Kara no Shoujo – FULL VOICE HD

Kara no Shoujo - FULL VOICE HD

March 1956.
Tokyo; a metropolis finally starting to recover ten long years after Japan’s defeat in the War. Private eye Tokisaka Reiji accepts a strange request from a girl in Inokashira Park.

“I want you to look for something. Me. My true self.”

Meanwhile, a series of bizarre murders is plaguing the area, one where young women are disappearing, only to turn up dead and maimed with their wombs torn out. Seeking assistance on the case, Detective Uozumi Kyozo called up his old friend and former coworker, Reiji.

Ouba Girls Academy, a school on the outskirts of Hoya City. Reiji’s little sister attends this school, where two young women have mysteriously vanished. Saeki Tokio, the vice-principal, calls in Reiji to investigate their disappearance, giving him his third case.

Reiji infiltrates the academy as a substitute teacher to glean information from the students – but that’s when he meets her once again.

Kuchiki Toko – his first client, the girl who asked him to search for her true self. Her manner is distinctly boyish as she remarks:

“Heya – so we meet again, Mr. Detective.”

The body count continues to rise. What should be a simple search for some students is starting to grow out of control. For some reason, the number of missing people and unidentified bodies don’t match up.

Who will be chosen as the next victim?

As the endless cycle of tragedy continues, what mysteries lie behind these new cases? Behind a similar series of murders from six years ago?

Perhaps one girl’s smile might await beneath the shell of tragedy…

This is HD remake of Kara no Shoujo

Game downloadFree downloadKnown Issues
-“The game looks blurry in fullscreen mode [critical] – To fix that, change desktop resolution to 1280×720 and check free aspect ratio in the game options.”
-“Opening doesn’t play after prologue [critical] – If you have LAV Filters installed, try resetting settings or uninstalling it. This can be the reason.”
-“Takashiro hospital becomes Takanari after loading save file with map section [minor] – No solution”
-“Screen is not fully dimmed, when “end investigation” dialog appears [minor] – No solution”
-“Some very long sentences are splitted [not a bug] – Making a font even smaller is not an option. Using 4 lines with current size won’t be enough and will look ugly
I suggest you checking voice continues after advancing in the game options.”

33 comments on “Kara no Shoujo – FULL VOICE HD

  1. An HD version?! Well, now I can refresh my memory before diving into Kara no Shoujo 2.

  2. Both Firefox and Windows Defender register a trojan on this and other people have mentioned it here, too. Is that just gonna go unrecognized and unremarked upon by the admin/site?

  3. You don’t need launcher.exe. Just run “殻ノ少女 HD.exe” with japanese locale or using Locale Emulator

  4. Uhmm for those who still have troubles running the launcher.exe just like mine a split second cmd pops up and disappears. Just change your system locale to Japan.
    For those who still have troubles like the trojan issues and other errors just ask Oneline on discord. He provides explanation about the trojan and virus issues.
    Discord link here:discord . gg/rM9WM4v (just remove the spaces and thanks to anon for providing this link from the comments below.)

    PS: Don’t provide any info regarding where you got the game except if you got it from DMM or Japan.

    Hope this can Help you.

  5. We need a fix with launcher and the game itself. Or else it’s unplayable because it keeps saying that has a virus on the game files.

  6. Game stopped working. The launcher doesn’t work anymore because it says that has a unwanted virus. Otherwise I can run the game, but the text box gets messed up.

    1. I wasn’t able to ascertain what the launcher is actually doing so I’m not sure if you could replicate it with manual command line

      If nothing happens when you double click it, it’s supposed to bring up a command window for 1/3rd of a second and then launch the main game.

      You can look at the process list in task manager if you need to see which part isn’t working, but it doesn’t stay active for very long, the only practical use is to see if the main game process is opened but not shown.

      Otherwise you can try general solutions like running as administrator, moving game folder to less protected areas, I think Program Files and Downloads in particular may have higher protections.

      If that doesn’t solve it you’ll have to go to their discord,
      discord . gg/rM9WM4v
      imgur . com/a/MNwpjHU

  7. You have to run Launcherexe, not 殻ノ少女 HDexe to avoid text issues (something to do with the custom font)

    About the translation quality:
    Only the prologue is ‘machine translated’
    The rest uses the official translation from MG.
    To my understanding this prologue was the japanese demo
    Not related to the english demo.
    For reference, the prologue is kinda long but it’s not theworst MT out there either.

  8. Before I download, I’d like to know – what are the differences between this and the original Kara no Shoujo?

    1. It’s redrawn in HD so no black bars at the side and CGs are 720p rather than cropped, the general aestethic of the menus and chracter sprites has been redone to be like in the second game, and the detective MC has a new VA.

    1. Not quite yet. KNS2 is getting an updated version in August, and then, presumably, 3 will be coming soon

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