Lightning Warrior Raidy

Lightning Warrior Raidy

I am Raidy, wandering this continent of Else far and wide as an adventurer. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the “Lightning Warrior”. Why am I standing here in front of this tower, you ask? The cause lies in the village of Saad that I visited recently. I got there to find it in decay, deserted and transformed almost completely into a ghost town…

Apparently it became that way due to the monsters living in this tower. They’d been stealing away all of the young maidens from the village, and none of the men who went to rescue them ever returned… a harsh and terrible tale. Being who I am I could’t hear that story and stand by idle, so now I find myself here, facing the tower…

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  1. So. Just in case anyone else has the raidysys.exe issue – which I had even with a brand new copy I bought – I have a way of solving it.

    Install it in Windows safe mode. I can’t guarantee anything, but it worked for me. And once you’ve installed it in safe mode, you can play it in normal mode just fine.

  2. Hey 🙂
    I downloaded the 4 Raidy patches but I don’t see any setup and even no password to start the installation
    Can someone help me next? (I do not speak fluent English I am using google translation, I am en x))

  3. To the people with the save problem, this only occurs when you launch it from the wrong exe. Only use the ones that you get right after you finished the setup, they should be in your C, even if you changed your install folder. You can just drag them in your game folder for the future. (The ones specifically named with fullscreen/windowed!) Otherwise saving won’t work.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Works fine, just need to use the Daemon Tool thingy and it’ll start.

    Only problem I had were the saves not saving, but I had forgot to run the setup program. After doing so and playing in fullscreen mode, saving works.

  5. For people having trouble, when you extract the downloaded files, you have to extract them again. Pretty simple once you know you have to. Hope this helps.

  6. Ok, forget sound, forget setup, I don’t even have a .exe file. Just .ccd, .img, .cue, and .sub files…After nearly half a day of downloading all 4 parts..

      1. Creating a virtual drive should be tought to school nowadays, it’s so important. That’s the first thing I do after installing OS.

  7. Thank you so much for this title. This is what originally got me into these sorta games, but as you probably know, the Japanese to English translators…. suck.

  8. Erm. My sound dissapears!
    Just there is no more sound in the game, and even reinstall won’t help.
    When i try to fix it in options, the game will just shut.

  9. So everything extracts fine and I change the disc image file from .img to .iso

    But when I try to mount it my computer tells me that the file is corrupted. Any suggestions?

  10. Ugh! What part am I not getting? I can in no way convert the .img file to an .iso file. Winrar won’t let me rename it, and I can’t mount it.

    1. ok, I tried downloading something else to check and same thing so I’ll try again later And see if it resolves itself

  11. yuri? wth!? thank god I didn’t play it sooner. ( All works fine with me as well ) but too bad I ain’t to yuri stuff.

  12. Guys, I have same problem that when I try to save, it crashes.
    But i fixed it by turning it to full screen.. try it if it will work on you guys ! ^_^

  13. I’ve finished the game and want to uninstall it. I’ve try to remove it but it doesn’t work. a little help here?

  14. i have the same problem…i just found out how to start the game up i use poweriso..and it got the game to load..and so far when i started i cannot save in a dungeon..but in the choosing between the three choices they give i can save…and thats like to far away

  15. can somebody help me I can’t sve the game and after I read the comment it say I need a crack, so where do I get the crack?

  16. hey all, can i ask you all? i’ve download all part of LWR and extract it without error, and there is an img type file. i try to open it with pscx2 but failed , then i try to ope it with playstation emulator, but failed to. i was windows 7 user, is that matter’s ? or there is some software needed to open this kind of file? please help me.

    1. That image file is “THE GAME” it self. you just only need mount it using program caled “DAEMON Tool”. There is no crappy procedure….its simple

  17. Semes i have a couple CG sece mising after i beat the game.

    -A scene of some man and girl hafing party.. :v
    -and 3 mising scene from Knight Errant “Fighting scene” to Raidy lose and having a horse raiding.

    Is there an eror or something?

  18. i having a problem completing the game. During the level on 4th floor where u meet demon elf folles but some reason i can’t fight her??? the required level to beat folles is 20+ i’m level 21 but still the fight scene doesn’t come? why? help pls! thanks

  19. Aight i was going to download this… then i read that 90% of the people here think its a virus… ive been here for a long time and im sure admin doesnt upload virus … at least unnecesarily… this isnt a really new vn so there should be no need for a dangerous crack file that could be treated as a trojan….
    A: It might be an AVG screw up
    B: if another antivirus detects it please explain

    1. Ok i didnt expect it to be answered in older posts… yes its an AVG screw up ,its a False positive, “It is NOT a virus” this is my 16th visual novel or so and i have seen many say that the AVG detects them as virus… they do nothing to your pc… they are just games

      To answer the others questions,after extract, Mount the .cue or .cdd files on Daemon tolls and they will load the information from the .img that will run normally, no need to change formats (to .iso in this case) unless explicitly indicated by admin

  20. why when i try to install it system says “setup cannot open resource file”?? anyone can fix this please tell me how..

