Slave Pageant

Slave Pageant

I’m Yujiro, an average student at an average private school. On the surface, our school is a reputable one, with some of the smartest students in all of Tokyo. I’ve recently learned a secret though: the girls who win the annual Miss Twilight beauty pageant are secretly being trained as sex slaves to be sent out to service VIP members of society. The dream of every girl at our school is to be chosen as Miss Twilight: she’s beautiful, charming, and liked by everyone, but the three lovely contestants for the title this year have no idea what awaits them if they should win. Now that I know the secret of the Slave Pageant, I can’t just leave things well enough alone. After stripping the student coucil president of his authority, I decided to train the lovely girls myself…

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  1. Dinklemus says:

    I’m trying to run on Win10 64 bit… and no matter what compatibility mode I run it in, the game won’t launch. Advice?

    • Garuda says:

      Try downloading Let’s Meow Meow from here, and go into the crack folder. It should be in the part 1 you download, but I’d say download all just in case something comes up. There should be a file named MINYANML.exe there.

      Move that file to the game directory where Slave Pageant was installed.

      It will probably be in Program Files so go there first.

      Then from there go to the folder named Ignition

      Then from there go to the folder named SYOJOUS. SYOJOUS is where you should put the file MINYANML.exe.

      After that double click on the file MINYANML.exe, this should open the game (probably with a name like No Title). From there it looks like you can save and load files with no problem.

  2. hentaiftw says:

    just so everyone knows. if you want a crack file that will make the game work. you can use the crack .exe from lets meow meow. just copy the .exe from lets meow meow into the game dircetory where you installed slave pageant. you can rename this .exe to whatever you want. i went through 5 others crack files before i found it. it runs all the files and music for this game. i hope this helped.

    • Garuda says:

      Are you referring to tindere.exe, found here in the Let’s Meow Meow download patch1-chindere?

      If so, it is not working for me. The game Slave Pageant is installed, I have the game file mounted with Daemon Tools (I have cycled through all MDF and MDS files) and I have tindere.exe moved to the folder where the game installed (SYOJOUS incidentally). When I double click on SYOJOUS.exe, nothing happens. I have tried setting it to run as Administrator and with all possible compatibility options, nothing happens.

      I have also tried to play it through double clicking on the file mounted in Daemon Tools and by double clicking on the game in BD-ROM. Most often I get to a screen that gives me the options Play, Uninstall, Help and Quit. I click on Play and nothing happens (again, even running as Admin and in compatibility mode).

      Additionally, renaming tindere.exe does not seem to do anything.

      Could you please provide a step by step breakdown of how you install the game, what files you download for the crack, where you install the crack file to and what you click on after the crack has been installed to make the game run along with any other details (such as what files you have mounted, what compatibility mode, etc.)

    • Garuda says:

      An update, trying all the files I realized you meant the crack in the first file, MINYANML.exe. Using that, it seems to work just fine.

  3. firby says:

    The only fix i see on there says its a russian ver

  4. firby says:

    Hey admin. Not too sure what is wrong or what i have done wrong. I have installed it properly with daemon tools by mounting disc 1 starting install when prompted to i unmounted that then mounted disc 2 and finished the install yet i cannot play. When i try it says i need to use the correct disc. I have tried to play with disc 1 mounted and disc 2 seperately. Also tried to play with both discs mounted at the same time

  5. kmasmdymflp says:

    simple made overly-complicated… (o_0)#
    confused, and seriously pissed off. at stupidity.

  6. KAER says:

    admin!why can’t I save the game,Slave Pageant?also I can’t use my mouse to click everything in system.please i need your help

  7. anon1 says:

    please link to no cd crack please thanks

  8. Nobody of importance says:

    There is a No CD crack available, but I do not know the protocols of admin regarding providing links to such materials. If it is OK with admin, I will post the file and give the link information forthwith. I will await his email.

