Suffering from a fatal wound, you have lost your memories and were taken back to Eruru’s village. The villagers not only gave you a place to stay, but also a new identity, Hakuoro.

To return their kindness, you helped them by farming and harvesting crops and doing small favours.

However this tiny north eastern village is under the iron clad rule of a difficult daimyo. This greedy person wants to take all of the crops you have worked so hard to harvest as taxes. Rescue the kind people who have looked after you and rise against the lord.

262 comments on “Utawarerumono

  1. great game… Great Game. What’s this? 2002? For an old VN, this sure packs a lot of fun. It persuaded me to go and buy the other ones (Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth) hope hakuoro comes back and see how much the world of his has changed a lot (probably wont ever happen T_T)

  2. Just finish this game after having install it more than 2 years..very touching story at the end..i cry like a horse..really want after story when hakuoro comes back..i know they make other game in which we play other MC in the same universe..which im not interested to play since its not hakuoro as main..im not satisfy with the ending..if only they make this game with multiple ending romance..i mean they done a good job with all the girls back story and makes you interested with them..heck i even wish they throw in harem ending as well..

    1. yeah, i feel the same with wanting hakuoro as the current main protagonist for the game, as well as for the latest version of the game(futari no hakuoro) (why would they mention his name if the legend won’t appear himself? Damn they scammed me lol) it won’t happen, so atleast make him appear in the latest version (probably won’t ever happen too.T_T)

  3. Hi, i’m trying to play the game in fullscreen at 1680×1050 but the game is too streched and the only resolution that work best is at 1440×900 and i would like to know if there is a command or something that could launch the game automatically with the 1440 resolution while running and return to my 1680 when i quit. Thank you and sorry for my English.

    1. don’t know about a command but you can add a custom solution into the executable line of the shortcut.

    1. Uncensored in a sense, that there are still h-scenes in, but the scenes themselves have pixelated genitalia, as required by Japanese law. Different versions don’t exist for this game (no uncensor patch etc.).

      1. hello, I have a question, I installed and it works just fine. But the game won’t start up anymore when I unamount the MDF file. Is there any way to fix this ?

  4. so played past the tiger fight played about ten minutes then decided i was done for the day and turned of my computer now when i hit continue, try to load, or save, the game chrashes on me any idea why this happens and how to fix it

  5. Does anyone else’s game crash when Aruruw says Erungaa? Or maybe atleast know whats wrong so I can fix it?

    1. Nevermind, seems you can solve it by right clicking utaware-mono.exe in the directory you saved the game in and changing it to run as administrator (works on both windows 7 and 8)

      1. I encountered the same problem, but then when I chose to run the game as administrator, my save files don’t show up. Did they show up for you? They still appear if I load normally, though…

        1. same for me,,, after i run as admin. my save file isnt show. huh. moreover this game doesnt have skipp button. hurm, how czn i play again.

          1. i had solved the prob. i play without as admin. but use window mode. and it is work! bye

            “write words” below, in a box. its 1000 times easier than at the download side.

  6. I have a question – are there ANY skirmish battles avaliable in this version of the game? Few guides say that they should appear after Hakuoro’s becoming emperor, but I’m long past that part and so far none of them were there. Is it some bug, or wrong version? I would really appreciate some leveling up, hard mode 3 is frigging insane without it…

  7. Exactly where do you put the english patch? Just in the base folder or is there another folder to put it in?

    Still fairly knew to VNs. Fate staynight had its patch written into it, so thats why I asked.

    1. Game wont run hit set up and auro run and something notification pops up. I keep hitting ok but it goes nowhere. Game wont install

      1. You see, you’re supposed to install the game via virtual cd drive (daemon tools). Install the virtual cd drive and then mount the mds file. The text will look jumbled but do not be alarmed its just that the unicode is different and the computer cannot not read it. Just keep clicking yes until the file is done downloading. Then click the .exe file and it should locate your game install and automatically patch your game in its intended language. I hope this helps.

        1. I know it’s late but thank you so much for your help.

          Before your post, I gave up on the game but some time after I got off my ass and dled daemon tools light but I totally forgot to re-dl the game and try again but it never occured to me. Just re-dled it and did it and it worked.

          After all, I was able to play wanko to kurasou through the tools and I finally get to enjoy utawarerumono.

          1. I-Am-X, can you tell me the steps you did to install the game please? by the way the game run if the iso is still mounted in my case, i cant figure out why?

