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  1. I downloaded the patch and soundspack and made a new game folder with just those sound files but somehow, it’s still playing the Japanese audio even though I should only have the english sound effect and voice files in the current directory i’m starting the game from


    KoihimeVoices.part01.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part02.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part03.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part04.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part05.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part06.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part07.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part08.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part09.rar – 111.8 MB

    all contain a file “soundspacksEVo” with the same size and name. Do i need all to extract all of them and rename them or what?

  2. patch download wont work.
    when I try it comes up as _rar rather than .rar and it wont let me change the file extension then download or download it as is

  3. You have to beat the game first…
    that being said, this answer is waayy too long for you if you have played this game on december 2014.. sorry

  4. i downloaded the patch then the voice files i still dont hear voices when i get saved by the girl does voices come later on or did i download wrong

  5. Hi, I was wondering how to get those extra settings for example I only have New Game, Load Game and Quit Game. How do I get the other options such as Settings/CG/Scenes Replay etc.


  6. For those who can’t hear the sounds, it doesn’t come on until you met the girls which is way deeper into the game. So, yeah… Helps to read older comments and for those who are having trouble getting the game to work. I don’t know how to answer it besides asking if you dl’d all the files AND patch and if you have it on japanese for the region.

  7. ‘This game failed to load a
    file in PlayDSB()’
    i keep getting these errors when a character who has voice acting appears! I tried downloading it again and extracting it again and still no. Can anyone help me fix this problem? Please?

  8. You have problem with a ‘PlayDSB’ message?
    I have installed first ‘Voice Patch’ then ‘Voice Files’.
    That message don’t appear more. Problem solved xD

  9. I downloaded everysingle voice file and patches and pasted
    all of them to my main file but everytime when I get to the
    voice part the message saying ‘This game failed to load a
    file in PlayDSB()’ and does not play the sound for me. What should I do to fix this problem? Please Help!

      1. when I try to finish this game it gives 2 choices then the screen go white, then crashes my game, I am using windows 8.

  10. Can you just download the patch if you finished downloading the game download in the Koihime Musuo English Game section? or do you truly need to upload all of it (including the Koihime Voices parts).

  11. darn, after i copy/paste voice patch to koihime folder, the game was unable to load. some errors pop up and i got blank screen. (music still played though)
    should i make a folder for the voice patch? but that doesn’t sound right.

  12. is there a way to make the voices stop when i skip their dialogue (other than getting to their next dialogue).

  13. after I moved all the snx file and the soundpacks in the folder Koihime (the game has it’s own soundpack so i replaced it with the new one) my game started not to work anymore ..:'(
    and then I removed all the snx files and the new soundpacks and returned the original soundpacks my game still doesn’t work ..
    help please …

  14. Well thanks to the admin for this game and all the others.

    After reading all the comments about not being able to hear voices and other related comments for help I finally got voices to turn on. I made sure I downloaded both the voice patch and the two sound files up above. But I had to close the game and put the files in the main page of the game three times. I have no idea why it took so many times but it did. To those of you having trouble try replacing the files over and over. It worked for me.

    1. i think it might be because you downloaded all the voice files but not the actual patch itself. i did the same thing and will see if the patch will fix the problem right now (since i just found this out myself)

  15. Hmmm. I little late here, didn’t see this coming

    It this 1.7GB File is only Voice Patch or the full game? Because file with no voice is only 1.1GB ..
    so i wonder .. Do I need to load that 1.1 too ?

  16. I’m having an issue that others have had. I extracted and replaced the voice files but I’m not getting any voices still. I have played through 2 battles and still not a peep out of Aisha or Rinrin. Any ideas on what I should do?

    1. OK I downloaded this again from a torrent and the sound works now. Not the problem is once I get a good way into the game. When hostilities break out with Go the game crashes whenever I go to the options screen. I guess no saving for me.

      1. It seems Sei’s route is the problem.

        the game will crash after you run her third to last scene (the scene where she found out you and rinirn and sui stole her menma)
        just ignore her route before that point and proceed to the end, after finish the end, then load back to the beginning of the last 4 home base scenes and complete her route (dont save or right click or scroll) press control instead of press skip, process till the end, then close the game.
        if you dont do that, even if you finish the game and you save on new game, the game will crash and when you open a new one, it still on the status of not finish her route
        note that you will get her last cg on her final scene

        Sei´s Route is the Problem ^^”

  17. When I install the patches separated in parts (200MB), it asks me if I should replace the file (Ex. “Replace Part [n] with Part [n+1]?” [n= Part #]) and so on, do I do this or will it delete Part n?

    1. what you want to do is take every single one of the files you downloaded, select them all and right click part of the selection. find an option given by your extraction software in the following menu and choose to extract the files (doesnt matter where, probably dont want to go straight to the game directory yet). the extraction software should be smart enough to realize that all these files are part of the same archive and will combine them properly. now move the extracted files to the game directory and overwrite the previous sound files

  18. I downloaded everything and replaced the sound files and no voices. Am i supposed to put it in a particular folder or just add without replacing?

  19. I downloaded everything, copied and pasted everything in the Koihime folder and started lcsebody, but when I started the game, something like NECEMEM.SNI is missing or something like that. What should I do?

