Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me

Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me

The beautiful busty girl you defended becomes your slave?
She lives with you and has all the sex you could desire!

You saved a girl classmate and she devoted herself to you.
Not just at school but at home too, she’s always there. A life of two.
Master and servant. Your wish is her command.
Enjoy the lewd life with a girlfriend who makes you her only priority.

107 Responses to “Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me”

  1. justabystander says:

    this is an uncomfortable time to chat in, but when I extracted the nekura.exe file, after entering, it keeps disappearing, even after switching regions to japan, it just disappears, I am doing this on a windows 10

    someone pls reply

    • rando says:

      Your virus scanner is probably blocking it, you have to exclude the .exe file from your virus scans.

  2. Grim_Lord says:

    This is just my type girl, just have to Download, thank you for all the great available games

  3. Lorelio says:

    This game is great!
    I want to have a wife like this, she’s super duper cutie!!

    Sadly is hard to find girls like this…

    Also… Small boobs are better than those… Erh… I don’t even know how to call that tits!! Too huge to my taste… Not that this matter…

  4. Saber is love, Saber is life says:

    Just a warning that the menus aren’t translated so it might be confusing to put it to full screen or change sound options.

  5. DotuLord says:

    I’ve been running this game with AppLocale for a while and everything was fine, but today it just doesn’t work. Syntax error after I’ve tried everything I can think of and restarted my pc twice.

  6. Zaxus says:

    Shows syntax error!?

  7. ICECOLD says:

    these comments are frickin hilarious!!!!……..DOWNLOAD

  8. reyomae says:

    how to download all..not buy ha2

  9. kyo01 says:

    is it uncensored ?

  10. rAFFRO says:

    How To Save ??

  11. Shazuki says:

    It does not work ! :/

  12. Wash Toilet says:

    Idk if I may like it…… download

  13. cake4days says:

    i downloaded this but it won’t let me open the exe some crazy letters come up then it says syntax error, can anyone help me out with this?

    • Garuda says:

      Sounds like you need to set your applocale to Japanese. The details sometimes vary from OS to OS* but typically on Windows you go to Control Panel, something about Clock/Language/Region, go to the region and look for a choice that brings up a new window where you can find an administrative tab.

      Once you’ve got that, look for something that talks about language for non-Unicode programs. It should say English at start for us English-speakers. Choose to change the system locale (you need to be able to do this as an admin) and go down the list to Japanese. Click on that, restart the computer when prompted.

      Remember that in the future you may need to reset it to US English if you’re going to have someone doing remote access on your PC or something, otherwise they could look at a load of kanji gibberish they can’t understand.

      *my bet’s that Windows changes the names and exact details to make it harder for you to find what to disable in a new computer. Not joking, I mean it.

      • admin says:

        Instructions (with pictures!) on how to change locale are also available on FAQ section (I guess, I should remove XP and Vista and add Win10 to list, but oh, well….)

  14. thatfujoshi says:

    i am a girl, and i am here for… research……. download.

  15. raichuchan says:

    are there any other games from these guys Miel on this site?

  16. says:


  17. neko says:

    anyone what to do when it says syntax error and does not launch from the start ? thanks

  18. Abershern says:

    Control scheme for visual novel cannot read japanese.
    How to save?

  19. Revan says:

    For those of you who don’t know how to save, it is at the bottom of the screen so go into full screen (just tinker around till ya find it, i believe it is a sub option under the second option with w and f)

  20. Marx says:

    What do+I need to open this game?

    • Marx says:

      I mean I downloaded the game, extracted it, but when I looked into it I have no idea what I have to do to open the game. is there supposed to be an .exe file here that I’m not seeing or is it something else entirely?

  21. Naleek12 says:

    Damn it, it won’t work,the game crashes with a “syntax error”
    Does anyone knows how to correct this ??
    I can’t do my research like this … ^^
    btw I am on windows 10
    thx to anyone who can help me
    have a nice day (^-^)

  22. Cyan says:

    not my type of VN . . . she might come cheap to me as a girl . . .
    i do not want to be her kind but i want her kind of girls so……download -_-

  23. StivKobra says:

    I freaking love the comments here….. download

  24. SomeoneYouDontKnow says:


  25. AnotherNameBitesTheCrust says:

    So… This is the all-ages version, right?

