Soul Link

Soul Link

Fall, 2045C.E. Aizawa Shuuhei, a second year cadet enrolled in Central Military Academy’s main division, is dispatched to the orbital space station Aries on a training mission. There he reunites with his younger brother, Ryouta, and his childhood friend, Nao, both of whom resided there as cadets enrolled in the preparatory division.

Then suddenly, an unidentified space ship under the control of Jararacas, a radical terrorist organization, attacks the Aries and seizes control of the main control room. With all communication lines cut off, Shuuhei and the others have no way to escape; they’re trapped. Trapped in space, 250 miles above the Earth with nowhere to run. In the midst of this desperate situation, the cadets must gather their courage and rise up to take back the Aries. As they do, they draw ever closer to the fearsome truth lurking behind this incident…

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  1. A bit late reply, but in case someone is wondering the same…

    This is the standard (+18) version, released in 2009 by MangaGamer.

    The Ultimate one is a 2010 remake, which has additional CGs, bad endings (+15?), a few adaptations to the story that enhances the tension (confirmed?) and one heroine – but it was never translated to english (til now, at least).

    In case you’re not sure if you should play it… This isn’t a very deep game, but the thriller and the variety of characters might make up for it. There’s also the 20+ bad endings you have to avoid. Not the best VN out there, but you could give it a try.

    1. Actually the Soul Link Ultimate edition is pretty bad cause compare to the old one it is not even working on windows 10 after it is cracked by Alpha Rom neither while it is not cracked

  2. Hi Admin, I downloaded all the files and extracted them into one folder. Started the app directly, no setup.exe or iso to mount and game works fine until I get an error message right after Celeria-san warns Shuhei about the alarm:

    Confused as to what I should do? Can someone help? Hope not too late for a reply; really want to play this game. And yes, I’ve set system locale to Japanese …

  3. Um… ive got a japanese error after ciraelal(forgot her name) girl said to shuhei that there’s an emergency then the alarm was set on then a black screen minute later the error pop up and force closed the game i retried doing the scene again then the error happened again i really want to play the game pls help

    1. tried to re-extract and replay the game still get the error pls help took a long time downloading this

  4. Say… I wonder why the icon of de game’s exe isn’t a Soul Link one but… a Higurashi one. Does anyone know the original icon?

  5. Um, hi. This question will probably be idiotic, but I have never downloaded a game like this before and what do I do after I’ve downloaded all 4 RAR files? I have found the Soul_Link.exe and clicked on it but I get an error box with a weirdass language I can’t decipher. I have moved all 4 of the separate downloads into one file, and you click through the file to get to the second part of the download, third, etc. So…what do I do now? Do I need DaemonTools to mount it? If someone could tell me how to install this I would be forever grateful.

    1. You have to download all parts and then extract them all by extracting the first part into a single folder, if there is an iso file then you must mount it, if there is already a client then it’s most probably already cracked, also, some games require you to be using Japanese locale so just in case, have that on while you install/patch/crack/whatever.

  6. I disliked how many bad endings were there.
    Then I saw the true ending…
    After a long time I was brought to tears.
    Great story. 10/10
    Thanks for the upload Ivan!

  7. Thank you for keeping this site!
    I’m taking a few of my fave eroge.
    Well, if you don’t mind….
    Would you also upload the Japanese eroge for girls?
    I mean, it’s really hard to find eroge for girls.
    There are some of them, but not as easy to find as eroge for guys….
    Or does anyone know where to find AND download eroge for girls?
    Thank you!

  8. Really nice site admin. Had played some eroge back in the days of paradise heights, nice to find so much more now and translated too!

  9. I only have to say… this game was by far better than i expected.
    it has action mixed with these corny love scenes…
    and a little bitter taste given by that awesome storyline.
    highly recommended.

  10. well this is my first time downloading a game so what do i do, i already download SoulLink.part1.rar so what do i do know and do i need a special program to ply this or what…please tell me i really want to play and sorry i’m new to this

  11. guys, is this english translated ? … so confuse… just 1st time downloading VN …. how do i know if that is english translated ?

  12. So uhh chapter 2 in the VN is from Ryota’s pov Meaning sayaka aki and yu are routes for him? Correct me if im wrong

  13. Quite a large amount of H-scenes for a VN of this length, over half of them have zero plot significance. Wish they extended the plot of this great VN rather than just plug in meaningless H.

  14. hey i downloaded and played the game with no problem but i kinda want the music to this game and i and find anywhere to downlaod the songs, and i cant fin the individaul son files on in the game data, and help would be appreaceated..

  15. Whenever there is suppose to be a voice I just get this box and if I press “Yes”, it goes on with no sound and if I press “No”, the game crashes. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this error.

  16. Hi there wondering if anyone could help, I’ve just got to the part where you have a fight with Yu and once the battle finishes for some reason the game just closes itself at the same point each time. Anyone got any ideas how to solve this?

