Rance 2: The Rebellious Maidens

Rance 2

Ten years ago in the town of Custard four young girls were appointed as disciples to old mage Ragithis. They were to be raised as mages and then to work as town’s guardians. But after the ten years of training due to unknown reason girls rebelled against Ragithis and killed him. During the harsh magic battle a whole town were entombed in the underground and a barrier spell was put on town preventing everyone from going out.

This is when Rance appears with Sill on his side, and taking a job of defeating magician maidens and saving the town. But after some research he finds out that actual evil guy was Ragithis himself, who put four magical rings on four maidens. That rings are giving a great boost of magical power to it’s bearers, but aslo able to steal magic power from virgin sorceresses and after collecting magic power of 40 maidens anyone could use these rings to obtain unlimited power. The leader of girls, Masou Shizuka, figured out Ragithis’s plan and rebelled against him but it was too late – cursed rings could not be removed and the curse started to dive maidens crazy. Now they are sheltered in the labirinth beneath the town abducting young girls from the town and killing everyone who tried to go into the labirinth and stop them. It seems that the only way to release them from the curse of the rings is to steal a virginity from them, and the only man up to this job is Rance.

(This is 2010 remake, English pre-patched)

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180 comments on “Rance 2: The Rebellious Maidens

  1. It works

    Ive got the fan patch from alicesoft.fandom.com and replaced the _____02.ain with the patch file.
    ThenI renamed every _____ file to rance02 .
    After this ive got in the alicestart.ini and wrote before the .ain rance02 .

  2. it would be helpful if someone tell me how to extract it properly
    i mean step by step
    please respond i really wanna play this game 🙁

  3. How I solved the issues:

    Go to Windows Settings >
    Time & Language >
    Click “Language” on left >
    Click “Administrative language settings” on right >
    Below “Language for non-Unicode programs” click “Change system locale…” >
    Change to Chinese (Simplified, China) >
    Restart computer THEN ONLY extract the game file

    Then play the game with Chinese locale and no more problems at all
    Patch English translation if needed after extraction

    1. For my case, it appears the downloaded game is already translated to Chinese language so extracting in non-Chinese system locale will ruin the files

  4. Im broke my mind, but repair this, Sys42 error JAB with 2 windows
    1)rename 9 files( ランス02 , ランス02BA , ランス02GA , ランス02WA (use this for copy) )
    2)Use english patch from vndb.org

  5. I have no idea what to do to get this to work. I renamed the files to rance02 and went into the alicestart file and changed it to rance02 as well. However when I start up the game I get DLL[SystemService.dll] with some japanese text at the end of it. What do I do?

  6. edit* its actually certain files arent extracting when i do it and it because of invalid characters, i can see the files there when i open the zip but they won’t extract, I’m using 9zip/winzip and neither will extract the files.how do i fix this?

  7. downloaded the links then extracted using 9 zip and got an error message but bad pathing but then it extracted anyways. ive gone through the steps for everything else but right when i start up the game i get an error that says DLL[ systemService.dll] and a bunch of Japanese after. cant find anything on this. am i missing a file? haven’t tried re-downloading yet

  8. Please teach me how to fix this the money is in symbol q and the exp is in symbol p…can anyone teach me how to fix this please I’m using windows 10

  9. Tried everything advised here, nothing works, only get 2 Sys42 errors and black screen. Yes running Japanese Locale, yes ran applocale too, ran administartor mode, renamed all the files that were ___
    Just a bad upload, imo.

    1. Finally got it to work! Simply download the patch from the orignal translators and apply it again… that’s it. *sigh*
      bad upload indeed.

    2. The upload is fine-ish. It does require some config though.

      Firstly, it was compressed wrong, so the Japanese characters in the filenames get messed up on unpacking. This leads to errors and ___02 filenames. Those are actually perfectly fine. Just go into AliceStart.ini and change GameName to “___02” and CodeName to “___02.ain”. You don’t even have to change the locale for this. Honestly it’s even better if you don’t, since this way you can more easily ensure the encoding of the names is identical (make sure to delete everything of the original settings, including the ” characters, to make sure you got all the invisible ones). Optionally, you can replace the ___02 part in your filenames with whatever you want, so long as you then put the same thing into those two options.

