A summer promise to forever

Xia Hua de Guiji

Jiajun Lin, a high school student and the hero of this story. He came to a village named Tangxia because of the request from his father, who was the principal of a private school. He met a farm girl who had her own dream and he also met his childhood after a 10-year separation here. As the time goes by, the hero was blended in the village life. However, he realized that some unsightly social abuses were hidden behind the beautiful landscape of this village. The hero, was trying to save these two girls from those abuses…

1 thought on “A summer promise to forever

  1. Dunno if it’s a bug or what but even after finding out real name of orange haired girl, if you end up in the other girl’s route, the former reverts back to her previous name which makes no sense. Nice game overall even if Chinese sounds so weird.

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