    1. i am getting the same error but i didnt get it until just now. when i was watching the final ending and the game crashed in the middle of it. Now i cant open the game and view anything of my completions =/

      1. ok i backed up my saves and re-extracted the game and voice files and it works again. though i found a forum somewhere that said this particular error was caused by the voice patch so you can probably just reinstall that

  20. ok i must be doing something wrong. when i take the voice files into the main game directory, i assume i have to have them overwrite the old SoundPackSEVo files, but once i do that i still have absolutely no voices, the rest of the sound still plays properly though. i have gotten to the part with the voiced characters and even completed like 6 battles. is the main game directory the place where we extracted the koihime musou game or does it create something somewhere else when you run it? (i doubt the latter, but i have to ask)

    i have absolutely no idea what i have done wrong, but nothing i try works and i still dont have voices

    1. ok i got sound for like one line (ganryuu falls in a cave and shouts hello which echoes off the wall. the echo was voiced) can someone with an unvoiced version see if this happens in every version or if mine is just partially patched or something. still wish i had voices though. i’ve already beaten the game on aisha’s path and unlocked about 75% of the cg and h-scenes

      1. scratch that, I have completed the entire game and unlocked all scenes. i only had once instance of a voice which i could easily be convinced was not removed in the first place since it was an echo which might’ve had a weird piece of code behind it.

  21. Admin-san,

    Can you reupload the Koihime Voice Patch….. because the part3 to 9 are broken…. Onegai Shimasu!!

  22. Part 04 of the voices files could not be found, no matter how many times i entered the capture that’s all it’s basically saying, any chance of a reupload?? thanks

    1. ‘Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found’ is the message i keep getting

    1. yes, because the english release was created by a company without enough money to purchase the rights to the voices (or something like that) so this patch is just rewriting the relevant files to include the voices from the original version

  23. could u tell me
    “KoihimeVoices.rar – 1.7 GB”
    “KoihimeVoices.part01.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part02.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part03.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part04.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part05.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part06.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part07.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part08.rar – 199.3 MB
    KoihimeVoices.part09.rar – 111.8 MB”

    is that same??
    how i can add voice to the game??

    1. Yes, those both contain the same content – i’m splitting it like that, since users having premium account can download whole file in one click, while others can download it for free, as 200MB parts.

  24. there is only one thing i didn´t understand to make the voices work i just need to download the patch or: SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst??

    if i download them what do i need to do with them, please help me admin!

    1. there are instructions at the top of the page just under the download links. so when you download the patch (which is SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst) you place them into the main game directory

  25. Is there any way to get things uploaded to Mediafire again? This downloadani.me shit is fucking horrible. I can’t even get a single file to download from it without error.

  26. Could anyone please tell me where to find the main game directory and how to extracct the voice patch inot it.

  27. Admin I want to clarify if the Koihime Musou in this site is English already? and also wat language will this voice patch add?

    1. the game text in the koihime musou download is in english, this voice patch will also cause the characters to be voiced (the audio is in english since there has been no official dub of it)

  28. Excuse me but i think i can`t download the part 4 of the voice patch can you please re-upload thx in advance

  29. Greetings~
    I just recently finished D/L the Voice parts and am encountering a problem with the extraction. I’m getting an error that says, “Data error in ‘SoundPackSEVo’. File is broken” at around 90% extracted. I always use 7-Zip and tried using Winzip as well but, it too encounters the problem. I thought it could be from d/l parts from both Rapidshare and Mediafire but, I haven’t had that be a problem yet. Am going to try d/l the rest of the parts for each individual site and hope that works.

    1. After looking over the parts once more I noticed part 8 d/l incompletely for whatever unknown reason… Guessing that downloading that completely will fix the error…orz

  30. I’ve encountered a problem recently with the voice patch. Recently whenever I play the game with the voice patch I get a message upon loading up telling a Graphics file failed to load or something and then it seemly loads the scene up, but when the scene changes in anyway I get a message telling me that the program encountered an error and needed to close. When I extracted the game again from my orginal download folder and put my saves in it I got a message telling a sound file wouldn’t load but it played the scene perfectly.

  31. Hmm… I have no problems with the voice patch whatsoever. voices add a ‘LOT’ to the game atmosphere. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had it crash on me and I finished all of the routes and I’ve unlocked everything.

    1. Yes, game will work just fine (and even better without it – there are some issue with this patch that don’t occur without it). This download is completely optional – I’m always posting the stuff that is necessary to run the game on main game page.

  32. Ugh, wow, there’s alot to do here. I’m starting to wonder if I should even play it. It’s buggy & crashes alot, and the solutions sound tiring.

    1. Beautiful art, great story, nice humor, overall great game it kept me going even with all the problems i got with it.
      REAAAALLY wish someone would fix all those bugs though.

  33. I am going to list some of the problems i got while playing and the solutions i found on the web and by myself.
    First off… You will need to download a NON-voiced game and one that has the voice patch already installed.

