Deus Machina Demonbane


Arkham city is a bustling hub of commerce and industry, however Arkham is also a center of eldrich lore: home to Miskatonic University, an institution of higher learning with one of the most complete libraries of arcane literature in the world. In the span of two generations the town was built up to the status of prestige it now commands, an expansion helmed by the Hadou Group, an industrial complex and family dynasty currently run by the young Hadou Ruri. She pursues the peace and prosperity of Arkham diligently, against the forces of darkness threatening to plunge the city, and the world, back into a second dark age. Among the most sinister threats to Arkham City is the evil Black Lodge syndicate. Led by the charismatic Master Therion, his nihilistic outlook shapes the group’s destructive goals: with a circle of powerful sorcerers at his command, the potential for sowing chaos in the city is unmatched.

Former Miskatonic University Magic Academy student Daijuuji Kurou knows little of grimoires, but what he does know terrifies him – enough that he left his university life behind, and now practices a failing detective business in the shelter of an orphanage in a quiet corner of Arkham. But just when he thought his Academy past was buried, it catches up with him and pulls him back into the dark shadows of the occult: Hadou Ruri herself appears at his door with an offer he can’t refuse. The only way to combat the Black Lodge’s growing magical power is to find, and retrieve, a grimoire with the power to activate the mightiest Machina of all: Demonbane. The quest to find this forbidden tome will change Kurou’s destiny… forever.

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  1. I NEED EMERGENCY HELP. The fight scene is always pitch black and all i can hear is Kurou saying enchantment and whatnot but i cant see anything so my excitement just dropped to 0. Someone help?

  2. …I’ve been looking everywhere for a decent (read: not confusing as hell with file types like MDF and stupid crap like that, and it’s the actual PC version.) download of this game. (NOTE: IN MY CASE IT’S NOT PIRATING BECAUSE I OWN A PHYSICAL COPY OF DEMONBANE, BUT MY CD DRIVE IN MY COMPUTER DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE.) …As if I give 2 shits about pirating/downloading stuff that you couldn’t get your hands on any other way. I played it all the way through on the physical copy…(And I had the PS2 version as well…that game was part of the reason my parents made me sell my PS2…damn door, locking from the OUTSIDE.) But I wanted to play it again…and lo and behold, my goddamn CD drive doesn’t work anymore. So…yeah, thanks to the admin. And thank you to Nitroplus for making yet ANOTHER awesome VN. Why, yes. I do happen to enjoy PLOT with my “PLOT”…:3

      1. This is demninjaz going by a new name.

        Because I have a PS3 and I THOUGHT (and the fuckers at Target TOLD ME) I got a backwards compatible one…I DID NOT. And they said “If you get a PS3, you’re selling your PS2…so I had to…so I said goodbye to Ace Combat…goodbye to Xenosaga (ALL THREE GAMES)…goodbye to .hack//G.U. (which I got lucky and they remade, thank Christ.)…goodbye to Skies of Arcadia…goodbye to all the good games I grew up with…it was a sad day…still haven’t found a good emulator (WHICH WORKS CORRECTLY) to emulate all these on…so I’m still salty about Bamco REFUSING to remake Xenosaga (and instead they give a big ol’ FUCK YOU to fans of it and shove Kos-Mos into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a fucking extra…LOW BLOW, NAMCO-BANDAI.) And the PS2 version of the game was actually homemade…I had my friend mirror the data from the CD-Rom version and then re-map controls, re-work code, and then burn it onto a PS2 NTSC-U disc.

  3. How do you get the full screen to open up? I’ve tried ALT+Enter and setting the screen settings but so far nothing is working it won’t get off the windowed setting.

  4. I never expected to find a VN with such genuinely unlikeable characters.
    I’m like 15 hours in, and I’ve yet to find any main character I wouldn’t feel the desire to punch if they were real.
    Still hoping it gets better but I’m not too hopeful.

    It’s seriously irritating.

    1. Al-Azif is the epitome of the “heroine you wish you could bitch-slap into a coma without legal repercussions and/or fear of them killing you with supernatural powers.” She’s the worst N+ heroine I’ve ever seen…and yet she’s one of the most popular N+ heroines among the Nitroplus fanbase, (Besides Super Sonico)…Me, I prefer Ignis from Jingai Makyou…hottest N+ heroine ever…

  5. It won’t play on my toshiba and i go to it and it refuses to play at all. This wasn’t the case when I had windows 7 but when it got updated it won’t play anymore any help?

    1. You can download two files max concurrently as a free user. Wait for two first to complete before starting third.

  6. So, due to some issues with the downloading, I couldn’t get the last part of the game downloaded. My browser couldn’t even find the file to download.

    Is anyone up to solving this issue? I’m using Firefox at present.

  7. not bad the h scenes are krusty the dick of the main character is tooooo huge but overall it was ok

  8. Well, that was dissapointing… -_-… I dont know why but after finishing Al’s route… I can’t seem to find the relevance of the 2 remaining routes… The Princess’s background was kind of interesting, but yeah it didnt appeal to me very much, and the Nun…well, blow me… (no pun intended ) But hey at least Al’s route was good in my opinion, I also watched the Anime adaptation which was aired on 2006 and yeah, they really did good by choosing Al’s route, but that ending… WHERE DID THAT COME FROM O_O!?

