Princess Evangile W Happiness

Princess Evangile W Happiness

Fandisc of Princess Evangile, composing of 4 after stories for the heroines and 5 short stories for the sub-heroines.
With the inclusion of the common route of the original game as an extra.

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  1. I can’t even run it. I loads all the way waits a little the says “failed to start the game”
    any suggestions on how to fix?

  2. Yes I love this game so much. While at it does the chairwoman has some scene because my FRIEND likes older woman.

  3. Thanks admin,

    Does it have headmistress and chairwoman’s route?(asking for a friend)

    Anyway i really like the 1st one and im sure i will like this.(and my friend too)

    1. The chairwoman? Damn dude, you got my respect, lol. But to answer this question for anyone else, no the chairwoman and headmistress do not have routes ;(

  4. Thank you so much for the game. I started the 1st one, and incidentally is the All age :(. But I already donwloaded the good one ;D
    soon I will re-start the whole game. Im in chapter 10 and weirdly, by now my favorite character is Marika 😐 (seems I love seto kaichous). Anyway, thanks a lot 😀

  5. ouuu yes Ruriko’s rute finally ^_^ i love the original all 4 rutes where fun and interesting and couldn’t wait to play this one when it was announced its getting a translation

    1. If you hated the original then why do you even ask? This is a fandisc, Just the common route of the original games, new heroine routes and after-stories for the old girls. If you hated the story back then, why’d you expect it to be different now? It’d like eating food you hate twice in the hope it actually tastes good the second time.

      1. Fandisks aren’t usually typically seen as true sequels and can sometimes be more like what if scenarios stories. One of the original game’s biggest problems was how drama there was just for the sake of having drama. Since fandisks usually are more light hearted in tone, a shift in tone can drastically change ones perception of a story. I figured I’d ask what other people think first.

        1. The drama was what made the original great IMO. Memory loss, forgotten promises, psychotic/delusional mothers, kidnappings and deadbeat criminals. I never expected it turn as dark as it did at times. If you just want to jerk off, yeah I can see how it wouldn’t interest you.

          1. The drama in the original game felt beyond forced. It didn’t help that almost 90% of the side characters or anyone outside the main cast turned out to wither be a complete asshole or completely unlikable. And what’s worse is that they don’t even get called out on their actions.

            Also the whole ingame dictionary/vocabulary/terminology was beyond pretentious and completely up its own ass. Even the title Princess Evangile is a straight up lie. None of the heroines are princesses (though they do border on the ojousama archetype).

          2. And that IMO is the originals biggest problem: it wants people to believe its saying more than it really is, that it’s more important than it really is. I actually really enjoy drama in a story (when it’s well written) but not when it’s this forced or pretentious.

          3. Please people, get off your high horse. This is a romance VN. Aside from really good VN like Fate Stay/Night or Steins;Gate there are very few VNs that are actually more than fap material or soapy drama and romance stories.

            If you want good writing I’d recommend watching an anime, reading a LN or reading a manga.

            As far as romance VN go, this is actually a good plot (compared to other games in the same genre).

          4. No. Drac-riot is an example of a good romanace moege. Princess Evangile is below sub-par sucked it can’t decide whether it wants to take itself seriously or engage in every stupid romance cliché known to man.

  6. Not related to the download itself, everything is going fine.
    But I have a question that I just can’t get off my chest…

    Why in the world is sister Mishima not a route?!

    1. Because she’s a bonafide catholic nun most likely. Nuns, like priests, made vows of chastity and are “married to God”.

  7. I keep getting an error when I try to launch the game that says “FCString class” at the top of the box and “sc00.dll” followed by some Japanese text. I have an sc00.dll file and I have tried launching the game with it in the folder and in the system32 folder, but nothing works. I’ve searched online for info and cant find anything that helps. Can someone please help me with this? I really want to play this game, but I just don’t know what to do.

    1. Also after I click on that error box, it then brings up another box that says “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library” at the top and “Runtime Error!” with the file location in the middle of the box. Then the game stops responding and shuts down.

  8. sorry,anyone has any idea to solve this?
    got d3dx9_40.dll not installed,already download it the size about 2mb and put it in the game folder but still same d3dx9_40.dll not installed pop out,anyone can tell me the step to solve this..thanks~

  9. windows defender is saying that a file is a trojan?
    the admin says its safe but still kinda worrying anybody found a fix for this? i got that same problem woth nekopara 3.

    1. Windows defender will say the same even if you download VN from the original source. It should just be a mistake of the defender, don’t mind it and let the file pass.

