D.S. -Dal Segno-

D.S. -Dal Segno-

Kazana Island… A cozy, cool paradise where summer never ends.

The protagonist finds himself stepping foot into this island paradise as a transfer student, greeted by a mysteriously glittering sky, as well as the energetic island caretaker Ame, a girl-type AI.

After a bit of a rocky start, he settles at the dorms where a handful of new female friendships await.

She’s a tomboyish beauty, but a bit of a loner: Himari Asamiya.

The manifestation of brains and beauty, and also student leader: Hazuki Murasaki.

The self-proclaimed “Daughter of Darkness”, with a normal side too: Io Kouzuki.

Always trying to act the grown-up, but still a tease (your cousin): Noeri Fujishiro.

And the girl who embraces her role of making everyone happy: Ame.

How will you sculpt your everlasting happiness here in paradise?

A new love is about to begin…

111 Responses to “D.S. -Dal Segno-”

  1. Rexlaxington says:

    Was a nice story, though it is missing a Low Sexual Content tag.

    • Derpington says:

      Yeah, pretty good story, and especially characters. I really like the fairly clever banter between them. But could have used some more H-scenes. Out of the 3 routes I’ve played so far, only Noeri had decent amount of scenes.

  2. Z says:

    i can’t open this game for so long i already gave up on playing this game already because i can’t open so if any one try to download this game just forget it.

  3. Mellin says:

    I don’t seem to see the fandisc of it here (D.S. i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future), so could we ask for it?

  4. dwarfy125 says:

    WheneverI launch the game it opens in task manager, but no window comes up?

    • Ritsuko says:

      For those having problems with the game not starting when you click on DSAO.exe, try this: 1) open task manager 2) go to the details header and open that 3) find DSAO.exe and right click it. 4) click on analyze wait chain 5) check the box on whatever processes are interfering with DSAO.exe and hit end process. Game should start

  5. KuroSeijin says:

    It would be good if you provide sys. requirements and file size

  6. Novir says:

    Any plan to post the v1.01 patch that was released on the July 19? Its a pain having to restart my computer each time I want to play because I don’t know which program is conflicting.

  7. Zero says:

    i tried every thing the game still not working

    • Ritsuko says:

      For those having problems with the game not starting when you click on DSAO.exe, try this: 1) open task manager 2) go to the details header and open that 3) find DSAO.exe and right click it. 4) click on analyze wait chain 5) check the box on whatever processes are interfering with DSAO.exe and hit end process. Game should start

  8. Zero says:

    it not working

  9. LIGHTDX says:

    strange. You can name yourself but the characters keep naming you the default name.

  10. HolyGuyz says:

    Personally, I recommend the route in order of interest
    Noeri > Hazuki > Himari > Io > Ame
    Ame’s Route is only unlocked after all heroines route is played

    The game doesn’t directly inherit the Da Capo series, but subtle references are made inside the game.You could say it in the same world. I found all other routes alright, it was worth playing just for the Ame’s (Final) route itself.

    (Spoilers Ahead)(Spoilers Ahead)*Twice because it is important

    Sadly and maybe thankfully the core elements that make up the Da Capo series are not there, thus its is not an extension of the series. No more Ever Blooming Sakura Tree that grants wishes. No more Suginami, you get his apprentice but it doesn’t feel the same. No more incest, direct or indirect. No ability to peek into others dreams too. No Wagashi producing abilities. No Yoshino Sakura. The only things passed down from the Da Capo series is having an artificial intelligence character (Robot/Puppet + Now additionally an AI).

  11. 01x says:

    Hey guys need help i’m getting annoyed about characters doesn’t have voice when talking about i did not change my name so they call me atsuya but to my dissapointment my the name is not voiced noeri is ok because she calls me nii anyone knows how?

  12. shimchii says:

    Perhaps I’m just blind or something, but does this game not offer stopping the voices upon click? It’s really annoying trying to read and the character is still talking haha

    • Personafiable says:

      There is an option for that, actually, and you’ve probably already seen it – it’s the Stop Voice-Over setting in the sound menu.