  8. I just finished installing the game but why do I still need to mount the disc file? Its just that it consumes to much space, is there any way around this?

  9. how do i Extract this i did all files but it all comes up weird letters not mattar what files i extract

  10. I guess I’ll need to leave Tech untouched in harder modes, since I can’t do any combo precisely anyways (the battle is too fast).

  11. So I installed the game and applied the patch, but it doesn’t look like I can use the ‘Magic’ function in game? I just finished the Suicide Attack mission. Does this function unlock later into the game or should I reinstall?

  12. Hello~

    I downloaded everything, moved the .dll and utaware-voice.exe filed to the game directory, and copied the UTSOUND.SFS file to the same directory, but when I try to open the game with the utaware-voice.exe, it gives me the following error message:

    Error: UTSOUND.SFS has wrong size 37605120, should be 1272057856

    Can anyone help? Thank you ;-;

      1. Oh, whoops, just realized you probably meant the game’s save file, not where it installs to. /derp
        Sorry about that, I’m not sure yet 😐 I’ll let you know if I find it, unless someone else responds first.

  13. I need to ask is there no way to play back the voices already said when playing through? You know the normal sound replay when you bring up the backlog,or did i do something wrong since i can not seem to replay already spoken voices.

  14. Hi,

    This doesn’t need to stay in permanent comments, but could you change the game descrip to something like “Suffering from a near-fatal wound…”? It just bugs me.


  15. Hi…. Well i have a problem with those links, i can´t download them, actually i´m start to thinking that i dont know how to download it.. jejeje someone can help me? please, i really want to play this game. Thanks 😉

    1. If your’re checking back –

      When you get past the pesky popup ads that pay the bills, after selecting the free download as I do, you need to fill in the “captcha”-like response, but can’t press the button to continue until after the 120-second countdown:

      Type the two words: (from picture image)

      “Wait 42 seconds”
      -> will eventually enable button “Create download link,”

      and after pressing that, your browser will DL to default folder or prompt you for folder.

  16. Admin, I would like your help, please.

    I have been installing visual novel for quite some time but I never have problem with it. I have been trying to install the Utawarerumono English patch but it always give me a black windows screen and then disappears. I even googled and follow the steps, like starting off with mounting the iso dvd file, then trying to press the english part. Probably the problem comes because I initially installed the Japanese version with no problem at all, which probably messed up the installation for the english patch. Can you please guide me on how to solve this?

    My computer is running on Windows Vista, if that makes any difference.

    Thank you in advance.

  17. Hey how do you turn it fullscreen? I changed it in options but it remained the same size and just made everything around it black

  18. For those with difficulty to make it work under windows7… I found the easiest way to make it work…
    Mouth UTAWARE_DVD.iso with daemon tool and install…. It will create a folder with weird character (Japanese stuff..) just rename the folder with “normal” character. Then install the english patch.. And that’s it.. XD Can’t believe it was that simple.. XD

  19. *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* This game was fantastic the game’s characters went through obvious development and everything was wrapped up well in the end. In my opinion this is one of the better games on this site.

  20. Game run good, but I can’t save at all it just don’t create saves and there is a crash where they giving nicknames to each other.. need help ASAP

    1. Save problem – run game as administrator ( game doesn’t have write permissions to create savefiles).
      Crash when giving nicknames – bug in voice patched version. Play this part without voices, save bit later and return to voiced version.

  21. I having trouble with the English patch. It won’t fully install it stops at bgn or some such file before displaying a message stating it hasn’t installed properly and to restart the process. I have tried downloading the files again just in case it was corrupted but the result is the same. I downloaded from the installer maker site and nothing. The game plays and the menu, stats, and everything not story text seems to be in Japanese(barely started). Any assistance would be appreciated. By the by is it possible to upload a English file of the of the game?

  22. I’m having a problem with the game screen that always stays with cuts on the sides, if anyone knows how to solve this could you please tell me how, thanks advance

  23. Holy Jesus hard 3 has some of the stupidest fights ever. I had to do hyberbolic farming for hour for certain fights.

  24. Sorry Im new here but although I know how to install the game any chance someone could tell me where I could find the image to mount

  25. Hi, I just have a little question about uninstalling the game? I have already played it and beat it and decided to uninstall it and delete it since it takes up quite a bit of memory, but whenever I click uninstall theres a small window that comes up that says something about the setup couldn’t determine my windows version or something? It also said “Setup can continue and ignore any windows-related problems that might occur, but it cannot be guaranteed that the installation will be succesful.” and it asks if I want to continue or not. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m not really to good with computers so I don’t know if I should continue or not? The part that says that the installation might not be successful kind of worries me.

