My Girlfriend Gets Aroused Watching Me Having Sex With Another Girl

My Girlfriend Gets Aroused Watching Me Having Sex With Another Girl

Kitamura Satoshi lives his happy university life with his girlfriend, Kawai Shiori. That is until one day she discovers a porn on his computer about a cheating wife.

Shiori confused by this runs away. After few days not talking to each other, she finally approaches Satoshi. Prepared for the worst, he thinks she is going to break up with him.

But she said something completely crazy: “H-have sex… in front of me… with another girl!”

And so their relationship complicates.

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  1. Es la primera vez q veo una sinopsis así… Jaja… Si a la chica le gusta bien por ella… Y lo mismo si es viceversa… Cada quien con sus justos… No le veo infidelidad por que la chica se lo propuso Y lo aprueba… ojalá tenga final harem…

  2. After choosing misa route all i get is Japanese language
    Is there an English patch
    I only understand a little Japanese it is frustrating when it is only half way through

    1. Check the game folder. If you have a folder called Rio rename it or move it (may or may not be needed).

      That’s probably the culprit.

  3. Hey, so I downloaded it but im only seeing the files, not the actual application anywhere. I extracted the .rar’s by using WinRar Archives. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I”m a little late but:
      Run the .exe
      The first window is just the pre game config. pres acept or start (dont quite remember) and the game should start.

  4. The graphics of this eroge is one of the very, very few that actually made me stop for “breathers” 😉 part way through instead of just going back after I finish the story line. Is there a patch somewhere that gets rid of the mosaic? I can’t find one.

  5. So the girl only wants her boyfriend to fuck another girl to get aroused!?
    What the hell is up with that!?
    Just been playing it recently and i’m already getting pissed for some reason!! >:(
    This game is reminding me of Princess X to be honest.

    1. Apparently they have been going out and having sex for three years and it turns out the sex hasn’t been good for her all this time. So her solution is to watch him have sex with other girls. Rather than, I don’t know, actually tell him it’s been bad so they can try a fix things in the bedroom instead of keeping it a secret.

      She says it the only way she can enjoy it now. Never mind the fact that means they have to find a third party to actually have any fun. Which is a temporary solution at best because what if they can’t find anyone to agree to it when someone either gets bored or moves on with their life?

  6. Isn’t all females in a harem cucks? Or maybe an advanced form of cucks that accept getting cucked. It double standard to accept harem and not NTR.

    1. Not really. Like at all. I’ve seen this argument before with netori and NTR but it’s a matter of protagonist perspective. If that harem eroge was told from the perspective of one of the heroines and some dude was railing them all and when she finds out it breaks her heart and the dude ends the game with some other girl then yea that could be NTR.

    2. That’s the thing though, You’re expecting closet cucks behind a screen screaming how they want all cucks dead or something to be reasonable. There’s this thing called “cuck rage” look it up. You just have to laugh at them because be default, they’re showing how fragile they are by constantly being on edge. It’s like playing GTA and then get accused of having murderous intent because you killed some fictional people. Same with NTR. The overwhelming majority of people who read and enjoy it will not tolerate being cucked in real life just like casual murder isn’t tolerated in real life.

      Now, i would say that a Harem is not exactly equivalent to NTR, and there are numerous nuances and reason for that but i doubt anyone is interested in reading a long ass comment which is already too long in an eroge site so i’ll leave it be.

      1. Good comment. I actually wouldn’t mind being cucked in real life by my mistress behind my wife’s back, but only as a side thing. I would never do it in a real relationship.

    3. Nah. There’s something called an ‘open relationship'(just look it up), and harems are examples of that. NTR is having the lover stolen from someone either sexually or emotionally(or both). One leaves someone hurt(or if the one being cucked is fine with it…well I guess it’s all…good? IDK LOL), while the other is just another type of relationship that all parties are fine with. Well, aside from those rapey harems…but those are more like slave-harems which are a different can of worms.

  7. @FriendlyNeighborhoodSupportGuy

    Now do you mean the actual RIO file or the RIO folder? Because if you rename the RIO file the game doesn’t work.

  8. For anyone downloading this. The Misa Route is fully translated but one of the files left in the folder will overwrite a large chunk of the route back into Japanese. Before you play this game Rename the RIO File to something else and it will no longer interfere with the translation.