  17. It’s a good thing that this site also had Soul Link since the guy at the shop where I found this game don’t want to sell it to me… though he doesn’t actually said that but I know it when I look the way he talk with his friend… well it not just game… there’s also other eroge that I try to buy at that shop and he still said the same thing…”The game is already out of stock” so~~~ THX ADMIN X3~~~

  18. someone plz help me i realy want to play this game but every time i get to the part when you are talking with nao then cellaria comes and tells you how som1 tapped in2 comunications then it goes through a some thoughts and says it was only the begining for what was to com and then an error comes and crashes the game admin plz help iv been looking forward to this game

    1. That’s when intro is played. Your computer doesn’t have proper codecs to decode it – instal a codec pack and it will be fine.

  19. i was wondering if there was a way you could get your hands on soul link ultimate it would be so cool ^_^

  20. how come i can’t download this game? it requires some survey crap. pls help i really want this game

    1. Fileserve and filesonic links do not require you to do anything ( besides waiting 30 seconds before download starts). Direct download link if for people who can’t download from first two hosts – you need to complete survey, and once you do, download will start.

      1. are they fixed yet admin? part 2 was corrupted a while back and im wondering if you re uploaded it or not

  21. Fun game so far, not done but I like the work the production team put into building the atmosphere for the scenes, although at times there is some mood dissonance.

    The ero is nice, but holy cow. Hands down, so far, the most erotic part of this game is Morimoto’s voice. No joke.

    His voice makes sweet, sweet, tender love to my ears. It licks slowly around the lobe before burrowing into the deepest reaches of my cranium and bringing me to audio ecstasy.

  22. hey im having a bit of trouble in this game everytime each dialog ends, there is always a box appearing if i choose yes the game continue and if no the game will close

  23. I’m also getting an unreadable error message pop up whenever a voice tries to play; pressing ‘yes’ will allow the game to continue but it comes up repeatedly and I cannot hear the voices. Pressing ‘no’ will crash the game.
    Anyone know what’s going on here?

  24. Great game!! tnx . . Loved the story twists and ending . . =D . . is this the same as the anime version??

  25. Help when I try to extract part 2 this comes out in the end. ! C:\Documents and Settings\pb\My Documents\Downloads\SoulLink.part2.rar: The file “???” header is corrupt

    It’s like its teasing me or something 😛

  26. what does this mean and how do i fix it? Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrgrp2._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00020FF7 / Program : $00001387 ] , Instruction No. [ $9010 ] , SP [ $00000604 ]

    指定されたファイル [ data02xxx.arc : warning ] はBGではない、もしくはサポート外の形式のデータです

  27. With this game I kinda saw this scenario comming, but poor cellaria T_T Sorry, anyway, good game, thanks a lot ^^ this was quite good, I like the fact that a lot of choices are life/death realistic, it made this game a lot of fun.

  28. uhm is there a CG Gallery for this or anything similar? Because i heard of collecting CGs and stuff but can’t see where to “complete” these at all

  29. just click on the Start Download link.

    And i have a question of my own, is this already patched because i cant seem to find the patch

    1. Once you complete prologue part the opening movie is being played. That message probably means that your system cannot start playback. Ensure you have movie codecs installed.

  30. The download button doesn’t work and hotfile sucks, I don’t mind taking a survey or three if your button works! haha

  31. Not really a comment on this upload specifically, but I’ve been looking for a site like this for AGES. Kudos to the admin for all the work you put into this site. Haven’t even found a single dead link yet.
    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  32. I have a problem. When I play the game every time there should be a voice i get an error. If i click “No” the game is shut and if i click yes the game plays on. But this error pops up every time there should be a voice! I have the codec pack and even if i close the voices in the config I still get it! It’s realy annoying… Any idea what’s wrong?

  33. oro? whats a Codec Pack?
    (sorry i have only downloaded Kanon and Clannad and the instalation process was very different i am realy in the dark here)

  34. so i got the game working up until to when the emergency alarm goes and the narrator says “it was only the begening of the fearsome events to come”(this happens in the prolog) but then i get an ERROR message and the game crashes how do i fix this?

    1. This is the moment when intro is played – probably some codec error – try to install any codec pack and see if it helps.

  35. so glad I got this, its such an awesome novel <3 the characters are cute in a mature way without being MOEMOEKYUN kind, and the anime adaptation isn't that bad either, ty for the awesome website…

  36. You have to download all three parts of archive to one folder, then you open first one in winrar ( if you don’t have it already, you can get it at ) and extract all contents of archive to one folder. Then you just run soul_link.exe and game will start.

  37. Ummm…. I’m really new at downloading erogames..
    So… When I downloaded part 3 of hotfile, I tried to
    click on Soul Link no naku koro ni… And it kept going in
    a foreign language, then I kept clicking …then nothing happened.. Could u explain this complicated process…(I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME BADLY)Swy..
    Thx for uploading!!!

  38. Inside archive there are two executable files:
    BGI.exe – this is orginal, uncracked file – if you start the game with it you will be asked for confirmation code.
    soul_link.exe – this is the file you should run – it’s the cracked one, so it skips registration phase and game runs properly.

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