  26. I am wondering, but if I host this (or any other game listed here) up as a torrent, would you post it here?
    I would only post a game that I have downloaded from this site so as to not have different versions, of course.

  27. Whats the different for normal mode and hard mode1,2,3 ?
    Will i unlock anything if i am finish playing hard mode ?

    1. The differences are simple, hard mode is of course harder, you will you need ensure playing tutorials for hard as it is notably tougher. Hard mode unlocks (after beating it) the battle data area, which opens a system sorta like Achievements from a xbox, you have several titles you earn, upon earning them all you get the final CG clip which will still be locked atm. Also hard 3 is rumored to unlock the other missing CG clip (hard mode says it unlocks it when you beat it but it doesn’t, im currently on hard 3 so i will confirm this one later). My advise is have strategy on hard modes, you can keep dying and because when you fail you dont loose what exp/lvl up’s you earned this is a way to slowly beat the modes but this is unskilled and will become boring, so i recommend building strategy from protecting certain people and ensure you build your soldiers well. Good luck and hope this helps.

  28. Been playing this game on Win7 64, however when I reach the part where Kamus, Aruruu and Yuzuha are giving each other nicknames and Aruruu calls Eruruu “Erunga” the game crashes!

    Need help to resolve this issue please!

    Also everytime I save the game crashes T_T

    1. Yes please read the previous posts.

      Admin states that if you are playing the voice.exe version the game does crash when nicknames are given. to get past it save right before the scene run the utaware-dvd.exe version and save after the scene is done.

      Also 64 bit does crash after every save but the save still takes. 32 bit does not have this problem.

    2. Just turn off the sound of the game this part, then you can keep playing without this bug.

  29. I have been looking for a guide for this game for quite a while. The only one I have found is for the PS2 version. Its helpful but there are some information that is specific to PS2 ie Special attacks, Team attacks and the skirmishes. If anyone knows a guide or can explain how to do these on this version that would be most helpful. Also besides TTT and CF2 is there any other games like this on here. I love them

  30. Well i have the game and all but when i run it it only shows the intro. after the intro it freezes and says an error has a occured do to problems. Help?

  31. So I have played the game a few days now and its worked great but suddenly, upon opening the window and reloading my save the letter spacing is now irregular. K indo f l ik ethis. In some cases the letters are inside of other words. Now the whole game is doing it. Any help please?

  32. I’m sorry…I’m hopeless with computers. I extracted the five parts and mounted them with daemontools but when I try to add the patch to the folder it tells me that the folder is full and nothing else can be added. What am I missing here?

    1. Have you installed the game first? It should have created a folder in program files/leaf directory. you copy the patch into there and not in the Deamon tools Virtual CD.

  33. Scratch that! Seems that installing in for example D:\Program files\Stuff\Visual Novels makes the install crash for me. I changed the install path to D:\Uta_Eng and it installed fine.

  34. Sorry for another comment so suddently but the english patch seems to fail to “Extract” files when trying to install with it. D: Argh i so want to “play” this but cant get the installation to work… running windows 7 64-bit ultimate. D:

  35. How do i install this? Do i need to use the english patch or install from the .ISO first and then the english patch?

  36. I can get the game to start in japanese but when i click the english patch after installing the game it tells me i need admin priv to run this program (wich i do) so is it because of win7?

  37. excuse me, why is it always tha game stop or crash when Kamyu is trying to give Eruruw a Nick Name???

    Help please….

    1. You’re using voice patch? i remember some people had problems with crash in one part. play that bit without voice patch and return to it a few lines later.

      1. Is that so< ok thanx Sir Admin, But as long as i mount Utawarerumono Dvd on daemon tools, everything is just fine… But still crashing after save but it is okay as long the data is saved….

        Thanx for this Great Game, very2 good story…

      2. How do we disable the voice patch and re-enable it? i have the problem the game closes upon trying to nick name elraru and read above the patch needs disabling for a few lines.

        1. You can just skip the scene. It hangs at the last syllable, so you can just hold ctrl for that segment only and it should be fine.

