Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.3

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.3

While Rena and Maki recover from their injuries, the other SORD members jet off overseas for a school trip. Within moments of their arrival, though, the Mihama gang are pulled into a manhunt for a SORD deserter, assisted by students Sylvia and Velvet of St. Aile’s International School. Tohka’s the star of the show this time round, but she’s wrestling with her own issues ? old memories of her parents, and a promise to a friend that she wasn’t able to keep…

“You’re right. There’s a reason we need to get back… even if it means crawling home on our hands and knees.”

“Let’s meet up again someday… if we’re still alive.”

And introducing Sengoku Ayame – Sengoku Ichiru’s brother, and a handler at St. Aile’s:

“If takin’ her in alive’s too much of a challenge, just get rid of her – I don’t give a damn. I wanna see this mess cleaned up.”

What answers will Tohka find? She has the truth in her sight…

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  1. 1234dragon says:

    Just finished the 3 of these games. The 4th one can’t come out fast enough.

  2. Jaden says:

    Pretty good VN, Better than Libra and its side episode

  3. Thanatos_64 says:

    Is this the last vol??

  4. Meister says:

    3 words

    18+ or nah?

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