Ordeal of Princess Eris

Ordeal of Princess Eris

On the west end of the continent lies Hilbernia, a kingdom in decline.

Its neighboring country to the east, Flosein, breaches their non-aggression pact by launching a surprise invasion.

In the ensuing chaos, princess Eris manages to escape from the castle.

As she watches the castle burn, she make a vow to herself.

“I swear… I’ll take back my beloved kingdom!”

3 Responses to “Ordeal of Princess Eris”

  1. DoubtingThomas says:

    Hey Admin, part1 seems to be broken. Could we get a fixed copy please?

  2. Rone says:

    Story flow is good, graphics,and the character, they also beautiful, I feel in love with Makina she’s really cute.

  3. nihil says:

    A pretty good rpg actually. The combat and exploration don’t just feel like chores you do to get to the next sex scene. And the art is nice.

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