  38. Um, the link is down for downloading the game. Could you possibly upload another link please? I lost the data on my computer and am trying to regain what I lost. I really enjoy the story of this game and would like to possess it again.
    Thank you

  39. Just finished this tonight. It’s well worth the effort to get it up and running.

    As for the ending… I’m not crying, I got some dust in my eye. 😉

    Thank you for the excellent upload.

  40. Hey everytime i try to download Part 2, it doesnt seem to work. Every other part is fine but i only get a few Mbs for part 2

  41. Okay so I downloaded the files from Mediashare, extracted the files in the 5 rars into one folder. Should I also extract the rars in the DirectX81 folder? And what is the piece update for?No matter what I did, when i run setup via the english patch, when it asked to locate disk, it could never locate the disk, and I can’t completely setup. What am I doing wrong?

  42. Hey, anyone else having the problem where the game just doesn’t advance at some point in the tatokori gate fight?

  43. If you are already on WinXp, the virtual machine approach will not change anything for you. It’s just a way to quickly get a WinXP running for those of us on Win7 and Vista64.
    But you don’t actually need japanese locale to run this game.
    Just make sure you erase any japanese signs from the install path.
    So instead of what the installer suggests, you type in ‘C:\Utaware’ for example.

  44. my biggest problem is the jap. locale. cause i dont have a OS disk to do all that but im on xp and if that virtual box thing can get me around it (if needed) be very damed happy.

  45. This game does crash a lot in Win7 64bit.

    I “fixed” the issue, or rather worked around it by:
    – install virtual box
    – set up a virtual machine WinXP (did not need to switch it to japanese region)
    – play the game inside the VM

    This works fine, the VM is 32bit, no more crashes.

    1. I got the game and the patch installed just fine. It crashed soon after I started playing. I’m on Win 7 64 bit, so I followed your suggestions and installed the virtual box and the VM Win XP. When I try to run the game, I get an error message from the VM telling me no bootable medium found, system halted. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.

  46. Awesome game! I read on wikipedia that their is a patch to gain additional characters, is that already included?

  47. I have combined all of the files into one Utaware_DVD. I mount the ISO, I go to the english patch but when I am prompted to find the location of the “original japanese game DVD” Utaware_DVD I assume, I select the folder that is containing the file but then I get this error message… “Could not find the Japanese at the specified location. Please insert the disc into your DVD-ROM drive and enter the full path to it’s root directory, for example E:\”. I do not understand what the problem is. I would really like to play this game but I don’t know how to install it.

  48. Great game though… I was really disappointed at the ending… I won’t spoil it for anyone, but I really REALLY did not like the way this thing ended.

  49. Admin, thanks so much for this game!! Saw the anime a long time ago and fell in love with it! I had no idea it was a VN too! Interesting to have the main character voiced for once lol.
    Thanks again!!

  50. RE: Install: Running Win 7 64 Ult (with Jap. language installed) and had a really hard time installng it. Tied Applocal, tried changing regions – nothing. I still had ??? in boxes either way.

    What FINALLY worked for me was to unpack the files, burn the DVD AS IS, then run the Eng patch as Admin (Win 7/Vista). Then install the voice patch per instructions and you should be good. Win 7/Vista owners should install in a created “C:/Games” folder, not Programs/Programs (X86), just like every other game. I did, however, have the same “crash after every save” problem as mentioned above.

    Story was good & harem not loli centric (plus for me), but the ending IMO was kind of meh. Combat was fun, though I never could get the “ultimate” attacks to work. Overall, I’d say roughly equal/a little better than Tears to Tiara & Princess Waltz.

    Finally – THANK YOU to Admin for this great site.

  51. This is quite a nice game, thanks.

    But it kinda crashes right after every save. Luckily it still saves the data.

    Jap locale is on, and using the voice patch. Same thing when run as administrator. Any ideas? Not much of a problem since I can run it again and load back though… Thanks.

    1. Yea I am also having the same problem. I am running windows 7 and i have tried to run as admin put the folder in the C drive and also tried to run game under windows XP (SP3). Nothing seems to stop the game from crashing whenever I save. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  52. Also, do you have any other recommendations? On here or to purchase (Preferably with translations available)

    1. It’s hard to recommend something if you didn’t give out what are you looking for.
      Personally i’d recommend “G-senjou no maou” and “Sharin no Kuni”. “ef” is very nice too.

  53. Admin, I read your suggestion for this game on the comments of another game, and just finished beating it. One of the greatest VN’s I have ever play/read. Thank you!

