Tropical Liquor

Tropical Liquor

Welcome to Tropical Island.

“But onii-chan, you’re just some part-time bum, aren’t you? On top of that, your age equals the years you’ve never had a girlfriend, right?”

The player (that’s you!) is a part-timer who lives an uneventful, boring life.

One day, you win the prize draw at the shopping district. The prize: a trip to an island in the south — you decide to take a 30-day vacation.

“I… want to make this a nice vacation…! I want to change myself in this trip!”

You decide to grow out of your dull, boring life and get a girlfriend.

“To get a girlfriend, you have to first get close with a girl! If you don’t create a bond with one, then nothing will ever happen!”

On your vacation, you meet all sorts of girls, each of whom has something troubling them. You can talk with them, share a drink with them, and go on a date with them.

“Let’s make this a nice vacation.”

In this vacation, will you finally come out of your shell, and manage to make a girlfriend?

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  1. What can i say eith my bad grammar…?
    Well… the game is lacking in a lot of things. The game load is slow as shit, to each route you need to play for 0 each game and it’s annoying that i can save and load to make it easy finish all the routes. I cheated with a camera to make it faster the games.
    BUT the art style is really good and cute. I really love few routes but there is not much “story”. The H-escenes were good bit too short.
    It was not a good game but it has its good points. Thanks admin for the game.

  2. Art 10/10
    Gameplay 3/10
    What with the slow loading times and the dumb af and uninspired tile game, this game left much to be desired. Tho sex scenes were amazing. Erika, Lisa and Naomi were best girls.
    Tip: to beat hard mode easily, just get that lightning item, win one round and you’re good to go.

  3. I ran into another issue recently. I just now started playing Sakurako’s route right now, and I’m at the point right before I unlock the first (easy difficulty) liquor game for her. But every time I give her the right gift item which unlocks it, the game *always* crashes partway thru the dialogue. I’ve got no idea how to fix this, I’ve tried everything I can think of. Does anyone here know a way to fix this glitch?

  4. So I download the game, but it only makes a quick sound (the one exclaimation sound from metal gear, you know the one) and then just closes itself. Help?

  5. I have an error that say that i dont have d3dx9_35.dll and reinstal the program, what should i do?

  6. I had this problem launching the game, the fix that i found was to change my location on control panel (controlpanel/region) administrative -> non-unicode program and change the country/language to japanese(Japan) or english(USA). After this the game launched but it crashes on the first tutorial, the fix for that is to turn off the sub text on the game option menu.

  7. I got an error on launch, with a text saying “Script error at logo_OnStart”. I think it’s saying it missing some file but I cant be sure.
    Any help ?

  8. Forgot to mention: Your money, all items, AND all info you have on any girls – carries over to the next playthrough. You don’t really have to start from scratch at all. Some questions you have to go through again to bring up the next batch of questions, but – depending on it, you may have very little to do, like just the “liquor game” or something, and you’ll be set to confess…
    It’s very nice that everything carries over from prior playthroughs. That much easier…

  9. Crash at end of tutorial: TURN OFF the “sub-script” in options. You can enable it again after the tutorial is done (like, on DAY 2). That bypasses the crash problem.

    OK. First – I agree with most of the criticism – the UI is lacking some fundamentals, for sure. The mini-game … well, that’s where I disagree. Not that I love it, lol.. but.
    I like the girls. I like the lovey-dovey H-Scenes… it’s all good. So – how to make it worth it to play? For me, it was simple.

    1) Minigame headaches: We all have cameras in our phones pretty much. IT IS SO SIMPLE. The “Liquor Game” now takes me a maximum of about 2 minutes, for HARD MODE even. It is a TINY part of the game, as I just hold the phone up, SNAP, tap (to show new pic) and… SLAM-DUNK that game. You only need to play the game THREE TIMES for any given Heroine. It is a piece of cake, seriously. Cheating? Yeah – so what? I don’t find the game that difficult, but – by snapping a pic, I lose ZERO DP.. the game is over in just a few rounds.. no hassle at all.

    See, I LIKE the heroines. I like the art (it is really good). All of their personalities are Dere.. well, Anna is tsundere but it is SO OBVIOUS how she really feels that it’s funny, not painful at all..

    Nutshell: By using my cellphone to take pics, the minigame is hardly any inconvenience at all. Finding the right gift is totally obvious, but you have to look as soon as you get the hint (Right after the conversation, liquor-game, whatever..
    **spoiler** like, for Anna: Wants to be a kindergarten teacher – as soon as I found out, go to Items/Buy -> the “Apron” is available (like a Kindergarten teacher might wear, crayons in the pocket, that sort of thing).. so – buy the apron. Simple.
    That was the 2nd gift, incidentally. First is a baby-bottle as a joke… In my 3rd playthrough, I had Anna at full-hearts and Confess option by the 10th day. I had 2+ weeks to just make money for the next playthrough, then confessed.. got that very nice H-Scene (yeah – it’s very nice, and at least they are viewable afterward from the Title screen.. considering the effort, it’s worth it if you like very sugary-sweet girls who adore the M.C. and all that.. Ema was a piece of cake as well – hell, that girl is madly in love with M.C. from the start. Erika – yep, “nice” girls can be pretty nasty, lol.. I digress.

    Use your phone, take pics, and you won’t have anything to complain about really.

