Magical Marriage Lunatics!!

Magical Marriage Lunatics

Yuuta is just your typical guy who enjoys an ordinary school life with his childhood friend Yuuna. Suddenly one day, a mansion appeared in his backyard, inhabited by the vampire princess Luce. One by one, other other-worldly princesses came to him, all of whom had made a childhood promise to be his bride when they grew up. He didn’t remember the promises, but then Yuuna also joined into the fray and proclaimed that she’s the one who will always be with him.

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  1. Sorry guys, I finished it and I gotta agree with other comments: Prob not worth your time to play this. As mentioned there’s so much pointless banter and randomness that it’s an absolute drag to get through.

    Also, screw Adrianne & Karin. The first is an absolute bitch and the latter is an appetite with a character model attached to it… (Seriously I will never understand how every ‘pure love story’ VN needs a heroine who only cares about food).

    Thanks as always for your hard work, admin.

  2. DAMN ghost girl was hot as heck, why couldn’t she have a route? Is she from a different Moonstone game?

  3. I really want to like this game, but there’s way too much pointless exposition. The main guy even tells you that a character has changed their tone of voice like “Luci’s tone shifted to explanatory”, or tell you that a character has stopped being frustrated, as if you’re a knuckle dragging ape who wouldn’t know it if he didn’t spell it out to you.

    Also, these girls keep telling the MC and other humans close to him that they shouldn’t reveal their supernatural identities to others, and yet they walk around everywhere dressed like a bunch of slutty cosplayers, without making any attempt to blend in while in public and drawing everyone’s attention to them.

    The art isn’t particularly good either. It’s like something out of an early 2000’s slice of life anime or a key visual novel.

    1. Agree. I really wanted to like this one. It checks my list of things I want (Monster Girls that doesn’t go too far).

      …I need a longer list. Anything to change up the crap routine of a Blah rando who goes to school gets a harem. This game…just isn’t good though. Writing, art wise…just…blah. Everywhere. If this is your thing, go and download ‘Ditzy Demons are in Love With Me!’ instead. A *far* superior product, despite this games promising premise.

  4. I’ve recently started this game. Here’s my rankings so far.

    1. Luce (Ojou-sama, please step on me)
    2. Yorihime (Perfect loving wife)
    3. Luluna (Quirky, could be fun to read about)
    4. Yuna (The less interesting version of Yorihime)
    5. Karin (Forgetful, dumb, energetic, and always hungry. Not a very appealing combination.)
    6. Juli (Extreme timid succubus who’s afraid of boys. Not my thing.)

    I think I’m only going to do the first 3 routes. The others just don’t interest me much.

    1. 1. Luce (Ojou-sama, please step on me)
      2. Yorihime (Perfect loving wife)
      3. Luluna (Quirky, could be fun to read about)
      4. Yuna (The less interesting version of Yorihime)
      5. Karin (Forgetful, dumb, energetic, and always hungry. Not a very appealing combination.)
      6. Juli (Extreme timid succubus who’s afraid of boys. Not my thing.)

      I pretty much agree with this assessment, which is why I played Karin, Yuna, and Juli routes (In that order) first.

      I’m currently playing Luluna’s route and will then play Yorihime next and saving what I think will be the best for last, Luce.

  5. hahahha speak my mind. who the fuck does these type of shit appeals to anyway? fuckin masochist nerd mega fag who’s way too pussy to even project his shitty existence into a VN? seriously need to put a proper tag on this piece of shit so we all know who it appeals to: worthless slabs of fucking donkey shits.

    1. You must be feeling guilty. Need to atone? I’ll oblige! Let my gavel ring justice off your thin, tin skull.

  6. Hi. I’ve been facing a problem
    When I run the game it says “D3DX9_40.DLL is not installed”
    I’m using Windows 10 64-bit. What should I do?

  7. “Okay the writer of that route is clearly an actual cuck. Dont play Julis route. Just dont. Every other route was awesome though.”

    Already finished the route
    It’s an awesome one
    Your probably didn’t play it all and didn’t know what happens next
    Don’t worry i won’t spoil xD

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  9. “Okay the writer of that route is clearly an actual cuck. Dont play Julis route. Just dont. Every other route was awesome though.”

    Hey, thanks for the warning. I haven’t gotten to her route yet.
    So – is it like Netorare?… or semi-NTR because of the _special_ nature of her power? That would piss me off… thanks man. Jeez… fucking hate cuck crap… to each their own, but – maybe their should be a tag of some sort? uuughghhhhhh

    ** SPOILER ** ** SPOILER **
    Is it that “dream aspect” of her power?
    ** SPOILER ** ** SPOILER **

  10. I am somewhat surprised at some of the comments I am reading here, which is no surprise (??)


    Let’s see – the “MC is … vapid” because he tries to convince Karin not to skip class on the 2nd day?? None of these girls has ever had _any_ social interaction to speak of, outside of an annual bash with each other. So, because the guy is trying to get her to “stick with it”, mostly for the purposes of meeting people and having the experience and socialization in common with the other “Princesses” – i.e. her FRIENDS – he’s a shitstain? And fucking Yamato, a sadistic, rapist d-bag .. is a GOOD MC?? lmfao… let me say it once more – LMFAO. Yeah – it’s off.

    Admin – apologies for stirring it up, but — y’know?

    Compared to the typical moege MC, neither of them is a wimp… but, well – to each their own.

