April 26th, 2032 A.D. – Megalopolis Tokyo – 00:12 in the morning

A total lunar eclipse occurs for the first time in 3 years. Even though it’s supposed to be a simple astronomical phenomenon, it soon sets off a series of unexpected events. Unexplainable mysteries, terrorist incidents, and network crime surge as if in unison. The truth mixes with lies, as if the world is awake but still sleeping.

Something has begun. Somewhere no one can see. Something no one knows about.

This is a story of the chance meeting and tragic parting of the young men and women living in this world. Players get to play the game from 4 different points of view:

Route A – Hinata, a youth who has lost his sister and himself.
Route B – Ishtar, a freelance programmer and leader of a hacker team.
Route C – Ishtar, but seems a bit different from the Ishtar in Route B….
Route D – He, a man completely shrouded in mystery.

And thus..

“The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning”

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  1. installed the game, jap version of the game works fine but can’t get the english patch working.

  2. i can’t run the English path, after extracted and put it in the same folder as usual, the game still run on JP language. Any tips for me to fix this?

  3. I’m trying to play, but for some bizarre reason the system menu keeps popping up on route B no matter how many times I close it.

    Sometines, when I close the damn persistent menu, text will start auto skipping without I even touch anything else.

    Is there a way to fix that? Win7 user

  4. Guys this game is truely dangerous for real life… after playing route A, I have become a patient of seizure….. Just be careful everyone…. i wonder if this is a banned game like that of porygon movie from pokemon….T.C

    1. Lemnis.ca made an walkthrougth it should be in the english patch folder:

      I/O Guide:

      Recommended route order: A->B->C->D->C’->D’->B’->A’->E’

      Before beginning the walkthrough, there are several important things we need to tell you. Please read the below carefully before starting the walkthrough.

      0.1 and 1.0 Endings
      Initially, you can only see the 0.1 Ending of the initial four routes. You need to see the 0.1 end of certain other routes to see the 0.1 Ending of the route. Getting all 1.0 Endings is necessary to clear Route E. So by this logic, if you play the routes according to the above route order, the first 1.0 ending you should be able to see is Route C’s.

      Getting the 0.1 Ending sets the route’s value to 1, while getting the route’s 1.0 Ending sets the route’s “complete” value to 1. While the route’s value is permanently 1 after you get the 0.1 Ending, its complete value can be set back to 0 if you get a Bad Ending on the route (and if you get the Good Ending again, it will be set back to 1). Here’s the list of the Endings you need to see other endings.

      A 1.0= Requires C 0.1
      B 1.0= Requires D 0.1
      C 1.0= Requires B 0.1
      D 1.0= Requires A 0.1

      If you do not have all 1.0 Endings, then you cannot clear Route E.

      We recommend playing it in this order: A 0.1 Ending->B 0.1 Ending-> C 1.0 Ending->A 1.0 Ending-> D 1.0 Ending-> B 1.0 Ending->Start Route E
      Explanation of the Defrag System
      Each of the initial four routes has certain lines and scenes “locked” that are only avaliable to read once you have obtained certain other endings. Seeing these scenes is necessary to get 100%, and contain information not found in other parts of the game. While you can play them at any time, we recommend going through them before starting Route E.

      Initially locked scenes will be represented on the Defrag icon with “X” covering certain blocks. Once you obtain the necessary ending to see that content, the “X” will disappear. If you turn your complete value back to 0 after it’s been set to 1, then you will see the “X” return. To get rid of the “X”, set the corresponding route’s complete value back to 1.

      Likewise, Route E initially has multiple locked scenes that are only unlocked after obtaining Route E’s ending and clearing Route D’.

      Note: Routes A’-E’ are linear, and thus have no choices.

      Note 2: A choice marked with an * has no impact regarding what ending you get.

      A boy who left behind his innocence: Route A
      A young woman followed by companions: Route B
      A young woman standing in solitude: Route C
      A man with great strength: Route D

      Route A:

      *Tell her about what you saw.
      She’s the girl who missed the bus.
      *Too troublesome. Don’t mention it.
      *Ask her why she’s meddling in my affairs.
      *Try to login
      Yumi, that is to say, Shinozuka Mayumi.
      Can’t take her with me, no matter what.