  9. Ok… This will be my next target after I finish Ef-The latter tale. The Art seems promising but if the story doesnt hold up to my standards I’ll probably just stop half way through. I just finished Yumina the Ethereal by the way… and Oh My God That was a Tough Journey, currently on Yuuko’s chapter in Ef the latter tale and then I will be goingh for this. WISH ME LUCK!

  10. Seriously, how the hell do I disable the main character’s voice (or any specific character voices for that matter) whenever I try to mess with the “setting for each character voice they appear to be locked. His voice is extremely grating.

  11. Hmm…I dont know what I may have done wrong. I notice that in some of the comments, it talks about the exe being cracked, but I still get the License Code request screen, should I try a re-download, or am I doing something wrong?

  12. “admin says:
    June 13, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    PC version has voices only in h-scenes, prologue and epilogue. Rest of game is unvoiced if you don’t use that patch.”

    Does this mean that, if, whenever I come across a H-scene, I switch the voice.npa file to the PC version, I will be able to get H-scene voices?

  13. *may contain mild spoilers so please read at your own risk – i have tried to keep these at a minimum though*

    first off – a long game (at least judging by my standards and experiences of VNs, maybe they’re skewed). I believe there are something like 13 or 14 chapters in total, so be prepared for that. If you’re looking through the walk-through, be warned that some chapters will have multiple choices in them (especially the earlier ones) which is how I set my expectations in terms of pace, and then you can go multiple chapters without a single choice.

    second off – the H scenes are… disproportionate and relatively few compared to the length of the game. They’re not that good either to be honest, but that’s just personal conjecture. Almost all of them either bordered on or were the embodiment of sadism, which in a game that develops its characters as strongly as this one is a bit disheartening. Then again the overall motif of the game is quite dark so maybe that’s just a part of it. Towards the end I gave up on the H scenes and just played it for the story.

    third off – like others have said, the beginning of the game is somewhat slow, and seems more like every other VN that I’ve encountered – you have choices, but everything has its set limitations/boundaries. The second half of the game just explodes in terms of thought required to grasp the concepts happening in the game, which is no less than I would expect from a game based on the Lovecraftian mythos. The twists and turns further lend to the intricacy of the story, which I am grateful for. I started this off as a mere curiosity, however by chapter 6 or 7 is really drew me in and I was genuinely interested/intrigued in what would happen next. Overall story really picked up speed and held my attention.

    fourth off – the game can get quite dark. There are no explicit guro or vore scenes shown, however there are many allusions made towards that subject matter. Again, this game is based on Lovecraft’s universe so if it wasn’t dark I’d be worried, and it does a good job of portraying the primal instincts of insanity and fear in the characters/story (especially so in some of the bad endings).


    Story – first half: 6/10, second half: 9/10
    Music – 9/10 (it’s very intricate/mood-dependent, I would recommend listening to it during the game)
    CG (non-H) – 9/10 (great settings and artwork in general)
    CG (H) – 3/10 (seriously what’s up with these?)

    1. Forgot to mention – this game has a (surprisingly) great sense of humor that helps you connect with the characters even more.


  14. Hi readers,
    I finished the game one time and guess what I discovered? I didn’t even get 25% of CG
    it looks like I have to play it over and over,

    The story is awesome full of plot twists and interesting characters,the H content is strange (some sizes are abnormal) also the scenes are randomly voiced -some parts aren’t voiced- but there is enough voice,I only got like 40% of H scenes with my first play.
    (I don’t know if I was lucky or not,but no main character got raped maybe with a replay there will be one rape scene atleast)

    These are some advices: while skipping go to window mode,full screen may cause a crash -it will happen-

    the music is awesome don’t desactivate it.

    1. i have the same problem do you know the activation code of this software ? thanks for the quick answer !

  15. Thanks again admin, been waiting to play this, I’ve watch the anime before a long time ago and have wanted to play this since contents are somewhat based on HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos and being a fan of Lovecraft’s work I find it interesting to see some of its concepts in an eroge.

  16. I have a problem, some of the videos are just a black screen with audio. I have the newest version of CCCP, and have tried disabling the ffdshow for the demonbane.exe but that didn’t work. For some reason the first video where Demonbane is activated and enters the teleporter “rock” works but not any of the others. Any way to fix this? Thanks.

    1. Apparently opening the video files with the CCCP player will run them, but the problem of running them within the game remains…

      1. In addition to the video, the part where Kuruo summons demonbane during the second fight with Dr.West(after fighting the spider) is also inverted.

        I’m using CCCP, what exactly are the settings I’m looking for?

        1. Ah, wait never mind. Setting the [Display Monitor Setting] to Manuals instead of Auto actually creates the problem. Videos fine after switching to Auto before the cut scene is played.

  17. Wow-I like this game – it is inspired by the work of H.P.Lovecraft, whose stories I like very much. It is also the first Eroge in which I find really good music!

