Kunisaki Yukito’s deceased mother left him with the doll and her last wish that Yukito look for the “girl in the skies” because it is his destiny to save her. Only half-understanding what his mother meant, Yukito has been traveling across Japan, vainly searching for this myth-like girl his mother told him about. His latest destination is a small, sleepy town where summer has just arrived; and his encounter with a young girl named Misuzu there sets the wheels of destiny turning….

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  1. If you run into an error where it will not show any of your saved data when trying to load:

    Close the game, right click on the exe and go to properties.
    Click on the compatibility tab, then set it to Windows XP service pack 2.
    Make sure you hit apply.

    Start the VN up again and it should start seeing your saves when you hit load now.

  2. Your game wont work if you just download the game

    several people below couldnt play the game cuz of that and no help reached them sadly

    To play the game download the English patch as well (available above)

    and paste all the files in the game folder where you extracted all the game parts.

    When you paste the files most of the files will have same names

    just replace them all no need to worry

    No need to thank me now now

    If you feel that indebted build a panty shrine in your house and write “may harsh sama get lots of panties (used)” I will be pleased

    always believe in panties

  3. If I could pay then I would spend money on buying it so devs can (if they can) earn money from it not on services where I need to pay so I can download things.

  4. ah air a classic anime that i remember almost nothing off just that it was romance and just that from back when i watched it hope the VN is more rememberable

  5. Thank you very much for this beautiful visual novel. I hoped it will show up on Steam sales together with Clannad but it will probably not gonna happen because hentai scenes. 🙁
    Anyway I’m really happy for being able to play it this way at least. My japanese skill is not so high yet, that’s why I’m grateful for English patch. My OS is Win10 and I copied files from English patch on this site to game folder. It works great. Only function for rename main hero is inactive, but I don’t mind. Fonts work great and same goes for full Windows mode. I’m unable to rate quality of translation, because English is not my mother language, but until now I had no problem with understanding story and didn’t notice any big nonsenses.
    I finished first bad ending and I’m looking forward to see others possible ways. 🙂

  6. How do you install the WinterConfetti english patch with this “no install needed” copy of Air? Do you just choose the folder where you extracted Air’s files to as the install location?

    1. nm, i figured out that i was right. installing it into the folder you extracted to got it working 🙂

      1. can someone clarify how to use the WinterConfetti patch, I’ve extracted/installed but for some reason it won’t let me copy the Patch contents into the CD_2 folder or drive, it keeps saying 0 MB memory left and that it has no space for me to copy/paste new files there.

  7. how do i install this?

    i dont have any iso or image datei i can mount with deamon tools or virtual clone drive?

    i changed the locale to japanese already…

  8. How come whenever i click on the link for the free download it goes to some site trying to make me pay?! how can i just get the game?!

  9. I can’t play this vn , whenever i choose new game => dream , it just froze ( sorry for my broken Eng )

    1. Girls play eroge too. Really the only difference from a romance novel is that it is visual in nature. Some are more “story that happens to have adult interactions” and some are more “smut that tries to have a story”. Same as other kinds of media. Shame that most are clearly written and illustrated for a male audience though. Still, if I’m an example, if the story is good and the art isn’t terrible, I will read it.

      Yes, I know that the post is almost a year old, but I thought I’d put this out there.

  10. Hello, is it possible to upload a family version of Air? I heard that it exists.

    I wanted to give the game to someone to play who loved the anime, but they will despise VNs forever if they find out that they’re mostly hentai games. No to mention that they’ll stop playing at the very first occurence of ero. And since they’re a girl, what will they think of me for recommending such a game? That I’m a pervert, lol.

    1. The family-friendly version I know of is the PSP port (which also has a full English translation, you can find it elsewhere online) I’ve played that port in English and can confirm it doesn’t have any ero CGs whatsoever (it did leave some lead-in context in Kano’s route but nothing explicit). To your last point, I’m a girl and the tragic plot + moe factor of Air is far more memorable than any ero allure imo.

  11. admin is this VN work with windows 8?
    i want to play this so badly….XD
    and can i ask for a VN list that can be played in Win 8?


  12. an important question:
    does these vn works on Windows 8 or Linux?
    that’s because i’m about to replace my old pc with a new one…

    1. Hi I’m from the future, it works well on Linux. To get it into English I used the final version of the patch, I overwrote all files with their patched versions except the g00 folder and it works fine in Wine so far. I haven’t reached any endings yet though.

  13. Anyone know whether this has ANY happy endings at all? The anime was one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. Granted, it does stick with you…but not necessarily in a good way.

  14. Is this partly translated or fully translated?

    If partly: What exactly is translated?
    Saw this one in the “partly translated” section since a Long time and since you put it into the “News” i gues there was some more Translation done?

  15. I’ve done all three starting paths and got all the endings, but still can’t start the Summer path, is this game broken?

  16. why my air cannot run normally
    it hang and later not responding after a while
    pls solve this problem

  17. About english patch is that from Gao Gao Translations right?
    There a complete/ New translation continuing retired translator
    Question why not use new translation from Winter Confetti?
    is there anyone could tell me…

  18. So whenever I load it up, I get through the opening bit (i.e. click on dream, some text appears) but when the text box loads, before any words appear the game crashes. Anyone know a solution?