      One catch though – the button placement is reversed. Press “off” to enable the voice stop.

  13. kazu says:

    noeri’s voice is beyond godly!!!!
    it’s super cute >w<

  14. Zbra says:

    Nevermind, it seems the website that had the patch for concerto note is gone,but there is also “wonderful Everyday discontinued existence”, which sounds awesome because it has 5 protaganists who all have voice acting!

  15. Zbar says:

    Can you do concerto note plz? The [atch has been out for like 4 yrs…

  16. July says:


  17. sagacity says:

    I liked Da Capo and I found this kind of interesting until the pageant. I picked Himari at first and after the pageant it was boring as hell until she broke up with me for some bullshit reason I don’t know and don’t care about. I quit her route at once and tried the route of the daughter of darkness but after the pageant it was boring as hell again until she broke up with me for some bullshit reason I don’t know and don’t care about. I’m not invested enough to play along with their bullshit to find out and I have no interest at all in the other two girls, so I guess I will just quit it and go reading Dies irae or something else insted.

    Also while I understand that not every MC can be a badass like Kazami Yuuji, the protagonist in this one is just one awful bore and pushover.

  18. Nina says:


  19. Imouto-kei says:

    WTH, i anticipating Mei route but what kind of ending is that?!! it’s like happy-fail bad ending.

  20. Kazzimir says:

    Is there any chance you upload (into the light?) this game? It was release on steam yesterday.

  21. Klonosz says:

    If someone still has a problem runnin the game just run directx check from launcher and that fixed it for me.

  22. Red Riot says:

    Thanks admin, you just made someone happy and even took some of his problems away.
    BTW Himari best girl <3 (for me… well, basically because of
    personal preferences)

    Thnx again admin

    • hellmyhand says:

      Agreed! Himari is best. But I’m not sure I like the true ending… I wish it could have been more cheerful.

      • Red Riot says:

        Yeah, i was… i guess anticipating for a far more cheerful and satisfying set of events and also to top it off with a memorable and romantic closure of her story. But all in all it’s still great, i stored up a months worth of happiness from this. I might try the other routes after some weeks.
        Admin u rock!

  23. StivKobra says:

    Well, the game looks okay so far, but “naming your protagonist” is the most dumb thing this game has, at least with the translation, since it’s poorly executed. Not sure if VN’s are capable of such programming, but having entered a last name, eg. Studdlecock, you might expect it to at least write the same last name in the dialogue box, but we instead have the vanilla last name of the protagonist. The voices are not giving the last name, which is good; but the dialogue box is completely sucking, making the choice of naming the protagonist nonsensical and stupid.

    In short: Don’t edit the name of your protagonist.

  24. Aeion says:

    Man another true end… *sigh*
    Well, its a good one so worth it!

  25. Anonymouse says:

    If your having issues launching the game and the mentioned solutions don’t work like I ran into. I had luck using sandboxie to launch the game.

  26. Qwerer22 says:

    For those of you who can’t launch the game, try disabling Nvidia share/shadowplay
    worked for me

    • mnt125 says:

      yeah guys, try disabling the nvidia shadow play on task opr start up. for me it was called Nvidia Capture server proxy. it should work

  27. 2kinky says:

    I mean, Damn dude! I’ve downed like 300 games from here, and I’m like 25% thru Ryoko Sensai, and you just drop another “MUST HAVE” on me. You’re heartless! But I love you! Thanks for all of your hard work. And the plus sign in the posts is pretty annoying. Five seconds to write a post, 3 minutes to delete the plus signs, but it’s better than $642,000 to play a video game. Thanks Admin!

  28. FoRtIsS146 says:

    How the quality? is it English? or ENGGRRIISSHHUUU?

  29. goddamn says:

    #discount da capo 3 newspaper club

  30. goddamn says:

    #discountsuginami in this game

  31. Revoo says:

    aww come on… is that one in the background wearing a little hat?… come on man…

  32. Milked says:

    I don’t really care about this.. i am waiting for Imouto Paradise 2 and Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden MWAHAHAHAAAAHAA!!!!!

