Lust of the Apartment Wives

Lust of the Apartment Wives

In a small apartment complex… The sort that might exist anywhere…

Our protagonist is a grocery deliveryman whose polite demeanor and pleasant smile have made him a bit of celebrity around the complex.
But his smile is not as innocent as it seems… for this deliveryman has an ulterior motive–sampling some of these finely-aged apartment wives!

Kaori, who positively overflows with mature sexuality.
Ryoko, who while plain to look at, is possessed of a hidden lust bubbling underneath the surface.
And Mayumi, a woman still nursing her newborn child, with enough of a chest to make our hero weak.

Their husbands can no longer satisfy them, so now it’s up to you!

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    1. It seems that press the left mouse button doesn’t fast forward the text causing probably that delay, just turn the speed of text all the way up so that delay won’t happen since the entire text will appear

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