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  1. Um … Admin, thank you very very much for all the games you’ve been uploading until now but can I ask you a big big favor? Can you upload the game named UNDER THE MOON? I’m waiting for two years to play this games but I can’t 🙁
    Thank you sooooo much for your work. I just love this site ^^

    1. That one isn’t translated yet. Only a patrial patch for trial version exists. I only post fully translated games on this website.

      1. I understand. Guess I have to wait until the English patch of this game is released. Thank your for your answer ^^
        And, of course, thank you for your amazing work. I’m still waiting to see that ~Persona~ Phantom Of the Opera is translated … and then, I really hope that you’ll upload it here. I still can’t believe that I had the chance to play Nameless, the game I’ve been waiting for two years.
        And that’s all because of you. THANK YOU ^^

  2. Thanks for the grisaia spinoff. I like Michiru but Amane is still the best tho’. Her character developed nicely (from Angelic Howl until Meikyuu & Rakuen). Chiruchiru is just chiruchiru, nothing more nothing less. A dual personality tsundere wannabe bottle blond, what else can u ask..!? lol ;D

    1. sorry, but Amane had the worst story and it made me hate her.
      Long story short: (Grissai SPOILER ALLERT) “lets stay 2 weeks in the woods and starve to death…even though you can reach civilisation by 3 hours walk”

      My only reaction to her story was “you deserved to die for your stupidity, b*tch”

      character’s ranking: Sachi > Michiru > Yumiko > Amane

      1. are you fucking kidding me? they’re lost somewhere in a forest and don’t know the way out. leaving the forest and wandering around aimlessly would’ve only gotten them lost and even more tired. their teacher tried searching for a way out, but he got lost and just decided to go back didn’t he? point is, amane only got lucky when she found her way out. no one knew about the three hour path cause no one knows the way

        1. seriously?? are you braindead?

          “lost somewhere in the forest” = they had road above their heads, so following cliff in either direction would lead them somewhere eventually

          “teacher tried to find a way, got lost and came back” = what sounds better to you: STARTVE TO DEATH after one fail or TRY AGAIN??

          like I have said, they deserved to die for their stupidity

          1. Actually it you who being stupidly braindead coz Amane doesnt know a thing since it not her do all the decision and it her teacher and the captain leader what if i throw you into a cavern that took you 3 hour to civilization that you dont even know it was there ? ofcoz you would like go back to camp and and say you dont know a shit…you are so stupid..have you ever felt of being stranded in some places and felt nervous and unaware of your surrounding ? guess what i did have an experience like amane half of it but we got founded in the forest after 2 week of walking..you dont even fucking know what it feel of lost in a wood so dont be a bitch about someone tragedy story

          2. “i did have an experience like amane”

            oh really? So let me ask you a question? Did you stayed at one place like Amane’s classmates or did you move?

            “we got found in the forest after 2 week of walking”
            SEE? YOU MOVED AND TRIED TO FIND THE WAY. No real person will be comfortable with staying 2 weeks at one place and starving to death!!!
            That’s why her story was so stupid.

          3. It’s funny how people take too common sense on anime, instead of arguing other’s people think of that anime why not u guys shut ur mouth about anime. I hate people who bad mouth anime just because you don’t like it. People here are to have fun playing this game and watching anime yet u guys have so much unnecessary simple minded to argued about it. you don’t like it so stuff ur mouth with bread.

            ANIME IS TO ENJOY~ that is Life.

    2. i dont know about amane’s story being the worst, but the only good part of it is only the angelic howl and after the last choice

      but my 1st and second ranking goes to derp’s reply and the others are equal.

  3. hi admin i ask you about Grisaia no Kajitsu what difference pc ver and vita ver I know vita ver not have h but what is have new story and lot new cg?

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