SaDistic BlooD

SaDistic BlooD

The Vampires Yuna and Shizuha come to the island city of Chisakura hoping to find refuge from the relentless pursuit of Vampire Hunters. However, it turns out that the Hunters are already lying in wait for them. Will the Vampire duo escape the Hunters’ trap and live to see tomorrow, or will they meet a fate worse than death…?

The two Vampires travel Japan together, evading the pursuit of Vampire Hunters in an attempt to live out their undead eternity in freedom. On the fateful night of their arrival in Chisakura, the full moon shines down upon the duo, intensifying their Vampiric impulses. The two attempt to slake their thirst for blood while remaining unnoticed.

Little do they know that lying in wait for them in the island city is a Hunters’ trap. Outnumbered by a party of dangerous biological weapons commanded by the vengeful Yuika, the two Vampires must now weigh their options. Do they go on the run and flee Chisakura, or do they stand their ground and fight?

With the odds stacked against them and time running out, Yuna and Shizuha must choose wisely if both of them are to escape with their lives. Will the Vampire duo escape the Hunters’ trap and live to see tomorrow, or will they meet a fate worse than death…?

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  1. annonymous says:

    After reading this, I have to say that this is fucked up. Those poor cute vammpires were humiliated and turned into a slut in the most possible existent way.

    • Joe says:

      I couldn’t finish it. It was too fucked up for me. I actually started feeling sick during one of the scenes, so I hard stopped and deleted it. This was the first time any kind of media made me feel that way.

  2. UwU vibes says:

    need help I’m new to this website and don’t know how to install games do I have to wait 180 seconds for downloading each file and put them in one folder ?

    • bleh says:

      wait 180 secs,click ,it will download
      after you download all parts open the 1st with winrar and it will assemble the game/installation disk ( depends on the game )and switch system locale to japanese

  3. Messer says:

    Windows Defender detects a trojan.

  4. oppai is life says:

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly i apologize if my english is bad but i will try my best to write in english

    I just discovered this amazing site and did try the two first eroge(kira kira idol project reika and sadistic blood)

    If possible i would like to have some help about an issue that i got

    Kira Kira run perfectly, but for sadistic blood when i try to open the game i immediatly got an error, saying that the game can’t launch because MSVCP140.dll is missing.

    I did try few way i found online that can fix the issue,
    Like update windows but didn’t have any update to do (i use windows 8.1)
    Unistall and re-install the last Microsoft visual c++ 2015-2019 redistributable (x64) and reboot the laptop
    And try to download install the file MSVCP140.dll separatly and directly on C:/Windows/System32

    but all method i try didn’t work and still have the MSVCP140.dll issue when i open the game

    Can someone will be able to help me and resolve this issue please?

    Thank you very much for your help

    • Samuel says:

      Hi, I just want you to know I read your post and have no idea how to help D:
      sorry bro

    • Xtroyer says:

      Mmmmm- are you sure it is not an antivirus issue? Sometimes the antiviruses block dlls from working properly. I’d suggest to deactivate your antivirus and try reinstalling again to make sure. You might have to allow the false positive to work in your system if your antivirus shows you that something has been detected.

      • Xtroyer says:

        I could help a bit more but there’s no way in hell that i’m downloading this. Sorry but… THANKS FOR THE GAME IVAN, I’M SURE SOME PEOPLE REALLY LIKE THIS.

        • oppai is life says:

          Not sure but i don’t think it is an antivirus issue,
          I did use the one that was on my laptop (McAfee Livesafe) the free try and then bought 1 year use
          But since I usually use my laptop for reading manga, watching anime and hentai, youtube, twitch video and didn’t use for downloading (only few light app like discord)
          I tought it wasn’t worth having antivirus for what i was doing on my laptop and didn’t renew after
          If you have other idea that might resolve this issue, maybe we can share our discord id and discuss on it (if you agree and use it of course)
          Don’t worry I am new to eroge world and don’t know what kind I will like to play (did few visual novel on psp like utawarerumono, corpse party).
          Thank you again for taking some of your time and trying to help me

    • fixer says:

      everytime i have a dll problem i just download the file and leave it in the same folder the game is installed.

