the great work!

    For those who want to play i can say only this its not koihme muso game its pure fighting game no real story nothing so it is a disappointment for me personally as by the title i was expecting something with story and fun to play!

  10. Ashura Knife says:

    Has anyone has played it yet? how is the game? (there is no tags)

  11. h4cko says:

    The vn is extremely good, I was expecting this to be another eroge but it is just a fighting game… Disappointed.

    Thx for posting anyway.

    • Mama-chan says:

      if you’re playing koihime for the porn, you’re doing it wrong

      • Aoishiro says:

        Lol, half of the story is porn scene yet you are saying that man

      • ShinRei says:

        Naturally, if you’re playing a vn and you know it’s eroge,there’s already a tiny desire deep within you that seek or curious about the H part. Although some ppl play eroge for its story + gameplay (rpg elements or strategy) and skip the H scenes altogether, it’s not wrong to expect H especially from your favorite titles.
        But this is a really good fighting game though, PS4 port, support HD resolution and 60fps. My only complain is the lack of rosters and all support characters should be playable characters instead.

      • Shiratama says:

        Koihime Musou is a pretty generic harem story with only Romance of the Three kingdoms as a skin. The strategy part is really barebones too, I can’t blame anyone who plays it for the porn.

      • Rizu says:

        WHAT? Maybe you talking about other title ?
        Still waiting Shin koihime translation.

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