    1. The battle between Chouun and one of the generals of GI crashes after 5 days giving you a “The game failed to load in Graphic-Files in LoadLayer ()”. SOLUTION= download a 100% save/unlocker, backup your “SAVE__.LCS” in the save folder or rename it, Load that save and you will have the option to SKIP that battle wich you should choose to do so… Save after you skip it and place back the your original “SAVE__.LCS” and load the save you made after that battle.

    2. Some H-scenes loop. SOLUTION= Copy all of your save data and paste it in the Sav folder of the NON-voiced version and play the scene all the way through, save then copy the data back to the Voiced version and continue.

    3.Game crashes sometimes when you press “Skip” “Save” bottons or rightclick to go to the System screen. SOLUTION= copy the save data and paste it in the Sav folder of your NON-voiced version and load an earlier save and continue the game to where it crashes and continue it a bit/check if you can save before copying the sav data back to your voiced version. *NOTE – usually that crash happens after you pick some girls in the home base and decide to continue the story.. if it still crashes even in the non-voice version load an earlier save BEFORE you picked the girls in the home base and go trough their dialog again but in the non-voiced version. The voice patch sometimes skips some dialog wich results in errors and and makes the game crash*.

    4.Game crashes in the main menu after you finish a girl route. SOlUTION = Replay an earlier save in the non-voiced version and when you get to the main menu after finishing the route press “Quit game” and open it again it.

    Sorry for writing so much but i liked this game and it frustrated me with all those errors really wished it was 100% voiced *all the girls atleast* and it didnt loop/crash =(

    1. How is someone supposed to download a 100% save unlocker when there don’t appear to be any? Even google is failing to find one.

  34. admin, why do i keep getting runtime error message when in your first fight with Saji after i install the voice patch and voice files?is there anyway to fix this because it never happen before when i’m playing the game without voice?

  35. when i install the voice patch and files i noticed that the voices weren’t in sync with the text. For example, the voice with go on even after you have passed the text for it. It won’t stop until it finishes or another part of the dialogue comes deals with voices. It is a minor inconvenience but i was wondering if i could fix it.

    1. Yes, that’s normal. This voice patch uses playsound calls, instead of normal voice ones. I don’t remember why, but that’s the way this patch was written. You need to deal with it.

  36. hi

    after installing the voice patch all sound disappeared
    i extracted both archives to the maingame directory just as said..
    what did i do wrong…

  37. Admin-sama! I’ve searched all over the internets but I can’t seem to find a solution. After Sousou’s arc I finally start off with Sousen but the game keeps crashing(menu,quick save, or skip) all of these lead to a crash, I heard people complaining everywhere but I haven’t seen any answers, there must be a way since some people from this site say they’ve completed it…HELP!

      1. Hmmm according to
        March 19, 2011 at 6:04 pm

        The only option seem to basically play the game nonstop from that point on(although this seemed to be the best solution I could get the others were just awkward silences after the questions) I still don’t know if the same will happen again if I finally finish the game once though maybe it’ll fix itself. Although it’s weird how only a limited number of users fell prey to the crashes, maybe it’s not limited to the game and more on the more unnoticed things like OS and such since I’m currently using Windows XP I wonder if those who were left unscathed were Win 7 users and such…oh well either way this is still going to be an all-nighter after all *sigh* thank anyway Admin-sama

        1. Hai Hai! Hmmm heh hahaha But no seriously “Nante Usuroshi Koto!” Or just plain unfair after experimenting I have found out that the bug only seems to affect us worshipers of Sei *sob*. This bug at least, only starts after you go through Sei’s episode where she basically finds about here menma stolen by her Lord…anyway the bug activates when after you view that scene in which immediately after you can save but at the start of Sonken’s ark you cannot do anything else except click and enter

          Solution: If you are a fellow worshiper of Sei but wishes to play the game afterwords then simply skip through her scenes and finish the game to get the “New Game+” after that it’s simply loading back to her scene and playing the game from there nonstop just press ctrl I think to skip the scenes you watched and wait for the HomeBase phases to finish all of Sei’s CGs up to the very end of the game

          Sorry for the long post feel free to point out mistake as I would very much appreciate a far more better solution than this

          1. I don’t think it’s an XP problem, my pc runs window 7 and has the same crash but I haven’t even begin sousou’s arc yet…so I’ve got ways to go before I can finish the game So the only way to go is to play non-stop??? yeah!!! what Fun

          2. Hey, I don’t know if its the same bug but I manage to fix mine. I realized that the reason why it crashed is because the sequence is out of order, the dialogue sequence I got was repeated and out of order, so I copy the save folder, make a separate folder with koihime musou without voice and load the save. Sure enough, I got a different sequence and after that part I just save, put the new save in the old, voiced folder, and continue playing, haven’t had a program since.

  38. admin i have a question
    i have koihime musou jap (this site version and not shin version) game and that has voice.
    can i use the voice file from the jap version and just use the voice patch to install it in the eng version?
    (sorry my eng is very bad) 😀

  39. Sorry to bother you guys but can anyone actually point out the actual point where the voices appear?(Ex. In a “town” or while talking to “person x” or something)

      1. I am such an idiot!!! I’m sure I wasn’t the first to make this stupid mistake but I guess I’ll have to be the first one to admit it. Ya know how we all get excited after downloading all the parts, well I forgot the 1.9MB patch XD just extract too in the same folder

        And again Sorry for wasting your time Admin :3

  40. ok, im confused from the previous entries. does this originally have japanese sound, or is it soundless?
    i havent played the game yet so idk.