  18. For people having trouble w/ the voice patch let me clarify that it was ripped from the PS2 version w/c is an all ages version of this game. Thus h-scenes will never be voiced because the PS2 version doesn’t have h-scenes at all. This also applies to some other games in this site like FSN.

    1. As far as I’m aware, ONLY the H-Scenes were voiced in the PC version. Wouldn’t adding the PS2 patch add voices to everything else then?

    1. Some people have that issue with VN’s.. have you tried right clicking? some sort of drop down box maybe?

      I’m just giving you suggestions since i don’t have this game… yet.

  19. this game is odd… i saved near the beginning and played for half an hour… the power went out and i had to go again. but the story had changed… why did that happen? i cant get back to the story i was on.

    1. because this is visual novel, the strory line will change if you do something different from what you do before

  20. For some reason, it will not open for me…

    Could not create Dirct3D Device.
    Please check the following

    Display Mode is not in full color.
    Your graphics board is not Direct X 9.0c compatible.
    Your graphics driver is out of date, or malfunctioning.

    I have that version of Direct X and my graphics card, ATI Radeon HD 2450, should be capable. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. As far a i’ve heard it’s either you have not all your drivers uptated/missing or your video card isn’t compatible with game.
      For first one i suggest update directx 9 to a newer vercion(btw most of people having this problem had directx 9 running) if i’m not wrong microsoft has updated to 11, you can download it for free from their page.
      If it’s the second one well, give up.
      Oh also try the well known reinstall or restart computer, sometimes they work.

        1. Pffffffffff thats why XP has allways being a !@#$%
          Ehem! sorry about that but XP if far away of my limited knowledge.
          I suggest you google it but be aware, you will find very complicated stuff, sorry for not being of any help!
          BTW ATI and microsoft are like dogs and cats so it has always had trouble with direct x, if it is a desktop you have why not try Envidia or install vista, it’s a thousand times better than XP and 7 IMO

  21. OK ok i understand this patch has not all the voices but people said h-scenes are
    Problemm is the first h-scene (the one with the spider woman) is not voiced, am i the only one?

  22. admin i want to ask something, on your other site “” you have link for demon bane voice patch. just want to know, is it useable for this version? because the pc version only have half of the dialog voiced.

  23. I’ve downloaded and unpacked the game, but after i click on

    the game exe/start i get this message “daemon bane usa has

    stopped working, a probloem may have caused it nont to


    How i can fix this problem?

  24. I think I found a fix to the black screen problem (movie won’t play even with CCCP). There’s probably some weird file mismatch error, so if one file isn’t working, it is necessary to rename it as DEMON_DEMON. Then just un-rename it afterward.
    For example, in the first Dr. West fight, switch the filenames mv_lemuria and DEMON_DEMON. Then switch them back. I assume this will work for other parts as well. In the second Dr. West fight, I switched DEMON_DEMON and mv_summon8al and it worked.
    Hope this helps.

  25. hi, i downloaded the parts and extracted them.
    then i opened the file db_usa.exe and the game went well without any problems, but when i clicked “extra game” (or sth like that) the game window closed.

    now everytime i double click that file to open the game, the mouse point show that the game is opening but nothing happen, only if i click a lot a window is shown but it close afterwards.

    i deleted the files and extrated twice and checked that the parts were fully downloaded

    1. Seriously, is there any way to disable voices for particular characters?

      I’m currently at the start of Ch. 2 and if I have to keep hearing that annoying protagonist’s voice for the rest of the game, I may not last long enough before finding sweet relief at the hands of death…

  26. At 1st fight Demonbane vs. Doctaaaaaa West on drum-like robot, just when they use Lemuria Impact game just shutting down…=( Does anyone know how can I avoid this?

      1. Admin, I am having the same problem as Vampir0. I have the CCCP codec pack and I ran the game as an administrator to be sure (I also enabled all the options for CCCP, in case that might resolve the problem) but the movie where Demonbane uses the Lemuria Impact won’t play. I am using the voice patch, could some strange interference between the patch and the game be the reason?
        Any help would be much appreciated, and I thank you very much for your continued efforts with this site.

          1. Admin, I looked at other comments and was able to find a fix to getting past the Lemuria Impact movie, but now I’m stuck at the second Dr. West fight. Again, I can’t play the movie, all I get is a black screen. Can you help me please? I greatly enjoy this game.

          2. For people stuck on getting past the movies, download CCCP then go to ffdshow video decoder configuration and put the demonbane executable as an exception ( Don’t use ffdshow in: (select .exe file)

            This solved the issue for me.

          3. Yeah, that fixes it. With the latest codec pack you don’t need to change any settings, just have it installed. will have the latest version with a one-click install and that worked perfectly for me.

  27. I actually did download it, but when I tried to extract it, I got a message saying one of the files we corrupted t_t. And I downloaded using both Filesonic and Fileserve at the same time, so I basically just cannot tell which part of the rar file was at fault or if it’s one of the two locations that caused the problem. Anyone else went through this trouble.

  28. Ihave a serious problem with Demonbane. The texts of this game are not well align which make words often split in two and other also overlap with some words. This make the game absolutely UNREADABLE. I have scearh for weeks for a solution but no one seem to have my problem. I am beginning to be very FRUSTRATED. Can anyone can help me please?

