A Boy and his Perverted Oneesans’ Happy H Apartment Life

A Boy and his Perverted Oneesans' Happy H Apartment Life

Sekitani Jun is a timid and docile sixteen year old schoolboy who intends to eventually follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a Buddhist priest. After his parents have to temporarily relocate, Jun’s friend’s mother Miyuki agrees to accommodate the boy in the apartment complex, where she is a landlady. To Jun’s great misfortune, all the other apartments in the building are populated by perverted nymphomaniac sluts, who immediately set their sights on him.

49 comments on “A Boy and his Perverted Oneesans’ Happy H Apartment Life

  1. What the hell was that? Femdom on steroids, and ‘plot’? Yeah, not going to recommend this one, but if that sort of thing is in your court, then go for it.

  2. i downloaded the game in its three parts and they all come with their own game.exe, so i suspect that these are just different parts fo the game. however, if i open any of the game.exe’s they oipen show some green text and the cl;ose automatically. some help please?

  3. While the game does deliver what the cover shows, I somehow expected more out of this, and it does get a bit on the repetitive side. I did enjoy that Obasan and the 2 gyarus, tho. 😁

  4. i don’t know what to do after the 2nd scene with his aunt
    i’m just running around naked
    help :,(

  5. Same here strongly, there’s just WAAAAAAAYY too much maledom, I REALLY do not care for that… -_- Femdom/Reverse Rape, on the other hand, DO WANT…! <3

  6. When I played this game I beat the fuck out of my dick so god damn hard that I can’t even feel my left leg, my left leg has went totally numb

  7. I know this is sad but I always get angry when in a story the father goes away for work and the mother goes with him rather than staying home to care for her child who still is far from being adult…

    though it means gets some sweet arse tail so I forgot than soon after lol

  8. the text on the box are overlapping can’t read them, any clue how to fix it?, and is there a way to full screen?

  9. Text+works,+but+falls+off+the+right+of+the+window.+And+there+are+parts+where+there+is+no+blue+text+background.

    1. @Ojibaba

      You need to use your “Confirmation” key in my case it is the Enter key.

      To study go to the desk with the stool and press enter. However you are only able to do some action if he said he need to do it.

      Study, bathing eating and sleeping are some of those where you only can activate them if he says he needs to.

  10. Found a way around the problems with images loading.
    Specifically those from the Data > Tatie folder.

    Even with both switching local I was unable to get the above so I used this program instead on my win 8.1.


    So far it has worked like a charm on this and other games where switching local did not work.

    Oh and remember to restart your machine after install Locale Emulator else it does not work 🙂

    1. This actually worked perfectly for me, so far all images have shown up and the text fits the window better, thanks for the tip!

  11. I can not for the life of me get this to work right. I’m definitely in Japan in Sys Local. Other games that require it work. The only other thing I can think of is that I’m missing a font, which is stupid, I know. Any suggestions?

  12. I’m having problems with images loading.
    Specifically those from the Data > Tatie folder.
    Not sure why, they are in the correct directory under the right names and the game pops up a little window asking for them. Any ideas?

  13. Any reason the text would be in… I want to say wingdings, but there are cassette tapes, pliers, keyboards, and other stuff in place of text. Is it system local?

    1. Most likely. I have my locale set to Japanese and the text works fine. I’m assuming this game is made with one of the Japanese RPG Maker engines, so you’ll need to set your locale to Japanese to get it to run proper.

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