  41. Why I still don’t hve any voices?
    I already put the sound patch into the main folder (koihime) and it still voiceless… does being in another drive instead of drive C: affect the voice?

  42. Hi there! Sorry to bother you Admin just wondering, do I just need all the files mentioned above or do I still have to get the ones from the previous post

      1. Sorry to bother you again but just to clarify I the first 6 parts from the previous post were the game files and these new 8 parts and the 1.9MB files are all solely for the voice patch. am I correct sir?

  43. Admin, I patched the voice patch but still no voices. I also looked through the comments in the other post but can’t see the solution for my problem. This will be my first time playing an eroge as per recommendation of my friend, so I can say that I’m a n00b when it comes to tinkering my eroge and no way knowledgeable with all that bug fixing stuff.

    Simply saying, How can I install the voice patch right? I already installed the voice patch but still no voices when I restart the game. What do I do?

      1. No voice. I already met Kanu and Choushi after they saved MC from the 3 yellow turban guys but still no voice.

  44. I just posted this in another area but everything was loaded into the same location as the game but no voices are coming out and also just got the PlayDSB( error.

    I have all eight parts plus the 2mb patch.

    Is something not being done that should be?

    1. You need to put both voice patch and voice files into main game directory. Make sure you didn’t extract them to some sub-directory.

    1. No.
      I think i recall only one eroge/hentai game/visual novel with english dub – Casual Romance Club. For every other game voice patch add japanese voices which were somehow missing (licensing issues etc.)

    1. also i loaded everything and the game works but every so often when someone is going to talk a pop-up occurs that “this game failed to load a file in PlayDSB0.
      i don’t understand
      and again please help any assistance is useful

    2. Yea, all this does is add the japanese voices back in. The folks who localized the game didn’t buy the rights to the voices, for whatever godawful reason.

  45. one question, when visiting tme why does chouryuu is the only onw with voice and other doesnt? is it like that?

  46. when i place the whole thing inside koihime game, and Aisha camed out and it said This game failed to load a file in PlayDSB(. Please help!!!

    1. Make sure you have all parts.
      And make sure you have the 2 mb patch which makes it work
      (Under the second mirror of the voice files)

  47. Sorry for commenting so much, but does this patch not work with old saves? Because i tested it out by playing a new game, and so far after hearing Aisha and the male student talk, it works fine.
    I tested it out on the old save again and it crashed again.
    If this is the only way then sure. I wasn’t very far anyway (Lot’s of text though, and i think 3 battles), but if there’s a solution i could really use it

    1. I’m not sure about this game, but others running the same engine crash if you load old saves after altering script (ie. adding voices)

      1. Oh okay, thanks
        I’m pretty much up to the same part anyway..
        You should probably mention that in the post too, that if people want to use the voices they should make sure they know that old saves won’t work

  48. So you’re supposed to replace the files in the game directory with the sound pack files right? (Ones that need to anyway)
    Also, there’s no way of knowing which file is corrupted when it is right? Since they’re all one big file in multiple parts?

    1. Okay so everything seems to be fine, except for the fact that if i right click at any time, icebody or whatever it is stops working (not responding)
      Any idea what’s going on? Will i need to re download the actual game? It was working fine without the voices..

      1. No wait
        Never mind. It seems to be fine now.

        This game is weirding me out
        It also seems to have auto saved without me doing anything O_o

        1. NOPE. WAIT
          It seems that once i hear the voices it won’t let me view the log or right click.
          I can view the menu if there’s no voices yet.
          Also, are the voices supposed to keep playing unless another voice comes on?

  49. by game directory, do you mean
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Extracted Files\Koihime
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Extracted Files\Koihime\Iscebody

  50. What happened to the Fileserve links?
    I was gonna download this 🙁
    And i don’t wanna use the direct since there’s a chance of failure.
    Waste of 1gb+ if it fails part-way through

  51. Thanks for the voice patch. Again I wouldn’t have bought the english versioin with your illegal patch. REMEMBER ppl do not use the desktop short cut. Use the icse launcher.

  52. gah. I finally downloaded all the parts of the game and now there’s a voice patch?
    Dunno if i should download this or not..
    If it’s in English screw it, but if the voices are Japanese then i might consider it, even though i pretty much read dialogue and end up not having time for the voices to play anyway >.>

    1. u will be glad to know that they are in japanese. if u’ve seen the anime, its the same voices u hear there.

      1. Apparently it’s buggy though.
        Maybe i’ll play through it once, then after that i’ll use the voices

  53. Yo, minna-san!

    The recently implemented a Fileserveen not have to download the games, because
    comes in a very slow, on the other hand, it is not 100% good quality. therefore
    thank you!


  54. Voice files seemed corrupt. Moved everything and able to load game successfully but whenever the people talk if i try to save, go to options, etc the game gets an error and it closes. if you can help thanks.