    • kiabee21 says:

      me im waiting for Princess Evangile w/happiness

      • Milked says:

        well that too, but it is kind of worrying, princess evangile has a story and it is pretty good for me, so if the fandisc is badm it could destroyed my whole image of the game. I just hope the Fandisc is the best junk ever.

        • kiabee21 says:

          I doubt it will be good as the original, remember its only a fandisk, its a continuation of the original plus new routes. I just want to play the routes.

  33. any13th says:

    The windowed mode is way too huge, can someone tell me how to change the size of it ?My display is 1024 x 728.

    • hellmyhand says:

      You will have to play it in the full screen mode. I don’t think you can change window size. Drag up the game as much as you can, and go to config to change to full screen. Try changing your display settings to a larger resolution.
      If the config button is too low for you to click even then, try ctrl+alt+(left or right arrow). The screen will be turned sideways, so you will be able to reach the config button. By ctrl+alt+(top arrow), you will be able to return to your original orientation. Once the game is in full screen, I think you should be able to play it with no problems.

    • hellmyhand says:

      I just realized, you can get to the config by just using arrow keys and enter. Just get to the config and use full screen.

      • any13th says:

        <.< Alright, I just wanted to change the resolution so I could be in windowed mode and switch between it and the guide I'll be using with ease. I didn't have any troubles switching to fullscreen by the way. The response, while unfortunately not the one I wanted, is appreciated regardless. ^.^

        • hellmyhand says:

          You could always use Alt-Tab to switch between the guide and the game. That’s what I did anyway.

  34. ValerianHD says:

    Spoiler: the ero patch is free. So if you buy the steam version, you patch it with 18+. The patch is on mangagamer site (you need to log in). There is also the link on the officjal FAQ on the Dal Segno steam forums.

  35. Il Gatto says:

    been waiting for this one for age, thx a bunch admin

  36. Guano says:

    That was fast admin ,, ., ., thanks v:V

  37. new member says:


  38. Yuyutei says:

    Thank for the upload admin, is this the All-age or the 18+ version?

  39. lolcatz says:

    Is there any point in changing the default name? I set it to something else, but the characters still refer to you as the default name lol

    • Red Riot says:

      Yeah, basically that thing was useless from the start lol XD Even if you change the name, they will still call the mc atsuya-kun.
      But, i don’t dislike it.

  40. Kir says:

    Anyone else having problems with it not launching. I see it running in task manager but it wont show up.

    • steep says:

      also having this problem on w10

    • kiabee21 says:

      me too , ive been saying that but , the admin keeps deleting my comments.

      • Klais says:

        I just have to wait awhile, it takes like 30min for the game to load for the first time it seems.

        • Kir says:

          Thank you for the reply I will try this out.

          • Kir says:

            Reporting back that this does not work for me. I too use win10.
            I’m guessing this is a crack problem as someone else suggested as the jap crack does work but messes up the text.

          • any13th says:

            It did work for me after some fiddling around. I’m also on Windows 10. I installed the font and the direct X inside the game folders and it still didn’t work. I tried deleting it and my computer froze so I restarted it and deleted the files for real, since none of the processes using the files were open. Afterwards I took the game out of the zip files again and tried the Dal Segno game launch application. Smartscreen stopped me as usual, but for some reason, it worked his time.

          • Cirno09 says:

            same’s happening to me i tried running as ADM the game just runs on the bg and I already waited 30min and didn’t work … guess will have to wait for the crack or bug to be fixed I’m planning on buying this VN but before that i just wanted to know if its worth

          • Ruum says:

            Yep, same stuff happening here. Haven’t found a fix yet.

          • kiabee21 says:

            Apparently , the crack is not a problem but the game, i found a guy with teh same problem on steam who bought the game. He said in wasnt working on his pc but when he downloaded teh game to his laptop it works.

          • admin says:

            This game doesn’t use any crack – files posted here are exactly the same as the one provided to buyers. Mangagamer stopped using DRM in their games some time ago, since every release was being cracked within minutes anyway.