      Route B:
      *Display magnamity as a leader.
      *Consult your friends indirectly.
      *(It doesn’t matter what order you pick the four choices when you meet Nergal)
      *Seek everyone’s cooperation.
      Escort her yourself.
      Let’s accept everyone’s resolve.
      Believe in ourselves.
      Let’s go together

      Route C:
      *Try calling out to him.
      Now’s not the time.
      Don’t kill…!

      Route D:
      *Ask the woman
      The information is right. But…
      That’s impossible.
      Wait to strike.

      Route E:
      *Is there no other way?
      *I’m looking down…
      Wants to wake up
      Is all of them

      Bad Ending Walkthrough

      Bad Ending #1:
      She’s the one I saw at the front of the school.
      Sami, that is to say, Shinozuka Masami
      (Whatever you pick for the final choice doesn’t matter)

      Bad Ending #2:
      Take her with me.

      Bad Ending #3:
      Have Kosuke escort her.
      Give her a day.

      Bad Ending #4:
      We really can’t risk the danger.

      Bad Ending #5:
      Withdraw here and now.

      Bad Ending #6:
      Split up into two teams.

      Bad Ending #7:

      Bad Ending #8:
      Let’s do this. Let’s save…

      Bad Ending #9:

      Bad Ending #10:

      Bad Ending #11:
      That might be it.

      Bad Ending #12:
      Unleash a salvo

      Bad Ending #13:
      … is dead.

      Bad Ending #14:
      That’s right.

      Bad Ending #15:
      Get Bad Ending #7, save it to the system data, and play up to the scene “memento mori” in Route E.

      Bad Ending #16:
      Get a bad ending on any route other than B or E, save it to the system data, then play up until the scene “I/O” in Route E.

      Bad Ending #17:
      Wants to remain asleep
      Somewhere other than here?


      This one!
      (Seeing both versions is necessary for 100% completion)

      MATRYOSHKA 100% guide
      The late Route E scene, MATRYOSHKA, requires you to go through it several times with different conditions in the scene.
      To get 100% in the scene, you need to pick both options of the scene, then you must view it after having set C_complete = 0 on (get Bad Ending #9 and save it to the system data), and then a second time after having set A_complete= 0 on (get Bad Ending #2 and save it to the system data).

        1. Route A’-E’ will get unlocked after you finished the E route
          You can start them from “New Game—>LogOut”

  5. I’ve installed and extracted the files from all IO parts and the japanese version works alright but when i tried to install the patch, the IO en exe version crashes as soon as i try to use it. im using windows 8. can somebody please help. im not sure if im using 64 bit or 32 bit, dont know if that was important through.

  6. urgh, This is frustrating! The text keeps overlapping everytime I advanced through the next line. Does anyone having this issue as well? I somehow get over this by opening the backlog every time I click but It’s sooo dragging that I can’t focus on the story. Is there a fix to this?

    1. T have the same issue. AFAIK there isn’t fix to it yet. Maybe this bug occurs because I am using WindowXP SP3..

      1. hrm, Maybe that’s the cause. I’m also using winxp sp3 32bit. I’m tempted to play this in jp ver. but there are also bugs that are in the game itself so I may as well pass to this in the meanwhile.

        1. The problem might come from the 32bit mode because I’m using windows 7 and not XP like both of you, and I’m still having this text overlapping.

  7. This looks pretty solid! If I have to look at another fucking nukige I’m gonna vomit tbh. I know that’s the biggest market but nukiges are fucking BORING.
    Glad to see something with substance for once.

  8. Game crashes every single time I try to start a new game. I followed all steps and my pc is windows 8 64 bit processor so that is probably why.. I ran in compatibility mode and changed language to jap etc. etc. and nothing works.

