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  1. A true nukige. Looking for a game to get off to? Look no further. Loved the game. 9/10 (-1 due to the boring hunting sessions).

  2. Please help me, I can’t start the exe file, a window appeared saying error and some japanese word i can’t understand
    anyone know how to fix it?

  3. Anyone know have a walkthrough of somesort that shows how to unlock all the scenes in the Extras? Everytime I playthrough it, I tend to miss the 2nd scene in the first row and the 2nd scene in the 4th row beside the hot springs scenes? So anyone got a guide for this poor soul?

  4. uhm, sorry to bother but do you accept requests of games? I wanna Norn9: Var Commons so bad but can’t afford it rn and can’t find it anywhere. And wanna to know if you can post. Thanks

    1. I believe that game is for the Vita (that is, there was a PSP version, but the English version is of the later Vita port). I’m not sure if it’s possible to rip/emulate Vita games yet? 🙁

  5. Most benevolent Admins, When’s the next Release, I just finished the latest ones you brought out, now im daily refreshing your site for updates. Great work as always btw. Can someone atleast give me a timeline?

  6. Excuse me admin, could you get a way so that people can download the games without taking a week or paying? Please, i really hate this 200 mb parts. I appreciate what you are doing, since I have found no other page that is as trustworthy as yours. But please, there are games with over 15 parts, in which i have to wait the 2 minutes to enter the captcha, 50 minutes to download the part, and 6 minutes to download the next one. And you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t even work. The web instead of starting the download goes to a weird web called 50.1.6.bla.bla.bla. But as I already pressed the download button I have to wait, to get the same thing. It is ennervating. Would appreciate if you really even published my comment, furthermore change to mega or any of your preference. I understand I could just pay the premium account but I am not really in an economic position to do it. And I don’t even trust that download page.
    Thanks admin.

    1. You do realise that we should be paying for these games right? Paying to download the full game as a whole or patiently downloading the games in parts at no cost. I’d take the latter option.

      I’ve downloaded Cho Dengeki Stryker which has heaps of parts, but at least try to understand that if an easier way could be done, it’d be done already.

    2. Probably not, that site is the only one i know of that doesn’t take down the uploads and i doubt that the admin has time to reupload the games all the time.

    1. Pick your bait->throw->wait until you prompted to click
      scroll down continuously to reel
      watch the indicator on upper left, if the indicator is in right, left click repeatedly or the fish will escape, and vice versa
      sometimes when you try to fish the bigger one your bait won’t catch anything even if you wait. In that case cancel and throw the bait to another direction

  7. Actually the game finishes after you Build your house and some time passes , it’s not a necessity to view all the scenes . and there are 2 ( maybe 3 ) Endings.

    Good – Happy Ending
    Bad – Rappist Ending
    ??? – ???

    If : don’t try to do any funny business with here she will eventually open up for you and you may have your way.

      1. or if you willing enough to search and make your own goddamn scroll setting on a working laptop without a mouse that wil be good….

    1. A walkthrough(kinda) for unlocking scene 1-15
      1:night->night visit/use blue mushroom
      2:night->use blue mushroom->take off bra, finger mouth, wait->arrow up
      3:night->use blue mushroom->slid panties, finger pussy, wait->arrow down
      4:pick up red mushroom(forest X2)
      5:beach->arrow down->take out dick->masturbate
      6:forest->arrow down->take out dick->masturbate
      7:beach->arrow down->take out dick->click girl repeatedly
      8:forest->arrow down->take out dick->click girl repeatedly
      10:hotspring->finger mouth,wait->arrow up
      11:hotspring->finger pussy,wait->arrow down
      12:upgrade house->stay in the house->intimate touching
      13-15:night->use red mushroom
      some scene require certain love point to unlock
      now if someone can tell how to unlock last scene

      1. No you’re not missing anything. I completed the game with that. THANKS! The last scene is her looking at the sign.

  8. Mkay
    you need japanese app locale if you want the saves to work.
    If you’re on Windows 10 you might get problems.
    I use: https://github.com/xupefei/Locale-Emulator/releases/tag/v2.1.1.0.
    Works great, you install it, and when you want to run japanese game, just right click and open with the emulator. no need for restarts or anything.

    And in the game you’re going to get more problems during interactive scenes, you must play in maximized window and in order for the scroll to work you must hold the mouse on the “white” outside of the actual game window (fucking brilliant before i realized how to get that shit to work.)

    Other than that the game doesn’t seem to have an ending and is just a fuckfeast. Not very good at all.

    1. It depends on the scene, but I am guessing you mean the beach/forest scenes.
      You need to click on your dick again, and then masturbate in front of her. When you finish, if you have enough “heart” meter filled, she will give you a blow/boob job. (Try that in real life, I am sure the same thing will totally happen :D)
      Also in the forest/beach, if you don’t click on your dick, and just click on her body enough, a different sex scene will happen. But I am guessing that you need enough “heart” meter for that too.

      1. Are you talking about the night visits? Since I have the same problem there. I get if you don’t massage her enough the night ends prematurely (at least I believe). Though if you massage her enough and pull her panties over, then supposedly you’re supposed to be able to penetrate her. Since if you click on the dick, he gets in a position to penetrate her, and the icon in the top right corner shows you need to use the scroll on the mouse in the middle. Though it does nothing, and touching anywhere else just brings you back to using your hands again. I think that’s what dodrio1000 is talking about. If you click on the dick icon it just goes back as well. Do you need to have a certain amount of the love meter filled to have sex with her during night visits?