  55. Hey umm so ive been trying to download part 7 of voices 3 times now

    It always stops at around 48% and gives some error…

    Could you please check it out?

    will be much appreciated…thanks

    1. People responsible for this patch kinda lost interest, so i don’t think it will be fixed anytime soon. Read earlier comments – someone found workaround for it.

  56. Hey guys, I keep getting an error everytime the game tries to play a voice file. I followed ALL the instructions and tips for installing the patch, but I keep getting the errors like “This game failed to load a file in PlayDSB()”. Can anyone please help?

    1. I don’t think you really need one since in the home base visits page throughout the game, you can visit up to any 5 girls you want and that’ll increase the relationship level with them. Just make seperate save file once you have 10 or more girls so that you can go back and do their routes as well.

  57. lmao thankx admin ahahahah i thought that 1,9 MB was 1,9 gb so i completely ignored it xD how dumb of me >< thankx again i really appreciate it

  58. owkay this is sad i downloaded all the files than extracted them then only 2 files came out i copied those files and then
    pasted it on the main game directory just as u said and overwrited them but i red some comments and said its not just 2 files and some patch thingies what should i do ????
    admin please help thats the whole story

    1. Oh, that explains everything.
      You downloaded voice files ( those two files you mentioned), but without voice patch game doesn’t know how to load them – if you read whole article you’ll notice “Download Voice Patch” link at bottom ( less than 2 MB download) – it contains updated script with voice calls added – once you extract them into game directory voices will be played.

  59. I downloaded the voice patches about 5 days ago and when i got to the part where Kazuto, Sui, and Rinrin ate Sei’s menma, my game didn’t crash at all! I got worried and prepared for the inevitable when everyone here was saying their game crashed at that part, but it seems these voice patches are just fine for me. Thanks for the links! I loved the anime a lot and I’m happy to hear that it’s the same voice actors in the anime and eroge!

  60. i have a little question, the bug of Songou and Sonken that was mentioned before. its fixed or something like that? or what should i do with that? thanks for the answer in advance.

  61. The direct download link works and is 500 kb/s. Use that if the fileserver links are down. It requires you to install whatever program you pick, before allowing access to the download link, which is good for X hours.

    Use IE if your other browsers are stalling.

    1. It is much faster – download server sits on 1Gbit line, so 500kb is probably max your ISP provide to you. Access is provided for 24 hours.

  62. how am I supposed to dl this?
    the (albeait really annoying in the first place) filestream links are all dead, and for the other one i get the message:
    “Please complete a survey to download this file.
    Sorry, There are no surveys available to your
    country .”

  63. when can you upload it’s sequel…? I really love its opening and also how you can choose which faction you can belong to gi, go or the hongou/ryuubi army…..

  64. certainly the links are dead. admin-sama. could you helps us please? really could be great if you do it. im playing the game and im quite advanced on the route but its true that with voices there is a lot more fun. thank you very much in advance.

  65. It says the Voice Files have been removed?
    It was up a few days ago… Will this be fixed?
    Many Thanks

    1. Usualy male cast is unvoiced in this kind of games, so it’s normal that you won’t hear voices until you meet girls.
      I guess i’ll add notice about this to first post to help confused people.

  66. yes i did, i downloaded all parts including voice patch and put them in a folder along with the game itself

  67. even with voice patch i get the error that says “this game failed to load in PlayDBS” how do i adress this problem? i have every file from voice patch and original game in 1 folder at the moment

    1. Did you download all the voice files? 1-8? Because you need those files plus the voice patch for it to work.

  68. Thanks for this , but it’s really hard to download on fileserve… Hope that this can be uploaded to mediafire at some point of time.

    1. Yes. They contain voice files. Voice patch tells game when play which file, but without voices themselves you’ll get error every time voice is supposed to play and won’t hear anything.

  69. thanks for the upload finished the game earlier but having voices is better and more interesting

  70. am i need 2 dl all 5parts of voice patch to work or only the one below all 5parts someone help?…. thanks 4 advance!

  71. When i try to take harem route before battle “Engagement”, I get message
    error code is -1

    Can someone help me to solve it?

    1. why not use another like rapidhare, megaupload, hotfile, depositfiles but not filesonic. 1 still cannot download it even using fileserve manager. thank you.

  72. Just wondering, is it suppose to not have any voices near the beginning? Because once the battle starts between the main guy and the thief, there are voices.

  73. Already at the crash problem because of sei’s route, so any solution or any newest version of voice patch so the game can be played normally and doesn’t have crash anymore because of this? Thank you if someone want to share it.

  74. My bad.. Only Oikawa doesn’t have a voice.. I though all of them until I played where the strange guy stealing the mirror appear.. 🙂 Problem solved.. thanks for this patch ^^

  75. I wonder if Koihime Musou Has A Harem Route because I seen CGs on some website that Kazuto was with girls that you did not seen on the beginning of the game

    1. There is a harem route after you complete the first main 3 routes, and imo it’s the most satisfying route given the ending.

  76. I’ve did what the instruction said but the thing is, I doesn’t change anything.. There’s still no voice and as what I saw on the other comments, I was suppose to get 30+ files, but why did I only get 2 files??

