Farland Symphony

Farland Symphony


A distant land where all of the Essences mix together.

These Essences have been made by the Gods of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green,
and the land is composed of these four natural powers.

In a forest village where the people look up to the Green God,
Adi, who is surrounded by kind people and abundant nature,
matures as a healthy and honest boy.

But one day, his peaceful life comes to an end with an attack from unknown enemies and the disappearance of his master.

“I can’t just stay here!”

Joined by his steadfast childhood friend, Saia, and his master’s friend, Mo,
Adi starts his journey into the unknown world.

41 comments on “Farland Symphony

  1. I gave up on this game. It started fun, but has too many flaws. First of all, it freezes whenever you try to buy more than one of a certain item at once (except the healing ones). Second, the scenes are unskippable and you can’t fastforward, so if you die in a battle you’re forced to watch the same cutscenes again. Third of all, sometimes it just crashes for no reason at all.

    I hope other people who downloaded this game had a more pleasant experience, but if you’re someone who hasn’t played it yet, I wouldn’t recommend it. Tears to Tiara and Kamidori are much better.

  2. I extracted the files then used the patch installer to start the setup.but now they asked for the insert disk again and again.solution please!!!!

    1. …. U must have daemon tools 1st then install 2 ur computer folder .. extract the rar file together to the file u wish n mount the IMAGE FILES with daemon tools in the folder that u extract the game ( i don’t really remember wht it’s format but the size of that IMAGE FILES only below 100KB) .. After that the installation will appear in japanese word and ask u to install it ( create new folder for this installation ) n u just need 2 install the english patch into the NEW CREATE FOLDER … I HOPE THIS CAN HELP U .. IF NOT ASK ME AGAIN ..

  3. I’m having a problem with the game screen that always stays with cuts on the sides, if anyone knows how to solve this could you please tell me how, thanks advance

  4. @_@ I’m alway’s defeated in the battle to cross the ocean to go to blue village. The monster alway’s use area magic and it’s one hit KO to all party T_T.

  5. I hate to ask this question again, but as no one has answered it yet and no tags were provided, is this game rated “18+” or “All Ages”?

  6. I can’t beat the causeway level, because no matter how much I grind the char levels, I keep running out of time faster than I can cross the gaps and kill the monsters, who can hit long distance and randomly freeze you

  7. The game is fun though I found it to have the most cumbersome interface out of the few other Farland series I’ve played.

    But it’s fun anyway.

    1. Finished it. Was fun. Cutscene incompetence was amusingly irritating a level 50 character still ‘weak’ after battle with just a few dozen low level warriors…

      I still found Farland Tactics III (aka Farland Odessey) much better despite the fact that entering and exiting dungeons randomly crashed the game. I still finished it by repeating the first stage of the dungeon as many times as there are levels going down and up. Saving it. And rushing down to countiue the story and hoping I don’t crash.

  8. I found this game quite easy.
    You can easily level your characters by just keeping one enemy alive and using stat boost magic while staying out of the enemy’s attack range (got Adi from lv.6 to lv.12 in one battle)….
    The enemy AI is quite simple and easy to predict, but at least the story is interesting (but short)…
    too bad it’s linear…
    anyway, thanks for finding this game for us admin!

      1. also the same here… i try play using the english locale… it plays nicely until after the conversation between adi, saia and her brother(i guess), it suddenly crash at that time… Can anyone help solve the problems… Thanks…

          1. the game works for me perfectly, im using win7, run the game as an admin and check compatibility to xp sp2

  9. there was no errors when extracting it was just fine. The game starts alright but when the prologue ends then a black screen just appears and freezes the game

  10. Are the parts interchangeable?
    @flame, was there an error when you were extracting? If so, you’ll need to redownload those part(s) and install again.

  11. I installed the game and it starts fine but when the op movie would play it stops responding could someone help me figure it out?

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