    1. Could be an issue with Windows 8 / 8.1 OS. I personally am sticking to Windows 7 for gaming reasons.

  9. Wow this is really interestingit’s been a long time since i’ve read a V/N with good plot thanks admin!!

  10. adm great work, thanks for 1 more eroge, Hey can anyone tell me if Mashiro-iro Symphony exists in English? If yes, please bring for us! (Well, for me ^ ^)

    Sorry my bad english

  11. Hmmm….i guess i try this one miss playing all-ages vers. but then again i hope this one has interesting plot/story…

    side note: (“comments in this vn is so few, but to the boob wars 2…well…many pervs lol im one of them also hahah”(-_-)

    1. At the time of writing this comment, boob wars 2 has 7 times more downloads than I/O… now, people wonder why Mangagamer is churning out only nukiges recently…

      1. To be fair, not all-ages != nukige.

        I’d submit that if I wanted to have a great story without the visual sex, I’d read shakespeare.

        1. I’m all about the backgrounds. They are so good-looking. Also I’m intrigued with branching decisions, (not points collecting choices). When a sex scene occurs I skip it. Honest.

  12. Atleast some nice game to play. Only bad think thanks to this game name it is hard to find a torrent with it XD. Thx admin.

  13. I do like my H-scenes and galge, but all-ages is also really good for me too. I love Visual Novels with an intense story, which I can also play with other people, and in public places like in a university anime club. 🙂 I play all-ages classics such as Higurashi, Umineko, Chaos;Head, and Steins;Gate in this fashion, and I/O looks like it could be a nice contender. Speaking of which… if anybody runs across an English translation for Robotics;Notes, I would so love to play that! I loved the anime, especially with Frau… 😉

  14. Wow thanks i was really looking forward to this since i read ever 17 and remember 11 !!!!!!!!! guys at lemnisca rule

      1. You can say that again….
        it will take some guts to play a VN this big which is also an all ages,not to mention 4 point of views.Ahhhhh.aaa.when will a good eroge come.Bored to sleep

      2. How the fuck is this a disappointment? There’s honestly nothing worse than shoehorned and out of place ero-scenes just for the sake of there having to be ero-scenes.

        1. Because if I wanted an amazing story I’d look for another medium than VN’s (well, I actually do, since I’ve read a fuckton of books, but that’s beside the point).

          Honestly, while they might have good stories sometimes, no single VN can be compared to the dozens of literary masterpieces out there in terms of writing (hopefully there will be some that can one day, but not today).

          And where the fuck did you get the idea that sex-scenes have to be shoe-horned. Sex is perfectly natural and can fit into any story dealing with mature characters.

          1. What you just said was stupid.Eroge doesn’t make up the whole market of visual novels. Story telling is the whole point of the genre. If all you want is sex you could easily just be quiet and play a nukige.

          2. I wouldn’t say that.

            Many VN gamers out there(including myself) like it when they have H-scenes because it gives a gamer something extra to look forward to in addition to the actual game story. 🙂


    Note: The following are bugs we were unable to fix. PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PLAY TO AVOID SAID BUGS.

    1. If you save a game on textbox 4 or more lines long, close the game, and reload it, the text display will not display properly if you reload on that save, but will be back to normal on the next save. To avoid this, please save only on textboxes that are 3 or fewer lines long.

    2. If you save a game on a textbox 4 or more lines long and reload that save mid-game, the textbox will be “stuck” in that size until you come across a textbox that’s the same size or bigger than the current textbox, where things will then display normally again. To avoid this, please save only on textboxes that are 3 or fewer lines long.

    3. If you try to click or press Enter during a continuous sound effect (a sound effect that “pauses” the text as it plays out), the game will crash. To avoid this, please do not press anything while a continuous sound effect is playing and wait for it to finish.

    1. adm great work, thanks for 1 more eroge, Hey can anyone tell me if Mashiro-iro Symphony exists in English? If yes, please bring for us! (Well, for me ^ ^)

      Sorry my bad english

    1. For some reason the text never disappears and instead continuously overlaps filling the screen with unreadable large quantities of text. This is odd. Anyone have any idea what I need to do to fix this? I have tried twice to install this game and have gotten the same error both times. Am I installing the game incorrectly?

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