      1. Voices were pulled off from PS2 version, which is all-ages – i.e. no sex scenes. Once scene is over they’ll return.

  54. I have a question is this game looks similar to senkgou rance? And also i downloaded it installed it and got error while installing it. And redownload the same file and still got same result..

    1. download deamon tools lite and mount the mds? file, the bigger file when extracting the parts and then run might have to run as administerator but it should happen automatically.

  55. Overall, a decent game. I would have liked multiple endings, but I can’t complain about the one ending I did get 🙂 A good involved story with plenty of things going on to keep it interesting from start to finish. Few H scenes, but I like the fact that they weren’t just gratuitous fan service just tossed in randomly. I personally don’t have any problems having to work at getting to them since the game was entertaining even without. 4 of 5 on this one.

  56. Okay, so I downloaded parts 1-5, tried extracting and it says the volumes are corrupted. Are the download’s interchangable between the two sites? :/

  57. I burnt it on a disk all parts and the UTAWARE_DVD but after i run the englishv1.1 and chose where the games going to be it asks for where the japanese DVD is, and E:\ is there which is where the burnt disk is, but it says it can’t find it so i have n oidea what to do.
    idownloaded this before but lost it when computer crashed
    please help anyone

      1. Really? I had the very same problem but I can’t figure it out. Can you tell me what you did? Please respond I really want to play this game.

        1. download deamon tools lite and mount the mds? file, the bigger file when extracting the parts and then run might have to run as administerator but it should happen automatically

  58. I’ve downloaded everything, the game, english patch and voice patch. The game has been amazing! Great characters, story and dialogue.

    There are funny moments, moments that made me go awww… And some that almost made me cry…

    Anyway, I’m going back to playing now…
    Thanks for suggesting the game to me admin!

    1. Just finished the game.

      And even though they wrapped the story up pretty nicely, I just want a damn sequel!

      Anyway, this has to be the Eroge with the best story and the most likeable characters. Not one of your companions were annoying in my opinion, usually there is at least one side character or companion I hate, but not in Utawarerumono.

        1. What!
          How do you know!
          That´s amazing, almost better news than Skyrim being released!

          Well, I hope that you release it on the website as soon as someone translates it. (Let´s hope someone does.)

  59. Awesome game, especially with the PS2 voice patch added. (shame there are no voices for the H scenes, but meh).

    I’m so disappointed that nothing happens with one of the characters though… she was my favourite by far.

  60. ZZZ i have the same problem as nik where it crashes at erunga -.- is it b/c of the english patch and is there a way to bypasss it?

    1. I had that problem too. To bypass that 1 voiced line that crashes the game, save before it.. then open the game without voices (the original english launcher), open your saved game, go past that Erunga line (and a few more for good measure), then save.. exit.. and reload the voiced launcher 🙂

  61. with the voice patch in the part where aruru is saying”erunga” (lol)the game collapse and i dont know what to do?

  62. apologies, but I am not that literate in computers. I have demon tools lite. How do you mount the five files? Selecting all did not help.

    1. Firstly change your locale to japanese ( refer to FAQ section of website for instructions). Second – unpack those files, using winrar or similar utility – with winrar you just need to right click first part and select “extract here” – it will open following parts automatically; You’ll get single UTAWA_DVD.iso file. Thirdly – mount that dvd image ( refer to FAQ again)

  63. plz relpy as soon as possible.
    ok i downloaded all the parts but when i unzip it it comes up with utarerumono_dvd so i put it in daemon tools.ok when i click setup.exe its in japanese. do i need to put english patch in files when i open up daemon tools or never?

      1. 1-mount the game
        2-start english patch (which one? utawarerumono_voice_patch_v1.1.exe or utaware_voice.exe)
        3-what do I do with UTSOUND.SFS and the voice patch v1.1?

      2. Nevermind…things managed to work out somehow.
        The game keeps saying “Please insert Utawarerumono DVD”, so is there any way to play the game without keeping the ISO file mounted because I need to delete the ISO file to get more space on my HD =.=”

  64. Thanks very much for the upload. I have been playing this game after downloading but when I got in a part the game crashes. am using Windows XP and I even tried the Benchmark test and it gives of good marks. Can you tell me what did I do wrong? or how can I fix it?

  65. Alright, so I installed everything and the game works fine. Luckily I’ve done this kind of thing before so there weren’t any problems. However I downloaded the voice patch and threw it in the folder the game was installed in. Usually that sort of thing works, but for some reason I load up the game and there’s no voices.

