Hourglass of Summer

Hourglass of Summer

The story revolves around a Japanese sophomore named Kotaro Makimura. As the school year ends and summer vacation approaches, he decides to admit his feelings to his crush, the beautiful Kaho Serizawa. As hopeless as the situation looks to his best friends Ai and Takeshi, he is determined to make Kaho his girlfriend by the end of summer vacation. However, on his way home, he has a collision with a mysterious stranger, and ends up getting covered in a strange multi-colored powder. When he wakes up the next day, he finds himself waking up on September 1st – the first day of the next school year. He also learns that Kaho, who had been his girlfriend, had died in a car accident. Eventually, Kotaro discovers that he has begun day-dropping, in which he skips days, and goes back and forth in time through different days of the summer vacation. With the help of Ligene the Time Patroller (also translated as Lee Jane), Kotaro must win Kaho’s heart and prevent her tragic death before he runs out of time.

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  1. Subtitles are missing most of the narrating moments of kotaro…

    Does any one know any free PC dvd Player that works for this?

    I’ve tried this so far and none show all the subtitles

    Ived tried using Cyberlink Power DVD and all subtitles are showing however i finished the 30 day trial and can’t use it anymore..

    i never even fished any ending yet

  2. So…I’m interested in downloading this VN, are all parts still working, or is the game going to work properly with all the subs? Also I would really appreciate someone knows if it includes the H scenes as well. Thanks for all the help and I would be grateful for any reply.

  3. One of my favorite dating sims of all time! Bought this, crap, so long ago that I think I picked it up at a Suncoast DVD/video outlets before that company went under.

  4. Ou My God…. I can’t believe it… it stuck, the subtitle i mean… it doesn’t have any prob with Exodus past and future but… HiraMeki should have let Hourglass of Summer be A Normal VN…sheesh what a crappy format…

    Thanx for uploading it though Sir Admin…

  5. Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

    Excuse me Sir Admin, what is this all about?? it is just one part left, help!!!!!

  6. admin, can u fix the links for these great visual novel? seems like filesonic was already closed and links for mediafire for this great game was not yet uploaded. THANKS! more power

  7. somebody knows where can i found a dvd player that can play this?? i tried a lot of then but none works!!!

  8. I bought the disc for this game a long time ago as part of a 2 for 1 deal from Hirameki. I was extremely disappointed by this game, they took a perfectly fine eroge game and “experimented” with the distribution of it by making it into an “Anime-Play DVD”. With this DVD, I have lost my progress several times due to playback issues with how DVD menu’s work. It’s difficult to save your progress and the graphics are lower resolution than the originals from the Windows version of the game. Easiest thing I can say is the company which did this translation went out of business.

    What makes me most angry about this is game though is that the translation company removed the sexual content, ensuring that this game is approved for all audiences. I know many of you users don’t like the sexual content and prefer to turn it off so that they can recommend it to a friend, but I for one will not stand for the censorship of love. The very goal of the male protagonist is to ask this popular girl if she will date him, and if that leads to them falling in love and becoming intimate, then I think seeing that is just as important as playing the game itself.

    And for my fellow perverts: the h-scenes with the lead girl had really nice art, I recommend downloading a CG set for the game rather than playing this game.

  9. I bought the game for 10$ + shipping at I don’t remember where. It is sometimes available at Amazon. Since it’s a good game maybe it deserves being bought legally, especially at that price.
    I found two players that could play Hourglass of Summer more or less correctly : PowerDVD (which I regret having bought) and the free player with the inspiring name DVD Player 2.6. I can’t find it online now. Try keywords like Softwaremile and SoftwareClub.ws.

  10. Hello. I mounted the file and opened it but all I get when I do is two folders, Audio_TS and Video_TS. How am I supposed to play this game? I don’t see anything like a setup/installer nor did anything of that sort prompt when I mounted.

    1. This is retarded format Hirameki thought of ( luckily they went bankrupt shortly after). You play it on stationary DVD player connected to TV. I think DVD movie players for PC should work too, but didn’t tried it.

    2. VLC Media player works very well for this. Just tell it to open the “Video_TS” file and it will play like a regular DVD

  11. I own the original game. The subtitles only appear on certain players and mediums. As far as I know, it works on a PS2 and HP DVD Player.

  12. hey the download says 4,2 gb… and the file says 7,29 gb… and I cannot mount it properly… it opens like a video dvd instead of tha setup.exe

    1. It’s “game” in video-dvd format – you burn it and play on stationary DVD player connected to tv – it uses dvd menus to make choices and passwords for save points.

  13. Admin … or other gamers…
    Are the subs ok in this game?
    cuz i played a little yesterday and a little today and today i saw subs in parts i didnt yesterday but the ones i saw yes. didnt came out today

    1. Hello fredward. I have download CyberLink PowerDVD and is playing Hourglass of summer on CyberLink PowerDVD. But Main menu or options dont come fram. What can i do for Hourglass of summer to work on CyberLink PowerDVD?

  14. “When I download the rar, it asks for a password. Help??”

    This seemed interesting. Too bad nobody wants to help. I was hopeful since the admin seemed to have helped other people. Perhaps I seemed too obnoxious/stupid? Dang.

  15. ok i download the game….
    problem is i cant play it properly and some subtitle seems to be missing

    which media player is best to use in this kind of vn?

  16. *sadface* when i was done extracting, i always gets errors on some parts. when i close those errors and the extracting was finished, the iSO files suddenly disappears =(

  17. Thanks a lot for this VN.

    When I try to run the DVD after mounting it using Daemon Tools, I see that at the beginning there are parts where the subtitles appear to be missing, ie the audio & video progress, but the subtitles are not displayed get stuck at the first line. I am using KMPlayer.

    Is this a problem with the original VN published by Hirameki? If so, will this problem persist in later stages? Thanks in advance.

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