Which girl should I choose?


Natsuki Hayami is an ordinary college student who lives with his sister-in-law. Just when he was confused with his boring college life, he ran into Hinata, his teacher, he once had a crush back in high school. For the sake of the sweet feelings he once had with Hinata, Natsuki ended up taking the job offer at her little coffee shop. He also accepted the offer to live with her. Natsuki started his new life where he shares the house with a couple more of beautiful attractive opposite sex;

Hinata’s sexy twin and their pretty little sister. All of a sudden, he has a new problem; He can’t decide which one he wants!!

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  1. SomeRandomGuy says:

    I’m usually pretty accepting of poor grammar due to translation, but if it’s bad enough that it takes me several rereads to maybe understand what’s going on, there’s a problem.

    • Grahamer Natsi says:

      There I’s nothing wrong the phase “yea.. If she did a office job we wouldn’t see her at that tI’me like last tI’me”.
      If I’ts to hard for you to read thI’s VN, you are mite want to take a English class or to.
      jk (Scratching my head whI’le drI’nkI’ng my cafe) Yeah, it’s really, really bad. I can’t even make any sense of how it could possibly end up like this unless they entered all the text by copy/paste. Either that, or it was written by a gymnasium full of chimpanzees with typewriters. Or maybe marmots. Probably marmots.

  2. Rusty Jewels says:

    WOW!!! It has surely been a long time since I’ve had to reread this many lines, the grammar is appalling, even after the patch. Be prepared people. Very good story though, BTW ignore the pedos.

  3. hirukuya says:

    the game start but it said cannot open file [HB001.wav].Excute from the CD-ROM startup

  4. wolfy says:

    cannot save is there a thing i can do against it

  5. Guy says:

    The 100% save file doesn’t unlock any of the CG or scenes. Is there a reason for this? What does the 100% save file do, in that case?

  6. fahruriza says:

    i have no problem with this one
    also it’s easy to install and run

  7. WHeeeeeeeee says:

    the download is taking forever to download.. hadnt had this problem before

  8. Vincent says:

    This worked great for me, I’m using Windows 7 64 bit. I really enjoyed this game, but looking back on it, it’s so short. I could finish this in one sitting if i was dedicated enough. If you want a short but sweet VN, then download this.

  9. FFTHEWINNER says:

    Thanks Admin. any chance we could get “Words Worth” btw?

  10. pau says:

    thanks for the upload as always.

    hoping there would be a fan disk available as well.

  11. LOST SOUL says:

    Okay, really strange problem, this has never happenned to me before. The game plays fine, voices and bgm is running without a problem, but the characters are not showing up. Plus, after the scene changes to the third setting, the game says cannot open system.pak. Write from the CD-ROM (or something like that), and then the game crashes. Also, I’ve heard peeople saying that a certain girl does not have a route in this game, does that mean there are no loli scenes in this game?

  12. Paul Mabie says:

    It was really good, i am however slightly disappointed in the Shizuma route. I thought having a multi-sexualized sub theme would have been interesting.

  13. Asa_chan says:

    This game work in Windows86 bits?

  14. peanut2s says:

    This might seem stupid, but how do I view alternate cgs in the graphic mode?
    Almost tried every button possible.
    And by alternate cgs I meant the ones that are sort of based off each other, mostly found in routine scenes or the same scenario but with a new character popping up.

  15. Zishi says:

    Hi Admin, was wondering if you could direct me to what might open + allow proper viewing/editing of the PAK files. was hoping to go through this tittle and fix some of the dialog. it’s a beautiful little story I’ve played countless times now and whilst I do still enjoy it some of the dialog has quite a bit of derp to them at times.. I’d of course send you the completed patch when done.

  16. Nekotsuki says:

    You probably already resolved this problem but it gave me a bit of trouble too so if anyone comes here looking for a solution i thought i might just leave a comment helping about that.
    I tried a lot of things but in the end letting the installer instal the game on the default location instead of trying to get it to install where i wanted fixed the problem for me.
    Weird, but at least it works.

