Utawarerumono voice patch

With this patch Utawarerumono will use Japanese voices from PS2 version on PC.

Patch downloadUTSOUND.SFS downloadUTSOUND.SFS freeInstallation
Place utaware-voice.exe and utaware-voice.dll in the same directory as the game.
Copy the file UTSOUND.SFS from your PS2 disc to the same directory as the game.
Start the game with utaware-voice.exe.

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  1. yuuu says:

    hi, i know i am late but i hope to find some answers.

    i’ve installed the game and everything but when I try to open it via the utaware-voice.exe it keeps saying “cannot find necessary file”. I have the files in the same directory and it is mounted on Daemon and i can play it normally but there’s no voices ://

    Thanks and hope i can get a reply

  2. Phil says:

    What are the 5 different parts used for?

  3. Abudz says:

    Thanks for you’re hard work .. it got no problem ..
    I Enjoy the game ..

  4. Abudz says:

    Thanks for you’re hard work .. it works ..
    I Enjoy it ..

  5. Lilena says:


    I downloaded everything, moved the .dll and utaware-voice.exe filed to the game directory, and copied the UTSOUND.SFS file to the same directory, but when I try to open the game with the utaware-voice.exe, it gives me the following error message:

    Error: UTSOUND.SFS has wrong size 37605120, should be 1272057856

    Can anyone help? Thank you ;-;

  6. Yuuji says:

    Care to help a frustrated friend? >_<

    i've installed the game and everything but when I try to open it via the utaware-voice.exe it keeps saying "cannot find necessary file". I have the files in the same directory and it is mounted on Daemon and i can play it normally but there's no voices ://

    Thanks for all the hard work admin 🙂

  7. Yuuki says:

    Do I need Utawarerumono Voice Patch and UTSOUND.SFS to play the game with voice ?veg out

  8. jonathan says:

    lider eres el mejor e querido jugar esta juego legendario pero no lo encontraba porque los link estaba roto y en esta pagina es lo mejor porque estan al tanto de los juegos estoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy agradecido

  9. Kay says:

    whenever i save the game a window pops up saying that utaware-voice.exe has stopped working and crashes the game, is there some way to fix this? I’ve been restarting the game every single time which gets me past this problem temporarily, but nonetheless is extremely annoying to do every single time.

  10. symphonic.minori says:

    I found a solution to the recent issues with downloading the files. With the download links provided here, the host website give the “missing file” page whenever I attempt to start a download with two others already running from that host site. I have successfully downloaded all six files linked from this webpage by limiting my downloads to two at a time.

    I hope that helps =)

  11. reggie999 says:

    part 3 down. Pls reupload it.

  12. BarloWz says:

    When I try to download part 3 it says it’s inexistent

  13. anonymous says:

    Whenever I run Super Anti Spyware, I get trojan alerts from the voice patch and voice.dll. Is it safe to assume that these are false positives?

  14. TheRipper says:

    Part 3 asks me to put in the code, but then it just says the page cannot be found when I go to download.

  15. buddy says:

    part 5 doesn’t seem to work, re-upload plz?

  16. Alexisniisama says:

    downloaded, installed and working 😀

  17. Faindaa says:

    sorry to disturb but… there’s something wrong with the MF Links.. :v it says it belongs to a suspended account…

    anyway… Thank you for the hard work admin.. 😀

  18. NYX says:

    There’s no voice in the H-scenes! NUUUUUUUU!!!

  19. maximorph says:

    Placed the utaware-voice.exe and utaware-voice.dll in the same foulder as the game and the UTSOUND.SFS
    not working
    says it can’t read it

  20. Kelvin says:

    I’ve played the up until the part where these monkeys show up, and the this window keeps popping up saying that there was a problem causing utaware-voice.exe to stop working. Any ideas on how to stop this?

  21. Ryoichi says:

    So…. so much file.
    Thats it then. I have decided to let the character not having voice……

  22. jjohnson1992 says:

    evrytime i try and play the voices exe it just keeps saying it cant find the necesary file all the files are in the same folder the dvds mounted ive no idea what to do

  23. deer horse says:

    i placed the SFS file into the game folder but i don’t seem to have the utaware-voice.exe and utaware-voice.dll files in it though.