    I’d like some feedback on what exactly I did wrong. The voice patch is the only reason I downloaded this for a second time, so if I can’t get it to work there’s no point.

    1. did you start new game after installing patch?
      and you need to start game with different .exe to enable voices. old shortcuts don’t work.

      Generaly voices add a lot of depth to this game so i really recommend playing it with patch.

      1. It’s a fresh install. All my previous data had been deleted, but yes I did start a new game. Looking at my folder there’s only one .exe in there. The utaware-dvd.exe. The game itself works perfectly normal, it’s just that the voices aren’t there. To my knowledge there’s no other folder that I could put the voice file in, because the only other folder is the cursor data. Frankly I’m stumped lol.

        1. You probably didn’t install voice patch then (only copied over voices) – you’re supposed to start the game with utaware-voice.exe

          1. Okay, I figured out my problem. I stupidly forgot to download the .rar with the other .exe file in it. I guess I thought it would be included with the 5 part voice pack or something. It’s working fine now, thanks for the quick replies.

  66. really love fantasy. hope admin can post more of this type. thank you a lot for posting all the great games 😀

    1. If you liked this one then check also “Tears to Tiara” and “Castle Fantasia 2” – both are posted here. Utawarerumono is the best out of those three tho.

  67. awesome game, absolutely loved it for the content as well as the ero scenes. Definitely rates in my top 3 favorite games of all time. If you’ve ever played the Suikoden series, this game feels a lot like that. As far as I can tell, there is no ‘path’ you have to choose, just by playing through the game you get to hook up with each girl in turn. Be aware that it is a good length, and completely worth playing entirely.

  68. Hey guys, that is a great game, but i have some save issue, it doesn’t want to save… Do you know how to fix this problem maybe ?

  69. Dear admin,

    Hello, My name is Angel I wish to thank you for all the links you have add to your site, since I am English spoken even though I do know some Japanese I can not read japanese and one
    more thing if you need help with anything please send me a
    message at my email you had me input with the topic as
    “angelxdomain mail”.

  70. hmm, is there some kind of secret behind getting the very last 2 images in the art section? because i finished the game but did not get those 2.
    Overall a great game i really enjoyed, especially the TBS part of it. It has one MAJOR fault though… like Tears to Tiara and Princess Waltz, it has a linear storyline. I was somewhat dissapointed in this aspect, especially since it gives the impression that you can choose who to get more friendly with, by gving you choices of where to go during peace times.

    1. Yes, you need to play game on higher difficulty to unlock those two ( “Hard 3” as far as i remember )

  71. a tip for those who download from filesonic for free: you can bypass the 15 minute timer between downloads by disconnecting yourself from the internet and then reconnecting.

  72. I have the same problem with Jan Mikaeel. I’ve tried what you suggest but it still crash everytime I save the game. Although the game was still saved, it’s really annoying.
    btw, i use vista..

  73. Is there anyway to download the game/torrent the game without the use of a disc? I don’t know where to find the game to buy it anyway. I’ve looked everywhere for the game without the disc but I can’t find it. Any hints?

  74. Why I can’t download this game?
    Actually not only this game, but also all file in fileserve…
    It always says that my IP is downloading etc…
    My comp is personal PC with personal internet modem, so it shouldn’t any problem such as my problem?
    Can anybody help me?
    Arigatou gosaimasu…

    1. You must be sharing IP address with someone else – many ISPs ( especially in Asia) don’t have enough private IP addresses allocated to give one to each customer, so they are using NAT and proxies so that few customers can share one IP adress.
      I’ll be adding filesonic mirror and ad-supported direct download for all uploads posted, but it’ll take some time.

  75. I’m having trouble finding the disc. I opened the UTAWARE_DVD zip file but I can’t find any disc file. All I have is a disc1Data.LAC file which is apparently not compatible as I can’t use it even after I mount it. I’m using Daemon tools lite if that has anything to do with it.

    1. UTAWARE_DVD is not zip file, but .iso – you’re not supposed to extract it with winrar, but just mount it directly using deamon tools.

      1. I tried doing that and Daemon tools recognizes it, but it won’t load the disk. Is there something I have to do with the file, or do I need a specific version of Daemon tools that can load it?

          1. I redownloaded Daemon tools and tried again and it worked. I don’t know what the problem was, but it’s done now. Thanks for your help.