  21. wtf … when i download it and extract … it only have CCD File, CUE File, IMG File and Sub File … i can’t even FUCKING PLAY THIS GAME … FUCK!!

    1. heheh .. forget what i said … now i can play this game …. WAIT!? IT SAID IT HAS A VIRUS … D: FUCKING BITCH!!!!

  22. HELPP!! I’ve put the cue file on daemon and install the game but then my Avira antivir found a TR type firus on Raidysys file, I cant let a trojan wreak havoc in my pc too many valuable treasures there, and I cant ignore the file on instalation.

  23. The map does not work. I have unloaded and reloaded the game, and have tried running it on full screen and window mode. does anyone else have this issue? Any idea how to resolve it? Should I just download again?

    1. never mind. i played the second game 1st, and thought that you carved out the map as you went. didn’t realize it was different.

  24. Hi, i got a problem. when i start the setup.exe (.img) the game is installing but my Avg detect a virus, what should i do ? D:

  25. I can’t seem to get the file to open correctly. I changed the .img to a .iso as had been said above but after doing this I am given an error from WinRAR: the archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

    I check the settings in WinRAR to make sure that it was marked to open .iso files and it had already been marked.

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  27. behold raidy, the most perverted heroes in the world, for girl categories of course.. if its a guy then it belongss to rance…

  28. this file can’t open when you mount it, because there was a virus in this file so you just have enable the anti virus

  29. Yup, part 1 seems to have bit the dust. MediaFire thinks it’s there, but then won’t actually download anything. All other parts still appear to be fine.

  30. Weird i cant seems to download part 1 while the other is ok. The part 1 download just keep stopping the download halfway through and shows that it has download finish alrdy any idea why?

  31. this is virus free isnt it because my avg detects a virus but i want to know if my avg is being a douche or if the file isnt completely safe

    1. JDownloader isn’t foolproof; for instance, right now it (and MediaFire) think that part 1 of Raidy is available, where I and at least one other user can confirm that it never actually starts downloading.

  32. are all you people having game problems retards??? 99% of the problems described are all a result of you being stupid.

    No ISO file??? Use the IMG file instead.

    Don’t know how to mount the file??? You don’t have to! Use WinRAR to open and extract.

    Does it work on Windows 7??? If it doesn’t then just use the Compatibility feature!!!

    Download links not working??? Reset your internet and try again or use a proxy to access the download sites as 95% of the time it’s your ISP blocking the file sharing sites.

    1. Hey!, I need help, Im trying to extract the game, but when i try to extract it says something like this,”insert the next volume”, What do i do? PLEASE HELP ME! I BEG YOU.

  33. um..i have a problem when i extracted it..i can’t find any ISO file..the highest file that came out is IMG..what will i do?

    1. I had the same problem but solved it with just random luck 😀 Just rename the “.img” part into “.iso” and it will be an iso file. Then just extract normally with poweriso or something. Hope this helped.

  34. I have a problem where every time I try to save while in that first dungeon my game crashes. Can anyone help me with that?

  35. Hi, everybody!

    I’m the fan of Raidy series, I play LWR 1 and LWR 2. It’s really sad to hear that LWR 3 maybe will be not produce.

    BTW, I’m looking for LWR 2 scanlation antology manga. I allready read the LWR 1 scanlation manga, and now I search for LWR 2 Scanlation manga but I can’t find it!

    Please somebody, if you know the link for free download LWR 2 scanlation manga, please share it on here. 😀

    thanks before. 😀

    1. Did you play the original games too or only the remakes?
      LWR3 will not be remade because their was no LWR3 to remake to begin with.

      1. well… actually they plot for the 3rd game but I heard something happens with zyx… looks like something bankrupt issue or merger with another coorporate…

  36. how do you play the game I started it and I get 3 options saying look at the tower, look at the entrance, and think it over and it wont let me do anything else what do i do?

  37. Just finished the download of this one inspite of file serves anti-bot captcha things best effort to stop me, and discovered two image files, a .ccd, and a .cue. As both of those files are only a single KB, I presume the actual data is stored in the .img file and/or the .sub file.

    Putting aside the question of which file to which image, are the two images identical, or is there some difference. Also, the two non-image files are of different sizes, which seems to suggest the images are different. After mounting each image, the auto load starts up what appears to be the same installation program regardless of which image I use.

