Destiny’s Princess

Destiny's Princess

The setting is the Warring States Period of a world slightly different from this one.
The heroine is the princess of a castle who has spent a life of comfort and ease.
But, strange demons invade, and her castle is attacked to the point of being taken over for good.
Five heroes from a different world are summoned through her wish.
Can she protect her country in her role as princess and survive the crisis with the man she loves?

17 comments on “Destiny’s Princess

  1. played it and closed out for it for a moment but then I tried opening it only to get, 0x00007b and my computer picking it up as a virus, I really enjoy playing this so please help.

    1. I had this problem with a different game, but once I went into my antivirus and made the folder with the game as an exception to it’s scanning, the game worked just fine. Hopefully this helps you. And to you admin and all translators, THANK YOU 🙂 Keep up the good work, I truly appreciate all you guys do.

  2. I am sooo in love with these. >n< Totally hope that you do the other four, Office Lovers, The Amazing Shinsengumi, My Butler, and maaaaaybe just maaaaybe Dangerous Romance~ Thankies for all these other awesome games though!!!! Much heartsies admin!

  3. On July 26, can you do more otome game and can you do the The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in Love? If you do it then thanks you for doing it!

  4. Dear Admin hank you so much for your uploads and thanks a bunch for all those new otomes!!!! =D I’m also looking forward to new yaois ^^

  5. Thank you very very much for sharing this game with us Admin!
    I will start downloading it right now!

  6. Can someone please help me? I’ve tried redownloading the parts and reinstalling but I still get the same error that says ‘The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022)’

  7. When I start the game, there is always error box say ‘SOUND init failed’. How to fix it?? Please help me T_T

    1. The same thing happened to me so I did a little research and in one website said to install directx, which normally comes with other games, named dxsetup. After I isntalled this and restarted my pc, it worked.

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