Harajuku Dating Paradise

Harajuku Dating Paradise

Harajuku Dating Paradise is a great new simulation game where you assume the role of a Tokyo playboy, finding cute girls on the street to take back to your hotel for some quality personal time. There are three different girls to romance in the game – a sexy housewife, an innocent girl-next-door looking for a job, and a rich “tsundere” girl with no sexual experience at all. Each girl presents the player with different challenges, how to talk to the girl in a way that makes her want to go back to your hotel with you, and there’s a fun range of sexual activities you can take part in with each. A very straightforward game: find a girl, play your cards right, and win her heart. Nampa Namahame Nakadashi Banzai! Harajuku Dating Paradise is a visual novel / love simulation game from Japan, translated to English and fully uncensored.

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  1. Found it! Finally found it. So there seems to be a mistake in kozue route in all walkthroughs you’ll find. You’re supposed to choose:I’m a pervert, to get ger missing cgs. Enjoy guys

  2. Unable to launch game error.
    I double checked, all files are there and in the same installation folder too. Please help :c

  3. Hey everyone! Finally getting around to this and, though I don’t like it, I would like to 100% the game. I’m having an odd problem though and thought someone might be able to help me out. I’m going after Kozue and the game won’t let me see the final set of cgs, the one with her getting fucked in the puss. I was wondering why this would be the case? I’m following the walkthrough exactly. Do I have to do one girl after another and not start a new game each time or what? Just confused why it wouldn’t trigger

    1. Okay, I’m seriously at a loss. I can read the scene in question but don’t see or unlock the cgs. Very confused and definitely in need of some help!

  4. the+game+runs+just+fine,+but+after+some+time+the+”quick+save”+option+always+keeps+showing+on+and+i+cant+proceed+with+the+game…..+even+if+i+quck+save+the+game…+.the+option+keeps+showing++…..+please+help

  5. a couple of quick questions:

    is this censored?
    if so, is there an uncencor patch (or being made)?
    is there a patch removing the black bars?
    is there something else i should know about this game considering the questions above?


  6. Is there a online walkthrough/guide for this game that isn’t a video, if so could someone please give me a link to it thanks ahead of time.

  7. Part 2 link missing …. should i even be botherwith this site, seems alot of broken links, still yet to find a complete game … admin?

  8. Can anyone tell me how to fix an error on mine
    It says when i open it “File Read Error START 66”
    Also download procedures I will try to re install
    with the procedures you guys give thanks

  9. the game wont start cuz it keeps saying that it \failed to initialize voice file.\does anyone know how to fix this?

  10. Ok i downloaded the game and checked for virusses and found nothing. But the moment i open the map, where i extracted the files to, my computer freezes. Does anyone else have this problem.

    (btw my computer is fine, everything works like normal but everytime i try to open that map again it freezes again. So i just decided to delete the files :/)

    1. So I tried downloading this game from a different website but it still freezes my computer. Could this be because i’m using windows 8?
      Is there anyway to play this game on windows 8?
      Could someone help me with this, please

  11. When I start the game I can’t actually play, clicking with the mouse doesn’t work, no keyboard keys work either, all I can do is move the cursor on the title menu and finally close the program via task manager. Any idea what to do?

    1. Sounds like you’re running windows 8. If so, read on. If not, skip to the end.

      For some idiotic reason MS figured DirectDraw is so outdated that they don’t have to support it on win8 despite the fact that 5% of todays games still use DD. Not to mention games dated pre-2001.

      Long story short, from what I hear it’s not possible to play DD games on windows 8. Even if you manage to launch the game it will be buggy as f*ck.
      (Another reason why you should NEVER buy a computer with windows 8.)


      All I can really say is; re-install your graphic drivers (specifically your DirectX drivers). If that doesn’t work, I’m out of ideas.

      1. F***. I have windows 8, now a lot of the games that I have don’t work (My Girlfriend Is The President, Clannad, Kanon, If My Heart Had Wings, School Days and Summer Days). Does anybody know how or even if it’s possible to downgrade my OS to Windows 7? When I bought my laptop, the display in the store was running indows 7, so I assumed the pre-installed OS was the same. I prefer Windows 7 over 8, 8 just sucks in so many ways, plus I wanna finish Ayu’s scenario in Kanon, and Fuko’s story in Clannad…

  12. The game crashes if I try to run it in full screen – gives me an “Error creating DirectDraw” -box.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    1. Un-plugging my 2nd screen fixed the problem. Apparently there’s a bug in the Nvidia drivers. I doubt reverting to older driver version helps – Nvidia has always had problems when it comes to multiple screens.