        1. Hmm… The only reason I can think of why it’s not working for you, is that when you get in the penetrating position, you need to scroll UP to… do the stuff. Even though the icon shows you need to scroll down, you need to scroll up. There is a number of other instances when you need to scroll up and down too, even if the icon is always showing you scrolling down.
          By the way, I was never able to successfuly complete the night visits, she always wakes up after a few thrusts, even if I touched her for a while beforehand. Just use the blue mushroom when you get the option.

          1. Scroll up, scroll down, nothing works. I’ve pretty much down everything possible with my mouse, and nothing. I know it’s not my mouse either, since I can fish fine using the middle scroll button. So I have no idea what to do, since I can’t finish the game if I don’t complete the scenes right? It’s not just the night visit either, it’s all scenes involving the middle scroll button. Lol, once I see that icon I get nothing! ^^;

          2. Welp, I figured out the problem. Turns out it’s a compatibility issue, as weird as it sounds. I use vmware player and the viritual machine that I downloaded which has the windows XP OS whenever I want to test compatibility issues. I’ve had to do that to play several visual novels that wouldn’t play on vista, or windows 10 which is what I have now. Anyways I transferred the game over to my viritual machine and using a complete save I tried those scenes over again. It was a bit slow to get going, but they all worked. It’s weird how that scroll option doesn’t work at all with my windows 10 but works decently with Windows XP. I mean, I would expect the game to crash or just be unplayable on Windows 10, but for only certain features to be unplayable… weird. Anyways, anyone else having this problem it’s a compatibility issue.

          3. That’s not it at all, I’m running windows 10, it’s just dumb as shit. What you need to do it to maximize the window, and move the mouse outside of the actual game window into the white frame around the game only there will you be able to use the scroll.. -.-‘ brilliant game design.
            Took me a while to figure out

          4. yes you ought to stretch the window more and scroll on the white edges which renders the game only playable on windowed mode but is not a bad trade off.

          5. I havent tried any virtual machine, but the white part of the window trick does not work for me. I cant get more than 2 thrusts before she wakes up either. I have a computer with XP in it though, I’ll try running it on that

  9. Hey, admin. Thanks for the great work as usual.

    Are you going to be uploading teaching feeling at some point? Didn’t it get translated?

  10. The game is not great by any stretch of the imagination, but for a nukige, it does a good enough job. Also, it’s nice to see something animated once in a while.
    The sound design is very weird, tho. The voice acting is fine, but the sfx sound like they were recorded in a bathroom or something. Also, the hunting minigame is kinda bullshit, but maybe I just suck at it, who knows.
    Other than that, it’s a nice game in my opinion. Try it, when you want to… um… relax yourself. Yeah. Yeah…

  11. I kind of “crash” whenever I try to activate the event in the hot springs when I got enough friendship to bathe together. Funny thing is that the scene is unlocked in the Extras menu… but it still crashes if I try to activate it either way. Running as administrator didn’t solve it. Haven’t tried AppLocale (for some reason it auto-unstialled itself e_e) nor changing computer locale. If I doesn’t get too lazy to try those I’ll post an uptade.

    1. When I did the scene the first time, it worked fine for me. However, it crashed when I tried doing it the second time. And of course I didn’t save…
      So when I started the game from the beginning again, I tried the scene again and it worked fine. When I saw your comment, I tried doing the scene the second time in my second playthrough, and it crashed again.
      So, in conclusion, it crashes for me too, but only when I try doing it two times in one playthrough. Hope that helps.

  12. This one seems pretty interesting…Thanks as always admin. Btw i’ve been watching comments in some forums that there’s a restoration patch for shiny days released already… is that correct admin? thanks anyways…

    1. i seriously doubt there will be something like rapelay for a very long time, I mean that got controversy in japan.
      pretty sure it got pulled as well in the end

          1. You should try illusion’s Play Club, similar to rapelay, but it hasn’t been translated yet.

      1. I already have that I’m referring to a different slave market game it has a hentai anime based on it can’t find the game been looking for years T_T Japanese title is Dorei Ichiba also known as Slave market or slave bazaar.

        heres the hentai anime http://myanimelist.net/anime/3385/Dorei_Ichiba?q=slave%20market

        I just want the game but can’t find it there was once a gallery of the game CG in e-hentai.org but it was remove T_T if you can find it please upload PS the game was release the year 2000.

        1. That game will not be on this site because it’s not in English. Admin only posts fully-translated games and that game has no translation. You might be able to find a Japanese version on sukebi or something though. Just not here unless a translation team decides to take that game up.

    1. It’s an interactive ecchi game, it’s similar to a dating SIM with your usual elements — a lot of mini-games based on skill and luck. You have an affection meter that steadily rises by triggering certain events, and the more affection you have with the heroine the more H-scenes you unlock and the closer you are to ‘beating’ the game.

      Plot-wise this game has barely any, you play it and fap.

      1. So, would you say this is something akin to Sexy Beach (only with one girl)? Man, that surely takes me back. :3 I was in love with Illusion’s games.

  13. They do ecchi all day that they don’t look for food or water and die from lack of fluids, at least the dude since the chick wouldn’t lack any

    1. do anyone know the sound track of the game ?i rmb is miku music if not mistaken what is name the anyway ???????????

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