Deus Machina Demonbane – Walkthrough

Deus Machina Demonbane English game download

Al Azif
01. Cover the girl
02. Grab Al and run
03. Stand in his way
04. Help Leica up
05. I have to fight
06. Endure it
07. Don’t scold them
08. Talk to Alison
09. Don’t scold them
10. Endure it (Ejaculate -> extra cg)
11. Atlach-Nacha
12. Make love to Al (Don’t make love to Al -> Strike with the Shining Trapezohedron -> And then even my despair fades to nothing -> BAD END)
13. No matter what, that cannot be allowed (Even so, she wants to stay toggether -> Normal end)

01. Get down
02. Leave Al and run
03. Stand in his way
04. Help Leica up
05. I have to fight
06. Let it out
07. Don’t scold them
08. Don’t talk to Alison
09. Don’t scold them
10. Look for her (3x Wait -> BAD END)
11. Atlantis Strike
12. Romance
13. SAVE – 1 at the start of 13 chapter -> Play till end
14. LOAD – 1
15. ‘Please hold me’, she said
16. Come in her mouth (Quicly pull out -> extra cg)
17. No… not yet! (Say those words to Kurou -> No End)

01. Get down
02. Leave Al and run
03. Run over to Leica
04. Take Leica to her room
05. Maybe Metatron’s right
06. Let it out
07. Scold them
08. Talk to Alison
09. Scold them
10. Atlach-Nacha
11. Release between her breasts (Release on her face -> extra CG)

40 Responses to “Deus Machina Demonbane – Walkthrough”

  1. Duncan Idaho says:

    i just saw al bad endings, holy fuck, that could give nightmares to anybody O_O

  2. inertia says:

    I’ve finished Al route, but then again which one should I play next?
    Ruri’s route or Leica’s route?
    I mean I like to save the best for last…

  3. lolcatz says:

    Hmm seems like a fun game.

  4. Vlad says:

    the anime was good but this game crosses the line. its way better thanks Admin.

  5. raitou says:


  6. Eldar says:

    There is no way to use Alison’s talent productively, right?

  7. Dan says:

    So I followed this guide, and now have 100% CG collection, but for some reason I am still missing the second movie. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Alter says:

      Same problem also. I noticed the second movie is somewhat corrupted and the video freezes at certain point. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t appear in the list adter you finish it.

    • Zellrang says:

      the second movie is actually an opening movie after you played Leica’s route… it will add a little “something” in it that differed than the first one… in other words after you play Leica’s route… DON’T SKIP THE PROLOGUE… watch the opening again… the little something is REALLY unnoticeable if you don’t play the original one again…

  8. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    the anime is disappounting if you’ve played the game, as they barely gloss over all the early parts of the story of gathering pages, (particularly atlach nacha, cthughua and ithaqua for obvious reasons)

    • Zellrang says:

      I second that… there’s a lot of thing missing here and there, that makes me really unsatisfied just by looking at the time when he repel the bazooka back and uses his wing as a shield… I don’t like it when the character just know wht to do right from the start with the act and move like “I’M THE MASTER OF MARTIAL ARTS” though it’s his first time to actually fight someone, it just seem awkward and unreal… 🙁 it could better if he’s with his surprise face while repelling it and scared face when using the wing as a shield.

  9. zerox535 says:

    I enjoy al azif’s route the best 😀 im a sucker for main heroine routes

  10. Mr. B says:

    I kinda wish there was a Elsa path.

  11. krio says:

    i find the normal Al ending better than the best one…

    • Miqu says:

      You mean the together option right at the end? I agree with that, you get to see Elsa again there too and it also makes a few more things clear (that previous event with Elsa left a bad aftertaste)

      Also, you don’t have to pick the make love option for Al to reach the good endings. It’s very possible to skip the H scenes as long as you don’t pick the following bad options

  12. anima_machina says:

    ruri is the best, i play this game just to get here route…

  13. Arkknightz says:

    If i follow through this walkthrough, will i get 100% cg and extras unlocked?

  14. Arkknightz says:

    Dont like Leica ><

  15. C says:

    Thanks for this, to bad there isn’t an Elsa ending, i’m sure a lot of other people wanted to see that aswell.

  16. Anon says:

    There are at least 5 endings. Where is the ending ? The true one wlathrough.

  17. ??????????? says:

    Is their a meatron ending

  18. Gyre says:

    Why is there no Nya end?

    • Dark says:

      there is quite a good reason for it, play the game and you’ll find out.

    • Garraty says:

      I’d count Al Azif bad end as Nya end

    • Traze says:

      You know that Nya is Nyarlathotep,the only one of Lovecraft’s entities that can actually be called “evil” and is a shapeshifter,right?

      Seriously,Google Image “Nyarlathotep”.If you still want to have sex with that thing…Your more messed up than Minase from Bible Black and T

      • Traze says:

        (Continued since I submitted too early)

        If you still want to have sex with that eldritch thing who,then your more messed up than Minase from Bible Black and Taichi from CROSS CHANNEL combined.

        • Icy says:

          Wait…the only reason why I was curious about downloading the game is to see that one ending…what does Nya exactly DO to the main chara? (Forgot his name)

          • Duncan Idaho says:

            Oh boy, what she dint do, for starters it kidnapps kuro, forces him to be her plaything for eternity and tortures him.

          • icyshadow says:

            And the plaything part has sex? Because an insane masochist wouldn’t mind that much.

          • count_monty says:

            Well are you an insane masochist? If so, have fun I guess.

          • Duncan Idaho says:

            Eh non concensual sex, kuro is raped over and over and over both physically and mentally until he utterly breaks and then nyarlotep discards him by killing him

  19. Nyte says:

    thanks a bunch~

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