  17. Fenelire says:

    I can’t DL the 3d link too…

  18. Lock says:

    It’s only me or the 3rd free download link is broke? πŸ™

  19. Lock says:

    Can you please upload a torrent version? Here I need some days to download an eroge.. Realy sad πŸ™

  20. Zishi says:

    Hi Admin/All

    So first
    Thoughts on game: omg cute and really enjoyable.
    I’d have to say for me it’s a tie between Hinata, Natsuki and Shizuma.

    as some have said there are a lot of grammar and odd typing in the translation but if you can get past that there is a really nice story here. I would have liked to have seen a lil more pronoun constancy with Shizuma’s root, I mean it’s a lil confuzing in that it sounds like Natsuki-kun (dued you play) forgot Shizuma is a girl… yet didn’t? yet did? and it was very oddly short compared to all other roots which was rather disappointing but it was still enjoyable.

    this said.. I oddly have 3 blank CG painels and one Blank Sinario slot left even after doing all the roots. the 3 black CGs are oddly at the -very- end after Shizuma’s “end” CG. yet when you look at the screen shots provided by the link to HGCG picture 9 shows there shouldn’t be any blank panels where I’m seeing them. they show up as blank orange boxes in the empty space after CG #81.

    also another discrepancy.. the Scenario menu I have looks nothing like the one on HGCG captured.. it shows up more like the CG menu with two orange boxes each per root. the last two.. one being for Shizuma. the other being blank.

    I heard that there was a fan disk or something that added Nansae’s root but I’m not sure how that would work or account of this specialy because it doesn’t sound like it’s been translated at all.

    either way.. all that aside.. I really enjoyed this tittle. short but very sweet, cute and beautifully made.

    • Zishi says:

      oh and btw. for those wanting to do window mode.

      after doing the easy thing below I got it to go to window mode.
      upon geting it to work you’ll also see a menu bar at the top which will give you access to a bunch of options.
      the game lists F4 as a “Windowed” button. I’ve not tried it as such a menu never showed up and alt + enter didn’t work for me I did the following.

      I have Win 7 home 64bit.

      1) Short cut properties > compatability > run as admin
      2) Short cut tab > Target: “where-ever-you-installed-it” -window

      in step two. simply click on the “Target” box and hit the “end” key to have it jump to the veryyyyy end of the internal link. AFTER the ” make ONE space then type -window
      hit apply then ok.

      3) right click shortcut, left click “run as admin”
      you should only have to do that once it may not work the first time if so close out then reopen with a normal click and say yes to the admin pop-up.


  21. Miguel Figueiras says:

    I have a problem with the full screen, it refuses to be in full screen

  22. Blah says:

    So I’ve had this game on my computer for a couple months at this point… It works just fine, but the translation is SO HORRIFICALLY SLOPPY that I just gave up on the damn thing. One example is the letters ‘im’ being replaced with ‘I’m’, clearly a result of someone typing up the whole translation using ‘im’ instead of ‘I’m’ and then automatically replacing it EVERYWHERE IN THE TEXT without ever thinking “hey, that might affect every word that contains the letters ‘im’.” This happens with another word too (more chatspeak translation that they were trying to fix, I guess), but I forget what it is. It’s painfully obvious they never had an editor/proofreader check for readability (even though the patch allegedly fixes… something?), and while yes, sentences are usually intelligible, the grammar is so awkward it’s annoying to read. And I have a pretty high tolerance for this stuff. Maybe it is “short and sweet” like somebody said earlier, but I just can’t handle this. I appreciate that somebody went through the effort to translate this, but even though I’m only taking first-year Japanese, I’m still pretty sure I could’ve made a smoother translation with some help from Google Translate and common sense.

  23. SilentSun says:

    Is this a FULL VERSION GAME? cause its written ‘Buy and support the author’s game’… just asking though

  24. Misteor says:

    When I am playing I dont get any voices?

  25. jerryvang says:

    I installed this but when I run the game it says:

    Cannot open file [HB001 .wav]
    Execute from the CD-ROM startup screen. Retry?

    And it gives me choice of OK and CANCEL
    When i click OK i get the same pop-up saying the samething. WHen i click CANCEL it closes the game.
    I’ve tried Opening the application in the folder, desktop and the startmenu and it always give me the same message.
    Any ideas?

    And also for the Patch I just put it in the folder the Application is right?

    Please help!

  26. Aqua says:

    I was getting a blank page and it just said “error” when I was on the laptop.
    But it worked fine when I used my desktop.

  27. Aqua says:

    Part 1 is not downloadable, I think it’s gone. I tried refreshing and stuff doesn’t work. Was only able to download part 2&3.
    Please re upload part one.