    1. I did get the other 30+ files (Just forgot to download the patch). Well there’s no change for me..? The sound is still not there. Why is that?

  77. I have a problem here, there is a scene where it keeps looping over and over and when I hit the skip button, it never stop skipping, but it still keep looping even when skipping. That scene is the first rinrin h-scene when she got reconcile with Aisha after they fighting. Maybe it’s some kind of bug.

    Anyone have the same problem with me? Can someone tell some solution for these?

  78. So close yet so far… Both admins and the “other side” are really hard working. I thank the admins.

  79. Not sure if this is a bug, but after the first home base scene, there’s another home base scene immediately after that and seems like all home base scenes are out of sync with the story, i.e. I can do the scene with Kaku and Toutaku before I have met them. Anyone else came across this or is this intended?

    1. Ah… that’s what happened when you already finished the game once. i’m guessing the game from here is the copy-paste version with the completed save still exist.

      if this is your first time, there should be only “new game” and “load game” on the main menu screen

      if not, you get the CGs and scene recollection

  80. The game got crashed right when son-go start attacking our country
    Is there anyone else get the same problem? how can i solve this ?

    1. did you use kmvc 2.0r1 to apply the voice patch or the old one?
      unless you use the newer one, you are bound to find hellota bugs from the rigged voice patches

          1. weird…. i’m on 2nd playthru and i dont encounter stuff like crash…
            wait… you use the old patch before rite?
            there might be some stuff that you deleted before that might be needed… or just get a fresh install of the game and apply the patch and overwrite it directly

          2. I know the reason
            because I was going on sei ‘s route
            the game will crash after you run her third to last scene (the scene where she found out you and rinirn and sui stole her menma)
            just ignore her route before that point and proceed to the end, after finish the end, then load back to the beginning of the last 4 home base scenes and complete her route (dont save or right click or scroll) press control instead of press skip, process till the end, then close the game.
            if you dont do that, even if you finish the game and you save on new game, the game will crash and when you open a new one, it still on the status of not finish her route
            note that you will get her last cg on her final scene

  81. -sighs- I downloaded all the links. extracted and moved the two files from the “koihime voice” folder to the main one, had it overwrite the other files and started the game up. x.x what am i missing?

      1. er, they read “soundpackSEVo” i moved both of those files to the main one and overwrought it like instructed but its not working. i dont get an error message, i dont get anything. x.x no sound for me.

        1. you do realize that you only applied the soundevo thing without copying the voice itself?
          there should be like 30+ files to be moved along with the soundevo thing not just 2

          1. well then thats not my fault the download only had two files even though i had to download 5 parts.

  82. Ok i got every file i even went and got the SoundPackSEVo thing and there are no voices and somthing keeps poping up while i am reading that says “game failed to PlayDSB()”
    pls help

    1. Make sure you moved SoundPackSEVo to main game folder, overwriting original files. then put patch files there as well. start the game and all should work fine.

  83. wow mangagamer is persistent. when will they get tired of reporting links. their games are overpriced anyway.

    1. I have an idea to workaround this – i’ll prepare several sets of links and by using geo-ip targeting and randomly pulling one of link from database it’d take way too much effort to take them all down ( and additional ones could easily be added by simple bash script with curl). When it’ll be done if you get dead links you can just refresh a page and get ( hopefuly working) new set of links.
      Unfortunately most of hotfile links got deleted so i’m working to reup them asap – when i get everything back and running i’ll work on this feature.

  84. does the voice patch right from the site work? if not, i advice taking it down. If it does, Its not working for me u.u

    1. It’s not file names – either MG devs or some righteous whiteknight is lurking here and reporting links. Changing name will do nothing.

  85. is it just me?… all links in this site are down. I can’t even download the other games. I wonder why?

    1. problem with torrent is it requires bandwidth to share it among peers. Secondly, people will often not seed once they finish downloading.

    2. well there is a torrent, its the actual Japanese version of the game. Ripping the sound files yourself shouldn’t be to hard. This was just slightly a bit more convenient.

    1. >damdam
      I’m with you. They all went dead just as I finished #3.

      Could someone please be an ultimate bro and upload parts 4 and 5 if you’ve still got those archives on hand? It shouldn’t take too long.

  86. For the record, it’s bullshit that MG is getting these taken down as well. The main game is one thing, but this is an addon that is wholly irrelevant to them.
    I could’ve bought their game legitimately, and just want to play as complete a version as possible with the voicework attached. Did they license the voice files as well but neglect to include it in their release? If that’s the case, then they deserve to be pirated from.

  87. Ah wait I removed the two sound files from the main file and replaced them with the two voice files and it worked for a bit there but then the game crashed. I take it that I did it wrong?

          1. it’s the same crash everyone is talking about apparently there’s no fix yet?? up to a certain point it crashes if you try to access menu in-game and quicksave

  88. I can’t seem to get the voices to work. I always keep getting “This game failed to load a file in PlayDSB().” Plz help.

  89. hey admin?? do you know how to fix the bug?? it crashes every game.. at a certain point when you press right click or try to quick save

  90. I love your site, admin. I discovered and played my first VN thanks to you. Concerning Koihime Musou, the fourth and the fifth links are down. Would you upload theme again, please ?