    2) Only one “rolling save file”. It turns out that this isn’t really a problem, but – I wrote a script to backup every single save, as soon as it gets saved by the game. I think I restored maybe twice (stop game; copy backup to game.sav; start game), when I was first playing and did stupid things like give the wrong gift (I didn’t see the damn slider next to the items list! doh!.. so, I gave Anna like… the dumbbells or something. That pissed me off, so I restored an earlier save). In general, the single save file is not an issue.

  10. Please help! I really want to this game but on the first scene when nearly starting “liquor game” the game crash. Please help!

  11. Got an error at the start of Liquor Game Tutorial. Something about AIMS something. Help me how to fix it. Pretty Please.

  12. Hi, I keep getting a “boot.lua” error. Would anyone know a fix? I run into it whenever I’m attempting to run the game.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. finish playing it

    my review
    – the graphic are extremely good, its pretty rare to find english eroge with this kind of graphic
    – the conversation are not really creative. i think the creator doesn’t care about the conversation.
    – the gameplay actually focused in doing puzzle, which is boring.
    – the game speed pretty slow and the interval between screen also slow
    -if you like good quality graphic or play memory game, you can try this. if you want to play simulation or visual novel with good story content with good H scene, dont bother to install this

  14. Art by Sayori? Should be an obvious winner…

    Or not? Sounds like nobody likes the gameplay. Maybe just track down the cg pack somewhere.

  15. Even HoneyPop was not actually good unless “sometimes witty dialogue” already proves sufficient. I just wonder when the west will realize like Japan sure did that:

    a)stalker sims (or what one would call a traditional dating sim, with stats, girls asking you for what they like &c) are outdated and where sure meant as filler to obfuscate the fact that there is little dialogue

    b)minigames also prove to be detrimental, either the gameplay better be good/compelling or makes sense, like how either RPG Maker combat or side scrolling action is used by amateur groups where actually H is featured (and not just stripping at best)

    here it is even more ironic how the programmer would have been better of actually working on the engine than that filler “game”… by the by, even with KIRIKIRI one can make an RPG (maker) like game, albeit a slow one (TSO) and had a better VN engine.

  16. -complete all 3 games
    -unlock all answers in her profile (ask her every possible question during day dates)
    -buy her second gift (possible after the date)

    her heart status grows an extra 5th heart and you can choose to confess during day activities.

    – realize that digging through this terrible game was not worth the short sex scenes
    -be happy you did not pay for this

  17. Wow.. okay… This was one of the worst VNs i have ever played. The art is beautiful, the sex scenes are good, although a bit short, but everything else.. the whole system of the game is abysmal.
    The game is designed to be a time waster, but unlike honeypop where there is actually fun in wasting time, here it is just work. Not only is the mini game of this VN brutally bad and boring, it even tries to prevent you from cheating, which you have to do if you want to stay sane. Aside from that there are unnecessary long loading times between each and every change in scenes, the text speed can not be adjusted and many parts of the game have 0 impact / meaning in and on the system.
    Seems like they blew all their budget on the art.
    Honeypop is 10 times better than this.
    glad i did not buy this.

  18. For everyone with crash problem disable sub text and hold ctrl to get to liquor mini game pass it and game should not crash anymore.

  19. I expected more of this game, its relatively easy and whats with that bandaid? i already finished all routes and it was a total deception, i was planing to buy it but not animore.

  20. I have the same problem as Daito. The game just keeps crashing when it shows me how to play the puzzle game. I would like some help. Thanks!

  21. Thanks for the upload, now i know the game isn’t worth buying, you can’t adjust text speed, in fact you can barely adjust any setting, it’s autosave only and you can’t have multiple saves, the puzzle game is dull, annoying and gets in the way of what really matters (porn), you can’t even help yourself get over it with cheatengine, since the game is “cheatproofed” for some reason. Waste of money if you bought it.

  22. I can’t get this game to play as it keeps giving me this error message that says

    “AIM exe stopped working”……

    Since when did AOL Instant Messenger become one of the main components in running this game?

  23. just found a nude pic, IMO the girls have nice nipples, some vns/eroge have shit nipples but at least this one doesn’t

  24. Visually its the best looking Eroge i’ve ever seen. however its lacking in options (like text speed) and i think the overall writing is iffy. i think there should be an option to play with out the puzzles.

    any of the bugs and spelling errors will likely be fixed

    reminds me of koi isuru no natsu last resort they have pretty similar themes and settings

  25. I’m having an issue where it keeps crashing whenever it shows me how to play the puzzle game. I’ve tried at least 6 times now and same spot every time. Anybody else having this issue too?

  26. question: what is the difference of this and purina party(?) that looks like a hunie pop game?

    also why this game has high system requirements compared to huniepop?

  27. Tfw game is so half assed you cant even change text speed, And it has slowest text speed possible by default. It’s not my biggest gripe but even doujin crapgames have that much..

  28. Thank you. I’ve never had a girlfriend either. I will see how the protagonist is able to get one..!

  29. Puzzle games… It puzzles me how puzzles fit into visual novels. For me, it just cuts the flow of the game, and is just plain frustrating to play. I like puzzle games when I’m playing it for the puzzle, not when I’m playing a visual novel…

  30. This game is awful! Only auto saves so can not go back. The match game sucks and distracts from the game itself. I’ll go find the CG for the girls on a site. The girls are beautiful but game play sucks.

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