      • oppai is life says:

        Thank you very much my savior, my hero i love you (friendly of course n_n)
        Thanks to your help i manage to fix the file issue
        I am really grateful to all user who did take some of their time to kindly help me.

    • Samuel says:

      what a wholesome thread

  5. shadepariah says:

    if sydsnap can’t handle this game, I’ll stay away.

  6. opppai kun says:

    ending guide plizzz oniichan…

    • needaguide says:

      -There are three branches-> shizuha, yuna, and unmarked endings.
      -Some routes lead to same ending but character pov and hscene are different.

      ~~shizuha nanase

      *bad end1
      allow her to drink her blood
      let her drink a little longer
      let her drink until she’s satisfied
      –>(save 0)
      find somewhere to hide
      –>(save shizuha 1)
      let them finish the act (Discipline and envy)
      ***–leads to (vampire vs bio weapons) shizusa survives yuna dies
      (the betrayed hunter) yuika
      (the betrayed hunter’s last supper) yuika dies
      (the three idiots at dawn)***

      *bad end 2
      –>(load save shizuha 1)
      stop it now
      don’t drink blood (shizuha route)
      –>(save shizuha 2)
      escape together
      ***(public execution-hatred and jeering) yuna and shizusa dies***

      *bad end 3
      –>(load save shizuha 2)
      escape seperately
      –>(save 3)
      fight to stall the enemy
      ***(vampire dissection game) yuna dies***

      *bad end 4
      –>(load save shizuha 3)
      run in another direction by herself
      ***yuna dies- shizuha unknown***

      *bad end 5
      –>(load save shizuha 1)
      stop it now
      drink blood
      drink a little longer
      keep drinking until satisfied
      –>(save shizuha 4)
      escape seperately
      fight to stall the enemy
      ***(vampire dissection game-full throttle) yuna captured shizuha unknown***

      *escape end
      –>(load save 0)
      escape chiskura
      ***this proceeds to saving shizuha (a captured vampire) yuna is saved by shizuha)***

      *escape end 2
      –>(load save shizuha 4)
      escape together
      ***(public execution golden awakening) yuna dies shizuha survives***

      *escape end 3
      –>(load save shizuha 4)
      escape seperately
      run in another direction by herself
      *(the forsaken vampire)
      ***(encounter) both shizuha and yuna are on the run/888

      neutral end
      –>(load save shizuha 2)
      intercept enemy
      ***(the double crossed hunter) yuika
      *(pursuit of freedom)***


      ~yuna sonohara

      *bad end1
      forbid shizuha from drinking her blood
      –>(save yuna 1)
      escape chisakura
      ***-proceeds to save shizuha
      (a captured vampire-retribution) yuna is eternally tortured***

      *bad end2
      –>(load save yuna 1)
      find somewhere to hide
      let them finish the act -(discipline and envy)
      ***–leads to (vampire vs bio weapons) shizusa survives yuna dies***

      yuna pov endings:

      *shizuha escape end 2 (yuna pov)
      –>(load yuna save 1)
      find somewhere to hide
      stop it now
      don’t drink blood/ drink blood -(either choice doesn’t matter)
      –>(save yuna 2)
      escape together

      *suzuha neutral end (yuna pov)
      –>(load save yuna 2)
      intercept the enemy
      ***(public execution-hatred and jeering) yuna and shizusa dies***

      *shizuha bad end 5 (yuna pov)
      –>(load save yuna 2)
      escape seperately
      fight to stall the enemy

      *shizuha escape end 3 (yuna pov)
      –>(load save yuna 2)
      escape seperately
      run in another direction by herself

      ~~the unmarked branch endings

      *unmarked end
      allow shizuha to drink her blood
      forbid shizuha from drinking anymore blood
      stop it now
      don’t drink blood
      –>(save unmarked 1)
      escape together
      *(public execution-eternal bond)

      *unmarked true end
      –>(load unmarked save 1)
      escape separately
      run in another direction by herself
      ***(the forsaken vampire)>(encounter)>(a mistress and her minion)***

  7. Demise says:

    Does ero-guro Vns actually sell good? I cant imagine a big audience in the small Vn community for this genre.

  8. rancepls says:

    Waiting for rance 01+02. So hype xD

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