    1. As far as I know, there’s several issues that could cause such a problem. When it happens to me, it’s usually due to a lack of the correct font. Identify the necessary font, find it, download it, and throw it in your Windows font directory. It should automatically install it. I’m assuming you’re on Windows. I have no idea what you’d be up against on a Mac or Linux.

  29. Hi.

    Does anyone have problems with voice in this version?
    I can see that there is a separate voice patch.
    When I play the voices stop at some point.

    1. Yes, it is normal. PC version has voices only on prologue, once you finish it, voices will stop. You can use the voice patch, which imports voices from PS2 version of game, to get rest of voices.

    1. thats… kinda hard to find actually… but there IS a way to find it…

      1.check the “show hidden files”…
      2.enter “users” file
      3.enter “your computer/laptop name” file, for me its zellrang 😛 in other words DON’T ENTER “default” and “public”, nothing really happened if your enter though, its just not there.
      4.enter “AppData” this is the hidden file X3
      5.enter “Roaming”
      6.lastly, find and enter “Nitroplus”

      1. oh,yeah leave the”9999″, “common” and “images” alone… other than that three is all save point, check the number of the save point

    2. just found the EASIEST WAY… after you open it just press F1… it automatically open the folder of the save point… X3

          1. I was originally not planning to download this. This conversation was the sole determining factor in me deciding to download this. I must find out this nun’s secret!

  30. Excuse me but i would like to ask about something regarding the cg. I been trying all the buttons but i cant seems to take a screenshot of the cg in game or in the extra mode so does that mean this game cant take any pics or is there a button for it?

    Thanks in advance.

  31. Hey admin. I saw voice patches for koihime musou and demonbane in erogegames. are they not included in the downloads found here?

  32. I have the latest version of CCCP and I’m still getting the problems with the video sequences. Audio is fine, but video doesn’t play.

  33. So, this has a lot of links.
    You should make a donate option so that we can have access to faster one-linked downloads.
    Personally, I would love to donate to you, so that you can keep this wonderful site running, and make it more convenient for me to download my smexyeroge. 😀

    1. Donations in exchange for direct download links are hard thing to do, since it’d be basically selling someone’s else copyrighted work. I want my site to stay completely legal.
      Up until few months ago i used to have an option where user could complete various surveys, and when done he got direct download links, but the company that operated them started adding some bullshit spyware toolbars, so i cut them off.

      1. Thx for doing that because 90% of the time I never could get the link from it and its also just a pain in the ass so DLing each file was the best way to go.

        Also I have notice that some people have avatars even you admin
        are you the one who did that or is there some way to do it?
        Its not like I really care I was just wanted to know.

  34. I’ve gotta be doing something wrong. I cant install them. I need something that can help install .rar files…

  35. Thanks for the game! Unfortunately I did not like the game, but it’s just my opinion. I prefer games with more paths to choose, like “Castle Fantasy 2”, “Brave Soul” and “Family Project”.

  36. Does this have any RTS/TBS/RPG etc. elements(like Sengoku Rance, Uwatarerumono or Tears to Tiara)? Or is it a pure VN (like Fate/Stay Night)?

  37. After finally finishing all 3 endings my personal choice among the 3 girls is Leica. She was the I was most emotionally attached. After all the suffering she had to endure she deserves a happy ending. Al route was still epic and and a tearjerker. Ruri’s normal ending was very bitter sweet and better than the good ending IMO.

  38. I don’t care much about the h-scenes because I like the story and~~~ the word use… make me really feel like I’m reading a novel. SO! THX 4 UPLOADING IT~~~ ALL OF THE ENDING IS REALLY GOOD~~~ and now I’m waiting 4 the sequel cause from I know… in the sequel you could really fight with those “DEUS MACHINA” as if we’re playing gundam X3

  39. Why me?!, I played till I encountered Al Azif with no problems at all. The next day I wanted to start over again or load the game, but it crashes. Now I cant play at all, no matter what. I tried all I could. I even downloaded it again just to make sure. I’m using a 32-bit Windows 7 OS.

  40. by the way the 1st time i extract it it says part3 is corrupted…so i extract it without comfirmation…and it works

  41. there any problem if i extract it without comfirmation?
    1st time i extract all and click the icon all i got is black screen then i try extract without comfirmations and it work…i can play is there any chance i will met with problem such as no vids,hang,etc2?

  42. I’ve downloaded the game,it starts, but when i click start the gamne it says an erro occured any idea on how to fix this

  43. I’m back. Also, my fears have become reality. Part4 of the patch is definitely broken. I beg someone to fix this injustice!

  44. Not yet sure if its only the fileserve link, but every time I try to install the patch my PC claims part4 is corrupt. I’ve downloaded from the fileserve link 3 times and, I am about to try the filesonic link. You all might wanna check it out.

  45. i’ve read theres a direct sequel to this game called Kishin Hishou Demonbane, is that translated by a group or are there any plans at all

  46. I like Lovecraft but this VN is just dumb and the protag is pretty damn retarded. Fucking Naruto with adult characters.

