WISH: Paradise High

WISH: Paradise High

Emotional Match 3 Puzzle Game ‘WISH – Paradise High’.

WISH – Paradise High is a puzzle game that combines visual Nobel elements that foster the appeal of female characters with various personalities.
While playing WISH-Paradise High, you can meet women from different professions who you’ve always wanted to be associated with.

Enjoy talking to beautiful women and move their minds while playing puzzle games. If you do your best, you will win Heroin’s heart as a reward.

7 comments on “WISH: Paradise High

  1. Great art but the game sucks. Not even related to the previous Wish game. Wasted my money before I even knew it was here.

  2. I hear there’s a DLC version. If it’s possible to ask, will the DLC be uploaded here too? Quite a short yet enjoyable bejeweled game to stave off my tiredness. No need to think hard although some objectives are a little bit irksome.

    1. I’ve check with the store page on steam and its discussion page. The good news is this is the DLC version of the game. The bad news is even the official version isn’t finished with the game. Seems like the developer intend for the DLC to be like a season pass (granted the DLC is free) and will be releasing new girls on a one-by-one basis. They only have 1 girl released by the time of this comment.

  3. Absolutely loved the art and H-scene, absolutely hated the game. The bejeweled in this game is quite difficult as it is and they decided to tie 2 CGs for each girl to the gameplay. The worst part is the extra objective for the CGs (drop 2 shoes to the bottom of the row, one for each CG) does NOT count if you don’t also clear the main objective, making the game extra tedious for the sake of being tedious.

    Thank for the game though admin.

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