      1. No problem, it just takes longer since a lot of bandwidth is taken by concurrent uploads of other games that were taken down.
        Links for parts 1-3 updated. others will follow soon.

  91. what the hell?.. the fileserve remove the files.. and I thought that this site only use hotfile?.. so what’s the prob?.. please I need immediate fixation… I’m dying to play this game with voice…

    1. it seems the files are constantly being reported, so either wait until Admin uploads again or go somewhere else to find them.

      you are welcome to keep complaining.

  92. Please update the lininks, they have been removed.

    p.s. it would be best notto use the real name of the file, this way they will not be found out.

  93. Hmm the game crashes.. anyone know how to fix it? same as many mentioned.. up to a certain point in game, right mouse click and quick save all crashes and forces close down

  94. Hey
    For some reason after installing the voices whenever I want to access the menu (ingame by pressing esc or right mouse button) the game just shuts down.
    Any ideas how to fix this?

  95. I guess the game isn’t 100% voiced. You wont hear voices until it’s night in the game and you catch the mysterious “Male Student” trying to steal something…

  96. I can’t seem to get the voices to function properly. I’ve tried starting a new game, reinstalling everything, and changing my locale. I’ve extracted the game, the voice patch files, and the jap voice data to the same root directory. Does anyone know how to get the voices functioning correctly?


  97. admin can you please reupload aoishiro too in hotfile its already removed too…
    looks like most of games already removed or deleted >,<

  98. when I extract the file there are 2 file soundpacksevo. wich one is soundpacksevo 1st. 1,8gb file or 2.3kb file?

  99. how am I supposed to set up the voice files? I extracted them and put them in the game folder with all the bgm files and the application file… but still no voice.

    1. I have exactly the same problem.
      I copied them into the folder “koihime”, both, the patch and both voice files
      after that i copied them into the sub -folder “sav”, but it still doesnt work -_-
      could it be because of “windows vista”(sucks)? is it the wrong system?

      1. you’re not suppose to put them under the sav folder.

        1. put the SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst into the Koihime game folder , which should overwrite the existing SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst.

        2. put the voice patch files into the same Koihime folder.

        3. run the game.

  100. uuurgh is the voice patch updated now?

    Cause the games keeps crashing whenever i trie to save/skip or autoread text, and it didnt happen before the voice patch.

  101. I don’t think you understand how spanned archives work. You see the two files in each archive because A PORTION of each file is in each archive. The files are split over 5 rars.

    When you use any program to unzip/unrar the files you only need to extract the files from one of the rars (preferably the first one) and the program will automatically extract the remaining bits from the other archives.

    1. oh i see, so all i need to do it have all the parts in the same downloaded place, and just start extracting from part 1, and it’ll do the rest.


  102. why is it that all five parts of the voice files contain exactly the same thing?
    parts 1~5 all contain SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst

      1. yeah i know that, but the thing is everytime i extract a new part, it replaces what i just downloaded in the previous part.

        1. what unpacking software are you using? winzip ? i recommend using winzup.

          Once u downloaded all 5 parts, right click 1st part and click “extract to Koihimevoices\” , that will create a folder and will have the SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst inside.

          1. yeah i’m using winrar, and ive downloaded all 5 parts,
            when i check the contents of each part, i see that its the same thing over and over again…hmm weird…maybe i should redownload it…

          2. i mean all i need are the SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst right? cuz part 1 alone is already arounf 1.9 GB

          3. There is only the two files but they’re split into 5 archives. Don’t worry about it and just extract from part 1. Unless you get an error than it will work fine.

  103. i’m sorry but is there a torrent for the voice file? not the
    patch but the voice the SoundPackSEVo.lst and SoundPackSEVo one,

    somehow my internet can’t… well not can’t but when i use direct dowload is so…slow but when torrent is so…fast

    so if there a torrent? thank you

    1. First of all, start a new game and see if the voices work with the female characters (no male voices, except for ukitsu and sajji).

    1. yes there sub characters who are not voiced just like the random solders dont have voices and the first charcter u talk to in the game

  104. To those having the “The game failed to load a file in playDSB()” with a new game just take the 2 files in the folder “Koihime Voices” and replace the ones with the same name in the root folder.

    Works perfectly.

  105. it dosen’t work for me when someone need to talk it appears the message it cant be load PlaySb i also deleted the file as a guy posted before but still nothing :S i use vista btw.

  106. Nevermind, the voice files DID work, they only weren’t compatible were older saves, have started new game and every voice was there.

    Ren, shuri, rin rin’s voices are spot on, pretty much what i expected.

    Although i wished Aisha sounded a tiny bit less masculine (yes i know she’s a hard ass general but still).

  107. when I right-click after a home base phase, when a mensenger appears saing that son-go had attacked you the game crash, saying that was a problem with icsebody.
    is this a problem with the voice patch or with the game itself?

    1. Same problem here. If I don’t do anything besides ctrl, enter or clickin mouse I can keep going. I tried to see if I went ahead enough it would be better but up to the next home base it still gave the same error.