  9. jamesx77 says:

    Hey guys after I Installed the game and try to run it I get an error message that says \please insert the correct cdrom\ has anybody solved this problem

  10. Anon says:

    i keep getting wrong ip for the dl lol

  11. sai says:

    please tell me how to install the game in win7 64bit?

    • Machina says:

      I just installed this on Win7 64bit with DAEMON TOOLS Lite. All you have to do is open the CD-1 with DTL, then hit install and when it asks you to insert the play disc then press OK,


      Tab back to DTL, select CD-2 and then go back to the installation and click OK. Tadaaa~ Game is installed and click play!

  12. hehehezozo says:

    admin,where is crack? this game isn’t crack

  13. awd says:

    Is this uncracked? Can’t get it to work just says insert CD

  14. Another thing says:

    heeyy guys how did you played this game?? When i tried playing it,it just said please install the correct cd-rom so please help me slove this problem..

  15. D says:

    That happened to me too. When installing, let it get to 45 percent and then eject the first image. Then, put the second disc’s image on with previous disc’s letter. It should work fine then.

  16. Kamianbu says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me or if it happens to anyone else, but every time I try and download part 3 of this, filesonic just gives me an error that tells me to not download directly.

    -_- problem is.. I’m using the link and I’m figuring that filesonic decided to go bonkers. If the fileserves links were still up, I’d use one of them but they’re gone sadly.

    By the way admin, have you thought about adding a torrent to the list of download mirrors in case the links start failing or like me getting errors, so at least that way while your fixing them it’ll keep people out of your hair.

    • Tyrael says:

      I would so love to have a torrent mirror. The benefit of the torrent here is that i dont have an account on files sonic and i have to stay on the pc and wait for 30 mins until the next download and click again… Whereas i can just let the torrent download the eroge over night while i sleep :P. So please if possible upload your eroges somewhere on torrents
      P.S. I am having the same problem as Kamianbu and i cant download part3 and 4 i even deleted my cookies :O that should scare your! No1 should delete cookies !

  17. Doflamingo says:

    Is it me, or the game is uncracked? It asks me for the CD, at least.

  18. anon says:

    I was just wondering if I need anything special to install this or is it just one of those extract and run things

  19. tracer says:

    Hey i installed everything went pretty easy, but when i was done it asked me “please insert the right disc” i tried to mount the part 2 using PowerIso, when i opened the disc it said play disc, however when i press play it just says “please insert the right disc” i was wondering if anyone knew if im doing something worng?

  20. one piece says:

    admin why wont the games save?

  21. Toura says:

    I am sorry for the question. But the installation always stops at 45% and it says “failed to copy file”. I can’t seem to find answers.

  22. Shiroblack says:

    Is this works on Windows 7? Because i have a lot of trouble in uncompatible software before… it is waste of time and bandwith to download it… so tell me please 🙂

  23. death14 says:

    my brain gonna explode..

    • kura-kura says:

      hmm… what it’s mean?
      Because the ero is great in this game?
      Or because this game is suck?
      Which one? 😕

      • Aqqh says:

        Depends what you expect.
        If you expect game that offers training process of turning girls into obedient sluts than this game is a H U G E disappointment.
        There is barely any of such content even if (judging from a title for example) one could expect quite a lot of it.

        Personally I got a feeling that authors themselves weren’t exactly sure what they want to do with this game…
        At start you have protagonist raping girls and blackmailing them into obedience. But after that instead of “training” we have pretty much a romance story of a couple slowly falling in love with each other.
        From time to time you see “signs” from which you can expect that the action would become quite perverted – but when you progress through the game simply nothing like that happens.

        Most perverted scenes your going to see here are some bondage, threesome, sometimes anal.
        Most of endings are that protagonist becomes a husband to the girl you choose and they live happily ever after.
        It’s not what I was expecting at least.

        I would rate it at max 5 from 1-10 – a sense of disappointment just spoils too much fun far too often.

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