    1. That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I and many others would disagree with your assessment. This game was mythos inspired, not directly derivative (giant robots, no shit).

  47. Administrator-sama, everytime I try to exact the game it gives me this error message….CRC failed in “DemonbaneYcg.npa’. file is broken in parts 1, 4, 5,6. Help me.

  48. Alright, so to get to play all I do is dowload all the parts and extract them right? (sorry new to downloading XD)

  49. For me the problem with the videos is slightly different. The first two played with no problem, but the third was flipped upside down. I’m using a 32-bit Windows 7 OS. And I have the CCCP codecs installed.

  50. Hey admin this is a nice game.
    But can you tell me when your going to put new games up?
    oh and i have a request. can you put more rpg eroge plz. thanks for your great work!

  51. Actually – ignore my last post. Turns out the “workaround” is even simpler (and stupider)… That “crash” only happens when loading the movie in FULL SCREEN. In other words, to view the movie (and get past that point), just use windowed mode for a second.

  52. I download all parts and put the together. When i start the game i get a black screen but can here the music any ideas whats going on? Im running xp and i have downloaded the cccp codex

  53. Does anyone know how can I bring up the in-game menu or save the game progress? Or does the game uses autosave features?

    1. Right click the game screen, the menu should appear. From there search for save on the list, I am fairly sure it is near the middle.

  54. Would it be possible for you guys to start uploading all these games onto Mediafire from now on or something? Because Mediafire gives great speed even to free users.

  55. Hey for some reason whenever I get to the scenes where you fight west, I can’t see the movies that play, I can hear the sounds, but there’s nothing there, all the other movies/clips work besides the west ones (although I’m only on the second fight with him) and I’ve already installed the cccp-project codec pack that admin mentioned in an earlier comment. So I don’t know what to do, please help when you get the chance.

    1. same here…other video cutscenes played just fine, so I wonder what went wrong. the video file probably?

      1. dunno why but it happened in my netbook. I played that part again but in window mode and then it worked fine.

  56. Hey admin, first I’d like to say thank you for the effort you are putting for this site. Made my life a bit easier in looking for translated novels. Second, I got my hands of a copy of the Demonbane soundtrack, if you would like a copy let me know and I’ll see if i can send it to you; to upload to your site.

    1. Please upload it in any site like Mediafire. I’m having some trouble finding the complete OST. The best I got was only the second CD in some Vietnamese forum.

  57. Hello. I seem to have a problem with the text of this game.It looks like the text doesn’t align properly with the text box if it’s longer than it.Also, sometimes the text on screen won’t clear and the next text overlaps with the previous one making it hard to read.Any ideas how to fix it…?

    1. I got exactly the same problem. The texts of the game are not well aligned, words are ofent seperate in two and overlaps with other words making this awsome game ABSOLUTELY UREADABLE. I have searched for days to find a solution but anyone seem to have this problem. All this is VERY FRUSTRATING. Does anyone can help me please.

  58. I got a problem. So i downloaded the game extracted worked fine.

    So I started playing it and in about 1 hour into the game a bit after demonbane is summoned, the game crashes. Everytime I reload and play to that point, it crashes.

    So i decided to redownload, got another copy of it, and when i run the game the save files from my deleted game are still ther, and i load, and bam, the game still crashes at that point.

    Is anyone else having this problem?
    This could be a glitch in the save file, and idunno what the save file is so i dunno what to delete. Help plz

    1. That’s the point when movie is played = you probably don’t have proper codecs to play it, so game crashes. install cccp-project codec pack (google it) and you should be fine.

      1. Thx admin, I did full installation of the codec pack but my problem isnt fixed. To clarify, the first few video segments in the game played, and this may not even be a video problem. I am running on 64-bit windows 7, i sriously have no idea whats causing this problem, the game works perfectly fine until one point where it ‘stops working’. As i said i tried redownloading and reinstalling and my saves are not deleted so i suspect the save files.

      2. The problem is within the archive mv_lemuria.ngs. I watched this video using windows media player (it worked) Then, i renamed DEMON_DEMON.ngs to mv_lemuria.ngs. Go back to the game, it will play the opening in the part it would crash. Skip the movie, save. Change the names and archives to it’s original places. Enjoy.

  59. Hi. I got a question if I’m downloading this. I just downloaded Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~ with English Patch and I set the non-unicode language to Japanese. So can I play this game with the same non-unicode language or should I change it back and forth.

  60. I just downloaded the game. But there wasn’t any voice patch for full voices or anything inside. I haven’t played it just yet, but anyone knows if it is full voice patched already?

    If its not, than where i can download the full voice patch (there is supposed to be one according to the comments here, but i didn’t see one)?

  61. err…It seems that i cannot download from any of the links.
    FileSonic wouldn’t download and FileServe said that the files were unavaiable.

  62. I´ve got one Question. I Read that there is a Sequal Game for Demonbane, called “Kishin Hishou Demonbane”(sorry, don´t have the english translation). Are you going to upload that one too or not?

    1. Well, once there’s an English patch or English release, I think the ADMIN will post it up. Because he only posts up Visual Novels with English patches or releases.