    Could somebody please provide a little clarification?

    1. this is very simple. Take both files that you downloaded (ie. Part1.rar and Part2.rar. place them in the same folder. then highlight both of them, right click on Part1.rar. if you have Winrar installed there should be an option to “extract here”. select that. it will extract both Par1.rar and Part2.rar into a single .iso. from there use a tool like Daemontools to mount that .iso, every thing should work simply from there.

      to make it easier to download, the uploader made a compressed file of the game (the .rar). with that still being very large he then split it into to parts so that it would take less time to download (yes 1 hour is less time…trust me)so in order to use it you must put the pieces back together by extracting them at the same time, from the same source folder, into the same destination folder

      sorry for the overly simplified step by step process, but it seems like most people are just posting the same questions over and over, so hopefully this will help them under stand better

      1. @helpful: Thank you, but you misunderstood my question. I am familiar with .rar files, including multipart .rar files, and how to extract the data from them.

        I have downloaded both parts to the same location (495 MB and 240 MB respectfully) , and extracted them as appropriate. The results where a file folder containing 4 files as follows:

        RAIDY.cdd (772 bytes)
        RAIDY.cue (69 bytes)
        RAIDY.img (787 MB)
        RAIDY.sub (32 MB)

        Daemon Tools recognizes the first two files as images. Given that there is nowhere near enough data for an game that is not purely text based (and might not even be enough to for that), I figure the second two files are somehow linked to the first two provided the actual image data.

        Here are my questions, which of the second two files belongs to which of the first two files? Both images, when mounted, bring up the auto-play to the same “You are about to install…” window. Which should I use to install? Assuming one to one pairing of the first and second set of files, 32 MB is no where near 787 MB, so how can both images be able to install the game? I did check for hidden files in the folder, but there where none.

        I am familiar with winRAR and .rar files. I am familiar with DAEMON Tools. My knowledge actual disc image files is severely limited to end-user grade content, and none of the tech specs about what makes one format different from another (Mount the image with Daemon tools, and it runs like a normal disc),

        I would appreciate some clarification of what’s different between the two images (content wise, not tech spec wise). Or did I just get a bum download and need to re-download them?

        1. It’s just like you said – that small files contain just metadata that loads “real” image from .img file. It doesn’t really matter which one you open – your virtual dvd program will load data from img file anyway.

          1. Thank you.
            That answers my question.

            Now a question or two out of intellectual curiosity aimed at any one who has the knowledge, time, and inclination to answer.

            Does the fact that I can use either the .ccd or the .cue mean their both linked to the second set of files?

            If so, does that mean that the .ccd is an earlier/later version of .cue, sorta like .mds and .mdx?

            (Might want to make any responses to this an actual new post instead of a reply. If the current board formatting holds, we are going to end with one word per a row.)

          2. Lousy typing corrections to above post:

            Second paragraph: aimed, not aim

            Fourth Paragraph: … .ccd is an earlier/later version of .cue, sorta…

  38. I think my brain has more in common with computers then humans.

    You know those anti-bot security questions you get prior to a download where it shows you a picture of 2 (non-sense) words usually visually distorted, the idea being computer software can’t “read” them (I think there called “Captcha”s)? Well two out of three times I can’t make heads or tails of them and I’m the human.

  39. urm..can the uploader upload this game on hotfile?maybe mediafire?most of download link in my country been blocked -,-`

  40. I tried instaliing it, but when it’s close to finishing, a window comes up, saying: ”Setup cannot open source file ‘D:\RAIDY\RAIDYSYS.EXE’.” It has happened to two others here, but none had their question answered. Hopefully this one’ll be answered.

    1. ok i figured out that problem what you have to do is get somthin called poweriso. after you install that go to the folder you exstracted the game the file should have turned into a cd picture. right click on it there you will see somthin about poweriso and an option to “extract here” click it and as soon as thats done there should be a foulder called raidy go into it and click on 1 of the applications and there you go

  41. Fileserve has to be one of the most retarded hosting sites ever. It requires you to have the file serve website as your active download for the entire download. (which is over an hour for one part of the game might I add) preventing you from doing anything while you wait for it to download. Would you mind considering adding another download source?

    1. Yes, i’m making fileserve+filesonic interchangeable mirrors for every game posted – it just takes time. about 30% of oldest games have them added already.

  42. there’s trojan horse in the game? easy. just install on the virtual system, such as virtualbox!!!
    Then you don’t have to suffer!!!

    1. No, there isn’t. All games posted here are checked – if you get any virus error then sen the file to AV vendor, so that they can check it themselves and update their databases accordingly.