    Also, I think all the girls in this have a certain appeal – again, tastes can differ, after all – but I see a pretty decent sol/moege that might be too nice or vanilla for a lot of people – but if you go for happy-happy, generally – and don’t get all wet for bad endings and shit, you might like this. Personally, this is the kind of VN I like after reading some dark-ass nakige or utsuge that gutted me.

    All of this is just opinion, from any of us – but I am finding that, while I am certain many people will criticize the common-route for length, or sacharine-sweetness or just boredom – this VN has some decent variety, a typically decent translation (the grammar isn’t _perfect_ but it uses typical western turn-of-phrase and slang pretty accurately, and compared to most TLs it is actually almost good in fact).. For me – this hits most of the right spots for a light-hearted story with likeable characters and really good (with some exceptions) artwork. The expressions change with most of the dialog, the sprites move around a fair amount and contribute to immersion and “reader acceptance” better than a lot of VNs. I doubt that Princess Evangile fans are going to rate it as on par with PE, but for me in some respects I like it more (PE tried just a little too hard to piss me off over and over again, and pushed the disbelief factor for different reasons than MML does, but at least equally… but I digress). I go for this kind of VN, same as I did PE. MC isn’t perfect but he could be a lot worse.

    Sorry if I peed in yer cheerios…

  11. Okay the writer of that route is clearly an actual cuck. Dont play Julis route. Just dont. Every other route was awesome though.

  12. The succubus route so far is getting me so angry I might drop it. Her mother is the worst character in this.


    You dont get to be jealous of a ghost when you bang different men every day in a special dreamscape. Also advocating for her daughter to fuck other men so MC doesnt die. Makes me really want to have an option to hit her.

  13. Oh good God i couldn’t even start the route because how vapid this visual novel is, i got spoiled rotten by Majikoi having likeable protagonists. Good God this guy is a useless, passive little shitstain. I stopped at the part where he repremands Karin for ditching class, i couldn’t read anymore after that stupidity. Thanks for the upload, but this VN can burn in hell

  14. @K. I have finished Karin’s route and i’m in the middle of another. So yehaa, it’s good. Not great since it lacks action and drama but is good enough for me to try to finish 2 or 3 routes.

    @Gorgona, thought i also don’t like name changing a single letter doesn’t count for me as long it doesn’t change the Name’s character’s genre. Since i like Luci just a little more i’ll keep it like that.

  15. @LIGHTDX
    You know Luce is the name Moonstone gave her, right? You can clearly hear everyone pronouncing it like that in game. To make it easier, Luci would be pronounced like “Luchi” while her name is pronounced as “Luche”. It’s an Italian name.

  16. @metria You could say so, but the change is minimal and there is some namefix patch made for some fan if it does bother you.

    This version l Patch version
    Yuta l Yuuta
    Yu~ta l Yuuta
    Yu-kun/chan l Yuu-kun/chan
    Yuna l Yuuna
    Luci l Luce
    Oishi l Ooishi

    Honestly i like most of the names in the patch but “Luce” and “Ooishi”. Still since Luci is a heroine and i don’t care enough i decided to keep the original ones.

  17. The game is good so far. But i have to say, five of the girls are not humans so why the hell there is a scene where they are going to donate blood like they where :/

  18. Thanks for this game. but only one good girl from six?

    i will see if i play it one time for that girl, but no more.

  19. @LIGHTDX Thanks for the response. My settings aren’t set at max, but I guess I’ll fiddle with it for a bit. I’ll also try re-downloading the thing, maybe it got corrupted somewhere.

  20. @morikun Not really, but it crashed to me one time a little after certain scene with the Kitsune in the main character house. I was having max spec and high quality scaling when this happened so i took it away and i had no problem since them.

    Some VN can be quite moody from time to time when you go with max settings and/or effects even if your CPU is more than enough for them for some reason.

  21. Thanks to admin for this. Wanted to ask though, is anyone else getting an error at the part when they go to school for the first time. The vampire says “So this is the school”, then next the game just crashes.

  22. Thanks as always admin~

    I think my route will be~

    Childhood Friend > Kitsune > Majo > Vampire > Goddess > Succu

  23. Here’s a quick guide to the Karin Route:
    Try out Makeup
    *Go See Karin
    Aren’t all guys really mama’s boys?
    *Go See Karin
    Just go to sleep
    *Go See Karin
    Tell her she can do it more
    She’s probably in the restroom
    Start a fire
    *Go See Karin
    Lie, and tease her a little
    Tell her honestly

  24. I was waiting for this, i will download it after finish a couple of my 50 alredy downloaded VN´s. Thanks as always admin.

  25. @RED. Nop. There is no tag about that neither here nor in vndb, i also took a look in the japanese walkthrough but there is only as many routes as heroines. They don’t even mention thresome thought i wouldn’t discard that since it vndb say something about a heroine’s mother as heroine.

  26. Admin, you have an error in site code. Writing an override and the constant “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )” error threw me off for a bit 😀
    Also thanks for all the great content you put up.

  27. Thanks a lot Admin 🙂
    Not sure which heroine to pick first. The vampire, the sucubuus, the fox girl and the childhood friend looks great.:)

  28. This was released back in 2013 and you’re complaining about a game on a piracy site that gives you free game to DL.


  30. eyyyyy thats fast considering it only came out yesterday

    this is made by moonstone the same people who made princess evangile, one of the best moeges of all time

    unfortunaly the character stories are more on the level of rise and chio insteast of the compelling character/romance stories of ritsuko and ayaka

    never the less its better than your average moege and its always nice to get more monstergirl/vampire girl heroines

  31. Your statement is really similar to Nisekoi, where there are several girls that have the key while the male protagonist has a locket.

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