  28. Kyon says:

    Is there still something wrong with the text? Sometimes it might have a word like “dime” but it comes out “dI’me”. Is there a way to fix this error?

    Otherwise, it is a great game thanks for this one.

  29. Katja says:

    Is there a way to play it on small screen instead of fullscreen?

    • omi says:

      Hello there.
      Try alt+enter. It’s how games usually toggle between window/fullscreen even if doesn’t explicitly say so. Haven’t played this game yet, so can’t confirm for this specific title.


  30. NYX says:

    Sorry for double posting but I wanted to say that there’s still some traces of wrong words and grammars on the game even with the patch and I was wondering if it could be fixed. Thank you.

  31. boss_al says:

    is this H game ?
    i haven’t see any tags in here

    • War says:

      Yeah, last time I played there were H-scenes, but if you are just playing for H-scenes go play another game -___-

      • NYX says:

        Well, H scenes are nice but if it’s backed up by a good story line, it’s way better. Just started playing today.

  32. Stranger says:

    is the a route for Nanase?

  33. Ryoichi says:

    the game is short, but very interesting. i recommend it for those who haven’t play this sweet game yet.

  34. Aizengard says:

    so the patch fixes spelling and grammer mistakes…if only they could have done that for higurashi…

  35. JustWantToPlay says:

    Just to check, is the translation still pretty bad after adding in the english patch, or am I having an issue with it?

  36. Serge says:

    We would just need the fan disk now πŸ™ … *I can only find Collection image set but for me thats not enough x) i want to play it* Any subbed version with some luck ?

  37. Waqs says:

    for saving problem, try using the option “more” when you’re about to save your data. it’s about the same as when you’re loading the data.

    Btw, i adore hinata XD

  38. chaotix says:

    Thanks I’m so reading this.

  39. Nero233 says:

    Awsome works perfectly,i recommend.

  40. Bigdaddygobl1in says:

    This is truly a great game. IT is short and sweet. I ended up with Natsuki. I didnt care though, I can never decide who to pick on galge anyways, they are all good. Although, I did have one problem with the files though. The game wont play music, even in the Extras. Can someone help? It seems nobody else had this problem.

  41. ZeroRequiemGX says:

    Hmmmmm…..to try or not to try?
    Still haven’t recovered yet after playing Muv Luv Alternative.
    It truly is the best of all times

  42. New guy says:

    Is there a chance to see Maple Colors?

  43. Ted says:

    Hey the save file does’nt work. πŸ™
    It does’nt unlock anything but they are just save points. Am I missing something? O__O

  44. jjh says:

    the split archive on filesonic is broken

  45. New guy says:

    Admin, there is no links for fileserve and filesonic don,t work for me or the links in the server database are wrong and marks error. Can you check it please?

  46. Mystro-X says:

    Thanks for re-uploading admin… πŸ™‚

  47. iLoveMinatsu says:

    booya!! ur the best admin-sama!! just loved it. .
    hmmm. .for my favorite would be. .Natsuki-san and Shizuma-san!! and Koharu-chan was the cutest!!!

  48. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks admin, works like a charm.
    Hinata is my favorite.

  49. Traze says:

    This is the most honest title I’ve ever seen for a video game.

  50. Mezara says:

    i have a problem when opening or ending tries to play the game crashes which is bad since i cant finish it

    • Clip says:

      I have the same problem that MEZARA!!
      when i try to play the opening the game screen turns on black and i cant see more πŸ™ i really want to know the end of the history but i cant!! someone more experienced HELP!! HELP!!

      • admin says:

        This looks like codec problem for me. Download and install CCCP codec pack (cccp-project.net), reboot your PC and try again.

  51. LaLa says:

    Umm… I cant save during gameplay, it says “writing the data failed” and “unable to write data”… Help??? >_<

  52. Ookami says:

    whats the 100%savefile for?

  53. kdchan says:

    I have vista 64 bit and I’m having the same error message. Do you think it’s because it can’t run on 64 bit. On Mangagamer.com it says “OS: Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit)”


  54. Derek Ogami says:

    This is pretty good. Too bad though that it’s too short >__<

  55. Myname says:

    Hey.. when I try to start the game, it asks for the CD for some .wav program.. and I don’t find the crack for this game anywhere in the folder I downloaded.

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