      1. I only got the “The game failed to load a file in playDSB()” message, and I have the 2 files extracted from the 5 parts of the rar, the original SoundPackSEVo.lst and SoundPackSEVo and the V2.0 patch, but still there’s no voice, only that annoying message u.u, what should I do?? I must eliminate the 2 original SoundPackSEVo?? or rename them, or wtf?? please help m(_ _)m

  108. Hej admin, how do you get this to work? I extracted all files into main archive and when i load a savegame, it gives me loads of errors like shio072.ogg cant be found…. meaning that it cant load audio for some reason.

  109. admin are the voice pack links here updated v 2.0?

    Cause i only needed to download 2 parts , i don’t want to fuck up my savegames or anything else.

    If not please do.

    (Also another request (if possible :p): think you’d be able to get these awesome releases on megaupload or duckload (1 link supa fast downloads :p). Hotfile’s half hour waiting time is killing me =)

  110. any mirrors for the voice rars? Free hotfile does not allow resumption of interrupted dl’s…

    good job on the uploads tho…thanks!

  111. hmm guys how do you move all the voice patch to the game directory?
    just extract and drag and drop to the game directory?
    is the guy on start of the game doesn’t have voice?
    cause mine doesn’t did i do wrong?
    i just copy the voice patch and paste on the directory.

    1. Just use the voice pack I linked to and just drag and drop to the game directory it’s that simple and the same goes to the voice file you download (1.8 GB) to get the voices in the game.

      Just drag and drop to the installed game directory.

  112. Voice pack v2.0 is out so you guys should download that version instead of the one here it fixes all current problems you guys are posting right now and adds lines that were taken off for some reason in the original English script.

    1. What v2.0 pack? Mind giving a link? Also I seem to have ran into a glitch were during the first RinRin sex scene in your room were it just keep looping the same text over and over. It starts were she gives you the “I love you kiss” and end right when the cg of you holding her legs up with your penis out. It just repeats forever. Anyone know how to fix this?

        1. Sorry if my question is stupid, but with this new version, I still need to download the voice data (the thing with 5 parts) posted here?? or wich part is this new version replacing?? because I just downloaded the game, and this voice patch thing is kind of confusing for me (sorry, for the truble xD)

          1. yeah, you’ll still need to download this 5 parts here. and this 2.0 version really corrected all the bugs.

  113. i thanks you guys for these amazing patches.
    lol i kind of screwed up at first and BAM my dear saved data has disappeared, im just glad i din’t hit that far off the game, i only got to the ensho chapter home base mode.

    1. When I download the Voice Patch I Backup my save files before I add the voice on the game just encase my Saved Data Disappears

  114. Admin,

    will you be updating the upcoming voice patch versions (if there is any) ?

    it just so if our current voice patch still have bugs, we can get the new one and replace and fix our current voice patch versions.

  115. I wonder why this voice patch doesn’t work on my game, I downloaded all 5 files, then I extracted those 2 files from all those 5 files to the main folder, then I downloaded scripts and put them into the main foler, but after that I started Koihime Musou, the first guy that you see at the beginning isn’t voiced.

  116. thanks

    but Hotfile is killin me~ plz up to MU/Mediafire

    BTW some info from the net:
    Files you should delete to make the voices work correctly:

  117. for some reasons i can’t right click and save when I reached Sonshoukou’s battle. The game doesn’t respond everytime i click the right click on the screen.

  118. there’s something wrong with the load graphics thing.
    every time i go to the next scene it loops back to a past scene in the game.

    can anyone tell me what is going on?

    1. You either loaded an old save which is now corrupt or you managed to find a bug with the voice patch. Another patch is coming tomorrow that is supposed to fix a lot of the remaining bugs.

  119. Can anyone please give me a step-by-step instructions on how to put in the voice patch cause this is my first eroge and i don’t want to mess up the files.

    1. Ok first I suggest taking the SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst out of the folder or rename them just in case. Then put in the new versions provided in this download from the Jap version of the game. Then extra all the .snx and other files into the game folder as well. It’s pretty simple.

      1. or he can just back up the entire game somewhere else and if things goes wrong, he still have the backup of the game he has.

  120. so are we suppose to start from scratch once we implement this voice patch?

    I’m just right after defeating Sousou and at the camp home phase save, not sure if its worthwhile to start all over with the voices ._.

    1. No there is no need to start again, all that is needed is for you to download the 5 VOICE FILES then open the first one and copy and paste the files in your directory for Koihime Musou also replace the new files with the old, then download the VOICE PATCH and copy all in the directory also. then hopefully it should work

  121. i extract the patch and drag the files to the folder with the main applications and i start a new game but im getting an error saying “game failed to load a file in PlayDSB” how can i fix this

  122. no wonder the mangagamers version was 1.2gigs and the regular version was so much more, the voices take up for the half of the game!

  123. You might get errors if you are loading from a save not in a home base phase. The only way to be sure to not get errors is to start a completely new game, it’s what I did and I’m about halfway through again, the voices are quite nice.

  124. I love this website!!! THANKS VERY MUCH I have wited for sooo long to play this game in english with voice its making me cry T_T

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