          • Cirno09 says:

            I’m playing on a laptop and doesn’t work either

          • Cirno09 says:

            To ADM so will have to waitch for a patch to fix it? i tried steam solution but it doesnt work and i’m on a laptop

          • Ykaruz says:

            I fixed it here. My photoshop was open. After I closed it, the game started by itself just fine. See if there isn’t any other program open.

          • Cirno09 says:

            i had to restart the pc, every other programms are closed now it works
            what a pain XD

          • Ruum says:

            Closing Logitech Gaming Software fixed my problem too. Seems like looking for some running incompatibilities is the way to go.

          • lolcatz says:

            I don’t know if it was part of the problem or not, but when i restarted my laptop and closed the guildwork app, it seemed to work fine. *shrug*

    • ValerianHD says:


      try this solution

    • Nova says:

      i had the same problem but i found my issue,as you the proess was showing in the taskmanager but the game was not working,since after a restart the game was working i was sure one process/program was blocking the game.
      to see what is blocking the game:
      open task manager
      resource monitor
      search DSAO(dal segno process)
      analyze wait chain and check what’s the problem


  41. wew says:

    love ya work admin, i was wondering if u know a H-game about an desert island with gameplay its kinda old i cant remember the title but it was something like “savage island 4” something like that. Thx 4 u work =D

  42. drazz says:

    still doesnt open
    checked my task manager
    it opens in background processes
    but i figured out my save data issue just had to make another file called AdvData inside advdata
    pls help

    • kiabee21 says:

      I have the same problem as you , its running on background but its not showing up, only in task manager, i tried using the non english crack and it works but the text is all messed up. There is a problem with teh crack.

  43. drazz says:

    mine doesnt work
    it saves cant make savedata

  44. NR says:

    Can someone make a font patch with a bigger one?

  45. Guy says:

    Yea but the same tematic game after game make them boring as hell, they only changed the name

  46. Guy says:

    Pass, honestly, Circus ceased to impress me, this is another dacapo like history, I even searched for a character like Suminami and there it was.

  47. Stupid speed says:

    I’m thinking I’ll try getting this later. Right now the parts are dling at slower speeds than usual to the point where it will take me an hour per part instead of the usual maybe 12-15 mins per part. Thanks, though.

  48. Mr.Li says:

    Is this somehow related to Da Capo? so many similarities…

    • kiabee21 says:

      Not related but made from teh same developer

      • SomeRandomGuy says:

        When I saw the abbreviation D.S. followed by -Dal Sengo-, all I could think was “This has to be from the people who made Da Capo.” Thanks for confirming that for me.

    • Bradley says:

      da capo 1&2 will always be my favorite vns

    • Milked says:

      it is, Ame is an Ai, the product of Amakase Research Institute from Da Capo Series. So you could say Da Capo, Suika, and Dal Segno take place in the same world, but idk about timeline.

  49. BlessTheAdmin says:

    At last, nameable protagonist it seems 🙂 Thank you

    • sagacity says:

      Not really. Sure, you can change the name at the beginning, but every character in the game will always call you by the default name “Takamura Atsuya”.

  50. wyldstrykr says:

    yey, a good translation than libra of the vampire princess!!!

    all hail admin \o/

  51. ohaio minasan says:

    thanks for this admin also if possible then pls upload ‘Divine Slice of Life’

  52. kazu says:


  53. Chibi says:

    Thanks man, I was waiting for this since forever

  54. Haru Kishima says:

    I have waited for this all day. Thanks for your upload

  55. Desean Jackson says:

    Thanks,Keep up the good work.

  56. DeatheKid says:

    And finally, that moment u finish at downloading ALL the Kyuketsi no Libra files, that shet appear, then, i wonder, which one should i play?

    • fading says:

      Libra is not that good anyway, you should just try this one.

      • Bradley says:

        definitely should play this one. been looking forward to this one since last year. Circus doesnt disappoint

    • Not Ryuna says:

      I’m gonna download this one and try . I Have been playing Libra for some time and it’s so so overall . I expected it to be more fun and have a better story but meh.

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