    1. PC version only has some parts voiced. Luckily there’s voice patch posted here that adds voices from PS2 version to remaining parts.

          1. Unless it have an English patch or something, there won’t be any difference playing it on PS2 🙁

  63. Do the link interchangeable?

    for example i download part 1 from FSONIC, then i download part 2 from FILESERVE??

  64. Ummm, admin-sama, can you please rate every eroge that you’ll upload? especially the gameplay, graphics, story and such… Thanks!!!

    1. Why would he need to do that? Everyone has their own personal opinions about a certain visual novel/ eroge. Play the damn game and see if you like it, i think the admin has enough work already occupying himself with the maintenance of this site.

  65. Thanks admin, finally found some time to start reading/playing the eroge , and although i had to open up to the story at first, after a couple of chapters i really started to like it.

    Finished Al’s route, going to do Ruri route’s next, keep up te uploads.


    I was suprised when they introduced Dagon, Cthulhu, Yog Shagoth… I was always facinated by the Lovecraft Mythos stories.
    Ai Ai Cthulhu Ph’Tagen. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Rl’yeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! :p

  66. @admin
    Dumb question but still asking. Does this game came without sound that we need to download the voice patch?

    1. PC version has voices only in h-scenes, prologue and epilogue. Rest of game is unvoiced if you don’t use that patch.

    1. Because anime is short and censored version of Al Azif route but interesting to watch. Right now I’m finishing Ruri’s route in visual novel.

      1. Stop trolling and deceiving people.

        Do yourself a favor and avoid that abomination of anime adaption at all cost. It’s just utterly horrible, and shouldn’t exist. Just try erasing its existence from your mind.

  67. Deaus ex-machina – man, god, machine.

    I suggest to watch anime first, before playing visual novel.

  68. Hi guys, I have a little problem here.
    I ran the setup and it said it finished installing. When I tried to run the program, only an empty window appeared though. Then the window immediately closed itself. I used the db_usa application from the program files and the db_usa that came from the download. I’m not sure what I’m missing here. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  69. Thank you so much! You’ve got a great list of games here and we appreciate all of this. Looking forward to more novel! 😛 And also, I was wondering if you could use Mediafire as mirror links? That’s the only site that works very well for me. Thanks again admin! 🙂

  70. Hey Admin, I just wanted to write here how much I appreciate your site. I have bought many of these games thanks to your site and being able to test them. I’m sure you have to deal with a crap load of stuff and from what I can see, your not getting paid to do ANY of this, so again, thank you very much for giving us all access to this great genre of games. On a side note, I was wondering if you had any word on an upcoming game, “Escalation: Yukkuri Panic!”? Looks like an awesome game and was hoping you could post the game so I could try it before committing to buying the whole thing. Thx again Admin!

  71. ok so the save folder for USA version is C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Nitroplus\Demonbane USA\

    Anybody care to share the complete save file?

  72. Does anyone know how to properly use the skip feature, that only unread text is skipped? Both the “STRG” and the “N” key (skip and fast skip), skip unread text and yes, I’ve set the option to only skip already read text in the menu.
    This way it is a bit annoying to go through all routes.

    1. You may have figured this out by now, but if you only press down *once* on the skip key (CTRL or whatever)it should only skip what you’ve already read (assuming you’ve set the settings accordingly). Do NOT hold the skip button down – this skips the text whether you’ve read it or not. Only push it once and let go. I’ve finished all the routes but Leica’s and this method’s worked perfectly for me so far.

      1. Think of it as sharing all you want but it is stealing. This is why many companies make games exclusively to consoles. I am not one to complain but I hate it when people like you try to justify it.

        1. eh? Wait. I’m confused… You hate people who try to justify stealing, but you steal yourself? I don’t get it :S
          To be honest. I think all games are too expensive, and I can’t afford them, hence, I download them for free, and if I had loads of cash to blow, I’d actually buy the games. Heck, I’d buy all the games I want. I’d love a whole bookcase filled with Eroge! It’d go great with my anime poster’d walls and ceiling! But. They’re soooo expensive…
          And since those companies make so much money in Japan, I think they probably wouldn’t notice a thousand people ‘Sharing/Borrowing/Stealing/Pirating/Cracking’ their games. If they were having financial problems, they wouldn’t have been able to make this game. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it to go and hate someone… 🙁

          1. Only reason why i don’t buy/ rather CAN’T buy eroge, is cause they all require credit card transactions to buy, and that’s a no-go for me. If they allowed pay-pal or some other service it would be another situation… Also, i’d like have the game boxed but who the hell is going to produce boxed versions of eroge games in the west….

            I don’t care if you pirate everything ( e.a games in general) but don’t give me the “i’m poor excuse”.

            Also yes, visual novels are popular in japan but you probably didn’t considered for a moment that IT’S NOT THEM who do the actual translations to english. Translation companies are already small and everybody leeching their games ain’t gonna help aynone (neither us or them) for future releases.

  73. Zanma Taisei Demonbane

    Disclaimer: I do not own the above title. Any and all characters, settings and translations belong to their appropriate companies and owners thus I am not responsible for anything this game does.

