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  1. hi admin, from the link game, is it already have voice without this patch?, in me no voice.. is there any patch for japanese voice..?

  2. hi there thanks a lot,

    someone knows if the 2nd one was translated ? (just in case) i just finished cartagara, it was so good scenar…never rode the manga, so don’t get any comparison point…

  3. is the scene after the cemetery not supposed to have voices, if so then please help the patch didn’t work after the cemetery.

  4. Lol, beat the game up until the true route without even knowing there’s a voice patch xD
    anyhow, discovered the patch and ‘ll beat the true ending with it (but KnS is an extremely awesome VN on it’s self, so missing voices ain’ that bad)

  5. hi! thx for the great uploads.. was wondering if there was a patch to fix the skip function? thx btw nc game

  6. Awesome, thanks. Great story, but the reasons I got interested in the first place was to hear a handful of my favorite seiyuu together.

  7. It works fine on my computer, thank you. To those who wonder, the voices begin to play at the very beginning (in the cemetary), when police officers talk. So if you do not hear anything, there is a problem.

    By the way, I wish I could increase the sound of the voices, but it doesnt appear in the options (as the game didnt intend to use voices in the first place). Do you know if a solution exists ? Thank you.

  8. To people having problems with this patch: try renaming it from “patch3.xp3” to just “patch.xp3”. With this I made it work even with latest version bought from MG.
    You’ll know it works if you get voices in the very first scene in the game (detective is voiced in it).

  9. My voice patch isn’t working? It just plays out and doesn’t talk. I’ve gotten past the first conversation with Kyoko and the little yuri scene thing. Only 10 minutes in really. Do those characters not have voices?

  10. hey admin i put the patch into the game directory where the .exe is but the voices are still in Japanese what should i do

    1. Voices will be japanese. There are no dub patches for any hentai game/visual novel to my knowledge.
      Without this patch there is no voices at all. With it you get Japanese voices added.

  11. When I try to put the Patch.xp3 (which cannot be opened by any application on my computer) into the game, I still get no voices.

    Does this mean the game is corrupted and I have to re-download?

    And when you put the patch into it, where is the game directory? DO you put it in while it is still previewing on the winrar screen?

    Please help, soon.

    1. Just put it next to game exe in main game directory – you don’t open it. Game will load it automatically, as long as you don’t rename it.

  12. Getting some errors with these files. Notably a “corruption” error and I’m a bit lost for what to do. Apparently it has an issue when trying to extract disc 1, and I never get to disc 3. I’ve tried other sites, same issue. It’s getting a bit frustrating, actually.

    1. Don’t mind this post, it was about another VN. Sorry, had two windows up at once. =x My fault. Thanks for this. Can’t wait to buy it.

  13. Yo .. can u upload Yami no Koe series please?? I’ve searched in this server, yet I’ve found nothing .. so can u upload this one please?? onegai ..

  14. Is this file meant to be used as is or is it some sort of archive file like a .rar or .zip? Given that just about every download I’ve seen on your site is a .rar, this one has kinda thrown me for a loop. If it IS an archive of some sort, what software do I need to extract it?

    Non-Game Specific question with nowhere better to post:
    (If you have some sort of generic forum for these types questions, I haven’t found it yet, sorry.)

    Some posts have custom avatars. How do you do that? I site as examples in reverse chronological order “my” on July 6, 2011 at 6:54 am asking a question about the specific format of the game (psx vs. pc) and “Giovanni” on July 2, 2011 at 4:41 am making whose statement would make me slightly paranoid about stalkers if I where you admin. :-p

    1. This is raw game data containing voices from japanese version – just put it into game directory and game engine will load voices from it.

  15. are they going to speak english now or did i get it wrong cuz i had it before and the only thing i can hear i japanese like before

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  17. somehow the patch doesnt work for me…i put the patch.xp3 into the main folder where the .exe is located and got up to the first investigation but still no voices

  18. im but when i drop the patch in the folder & then play the game after i try to load the game get an error…

  19. when I try to load with the patch it gives me a jap message and doesn’t let me play the game. How do I fix it?

    1. Just for any future people looking to fix this problem, start a new game and it works fine. For some reason you can’t load any files you didn’t have the patch on.

  20. sorry to bother, but, is “fortune arterial” game will be post here?

    can it be posted here?

    thank you for the attention

    1. No, this is PC version. Original japanese releases had voices, while english didn’t due to licensing issues. This patch imports japanese voices from japanese PC version to english PC version.

  21. Does this patch work with the purchased version from MangaGamer’s website, or only the one downloaded from here?

  22. After playing with it a bit, I am really glad the voices were there. The voice acting is good on this one, and it does add a lot to the ambiance.

  23. I wouldn’t have bought the game unless their were voices included. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to code the voice for the english version T_T>…

  24. I just would like to say : ‘Wahoo!’.

    Thanks for your work, I can’t believe there is already a voice patch :O

    1. Yes, that’s the same file. I upload to two hosts so it’s easier to download for people who have problems with one of hosts.

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