  19. Hi admin, why did you upload the Gao Gao beta patch? Winter Confetti has a 100% patch that is edited and in proper english (gao gar is mostly MT)

  20. Air has a few ending and is a lot more fleshed out than the Anime saying that i don’t remember if there are really any truely happy ending but it is still a good game

  21. Oh and, Imopara is already done, are you going to post it soon? :3 I’m kinda craving for some WINCEST right now X3

  22. Woah!!!! I didn’t think i’d be able to see this here i’ve been waiting for so long.right now i’m trying to complete all the visual novels from KEY because they’re so GOOD XD

  23. A decade? I don’t care! I watched the anime twice, i am sure the VN will have a lot more contents. Onward!

  24. Sigh…if only i can read japanese i might be playing many eroge/vn right now with seperate PC,laptops -_-..*really wanted to play the SISTERS*

    Oh…well i try to play this one watch the anime before but it’s pretty hard to understand they skipped many things…

  25. So, do I need both winter confetti’s and the beta 2.5 patch to fully translate the game?

    1. No, you don’t need both translation patches, just one or the other. Winter Confetti’s translation is already complete (released on 2014-04-18) and not in beta state like the one from Gao Gao Translations at the top of this page which at the moment still contains some unedited sections.

  26. every key title is a tearfest, and make me wonder why they left the majority of the story in the anime adaptation?

    1. Time constraints.
      Major Key VNs are HUGE and they had only 12 episodes for Air anime to squeeze story in. For comparison, Clannad had 48 episodes and they still had to make OAVs for major side-routes and totally skip few minor ones.

  27. I’ve cried a lot in the anime , i think the game is more sadder but I can not pass this game thank you admin for your hard work you are the best.

  28. not sure if there’s already someone who ask this, but I want to make sure before play this
    does Air VN has the same ending with the anime? anyone know?

    1. Yea, does someone knows if there are good endings? Otherwise I’ll probably skip it until i have lots of free time… too depressing to try on workdays.

      1. There are 3 parts of this game.

        1st part has multiple endings, but only 1 “true” ending.

        2nd part is a flashback to the past. Not sure if this even exists in the anime. It explains Misuzu’s condition.

        3rd part is from the perspective of Sora, the crow. This is the one with the sad ending you mentioned.

        However, this VN has a bittersweet ending that probably isn’t fully explained in the anime.

        Misuzu and Yukito are reincarnated as the little boy and girl, and this reincarnation is actually what frees Misuzu from her curse. That’s why it’s bittersweet.

  29. Thanks a lot admin!!!!

    to the users here,which translation of the two is generally accepted to be the better one?

  30. OH YES.

    I had almost lost any hope to see this game fully translated one day. The anime was nice, but you could see that a LOT was left out with only 12 episodes.

    Thanks a lot for the upload, that totally made my day. And much more.

    *starts the download and prepares to cry a lot*

  31. Finally… After waiting several days, or a couple of weeks, maybe, this VN finally uploaded. Thanks admin. You’re one of… no, you’re definitely the best at presenting VNs.

    Well, the description is similar with the anime version. I’m assuming this VN at least at the same rate with the anime, although I haven’t seen the last scene of the anime. I presume this will have many sad scenes, so maybe we should prepare a box of tissue before playing this VN. 🙂

    1. I know how you feel, I saw the anime, and for a long time, even now I’ve been very bitter to the ending of the anime.

      [Spoiler! Don’t read pass this point.]

      I have always hated that Misuzu died in it, and Yukito reincarnated just to try again, to pretty much fail only really being able to just make her at peace…I would play this game 10x over if it let me save her life this time, and have a Truly happy ending, if anyone can tell me if I can please say that there is a chance, because I love Kanon, and Clannad, I just want to save her!

      1. i agree. this formulea they designed and used works great, but at the same time i hate it. make the story as sad as possible, yet without someone / something to rage at.
        keeps the story with you for a long long time.
        seen it once, 4 years ago, yet remember it clearly. unlike other stories.
        and altough it will probably be a tearfest i will still read this. starting out with the other routes.

      2. Heh. Along that line, despite how much I prefer happy endings myself, I found Clannad’s sad ending to be better than its happy one.

  32. This game is very old now but very famous for being the start of many things at Key. Still it hasn’t aged terribly well and I am going to give it a pass as I read it a long time ago and didn’t think very highly of it then either.

    1. It’s because Visual arts sent a cease and desist notice to the group who started translating it way back. and since then, I thought no one was ever going to touch this game. I guess I was wrong. didn’t reliase there were still people actually attempting to make an english patch.

  33. Just a heads up here: The linked beta 2.5 patch is beta for a reason: parts of it are still unedited.

    There’s another, complete patch by Winter Confetti, look it up. This game is unique in the way that it has two separate translator groups making patches. winter Confetti’s is finished, Gao Gao’s (the one linked) is still being edited. As for their quality, as far as I could see, the reaction were kind of mixed, so I don’t know.

    1. What good things? The anime was ok, then started to suck near the end. Hopefully this VN is WAY different

        1. Is the gameplay different to the anime? I watched the anime series and then the anime movie…both made me really hard as the ending was awful. Is the game different?

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