    1. IF you use vista/win7 then it’s probably lack of permissions to write. Install game to non-priveledged directory ( outside of “Program Files”, ex. C:/Utawarerumono ) or try to run the game as administrator ( right click on shortcut )

      1. Nope. I’m using Win7 64bits, I installed the game in C:/UTAWARERUMONO and ran it as admin with XP compatibility. I tried saving the game on a clean, on a translated and then on a voiced install. I’m 100% sure it has nothing to do with the patches; I think it has to do with the fact that I’m on a 64bit OS.

  76. Ummm, are there any hentai scenes? I’m towards the middle of the story and it didn’t happen anything… is it because I’m playing it at first level?

    1. there are, they are just scattered through the later portion of the game. They do actually come fairly rapid fire though, once you actually reach them

  77. after i install the eng patch,when i’m open the game it said that ‘cannot find disc’…..why somebody help me….

  78. whats the password buddy … plz help … i dnt have dat much bandwidth dat i can redownload approx 1 gb again ….

    help really needed ….

  79. how do you install this? i set my locale to japanese, and try to install the game, but it gives me an error(something about the dvd) in japanese. there are no files in the download to mount with daemon tools either.

  80. Just a question.. Is it possible to miss scenes if you make choices in a wrong order? I wouldn’t mind playing it more than once, but just to know..

  81. I love this site first of all ^^
    I am also having the save issue, I saved once, but now any time I save, it crashes, so I keep having to go back…anyone figure out how to get around that?

    1. ahh okay. I feel lame. for those having trouble saving, I found a solution on the Tears to tiars page. If you click properties and run it as “windows xp3” it will save okay without crashing

  82. same here i am on windows 7 and it keeps crashing after a save. can anyone tell me how to solve the problem?

  83. Just downloaded the game & installed it, but it keeps crashing whenever I try to save or even at random parts in the story.

    using windows 7 ultimate, anyone have any ideas as to why its crashing so much?

  84. 1.)Download all three files
    2.)Unzip the first file and then it will automatically unzip the rest of the files. (so you don’t need to unzip the other files.)
    3.)If you don’t have “Daemon tools,” my advise would be to download “Daemon tools” and with “Daemon tools” open it and mount the “ISO” or “UTAWARE_DVD” found in the folder “Utawareumono” from which the file you have unzipped.
    4.)Once you mount the “ISO” into Daemon tools a another window will pop up and it will show you all the files that is within the “ISO.” You don’t need to do anything, but to close the window that just popped up because you only need to have the “ISO” mounted into Daemon tools.
    5.)You can now open the program file “Utawarerumono_English_v1.1”
    6.)Once it opens click “next.”
    7.)”agree” and click “next.”
    8.)click “next” again.
    9.)This part asks you for the specific location of the “DVD” or “ISO”. If you see that “D:/” change it into “E:/”
    10.)click “next” again.
    11.)After this, it should start installing the game and if you have computer protection like me, you might see a constant flow of pop ups asking you if you should allow this program to continue, if so, keep clicking allow.
    12.)Lastly have fun. ^^

  85. For some reason I can’t extract, it says that the second .rar file is corrupt. Is there any way to get around this?

    Thanks in advance.

  86. damm when i put autorun it appears a lot of weird signs what is that??and how i install the game sstep by step if posible

  87. try to run patcher as admin – permission issues while accesing “protected” directories ( like /windows/ /program files/ etc.) sometimes mess things up

  88. OK, it wont let me install the english patch it says “Error opening file for writing: C:\Windows\Fonts\sazanami-mono.ttf”

    Please help…

  89. I downloaded it and everything, but in the game their are no voices in it, not even the japanese voices. How do I get the japanese voices on there. Help admin

    1. Original game was unvoiced, however there’s a patch that takes voices from PS2 port of the game and uses it for PC version. You have link to it at the bottom of the post.

  90. “Suffering from a fatal wound, you have lost your memories and were taken back to Eruru’s village. The villagers not only gave you a place to stay, but also a new identity, Hakuoro.

    To return their kindness, you helped them by farming and harvesting crops and doing small favours.”

    for some reason, this make me think of rune factory 3 : a fantasy harvest moon XD

    1. This description is a bit misleading – that peacefull, quiet village life is only a smart part at beggining of game.

  91. Awesomeness. Story is the best, gameplay isn’t bad. I’m liking it as much as the Anime. 5/5 Stars. To Admin: I think you guys should set up a suggestion box for this website. I for one would like to see a rating system. Game Info like release date, more indepth about gameplay and possibly more screen shots. Keep up the good work.