  26. MeiMei says:

    hey how dou save in this thing? cant seem to find the save button

    • MeiMei says:

      I take back my words…finally found it. AND i would just like to say………….
      THIS IS THE STUFF!!!!!
      Unlike other vn’s this company produces, it gives off a really refreshing and cute way of the heroine.
      Like Miyako from Majikoi but better!
      Thanks admin

  27. hisho99 says:

    God this comment section….. download

  28. Eternum says:

    yay, more fun and addition to my folder……download

  29. Crit says:

    well this is maybe too simple ….. download

  30. Crownforce says:

    “Download” is the new “desu” …… download.

  31. Lel anon says:

    Whats wrong with you all…

  32. Onii-Sama says:

    Like Yume Miru Kusuri, but with less chocking.

  33. into weird shit, just like you says:

    well this seems normal, I guess….downlaod

  34. pervybro says:

    Cant beleive that a guy would f*ck a girl who he had protected….Download

  35. Le Sigh says:

    I miss the days when the Visual Novels released were telling a real story, dealing with meaningful topics such as Clannad, Sharin no Kuni, Swan Song, and Yume Miru Kusuri among other titles. Now the industry is just catering towards fulfilling people’s carnal lust. It makes me shy away so much that it makes me want to… download (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

  36. KN_Lolicon says:

    just here to add extra comments, but still… yea going to do it…

  37. KN_Lolicon says:

    just here to add extra comments, but still…

  38. Passerby A says:

    look at all these Hypocrites… download

  39. anon says:

    I kinda like these types of vn, gives more space for some interesting stuff to happen besides the boring romantic stuff from anime or the tragic mess that other genre’s tend to bring in.
    And at least it is not tentacles, guro or vore 😛

  40. zufield says:

    I actually liked this one a lot. The story was surprisingly cute and I really liked the sex scene that showed the actual sperm fertilizing her egg, since that is totally my fetish.

  41. YoukaiFan says:

    What’s with these comments? Yeah, it’s going to be one of those mediocre nukige but I don’t see anything in particular that would make me believe it is going to be a travesty.

  42. jinjin says:

    Reminds me of My Classmate Is A Sex Slave… download

  43. Momo says:

    99% chance i won’t like it….. download

  44. Revoo says:

    disturbing fantasy for weirdos with 100% chances for bad story telling….. download.

  45. Ex Nihilo says:

    Well we could view this story from another perspective. A more realistic one. Nice guy with goals in life (healing cancer, bring world peace?) is seduced by a horny girl out of controle and ends up as a living sex toy. Humanity doomed. No, sorry I fail to see how the protagonist can be the sole villain in this kind of game when clearly both eventually find pleasure in beeing together but only one(the nice guy) has to sacrifice something in the end.

  46. XP User says:

    Found screen resolution problem when played in window mode.
    Cann’t go to bottom line command.

    Anyone know How to change screen resolution of this game ?

    • Michael Edwards says:

      Check the upper left screen, and the second from the right.
      (I have t use trial & error for this).

    • Garuda says:

      That really pops up with some games and I’ve never been able to figure out why, or how to fix it (besides going full screen).

  47. wayhryoeu says:

    oh this one….. download

  48. Machiavelo says:

    I guess is time to unzip….. download

  49. XP User says:

    Is it XP compatibilty ?

  50. zappky says:

    Hmmmmmm….. looks good. Thanks you

  51. lolcatz says:

    as tempting as this is, i never play vn’s where the girls have stupidly over exaggerated breast sizes. It’s just stupid. Thanks though admin.

    • zeupiter says:

      i’d say her breast size is normal for the plump girl she is.

      • asdas says:

        Look again, they are grotesquely large.

        • Damrod says:

          That kinda depends on which image they show.
          Some of them make the breasts look grotesquely large where-as others make it look like they are the right size for a plump girl. The worst offenders for making her boobs look that big are when she is fully clothed where-as the other pictures seemingly shrink her cup size a few cups.

    • Kerfirou says:

      Agreed. Her boobs size is just ridiculous.

  52. LIGHTDX says:

    Thank you admin. I had the game but in japanese so it is great to see it in english.

  53. Naga says:

    It kind of old fashion but i like it……download

  54. d_erogamer says:

    hey, the heroine is quite cute ……download

  55. dgamer says:

    intriguing but highly disturbing…… research purpose)

  56. Deku says:

    I keep getting a blue window and a window that looks like ????????????(syntax error) and applocales not helping, what do i do to fix it?

  57. Strijoca says:

    Oh yeah! Another translated Miel VN!……. download

  58. HailMuffins says:

    sigh, another fucked up and sick nukige….download

  59. Meimei says:

    Well….another master-slave type of vn….download

  60. Bob says:

    Sigh.. Another one of these…

  61. dummyman says:

    sigh, this one’s story going to be fucked up …… download.

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