The Tower of Five Hearts

The Tower of Five Hearts

Tsukiware’s second major title, Tower of Five Hearts, is a yuri tale of several maids in service to their princess, all hoping to become her bride for the sake of their respective kingdoms.

With artwork by Ryle, you can enjoy fox girls, dog girls, lamia, bunny girls, and catgirls all competing for one lucky woman’s hand in marriage.

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6 comments on “The Tower of Five Hearts

  1. Ok, just finished this game and found at least 8 complaints together w/ 2 or 3 good points which I’ll proceed to describe as follows:

    The bad points:
    1. Lightning sounds like taken from an 8bit console.
    2. Since system can’t catch up with itself, bugs are not rare and you’ll be seeing duplicate sprites often.
    3. Heroines’ faces look copy-pasted.
    4. Is it only me or heroines act so damn retardedly that I don’t feel like marrying any single one of em – they just pissed me off the 1st time around.
    5. Loading screens? What is this PS1?
    6. But most of loading times are a real nightmare: it takes forever to even start the frickin thing. Day transition is painfully slow when clearing each route. Oh and don’t even think of bringing up the log or skipping on bathtub scenes cuz it lags like shit.
    7. Cat girl keeps saying “oh stars”… wtf?
    8. And for Christ sake, what’s w/ the tiniest font, you can’t enjoy this vn from afar, you have to be sitting in front of the damn screen (fuckin stupid).

    The good things:
    1. Wording of narration was pretty good.
    2. So were the 3-some h cgs.
    3. One evening tune was particularly exquisite and reminiscent of Wolf Tails harmonic bgm.

  2. Update: this only appears to happen when I choose Kiri at the end. I’ve been able to get endings for everyone except her (and the polyamorous pair). But for Kiri, the credits start before the conversation is completed. This has to be a bug.

  3. When I get to the end, the credits start before the conversation ends. By which I mean if I set dialogue to skip it is still going through more discussion with the girl I chose even while the screen is fading to black and the credits are coming up over it. As a result, I don’t get to see the actual RESULT of making a choice. Is this a bug?

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