Koenchu! Voice Actress Tale ~You, the sky and summer~


Souta is a voice acting student at a technical school in Japan. He aspires to be a great voice actor one day, but it’s turning out to be a lot more complicated than he planned. Girls, festivals, plays – aliens?? Lead Souta to his destiny!

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  1. Disky says:

    I just lost Rinos (and only Rinos) voice; any fix for this?

    I tried to google it but the only possible explanation I found was that this is still not the final release – which is hard to believe seeing how they’re advertising the game as ‘Fully Voiced’ on the homepage.

  2. Kurozumi says:

    2.9 Gb is pretty small for eroge with voice… my ef-a fairytale of the two is 6 point something

  3. Von85 says:

    Did anyone ever find a walk-through for this?

  4. Rain says:

    Do you have to play on japanese subtitles only to get newer routes?

  5. drake says:

    anyone got the true ending for this? i tried over 20 times and i’m somehow still missing on it… is there a walkthrough for this game?

  6. LM says:

    I get all endings but the true ending. Anyone know how to get it?

  7. CR7 says:

    Is there some one with a Working Walkthrough ?

  8. IAmVQB says:

    Is this an H game?

  9. Randy says:

    i have just downloaded all the files .
    how am i supposed to get the .xp3 files to run ??
    and do i need to install japanese support for this game ??

    • admin says:

      .xp3 is native file format, used by Kirikiri engine – you don’t have to open it – just place it in game folder and game engine will load it automatically, providing you didn’t rename it.
      Yes, this game needs japanese support to run properly.

      • Randy says:

        Thanks man !!
        Did both the things u suggested and the game works perfectly 😀
        Great game .. keep up the good work .

  10. getoway280 says:

    if you wondeer why elite class routes are not transleted and there is only something like DUMMY and no voice then this is the reason

    Koenchu! The Tale of the Voice Actress is not yet complete! Those who have purchased the game will receive free updates! Updates will be released in patches. Simply download and install the patch and you’ll be good to go! The update will be announced on our social networks. from Zero Zigen USA

  11. Carnage says:

    hey admin, any idea when someone will translate the elite class routes?? or evenput voice in them…?? :S

  12. TaikiSama says:

    Does anyone know how to get the epilogue ending?

  13. sasori231 says:

    i open the game it write “signature not found or invalid pre-rendered font file”.

  14. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    i did all the 4 girl from the starter class now..
    how can i join in the high class?

    • De Kus says:

      I’d assume you need to score better with the quizzes. You get better comments for 7 and top comments for 8 or 9 correct answers (never got 10 till now). You should be asked at the end of June to change the class.

  15. drakethor says:

    i gotta thank you for posting these games admin i love em all and the bigger the better

  16. rgree says:

    thanks alot for using mediafire anf for the great games u provide

  17. Sanako says:

    It’s amazing, thank you for sharing!!!

  18. triad says:

    i cant get the bad ending i keep getting mikotos even when i dont pay her any attention

  19. Maxmaki says:

    I tried to got this game from other side but i still have problems to extract the files with winrar. What is happening?


  21. Gary says:

    Hey I am having trouble getting the game started. I downloaded all the parts and I tried to mount them but, nothing would happen. It would be great if anyone could help and thank you.

  22. neosidoh13 says:

    Could some please make a walkthrough for this please?

    • noneelse says:

      Yea a walkthrough would be more then welcomed. I keep trying to pick the nicer then normal answers but keep getting less then normal endings. Theyre really bland I think I got one great ending and that was the childhood friend. This game is kinda confusing the choices make less sense then every other eroge I’ve played.

      • Vashtor says:

        ahahahah totally true. Yea for now all I am doing is saving at certain parts and resuming the store by loading and repeating. 🙂

  23. Vashtor says:

    Hey by chance, does anyone have a walk through. I been playing this game for 40 hrs + and I cant seem to get all the ending going. I keep getting the same ending over and over. If anyone can help that be great. ^_^

  24. anon says:

    gona pass this 1 doesnt realy like reality background.

  25. Apollo says:

    Anyone know why I cant get the elite class routes ive done Mikotos Wakans Rinos and Kanades plus the bad ending. Ive gone through the game like fifteen times but i can only get these endings or a Rino and Mikoto ending.

    • getoway280 says:

      if you complete mikotos route you get transfer to special class eve and that is elite class saga but my problem is that i cant here the voices in elite class sage admin what is wrong

      • Apollo says:

        I’ve finished mikotos route and didn’t notice anything. Is there a way to access the elite class? Or do I have to go through the beginning again. I don’t know if it is supposed to be in the scenario category but its not in mine.

        • getoway280 says:

          yes you have to finish mikotos rote thats when she loses her voice and so on then a massege special class eve unlocked will apear in pink AFter you finsih her rout after that aim for kurumisawa and wakanas rout both in one game and answer ALL Questions correct ( you need at least 8 answers correct) you have to do the quiz of the otaku guy the teacher and wakana and then you can decide if you go to elite or stay in basic class

  26. Mac says:

    I’ve been looking around for updates for this game, but I can not for the life of me find any of them, even old ones. Do you have any idea where I can find them?

  27. Aizengard says:

    English Voices? Thats new. Is the acting anygood? Last game I played with voice acting was Arc Rise Fantasia so I’m not really ready for a badly acted game

  28. Senjutsu says:

    Well, I’ve been waiting for this since I tried the Demo. I’m grateful, admin.

  29. GenjiChan says:

    Admin, do you have plans in posting games like AMAGAMI?

  30. Guy Pierce says:

    Well having H or no is not a big deal for me. But I want to ask, is there a romance? -///-

  31. bob says:

    Admin, i see you’re doing a great job with the site, despite the fact that i just joined and just found out about this site, i must say i’m quite grateful, so keep up the good work and keep the eroges coming ;D

  32. Cheater says:

    The demo was amazing. Though I downloaded thinking that it was the full game. Thanks Admin.

  33. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    There are places where lines are missing and all you get is the word DUMMY, especially in the elite class routes, Honoka’s epilogue in particular is nothing but DUMMY like the translators forgot about it. also there are parts lacking voices.

  34. Nii-Nii says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one! Thank you very much Admin-sama!

  35. Dark_Walker says:

    Yah..I’m curious myself. Is this H or Not?

  36. IE says:

    Thanks admin, for all the uploads

  37. Trooper2142 says:

    Hooray! I remember playing the demo thinking it was the full game and enjoying it so I look forward to the now finished project. (Now if I can just find a walk-through to save some time)

  38. Sporked says:

    Cover image and 15+ rating seem to contradict one another. Is there H content but it’s heavily censored or is it just panchira?

  39. Danilo Antunes says:

    Another Big File….No problem!
    Thanks admin.

  40. GenjiChan says:

    Another Big File….Come’on!

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