      The game will work now, but the number displays will likely be messed up. To fix that, switch the system to the Japanese locale, or install AppLocale and run it through that with Japanese as your choice of language. You can make a shortcut which does that, so with that route the initial setting is a one-time thing. Presumably other locale emulators will work too, though I haven’t tested any.

  10. the game doesnt work after downloading and extracting with winrar the files seems to be corrupted renaming the __02 files ランス02 the game still doesnt work also while running the .exe with japanese locale
    theres only 2 windows poping up one with 24vm with some giberish in japanese not giving up yet ill try to collect all of the rance games available

  11. bad characters in text => run it with Japanese locale or use locale changing utilities (recommend AppLocale for older windows, and LocaleEmulator for newer ones)

    messed up menu => error in file naming, basically all have to have same name beginning, menus are *WA.ald file

    Sys42VM Error Box => run it with jap locale, since you have jap names in file names you cant run it otherwise, with english names you can use english locale, but get messy characters in text

  12. This is great but I would really like to download the original. Could you upload that one or at least the english patch so I can patch it myself? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  13. Hi All,

    Since I too struggled to get this working with AppLocale & renaming the __02 files, let me share how I got it working.

    Credits goes to John V on Oct 2012. And here is a more english-friendly version what what he said. Thanks John!

    Install Instructions
    Extract .RAR’s
    In the extracted directory, do the following
    1. Rename the eight files prefixed with “___02” with “rance02”
    2. Edit alicestart.ini with notepad
    3. Replace parameter [gamename] with “rance02” and parameter [codename] “rance02.ain”
    4. Launch Rance02.exe, ignore the popup message, select the button “(the center ??)” and contine
    Viloa, sound, music, eng patched 😀
    No need for App Locale
    No need to run Rance02.exe in Wins XP Compability mode

      1. Oh Sil is so gosh darn adorable in this one ^^

        Thanks for posting this! hehe so excited to play this (just beat rance 1 earlier today)

    1. Woo! Medal “Wine Wizard” for you. 😉

      Just did what you said with help of a simple SH file* and it works perfectly on Linux using Wine (sounds included)

      Thanks to all guys who mounted this.
      (Goes to play)

      *: Why rename file-by-file if I can write a simple Shell Script do to this for me? 😉

  14. If you guys are wondering what happens in the intro since its not translated. Read the description above. It explains fully on what is going on.

  15. ok this is how it works for those who do not yet know the trick…
    just open the file alice.ini
    (seems that this is the configuration setting), then change the qoutation ????.ain into rance02.ain
    save it then look for the filename ????.ain (written ____02.ain literally) in the same directory, change the ____02.ain into rance02.ain and DONE!
    open the main game .exe you will see the 3 or 4 choices, click on the center choice and you’re done..

    remmber only the .ain file is the trick to open this game.

    the .dll files will pop as you open the games but just continue clicking. it works well and also has sound. gudlck!

  16. okay here’s your problems, you tell people to replace the ____02 with “ランス02 but there shouldnt be a ‘”‘ quotes in the front goddamn. its just ランス02.(whatever the file extension is) or if its BA or the letters then its ランス02BA.ald etc. simple mistake in instructions causes lots of panic

    1. that’s not a mistake, don’t you know the meaning of quotation marks? It is meant to enclose words that have value, meaning in this situation you are to only count what’s IN the quotations marks and not including them .it’s the reader’s problem if they don’t know about it. And in your case, that’s a badly idiotic thing to say

  17. hi, i’ve followed the instruction above and i still can’t run the game, it said memory error or something, i’ve set my regional option to japanese, appreciate any help, thanks

  18. Man, the intro isn’t translated. This is really a shit. it looks to have something very important in the game playthrough. I will not play this anymore. very disappointing.

  19. 1. Unzip files with winrar or 7zip. Don’t pay attention to the errormessages popping up. Ignore them

    2. Rename every “___02” or so to “ランス02” line in your gamefolder.
    ATTENTION: There are 8 files 2 of them have noting at the end so you put just ランス02 but there are also 2 “GA”, 2 “BA” and 2 “WA” files at the end (not an extension but file name like\____02BA.ald\ you need to make it \ランス02BA.ald\), so dont remove them! That’s the most common misunderstanding.

    So one files name is ランス02GA for example

    3.) Start the game with Applocale or set your windows to japanese mode

    To everyone trying to get the game running follow these instructions.

