Breaking a Stuck-up Wife!

Breaking a Stuck-up Wife

The protagonist is having a hard time at work.

His superior, Kyouka, is a prideful woman with an arrogant attitude towards male employees. She especially dislikes the protagonist, so she’s always making things difficult for him.

“You haven’t finished the report yet!?”
“Haven’t you learned anything in college!?”
“You are an adult, you have to be responsible!!”
“Geez…men are always making excuses, that’s why I hate them!!”

But one day, the protagonist discovers a secret about Kyouka that will change everything.

11 comments on “Breaking a Stuck-up Wife!

  1. I can not open the game, when I clic on the “Wife.exe” it show me a error with a lot of “?” and at the end “(syntax error)”.

    1. Same issue, and I haven’t found a solution yet.

      I already installed the newer translation patch from the author which someone linked here before trying to start the game however, so unsure if the game works without this newer patch.

  2. The one sex scene you’re talking about seems to be the only part in Japanese. After that it goes back to English.

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