    This is as far as I can tell, the only walkthrough made in English. Please post me if I have made any mistakes or you wish to contribute or make a suggestion. This is a simple walkthrough and may or may not obtain full CG by the end.

    Al Route

    Cover the girl
    Grab Al and run
    Run over to Leica
    Help Reica up
    I have to fight
    Endure it
    Don’t scold them
    Talk to Alison
    Don’t scold them

    *save 2*


    *save 3*

    Make Love to Al

    *save 4*

    Even so, she wants to stay together

    Normal End

    Load save 4

    No matter what, this cannot be allowed

    True End

    Alternate CG

    load save 2


    load save 3

    Don’t make love to Al

    *save 5*

    Strike with Shining Trapezohedron
    I struggle to live through this nightmare
    And then even my despair leads to nothing

    Bad End

    load save 5

    Don’t strike

    (leads to save 4)

    Ruri Route

    Get down
    Leave Al and run
    Stand in his way
    Help Reica up
    I have to fight
    Let it out
    Don’t scold them
    Don’t talk to Alison
    Don’t scold them

    *save 6*

    Look for her
    Atlantis Strike

    *save 7*


    Normal End

    load save 7


    *save 8*

    Our lips met

    Normal End

    load save 8

    “Please hold me” she said

    *save 9*

    Come in her mouth

    *save 10*

    Say those words to Kurou

    Normal End

    load save 10

    No… not yet!

    True End

    Alternate CG

    load save 6


    Bad End

    load save 9

    Quickly pull out

    Leica Route

    Get down
    Leave Al and run
    Run over to Leica
    Take Leica to her room
    Maybe Metatron’s right
    Let it out
    Scold them
    Talk to Alison
    Scold them

    *save 11*

    Release between her breasts

    True End

    Alternate CG

    load save 11

    Release on her face

    1. Yup. I owe you an applaud. *clap*clap*

      Sigh…bums me out that Elsa doesn’t get a route though.

  74. Permission to post up my own walkthrough here? I did submit one to gamefaqs but I don’t know how long that is going to take

  75. It’s hard to enjoy the game. The translation is good but the game itself already has some pretty annoying flaws. Being partially voiced kills the game IMO.

  76. Thanks for the download, but I’d suggest to people that if you enjoy these translated Nitro+ games, support the company that released them in english and buy it. That way we will get more of them! I myself can’t wait for the more “advanced” titles to get released.

  77. Nowhere don’t response my previous question ¬¬
    I’ll repeat…
    Yagami says:
    May 16, 2011 at 1:52 am
    Where’s I found the folder for files of settings,save games etc of Demonbane??????

    In the Demonbane’s folder I don’t found any folder/file for save games and settings even after close Demonbane u.u

  78. To stop the game from crashing go to Demonbane/dx/ and rename mv_lemuria.ngs after you pass the point of crashing rename it again to mv_lemuria.ngs

  79. wait, wait. Innsmouth? Arkham city? They both sound alarmingly familiar. Arkham city’s in the new batman game. And isn’t Innsmouth in call of cthulthu? or somewhere? I’m not sure where I’ve heard it before.

    1. The story draws influences from Lovecraft and the Cthulu mythos. Hence Arkham, Miskatonic University, the Necronomicon, etc.

  80. Is anybody else having an issue with all characters losing their voices after the lemuria scene?

    1. It’s partly voiced. At some times the conversations are voiced; at other times they’re not.

  81. you are awesome good sir, i have been looking for this game all over and you never let me down on any of your high quality games.

  82. Anybody else not getting audio for some of the movies? Good job admin, I was looking for this game.

  83. some of the characters don’t have voices is that normal cause i read they have voice actors?

  84. My game keeps crashing in the Lemuria scene…I can’t get past it. I’ve tried changing the settings, but it won’t work.

    1. Same Problem, tried everything with the Settings, but Game crash everytime (there isn’t even sound in the Background).

      Perhaps a Win7 Problem?

  85. hey, awesome game. by the way an you look at Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai . i heard it’s pretty good.

  86. For those who are having the video problem, on the options menu, select skip video. If a video does not begin to play, but you hear sound, click on the screen and click yes to stop the video. It’ll skip it entirely and resume the game.

  87. I have a problem with the scene where they use Lemuria Impact for the first tieme? I don´t get video, only sound.

    1. I think its a codec problem. try to watch video in windowed mode. most newer VN engine often had problem when playing vid in fullscreen

          1. If its still not working, try to instal CCCP on your laptop if you dont have it

  88. admin, just a question, how do we know when you are done with the new site? will this site have a pop up? 😀

    thanks for all the good uploads! keep it up!

  89. Huh…part three of the fileserve download was corrupt the first time I tried to extract the files. Resulted in the game loading but with only a black screen showing up, while the BGM played.

    1. Redownload that part then, since the corrupted problem is on your end. Almost thousand people downloaded it without errors.

  90. Unrelated question:

    Admin, will the erogedownload forum be back in the future, or is it to much work to do?

  91. Thank you very much admin!
    Fileserve is fine by me, i just put the links on premium link generator and download with jdownloader at fullspeed.

