To The Light

To The Light

Our heroine was struck by a terrible monster on a dark night When she woke up, she found herself in a strange room…… Waiting for her….is death or survival?

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  1. Alright, I put the time and money into actually finishing this pile of crap, for anybody seriously interested in it. There’s absolutely no dialogue, that isn’t a glitch. Even the paid Steam version. There’s pictures that sometimes make sense, except when you need them to. It plays sort of like Zelda, but much less fun, where you lose a heart by touching enemies unless you can kill them.
    The story is nonexistent. Some little ghost girl randomly appears in certain places, appearing progressively creepier until she’s just a corpse. By the way, you’re a robot clone for some godforsaken reason. That’s never explained either. You beat a boss which is quite literally impossible without knowing the secret beforehand from a walkthrough, since there’s no in-game clue whatsoever as to how to beat it. Then some random escape sequence followed by a Deus Ex Machina style rescue by a mad scientist in a UFO. Then you have exactly 2 seconds to kill another boss (no joke) or it’s game over. Overall:

    Story: 0/5 (what story?)
    Gameplay: 1/5 (unoriginal “puzzles” and “combat”)
    Music: 3/5 (if you like beeps. I like beeps.)
    Graphics: 3/5 (A decent looking RPGMaker game. Some original art)

  2. Agreeing with Suiko. Crucial text is missing so there’s no cohesive story, no direction, no real plot.

    1. Update: it’s also super bugged. The game is currently impossible to complete after reaching floor 4. Certain barriers prevent you from getting items needed to progress, and a post by the developer states they’re not supposed to be there and were patched out in the newest version. Buy it on Steam if you’re absolutely desperate to play this.

      1. This sounds like a game that needs to be live streamed, with a drink for each major bug or notable instance of missing text.

  3. This… this doesn’t looks like it will be any good. Oh, well. The game is small enough and I have a little too much free time to give it a try. Let’s see what we have here…

    1. Don’t bother. The game has missing text during conversations. And when I say missing text I mean there’s no text at all. I took a quick look at the Pictures folder and the game does not only lack any h-scene, there isn’t even a full-nude. XD

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