    1. I find this new layout less ideal and less compact than the last one. On the other hand, my dark reader add on does function on this site still so if you need a night mode just get one of the dark mode apps.

  9. That’s rare in a nukige — a heroine who actually looks almost like a real human with reasonably sized boobs.
    This one even hit ground on two of my fav dl sites today — ty!

  10. Thanks for the upload Admin.

    A bit of feedback on the new layout: I think the sidebar on the left could be shrunk down a bit (so it’s only 2/3 as wide), so there isn’t so much empty space there. Right now the page feels a bit cramped to me.

    1. I applaud Admin’s modifications – but also agree that the left menu is … distracting in it’s current size, and – would be ideal if it is collapsible (easy to do, I assure you Admin-sensei)

        1. For me, it’s either gone completely (at the top of the page) with a very narrow frame, or it’s about 2inches wide while in split screen with a 2560×1440 resolution. If I full screen the window, the sidebar stays the same width, and the space between it and the content of the page (VN/comments/etc) is less than 1cm wide, and after the contents, is ’empty’ (page background image) space.

  11. It’s the same stuff as killing people in a video game or loli hentai about kids having sex in a fictional story. All that sucks in real life, but okay in fiction.

    So, Not sure why fictional NTR gets people so riled up. It’s like an insecurity leakage. How to spot a closeted cuck, see their reaction towards fictional NTR.

    1. tl;dr – tags are good, live and let live, we’re probably all perverts at one time or another… and – goto Next Post.

      Too long:
      I would suggest that your psychology just might be of the dimestore variety – and would strongly hope that you never decide to go in to the field. Just joking m8… probably, lol.

      No doubt that _some_ “closeted cucks” will rant and rave against NTR while secretly reveling in their fetish. That said, there are certainly plenty of VN enthusiasts, etc.. who do not (or cannot) resist the immersive qualities that the “protag / avatar” arrangement provides for, which is to say that there is an emotional response, even from such fictional material. It is how most VNs are designed, after all – to provide an experience from the viewpoint of the MC – and, even if “watered down”, the resulting emotions can often feel pretty “real”.

      I doubt you really believe that if a person states that they don’t enjoy such titles – those employing NTR (of course it’s fictional) – that they therefore _must_ be a cuck. Like using such a reaction as an indicator would be particularly accurate, heh. That said – shouting out one’s opposition to any particular class of fetish might warrant some suspicion, and is usually just annoying… NTR wars are boring as hell at this point, after all. I do believe that the psychology of fetishism can get pretty complicated at times, often consisting of conflicting internal responses, lol – e.g. “… corruption of an innocent” can tweak more than a few people’s perv-switch, but wait – if it’s a loved one… anger, jealousy, revulsion… conflicting with the perverse allure of any girl surrendering to the erotic… lol… if the former wins out, you probably avoid NTR, and if the latter prevails — the next question is whether one is closeted or proudly “out”, lol.

      Naturally, that assumes that one is at least slightly “immersed” in the protagonist role. Some folks are better at distancing themselves from the first-person, immersive role – engaging from a voyeuristic perspective which “shields” them a bit from that aforementioned inner battle (just denial in some cases, I’d wager). lol…. shame is often a state of ambivalence, I suppose. lol.

      I personally don’t consider myself a cuck, lol – cuz, even if “wanton abandon” by some neo-slut could make for perverse arousal, I’d never look at her again, and probably kill and/or maim every guy involved; a cuck would just watch, I think. Even in fiction, those proclivities would assert themselves. Like – yeah, corruption can press some buttons – but underlying pure rage, coupled with an instant revulsion to a former loved one – fictional or not – would preclude any possible enjoyment.

      For me, this naturally means that I don’t really judge any other viewpoints, because I “get it”, even if plain vanilla can often be a satisfying flavor. Things vanilla aside – this shit is tricky, this perversion thing, lmfao.

  12. it does not look so terrible, in the sense that the hero do not throw the heroine (according to some CG) , there is even a harem ending

  13. sometimes i wonder… what is it with the games being either:
    a)super moe virgin girl gets embarrassed after being called by her first name
    b)hardcore cheating toddler having sex with her dead father

    i mean yeah this here strikes a middle ground.. but what the heck?

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