  10. X) I like you, uploaders !!!

    I was waiting so long for Princess Evangile.

    Now, we can all have too Princess Evangile W Happiness.

    Seriously, thanks everyone ! Now I know where begin on my list.

  11. When i try to launch the game, it immediately goes to an error that doesnt explain what the problem is, it just says “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.” If anyone can help me with this, i would really appreciate it.

    1. It is very strange that it doesn’t explain the error. Well, try to download the game again in order to see if some files were damaged.

  12. Hen I want to lauch the game I have a probleme with sc00.dll and after they say a runtime error can someone help me ?

    1. For dll archives, most solution is write the file name in your navegator(google) and look for said file, then download and out it in the sistem 32 folder within the windows folder, then restart your computer and see if that fix the error, if not put again said file in the navegator and look for said error in order to look for how to fix it.

      1. I have sc00.dll he’s with the game, window defender consider that’s a trojan so I disable it but I have the same error.

    1. It’s recommended, this one comes with the common route which are chapters 1-14, if my memory serves me right. But it doesn’t include the rest of the main girls story, which is the other half of the first one so you may be lost when doing the epilogues for them.

  13. I have fond memories of this VN but I forget some of what happened. To avoid a 30 hour reread can someone summarize the main routes of the last one to jog my memory?

    1. Very very brief summaries basically of the routes:

      Ayaka: Convoluted story about how the headmistress was a homewrecker in her youth.

      Ritsuko: Ruriko 2.0. But with more sex and less spine.

      Chiho: Parents living their dream vicariously through their daughter.

      Rise: Attack of the child-murdering psycho-moms !

  14. I+have+fond+memories+of+this+VN+but+I+forget+some+of+what+happened+can+someone+summarize+the+main+routes+of+the+last+one+to+jog+my+memory?

  15. Anyone else have this game almost totally freeze when playing a fullscreen game with this program still open?

  16. How can i delete my inecesary save files? I Thought the data were in userdata since i got new file when i saved in another place, but when i took out those files it didn’t change the save screen.

    This happens because i started another game when i saved in this one, when i came back the screen was in black, did some clicks before to close the game and came back and notice i have some copies of the same save file, posibly when i clicked in the black screen.

  17. Whenever I save and close the game, it deletes all my saves. It isn’t only this game either. Does this happen to anyone else / do you guys know how to fix it?

  18. So does this contain the entire original game AND the bonus paths, or does it only contain the non-route intro and the new paths? Also, how are they available, playing through the game regularly, or do you simply select them from the main menu?

    1. not the entire original game, just the common route before it splits into heroine paths, it does not come with the heroine stories and h-scenes from the first game just their after stories. you get the choice whether to play the common route or select from all the different heroines when you start the game.

      1. Hey thanks a lot, that clears up a lot of questions. This is definitely a must download for me, so props to you for the help.

  19. When I download and extract the game, it tells me I’m missing the userdata/thumbnail folder (which I am). Anyone else having this problem? (The box messed up my comment last time).

    1. Okay. I copied the “missing” files from the base copy of Princess Evangile to W Happiness, and it apparently works now. I don’t think this is the correct solution, but it’s what I’ll work with until someone else finds something.

  20. When I download and extract the game, it tells me that I’m missing the userdata/thumbnail folder (which I am). Does anyone else have this problem?

  21. okay, i tried to visit the download link, but it was blocked, it said that the link (website) is not safe. bec of key loggers, malware .etc…. is that true ?

    1. What antivirus are you using? I can’t vouch for other files uploaded on, but the ones I’m posting are definitely safe.

  22. I keep getting errors when I start the game that say userdata and things like that. How do I fix that?

    1. There exists a userdata file in your game folder. Delete or move it and have the game create its own.

  23. Game is quite good..

    But as I witness in+the first game, the use of french here in this game.. I know it doesn’t really matter but it doesn’t mean anything..
    I am french and I speak it fluently.. sentence like ”la toute soeur”
    they don’t exist.. lol

    Maybe they wanted to say ”La soeur de tout le monde” (The big sister for everyone)

    Game is good though, lots of new route including the after story for the 4 main heroine from the first game, will take some time before reading everything..

    Thanks for the share 🙂

    1. Meh, I noticed that since I took french in school, but I viewed it from the perspective of how badly Japanese mangled English when they try to speak it and found it… Well about the same level. So the translators didn’t fix the flaws, as I’m quite sure it was just as bad in the original Japanese.

  24. What a coincidence. I decided to play through the original again a week ago on a whim. Had no idea this was still gonna come out. Looking forward to playing this.

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