  92. Anyone else having a problem with the video sequence where they first use Lemuria Impact? I’m getting sound but no video just a black screen.

  93. Thank you, as always, Admin. Whether you provide us ungrateful masses with these games out of goodwill or an odd desire to corrupt us further through the use of porno games, I thank you. In fact, I cannot express my gratitude enough in this limited format; is there a way to let my money thank you instead? Mind you, I’m like 99% sure my money won’t say “thank you,” because as far as I can tell it only says “spend meeeee…..”

    1. i dont like visual novel to be called porno games
      even without h-scene i still enjoy the games

      1. Alright, lets put t this way, how many of the games the admin shares have pornographic content, as opposed to those who do not? Is this website called “eroge” download, or “visual novel” download? Is “eroge” not a portmanteau of “erotic game (EROchikku GEmu in Japanese)” Erotic Game≈Prono Game. Suck it.

  94. Bout damn time.
    I saw the anime years ago.
    oddly enough, i started thinking about this earlier this morning.

  95. Damn, where do you live? I bought the game legit, but I haven’t gotten it yet. -3- Guess I’ll just download it from here and when the game arrives stare at the box.

    1. There hasn’t been any word of a voice patch yet.
      Unlike Koihime, there is voice but it is limited to special events. (Prologue, H, important scenes, etc.)

      The game’s CG and story makes up for the lack of voice, so it is very well playable.

      Anyone come up with a walkthrough?

      1. koihime add full voice if im not mistaken… but that doesnt matter…. admin! nice going! been itching to play this since i’ve seen the anime! thx man

  96. admin thank you so much !

    can i ask u something ?

    Do you know the game with the title “Deardrops”?

    it belongs to overdrive(if im’not confused or something)

    when the english patch comes out, are you going to post it


  97. Uhm Just wanted to ask ,anyone have any problem with voices in chapter 2? there is not any voice.

    1. Yes, that’s normal. PC version only has voices in prologue, epilogue and h-scenes. There might be possibility of making voice patch that will import rest of voices from PS2 version.

  98. Woohoo finally i could play the game. Watched the anime version earlier and felt game must be better.

  99. I just found out something quite disheartening! The game is only partially voice-acted! D:!

    It’s not that big of a deal but still… D:!

  100. hey guyz do i need to mount this game or something else please help…can i have the step by step process in this one?!plzz…

  101. Thanks Admin JAST apparently doesn’t want my money since they still haven’t released the download edition.

  102. the basic idea of main char, was once so highly thought of he was brought in toa secret branch of the school dealign with occult and magica things,but once in after awhile he saw the darker stuff tehy were doing and dropped out, even thought he had great poteintal and talent. years alter he works as a hire gun to find stuff, etc. he hired by a rich group to find a grimore(aka a magic book) and run agorsss the mian heroine… then thank ot her get super powered ^^ rough and quick outline of first section of stroy.. if you want to see more there demon bane the anime for a rough idea and single story line. i liked it

  103. Haha, i’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the quick reponse.

    Oh well, think i will give it a try, maybe it’s pretty good :p

  104. “Arkham city” , lol really, then what the hell is batman doing :p

    Anyways, the synopsis doesn’t say me anything in particular about this game, so ill ask it here?

    a) Is this a good VN (good story)?
    b) Does this contain H-scenes?
    c) Does it containts multiple female romances or a single one

    From what i understand from the synopsis the game will go something like this (joke :p) :

    Uncool guy -> for some reason gets an offer by (hot? ) girl (Hadou Ruri)-> has to fight evil Black Lodge-> probably falls in love with girl ->Uncool guy seems to have some funky awesome power which he will destroy evil with in time-> some crazy H-scenes with girl-> Black Lodge still exists and takes payback somehow -> after a dramatic scene things still work out for good-> the end.

    1. It’s story-driven, so it at least tries to have a good story. Judging by the fact someone bothered to translate it I guess it must have a good story.

      Yep, it does contain h-scenes but not too much (and like I said above, tentacle rape happens to one of the heroines… D:).

      There are multiple heroines each with their own route and ending.

      And your synopsis deduction isn’t too far off the mark, I would imagine. The guy isn’t uncool and doesn’t seem to posses any real power, he’s just extremely unlucky. 😛

    2. *Cough* Oops, JAST translated this so it could very well have a crap story. JAST has that reputation after all. 😛

      1. it’s made by Nitroplus so it at least gets decent writing for a dark story.. this ain’t the usual JAST’s nukige.. this is one of their Nitroplus works to translate and bring out officially to US.. i think they also bought rights for Saya no Uta and Chaos;Head among other Nitroplus works..

  105. I’m not gonna spoil anything but I heard one of the heroines gets raped in this game… and by tentacles no less! If that doesn’t put you off, enjoy!

  106. filserve is good, but not better than megaupload

    i think most poeple will agree with this;


  107. Can you have uploading these in MegaUpload and MediaFire??????FileSonic and FileServe was so horrible -.-

  108. thank you admin, this is a really big deal, having 2 filehosters per game, makes it much faster for regular users!


  109. Admin. You deserve a vast number of starchips. I cannot thank you enough but as a fellow person i applaud you.

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