Nakadashi Banzai 4

Nakadashi Banzai 4

Wander around town, hot weather can’t stop you – go pick up a hot chick!
Now, take her to a hotel! Go fuck her raw and come inside her!

This time we will be looking at a beautiful, chilled-out office lady, a tidy and proper married woman, and a girl who has a boyfriend!

Try to persuade them to go with you into the hotel, then fuck them raw until they overflow!
Your man-fluid is boiling hotter than the summer sun, go and fill those womens’ pussies until they burst!

Welcome to the “Flirting ● Raw Fucking ● Creampie” World!

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9 comments on “Nakadashi Banzai 4

  1. @Epigonos

    Choosing the wrong dialog option just means not following the guide I posted below.

    @Chaos Fencer

    To get the CG your missing with Nanami just select the wrong dialogue options. Choice C12 will appear for her regardless. Select the bottom option: Endure it some more.

  2. @Ventola I can’t get the cg where MC bukkake Kaneishi Nanami. I keep reloading the scene but always get finishing inside her.

  3. For 100% completion, follow walkthrough below then reload game and when conversing with each of the heroine select wrong dialogue option. All this does is unlock a alternative CG where the H-scene is cut short.

    Dialogue options work as part of an “invisible point counter” in this game. The more correct options you pick the more H-scenes unlocked.

  4. Walkthrough

    Kaneishi Nanami

    Choice 01: Don’t rest
    Choice C01: Hey, Miss (Doesn’t matter which you pick)
    Choice C02: You’re incredibly cute
    Choice C03: You two had a fight?
    Choice C04: Message at least 1 time per hour?
    Choice C05: Sounds like a hard time
    Choice C06: Was he jealous about something?
    Choice C07: That’s not too good
    Choice C08: Fortitude
    Choice C09: Bigger size
    Choice C10: The ribbon?
    Choice C11: You’re free anyways, right?
    Choice C12: Save here. To unlock all CG reload and pick both options

    Iwamoto Akiko

    Choice 01: Rest
    Choice 02: Wait
    Choice B01: Um, pardon me
    Choice B02: Suck it!
    Choice B03: Jewelry Shop?
    Choice B04: I thought you we’re a college student
    Choice B05: Pasta
    Choice B06: You’re dieting?
    Choice B07: Please
    Choice B08: Be frank and tell her she’s your type!
    Choice B09: It’s the first time I feel like this
    Choice B10: Save here. To unlock all CG reload and pick both options

    Shibakusa Marika

    Choice 01: Rest
    Choice 02: Don’t wait
    Choice 03: Go for it
    Choice A01: Hey hey, watcha up to? (doesn’t matter which one you pick)
    Choice A02: Get to speak with a cute woman
    Choice A03: You have a girlfriend?
    Choice A04: That’s a wonderful name
    Choice A05: Self-enlightenment type of books?
    Choice A06: The type who leads?
    Choice A07: To be honest, yes
    Choice A08: Very expressive
    Choice A09: I fell in love at first sight
    Choice A10: Take one step back
    Choice A11: Save here. To unlock all CG reload and pick both options

    To get the Playboy forever ending (“bad ending”) just choose options which make you miss encountering a heroine

    To get the Road to becoming a playboy master ending (“True Ending”) make sure to encounter all 3 heroines

  5. Not that you can tell from the localized title, but this is a sequel to Harajuku Dating Paradise. (2 and 3 were skipped apparently)

  6. @Chaos Fencer

    There’s no walkthrough yet (that I know of) but for every correct answer you pick the girls clothing will become more and more transparent (except for the first dialogue option, I think the first option is ok no matter what you pick). So just use save scumming to get all the right answers. Picking the right answers increases the number of H-scenes.

    I might post a walkthrough here later.

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