  43. The game worked out fine, but I’m just curious as why both Part1 and Part2 had the same files… Should I just leave it be?
    And it seems like I can’t save the game when I’m playing in windowed mode. Any solutions?

    1. Files are the same, but they do not contain same data – if you split 700 MB file into two parts then when you open archives both will show that they contain that file, while actually each contains only half of it. To properly extract and use that file you’ll need both parts.

      1. Right now I have the Part1 and Part2 in different folders just like when I extracted them. I managed to extract Part1.rar even without downloading Part2. So do I need to do anything about the Part2 files maybe like, combining them in the same folders?

        1. You seriously like to complicate things for yourself…
          Download both parts to one folder. Start extracting first part – second part will be automaticaly found and extracted. enjoy the game.

  44. I don’t get it, I’m using winrar and it’s telling me I need part 2 to even extract part 1…am I supposed to burn it to a disk by extracting it?

  45. The Archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

    That’s an error message I got when trying to unrar it. Is there something I need to do to unrar and unpack the two together to not get the message or what?
    >WinRAR noob.

  46. I know that the virus thing is a false alarm, but my Anti-virus program doesn’t allow me to use the “RAIDYSYS.exe” It only lets me delete it, so I’m basically screwed, unless I turn off my anit-virus. Is there a way to get around this error? I use AVG if it’s any help.

    1. Every antivirus has option to ignore certain folders – just add raidysys.exe to exception list and you should be fine.

  47. Aw, and I forgot to mention,

    Every time I try to open one of the image files directly with Daemon Tools, it sends an error message.

  48. I can´t burn the game with any program (and DAEMON Tools isn´t helping).

    There are three different image files and a “.sub” that I have no ideia of what it is…

    Anyway, every time I try to burn the game with any of the three other files (using Astroburn), the operation fails even before the burning process starts. What do I do?

  49. i cant download for some reason. When ever the 15 second wait ends it goes to

    Welcome to – Free one-click file hosting! With us you can share big files easily and securely:

    Just choose a file, click the “Upload” button and send the download link to your friends and anyone you know.

  50. Dang! It has been removed from hotfile due to “copyright claims” guess I must find it elsewhere…. or maybe just forget about it

  51. For those who are having trouble saving – try running the game in fullscreen mode. That got around the problem for me.

  52. i didt want to bother you but i need some help dude i already extracted it with winrar but still cant play the game can you help me out

    1. umm gee thx for adding the nvm to that, lol im having that problem and cant figure it out ^^” i downloaded all 4 parts and used winRAR but um wen i extract like part 1 it needs volume 2 o,o howd yu do it? O:

  53. erm sry to disturb but i have downloaded it but i cant install it at all.May i ask how do you mount it on my favorite software?

    1. when you’re done with extracting the file, you need a software like Daemon tools to mount the iso file that is included in the folder.
      here’s step by step procedure:
      1. Download Daemon tools (don’t worry it’s freeware)
      2. An icon will appear in your system tray, right click the thunder icon then choose virtual cd/dvd rom > device 0 no media > then browse the iso file in the folder where your saved the lwr file.
      3. An installation will start and install the game.

  54. Ok, im really confused on the instructions. I’ve never done the ise thing before, and am having a little trouble understanding the instructions. I Unpacked them form the .Rar file, but for some reason both part 1 and 2 have identicle file names in them.

    Im really confused, could someone help me out?

  55. I have encountered error too when saving, please help me
    I only can save 1 times when raidy bathing
    after that the message of encountered error came, so I can’t save the game again

    1. try re-installing it. you shouldn’t be encountering that problem. when i save mine, i can save in many slots provided by the game.

  56. hi, as you can see im a nub… i can’t seem to save in this game, keeps on getting errors and shit… and it pisses me off just to start all over… >_<… please save me!!! what is this mike program u r talkin about??

  57. hi thanks it’s my third eroge
    my first was yukizakura so it hooked me up but the second battle raper 2 was a little bit lacking of contents and logic
    i hope this will be better

  58. Hi, the game downloaded and installed ok but when ever I hit the save button, I get a windows message that says the program encountered a problem and needs to close. Any ideas? Thanks!

  59. geez, you can’t spit the downloads between 2-4 sites? Hotfile is not working right.

    1. I don’t think there’s a point in mirroring 2 archives on 4 webhosts…
      Anyway – we serve over 200 GB of visual novels already, and mirroring them all would take a lot of time and bandwidth.
      If you have problem with hotfile, you can always use direct download option.

      1. I can kinda see the point it having multiple links considering that I can’t use the direct download link

  60. Thank u so much and i am sorry for suspecting u. btw many thanks for the upload of games and quick reply =D

    1. This is false positive – some antivirus program might treat JAST “Vmate” DRM system as trojan, but it’s clean.

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