  13. thank you so much admin. finally it get uploaded. I’m trying to look for this like the other people. keep the good work up

  14. I’m still just in the “intro” part of the first girl I met(Kozue) at the hotel room and I have to say that is this chick a dumbass? Hell, are all the women in this game dumbasses? The whole thing looks so much like one of those intros you see in porn that are so obviously fake it’s borderline funny.

    1. Seconded that bro. We are supposed to trick this girl, but is it even necessary? Seeing how she is as dumb as a brick, lol.
      But my biggest complain is, how come we are unable to press Enter to move the text quickly?

        1. Fixed it. Where you originally downloaded the game there is a scenario.pk file that I guess you drag onto the game where you installed it.

  15. I made a quick walkthrough that should get 100%:

    Go North
    Here and there.
    Search somewhere else.
    A little older.
    A nearby coffee shop.
    Hey, you there.
    Are you free right now?
    What do you have there?
    Oh, are you looking for a job?
    Oh wow, that’s too bad.
    Office work in Marunochi?
    You’re gonna sell your smile?
    A small, hip shop?
    Do you believe in miracles?
    I can hardly believe it myself.
    Come on, come on. It’ll be fine.
    Uh…I dunno.
    Well, good luck with everything.
    Yeah, they’re all hard at work.
    I really think you can do this.
    Let me check.
    It’s to record the interview.
    How about a special interview?
    Let’s relax a little before we begin.
    Spin around for me.
    Please change into a swimsuit.
    It’s pretty much the same as a swimsuit!
    Don’t forget how big of a chance this is.
    Just as I thought, they’re amazing.
    It’s going very well.
    SAVE, do all H scenes.
    Go South
    Take a walk.
    In front of the department store.
    Excuse me, could you help me out?
    Thanks for stopping.
    It would really help me out.
    Now, now, don’t be so modest.
    I’m so jealous of your husband.
    Did you just get married recently?
    I never would have guessed.
    I wanted to ask about your beautiful skin.
    I’ll show you the way.
    Do you like it?
    It’s like a baby’s skin.
    Your skin’s really beautiful, huh!
    So…couldn’t you…?
    Such high quality material…
    Is it hard to sleep?
    SAVE, do all H scenes.
    Go East
    A cute one.
    Hey, Darling!
    Fall down in front of her.
    I’m s-so sorry…please, stop…
    Ok, I’ll come with you.
    I’ve got good news and bad news…
    Do you like me?
    Tell me cuter.
    If you’re paying attention, it’s much easier.
    There’s no one around but me though…
    No, there’s no way you could be scared, right?
    Are you scared?
    So, do you want to take a shower together?
    Let’s do our best!
    Well, that’s how games go sometimes.
    Even though you’re about to cry, you look cute!
    SAVE, do all H scenes.

    1. tnx, its feels lacking to play without all HCGs, like , u can see the paizuri scne but not the 69, that just kills me

  16. could someone post a walkthrough for the game. this would be easier if i knew how many points to get during flirting mode to get all HCGs

  17. The game just stops responding when i try to play it fullscreen,
    Any ideas how to fix this?

  18. Heh, and here I thought that this game would have been forever lost to the internet due to sheer overwhelming apathy on part of JAST…

  19. Thanks for the a great upload, I was looking everywhere for this.
    Just a quick question, I got weird bug that some CGs don’t show up during the H-Scenes, only the sprites, does anyone know how to fix that?

    1. I think you don’t have enough points to get CGs.

      some time when you select a choice you will hear the sound. it tell you that you get or lost a point.

      1. so, that sound for we which lost the main choice for good ending? or we got unlocked the new CG’s?

        question : do you have unlocked all CG’s? if you do tell me. > <

  20. Man, I want to play this but don’t at the same time. If it is bad it will be disappointing, if it is good it will be depressing as it is the only one in the 6 game series available in english.

    1. No idea. The bars were present even in Japanese cover. For sure it has nothing to do with age (“All characters depicted are 18+ or older…”) – probably the creator wanted to aim for “girl next doors” angle or something, in similar way every protagonist until recently had very long bangs and shade covering face?…

      1. It’s like blackmail material where they use the bare minimum of black bars to cover the face etc. Not a common thing but it happens in hentai manga/anime from time to time. Even in some magazines that appear in hentai manga/anime have had that.
        Might be something like that he was going for.

        Thanks for the upload.

    2. The black bars are used to signify that someone in filmed videotape has not given their express consent to be included in some sort of live action thing, sort of how they’ll blur out people’s faces who don’t sign a release to appear on shows like the old Cops reality show.

      When used in porn, I guess the goal is to make it seem even more hardcore because they had to use hidden cameras and these girls aren’t being paid, just exploited.

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