Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2

Set 5 years after the events of Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden, the story begins in the Kingdom of Hillsland, now sadly a shadow of its glorious days under the rule of King Ruin Demedium more than a century and a half ago. In the midst of the kingdom’s troubles with the kingdom of Fronce an amnesiac masked man with red hair washes up near a harbor. Unfortunately for him, upon entering town the masked man discovers too late that aside from memories he’s also lacking clothes and is quickly arrested by the authorities. Soon after his incarceration the man, taking the name Mask for lack of anything else , is given a chance at pardon (along with a group of imprisoned mermen pirates) in exchange for defeating a monster that has taken up residence in Boinbara’s castle. Meanwhile in the kingdom of Edellant, King Lute Hende has been apparently bedridden for nearly a month with none save the queens and his advisors having seen him since this sudden onset of illness…

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  1. overall nice story
    almost skipped the h scenes to see how the story will progress

    anyone have any recommendations with nice scenes and quite interesting story?

  2. good news fr fans
    funbag fantasy 3 IF is currently in beta
    if all goes well then we might just get it this year
    and yes being in beta means its 100% translated

  3. Sorry for the noob question, but how do you install the game? I just got a bunch of identically named parts.pak and sc.pak files…

  4. I really like this game, but the flaws in the world really show.
    This will be slightly spoilery:
    The first part was decently interesting, how he rose from zero again.
    However, the second part with Iberia was unbearable. The amount of magic used in their political moves was disgusting. It really showed the flaw in this world’s system.
    A mage in a high position meeting the rulers of the country personally, yet allowed to be given items that have no way of checking whether there’s traces of magic? Not even an actual mage could dispel it or be completely sure? Then, the natural way is to not allow them altogether, and for obvious reasons.
    A total of 3 attacks were made with monsters, all of them done with magic, yet they have no way to trace it to the mage of Iberia that COINCIDENTALLY was staying there? If it weren’t for the fact Lute is afflicted by the most powerful of plot armors, any king would have died. Mages must be having a field trip assassinating anyone they don’t like without the need for consequences.
    Anyways, I just wanted to let it all out. I ultimately like the story solely because of the amusing responses of Lute and how he solves the problems, but when the problems have such glaring issues that the world itself should have made countermeasures for…

  5. Well, it finally comes to an end. Hope they end up doing 3 and Majo. The 1st is still my favorite, followed by 2. Sideboob 1 & 2, kind of fell short in some areas. I’m just kind of peeved that the extra stuff wasn’t included, just like how they skipped out on releasing 2 if.

  6. Admin, first of all thank you, as like any other simplehuman i came to request to you, Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~, if you can grace us, please.

  7. Great Game. MangaGamer will probably do the side stories for 2 next. Then we will hopefully get the great 3rd entry. I hope somebody out their is translating Tenioha 2. One of my favorite games.

    1. Eh, I wouldn’t count on it. They could have released the if version that had the extra content instead, but they didn’t want to pay more for the licensing. Or Waffle said no. 3 is plausible, since it ties into the rest.

  8. Does this game come with the extra contento of emeralias weeding with riuto and the one were estori gave birth to riuto baby

  9. I like this series the story and characters are really fun, but does anyone else find the h scenes really boring and hate that they sometimes contain critical plot info? The h scenes are basically all the same (squeeze boobs, several boobjobs, drink breastmilk) and are way too long and frequent. I get it’s a fetish nukige but I wish they would change it up a little sometimes. Does this game at least switch it up a little vs the previous ones?

    1. The series is literally called Kyonyuu Fantasy though. It really doesn’t get more self explanatory than that. Complaining that there’s too much focus in the h-scenes on breast related stuff is like eating a sandwich and then complaining that it contains bread.

      1. I’ll admit it’s not really my thing but it’s not so much that it contains all the breast stuff that bores me, more the fact that every scene seems to play out the same way. Maybe they could have varied it up more like at least Isis has inverted nipples and Shamsiel has the succubus thing, the rest have different personalities in the story but are virtually indistinguishable in the h scenes.

      2. There much more things you can do with boobs tho. They also can at least make more arts for scenes. Because I too think that scenes in this game are too boring, especially now, when all eroges going for more advance things.

    2. I didn’t really pay attention much to it (Lol)

      I’m actually looking for the story line, new heroine relationship, how he conquer her And Mc dirty joke.

  10. I tried to download the 200 MB at a time download but it wont let me extract the files its saying I might need a password, any ideas why?


  12. So ruin the king of kf 2 is conon centurias ago since the scubus of tha game was name shahar does that mean thath shamishel is royalty of hilsland

    1. That’s actually brought up in the game. Not really in-depth but it does get a flashback scene and a few lines to acknowledge that Shamishel is Shaharl’s daughter.

      1. but there is a thing when ruin was a recomendare we read the names brunstain and coubier from fronce and Edellant how were they there that is a mayor plot hole

        1. From my knowledge Brunstain and Coubier are the family names so the Brunstain and Coubier in KF are the descendants of Brunstain and Coubier in KF2. Either way it was meant to be a quick shoutout/reference rather than anything with actual plot significance.

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