  24. xieh tie says:

    Is there any link for the UTSOUND.SFS FILE? I’ve browse the internet hoping to find one… but I failed miserably. please help me, I’m still a noobs…

    • xieh tie says:

      never mind… I really am noobs… I failed to recognize that the large file you provide IS THE UTSOUND.SFS file…

      Thanks for your hard work! I really enjoyed Sengoku Rance and Big Bang Daibanchou. Hope to gain enjoyable experience from this one. Keep up the good work!

  25. toshii says:

    when i click on the new voice patch exe. to start the game, it tells me it couldn’t find the necessary file, I’m at a loss as what to do.

  26. yusaku says:

    I placed the UTSOUND.SFS in the game directory, but somehow there aren’t any voice played during the H scenes. Did I miss anything?

    • admin says:

      No, this is normal. This patch uses voices from PS2 version, which doesn’t have h-scenes, so no voices for them as well.
      Everything else is voiced.

  27. nooguy says:

    still don’t understand what I do with the files, i’ve downloaded the patch and voice files, now what

  28. TRMshadow says:

    It seems I’m having the same problem a couple other people have referenced. I’m a newb so please be gentle.

    I’ve downloaded everything and things work fine, but I can’t seem to get the voice patch to work. I’ve downloaded and installed the english patch, so the game works fine in that aspect, but I can’t seem to get the voice stuff to work. The game is mounted and I’ve downloaded the SFS file as well as the two other files contained in the voice patch. Those three as well as the .iso DVD file in a folder on my desktop. Is that where they all need to be? or am I doing something completely wrong?

    Please help, and thank you.

    • TRMshadow says:

      Never mind, another hour and a half of noodling helped me figure it out. (Though one of the back-and-forth conversations between the admin and someone else on the previous page really helped)

      Thanks anyway, I look forward to being around here more. Wish me luck in getting into eroge ^_^

  29. falconpunch says:

    wait is this the full game with patch or i have to download the game and this? plz reply, thanks.

  30. Kyliea says:

    When I went to extract the files, part 2 was corrrupted and nothign extracted because of it. Is it my computer or the file?

    • falconpunch says:

      You have to download it again because the download got disturb like maybe the internet connection was bad or your computer was to slow to collect the data.

  31. KMK says:

    okay thanks. Now It’s time to install the game, english and voice patches and let’s see what the story in here is. Also the “Turn based strategy” tag intrigues me XD

  32. KMK says:

    will this cause the same problem as the voice patch for Koihime Musou (at certain points causing the game to crash if anything beside left clicking is done)? Because if it does, i’d rather play the game once before intalling the patch

    • admin says:

      No, i played this game from start to finish with voice patch, and there were no problems.

      • nikolas says:

        really? because in the part where aruru is saying”erunga”(lol) the game crashes

        • MugenNoSeiKen says:

          To bypass this, you have to play it in window mode. Then after the Erungaa dialogue, you can return it in fullscreen mode. AFAIK, the game crashes at that point only.

  33. Senjutsu says:

    It seems the majority (if not all) of the hotlink files have been removed..?

  34. choujilor says:

    I only have the file “UTSOUND.SFS” from the patch I downloaded, where’s the “utaware-voice.exe” and “utaware-voice.dll”?

  35. Haruto says:

    still having problems saying that it can’t find the necessary stuff even if I put them in the same folder

  36. admin says:

    Thanks for report.
    I’ve uploaded fresh links for hotfile and also as direct download from our server.

    • Senjutsu says:

      The hotfile suddenly removed the files. I’ve downloaded part one then tried part 2 (2 hours) but the files are removed. Tried part one again and it is also removed.

      • Senjutsu says:

        Ah forget it. Sorry, Didn’t see your new site.
        By the way I’m thankful for all the visual novels you were able post. Thanks for sharing them.

  37. smsid says:

    Part 2 of the voice files has been deleted.

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