OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos

OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos

“—I wanna marry you.”

Those simple words set in motion a ♀ yuri ♀ game of cat and mouse!

“As a child, there was a love story that captivated me.
In the story, an alien came down from space and extravagantly proclaimed her love to an Earthling man.
I never imagined that, decades later, I’d be living out that story for myself…”

Akuru Hayahoshi is an unlucky otaku office worker who just can’t pull her husbando in the gacha game she’s obsessed with, no matter how much money she throws at it.
Until one day, she runs into the garishly gorgeous and freakishly lucky Ren Furutachi.

A series of misunderstandings lead to a proposal, and Ren starts to full-on pursue Akuru.
One thing leads to another, and in order to bring her husbando home, she ends up… bringing Ren home?!
Now they’re sharing a house… and a bed?!
To unpresuming Akuru this cool, lady-loving girl might as well be an alien!

Akuru wants her husbando, and Ren wants Akuru as her waifu…
Are these two ever gonna end up together?!

Tune in to this slapstick yuri comedy to find out!

19 Responses to “OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos”

  1. 1234 says:

    By same logic it’s hypocritical to play RTS games and then say that war IRL is wrong.
    Or to watch theatre drama and then say that making people cry IRL is wrong.
    There’s a shitton of things that people are willing to accept inside fiction but not IRL, and you’re not exactly making a good job of explaining why this particular case would be an exception.

    Actually many people get off on some things exactly BECAUSE they consider those to be wrong. You think some freaky things like tentacle porn is popular just because of someone’s love for long spineless appendages?

    This is definitely sick (not that anyone on this site, myself included, should be entitled to throw accusations, we’re all off the rails at least to some degree here), but it’s not in the least bit hypocritical.

  2. p123 says:

    can you update this series i am really looking forward to it the names are

    A Kiss for the Petals – Longing of an Angel
    Tenshi no Akogare

    Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance
    Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi

    A Kiss for the Petals – Snow White’s Knight
    Shirayuki no Kishi

    A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Promise
    Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku

  3. Quinx says:

    is this adult patch???

  4. Quinx says:

    is this adult patch?

  5. Me says:

    Actual synopsis:
    Akuru is a fujoshi in love with a character from a gacha name nicknamed Kensho, about edo age husbandos, but she’s quite unlucky.
    On the last try to get her favorite husbando’s SSR, she overhears someone got a prize in the cafe where she was along her closest friend. She comes close to see what happened, and noticed a gyaru who promptly noticed Akuru was trying a gacha. This gyaru after explaining she’s extremely lucky, snatches Akuru’s last try. And bingo! She got Akuru’s husbando. Akuru got so hyped she proposed right there to her husbando… still in Ren’s hands.
    Akuru rushes to work, and meets Ren again. It seems Akuru dropped a card with her work address, so Ren used it to accept the proposition.

  6. Hitler says:

    Fuck this dyke shit

  7. Little Gunner says:

    Waifus over husbandos, ROFL XD that is the most cringe and cheesy tittle I have ever read. Thanks for uploading btw

  8. OneUglySunuvabitch says:

    Although I already got this from another site, I still very much appreciate you uploading this regardless, thanks a lot! ^^

  9. anonymous says:

    thank you very very much for this and everything else you do. you’re the best!

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