A Sky Full of Stars

A Sky Full of Stars

When Akito was small, he would gaze at the stars every night with his childhood friends Hikari and Saya. He felt excited seeing the twinkles of countless stars through the telescope lens, so close that it felt like he could reach out and grab them with his hand. It inspired dreams of journeys into space, exploring the Milky Way and solving the mysteries of the galaxy. However, now he no longer looks up at the night sky and was called the ‘astronomy club member who doesn’t watch the stars’.

He received an invitation to attend the revival of the ‘Pleiades meeting’ with astronomy clubs from other schools in the area and decided to go to their next meeting to turn it down in person. There, he had an unexpected reunion with Hikari, whom he hadn’t seen since she moved some place far away. Together with Saya, senpai Orihime and kouhai Korona, his long-lost desire to look up at the stars has been rekindled and their star-filled youthful days full of new precious memories begin.

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  1. Does anyone knows if this one here has +18 stuff or is the all ages edition, because I don’t see the “No sexual content” tag here so I think is the +18? but also I see people saying that the company cut the +18 content from the game when they translated it…

    So, did the fans made a -IfMyHeartHadWings- with this one too, or it’s still the same game the company first released aka:censored?

  2. Well, planning on downloading this sooner, I bookmarked it to one of the visual novel, I want to download, well just reading the comments, it made me wonder if that dead file is already fixed.


  4. The script was butchered horribly, freakin Figurative translation rather than a literal translation totally killed it for at several points. Hope a uncensored patch is made soon too. As a matter of fact I kinda hope a fansub group redoes the entire game.

  5. I don’t know the correct place to post this, but please upload Sora to Umi ga, Fureau Kanata/Adventure or a Lifetime. It hasn’t been uploaded anywhere and it would be great if it was uploaded. Thanks in advance!

  6. Guys, I can’t launch the game sayin that I dont have dxd something something. I DID have dxd something something but after I extract the files, I can’t even launch the game. Please help..

  7. After what I’ve seen in the Original version… I can sort of understand why they would censor it… but still…

    1. Cutting content from anything without offering an option to restore it should be a big no-no. It’s extremely bad practice that can lead to even heavier censoring in the future.

  8. Guys I already downloaded and all the time it happens this error 0xc000007b . first is says it misses some dll after putting it gives me this damn error all the time ! Can someone help me out? TY in advance

  9. Anyone else getting an AV detection when unpacking this? Avira is detecting TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen in the file AdvHD.exe.

    1. Yep, avira just f***** me up too, …I need help, can someone upload a copy of a link of the ADVHD.exe of the game? I’ve already added the file to the exception yet avira just kept freaking putting it in quarantine, hell I can’t even restore it cause this piece sh*t wouldn’t even load the quarantine list.

  10. So I downloaded this game but every time I try to run it it keeps giving me the error that the steam_api.dll is missing anyway to fix this?

    1. +17 has no H scenes sorry to say it. Lets just hope a restoration patch comes out soon. And remember only +18 has H scenes

  11. I was so happy when I saw this game translated but felt some disappointment when I read and saw this was +17. I just hope the +18 patch comes out soon so that I can get this game.

    1. It might take some time for one to appear. This publisher really hates adult content in their games – unless some fansub group makes patch, translating missing parts, like with “If my heart had wings”, you won’t be seeing 18+ English version.

      1. IF that is what they did with “If my heart had wings” then i’m quite confident someone would do the same with this one. The +18 scenes in that game were quite good and the game itself was too. I hope that, when the +18 fanpatch fo out you can tell us when that happens Admin, of course if it’s not a problem.

      2. Did they brutalize the script itself too like they did with IMHHW? If so, I’m gonna skip this one since it’d just be a waste of time and bandwidth.

        1. Hoshizora’s script was brutalized? I remember playing it way back when and didn’t really notice anything off. What was brutalized?

          1. *Cough* Not sure why I said Hoshizora… I mean IFMHHW. Course, I haven’t played it in forever.

          2. Translation quality is bad (way worse than in this), sexual jokes and references were changed / removed. Parts of Ageha route are completely incomprehensible.

        2. It’s not as bad as that, but at one point i heard the character say something, and the text said ‘…..’ lol

      3. I don’t mind the wait for a uncensored patch, just hope it doesn’t take to long and hope it won’t be a problem you to post it or tell us about it. Thanks for your hard work as usual Admin

      4. Moenovel is a Subsidiary of Pullpop to localise their game for the western market . And well Pullpop game are mostly eroge 28 out of 30 games ) . So i doubt they hate adult content they just think it’s not necessary for us western audience .
        Japanesse compagnies tend to think that (same for shuffle for exemple )

        1. MoeNovel came out last time and said they want to be able to release games that females can enjoy, this was the main reason behind the censor.

          As for Shuffle if we are talking about Shuffle made by Navel then this already has a full 18+ English version and two of the sequel games as well, This came out long before steam really took off.

          But when all is said and done I won’t touch MoeNovel’s offical work

          1. Well that’s still a complete non sens .
            1)You have game like naked Butler for women audience and well it’s 100 times worse than this kind of game .
            2)I don’t mind censored game IF we have both choice (which in not the case here ). If you want to target an another audience by releasing both censored and uncensored audience i will be totally ok .
            So “to release games that females can enjoy” that’s totall bullshit.
            3)I’m talking about the difference of treatment between Mangagamer(English) and Yumehaven(Japanesse) in the western, not the work of the producer (Navel) in Japan .
            It’s pretty clear Jast USA , Mangagamer ,Sekai Project (ENG) release 18+ version and censored version most of the time .
            MoeNovel + YumeHaven (Jap) only censored version so Far . They made similar mistake tha Jrpg compagnies 20 years ago .

          2. I’m female and I like H-scenes if done well. They wanted to cater to 12 year old French girls I think… that’s what people say -_-

        2. Admin seems to disagree with your assessment.

          “The only reason that original game on here is all-ages is because it was translated by terrible publisher who insists on targeting teenage market and butchered the script to remove any meaty stuff. Fandisk was translated not by them, but as fan-translation, so it has all “interesting” stuff retained.”

  12. I really love you ADMIN <3 hehe… right after I finished Leyline~ and looking for some novel to play, and saw this one recent uploaded!

    ya'r the best!!

  13. For anyone wondering, this is a steam version of the game so it is 17+, all adult content has been deleted by the translators, there is no restoration patch as of yet.

    1. Fan patch is going to take a little more time, Though I must say, It’s going by really fast for a fan patch so who knows man, might be a couple of months to a year…

      All things considered we can only wait… I don’t want that Ageha flashback again so I’ll endure…

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