  92. Ok here is the overall problem everyone seems to have, they dont know or cannot operate the install for this game, or cannot change the language to Japanese due to missing discs(who actually has OS discs on them?).

    So this game is, um, difficult to even install.

    Ill try some other way but yes it may be unplayable to some.

  93. i downloaded this the other day im running linux(fedora 13) ive mounted it and have hit a snag: the setup.exe wont run (i use wine and have run a few games no problem but this one doesnt even open)

    anybody know a remedy?

  94. I have been downloading from this site for quite some time. I must admit that Utawarerumono is the abolsute best visual novel I have ever played. Epic plot, intricately designed characters and traits, expert voice acting and sound, tear-jerking music, brilliant colors and vivid artwork – all are factors, of Utawarerumono, that have served as the support pillars to an amazing game. Mirror Moon/Soylations’ English translation patch is nonetheless superb for a spectacular Japanese visual novel. Utawarerumono is legend. Utawarerumono is The One Whom Legends Are Sung.

  95. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for pointing that out. So far I manage to install the game and play it (actually I finish it). So now Im trying to use the hard mode 1. Above the hard mode I know the battle will be tough so whats more to be expect about on this mode?

  96. Thanks for the awesome site. But there’s a problem on my end can you help me Admin.

    Im just following the step by step instruction of the English Utawarerumono then finally manage to get on this stage where its looking for the Japanese Game DVD.

    To be precise: Locate DVD

    Set up need to know the location of the Japanese game DVD.

    SO what shall I do?

  97. HI thanks to this site I can finally start playing those well known erogame that I usually hear (or read).

    So to speak Im kinda new on this genre. But Im willing to learn. Ok I finally download the 3parts and extracted them. I didnt download the English voice patch is that ok. Coz for me I still like the original VA (japanese).

    Sorry for being a noob, if anyone can help me here: When I extracted the 3parts I manage to obtain One DVD winrar (1.2GB) and Utawarerumono English v1.1 so do I have to extract the DVD winrar then after whats next?

  98. Hello Admin. I have a problem whit to change unicode to japanese since i dont have Windows CD-rom to change unicode programs. Exit other way to play Utawarerumono and other game which need unicode to play? I hope you can hjelp me to this one.

  99. Get Alcohol 120% or Daemen tools, unrar the 3 parts to one folder, mount the image that the rar gives you with the program Alcohol or Daemen tools, double click the image, click on the box that you think is the install button (sometimes you have to guess since it’s in japanese) and then after you install the japanese version, install the english patch to the .exe of the japanese version.

  100. can someone give me a step-by-step walkthrough of HOW THE FUCK I SET THIS GAME UP!!!!!!…

    this is the first game i’ve ever downloaded

  101. hey guys, i need help! The password is erogedownload.com
    doesn’t work can some1 help me. I copy adn paste on password and said wrong password. >.<

  102. 1. Go to control panel
    2. Then click Regional and Language
    3. Once there click the “Advance” tab this will lead you to an option to click in a box to operate non Unicode programs or programs that do not operate based on the language settings.
    4. Click in the insert box and change it to Japanese this now allows you to operate Japanese programs.
    5. Restart
    6. Install game and enjoy.

    Side notes: If you cant find Japanese in the box then you will need to add additional languages into your computer

    How to:

    Same as 1. and 2. Instead go to the second tab called “languages”
    Near the bottom of the text there is are two boxes one says install files for East Asian Languages.
    Click it will ask you if you have space in your computer and then ask you to install the file via disk or folder.
    And you know that Microsoft installed all those programs into your boot up disc so put that in and it will give you the files.
    It will probably ask you to restart so do that and change the setting to Japanese under the Advance tab and install the game and once again enjoy.

  103. I get the same error… ;-;

    “Cannot find Japanese DVD at specified location. Please insert disc into your DVD-ROM drive and enter full path to its root directory, for example E:\”

    What am I suppose to do then? All the readme files are useless since they aren’t in english. Am I missing something?

  104. Sorry… error caused it to post before finish.

    “Cannot find Japanese DVD at specified location. Please insert disc into your DVD-ROM drive and enter full path to its root directory, for example E:\”

    What am I suppose to do then? All the readme files are useless since they aren’t in english. Am I missing something?

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