“The creatures of the demon world known as “succubus” use a male’s sexual energy, his “technoforce” as their nourishment.
One day, one such succubus known as “Lovelia” appears suddenly before the main character to steal the power of his lust, known as his “technoforce”.
Considered to be one of the greatest beauties in 1000 years, Lovelia may look bewitching, but the truth is that this is her first ever work assignment and she is very naive when it comes to men.
Lovelia tries again and again to steal away his technoforce, but her innocence gets in the way of any real progress.

Unless Lovelia succeeds in harvesting the technoforce of the one she has chosen to possess, she can’t return home to the demon world, nor can she possess another man. …Lovelia finds herself stuck living together with the main character.”

“Can Lovelia successfully harvest technoforce?!
Set in Akihabara, the awkwardly funny and slightly naughty new life of one naive succubus begins!”

7 Responses to “TroubleDays”

  1. Waugriff says:

    greetings everyone… Does anyone know similar to this have animations and doesn’t have to be a large file (less than 1gb)? I hope anyone could reply asap… Thanks by the way.

  2. FlyX says:

    It will be on Nintendo Switch soon too.

  3. They_all_sucked_my_bus says:

    Agree, first Riria from Ponkotsu Akuma, after her Juli from Magical Marriage and now Lovelia, this kind of Suk~รก~Bus are just too cute!

    Btw, the game has 3 endings:
    -choose the first opcion on all choices por NORMAL ending.
    -choose the second opcion on all choices for the BAD ending.

    -for the GOOD ending, choose option 1 on all BUT not in the one in the inn, just choose 2 there and let her go inside alone.

  4. Su says:

    Thank you very much.
    She is such an adorable, sexy, cute heroine. And the Animation is brilliant! I really fell in love with it at first sight. Hope more would adapt this kind of animation.

  5. CatGirlFutaLoli says:

    Mmm succy succy

  6. pianos become the teeth says:

    Thanks admin! I downloaded this from a different site a few months ago and got a nasty virus -__-

    Never used a different site since. Keep up the good work.

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