  20. i had the same problem and i fixed it using 7zip and only extracting part 1 then changed all the ___02 files to ランス02 if it has something like ___02BA.ald or what not change it to
    ランス02BA.ald in other words only highlight and change the __02 parts.

  21. my sound doesn’t really work with the game, each time there is sound, it pops up with a window and then askes for a sound system, asking for which one to use. but it doesn’t matter which one u choose it will always pop up. and it is especially annoying since in combat there will be a lot of sound, and it pops up every time there…

    1. okay… i don’t know what was wrong with the sound or anything, i had downloaded the game from another site, not prepatched but it came with a patch.
      now everything works fine, and i am playing the game, like it was meant to be played… BUT NAKED! kidding but still, it’s nice to play

  22. Ignore the last two comments, I got it working. Am running into the annoyance that numbers do not show up correctly in game though. Whenever I beat a monster it gives a message like: Received …P experience and …Q GOLD. And in my status menu it shows my level as “P”. Any ideas how to solve this? I remember I had a similar problem in Sengoku Rance that I just ignored, but I cant see most of the numbers in this game.

  23. Whenever I try to run the game, it simply shows a popup menu filled with strange symbols, closing this window brings up another with a second set of strange symbols, closing that one leaves the application window pure black and I can’t do anything except exit the game, any help?

    1. There are lots of big VNs- with like 16 parts in this site that still don’t have torrents. This one is so small it doesn’t deserve one. At least not before Clannad, Fate, etc.

  24. Say admin did you fix the two part .rars as of late? Since every time I tried to unzip them I always didn’t get the ???02 files to be extracted at all. I mean if they were extracted I could rename them and all, but it’s pretty much impossible to rename them while they happen to be in the .rar file itself.

  25. @ Shikoku

    Thanks for this,the game works fine with sound now
    i’m sure i tried this before and it didn’t work, yet it does now… how very odd, anyway, thanks again


    1. Unzip your pants eh… files with winrar or 7zip. Don’t pay attention to the errormessages popping up. Ignore them

    2.) Rename every “___” or so to “ランス02” line in your gamefolder.
    ATTENTION: If there’s a “GA”, “BA” or “WA” at the end, dont forget to put it after ランス02. That’s the most common misunderstanding.

    So one files name is ランス02GA for example

    3.) Start the game with Applocale or set your windows to japanese mode

  27. This can be work:

    1-Rename the ___02 files with rance02
    2-enter on alicestart.ini
    3- in gamename put rance02,in codename rance02.ain
    4-open rance02 and ignore the mistake and select the second choice (the center ??).

    I know, my english sucks, but works.

    1. thanks man, renamed all the files with weird names on them and it worked, only problem is the sound thing, and if i go into config the sound thing will crash the game.

  28. @dekusuta: Write in google “hentai games no sound problem” and follow the instructions in “No saound in games ->Hentai games” link.

    Good luck,

  29. oh… I tried restarting it after the video that showed in the start and it’s playing fine now…but no music…just sound effects, bummer…well, at least it’s playing! Thanks for the game admin!

  30. for me the game works fine after renaming a few of the files
    rename all the files except these 3
    renaming these 3 seems to cause issues as they will have the same name as other files in the download

    the only problem i seem to have is that the bgm doesn’t seem to play, it works during the intro movie but after that it doesn’t the BGM mode causes quite a few errors too, but for those just wanting to experience the game…. i hope this helped, any info on getting the music working would be much obliged :3

    1. well, if you just try to rename them upfront it also changes the last two letters after 02 – So what I did was left the two letters after 2 – GA, GA, WA and just renamed part of it. Well. I was able to get them all to ランス02 but I got the same error as jerryvang when I tried to play it…hmm…

  31. For me its not subbed and when it gets to the main menu all i see is a blueish background and the start, load, Cg mode, BGM mode, config, and End game seem to be in the wrong spot they are all at the top left corner and i can’t click on any of them! help!

      1. Ok, after searching for a couple of hours last night (yes, I’m stubborn, I know) I found a copy without this error. Google ‘ulmf.org rance 2′, it should be the first hit. There is an uploading link on the second page, it should be a single 411mb file.
        Hope this helps anyone else getting caught by this.

  32. I have a problem. I have renamed the folder with “ランス02” but i have an error or something that say Jab … [Mz .]

    Anybody who can help me?

    Greetings and expecting a quick response,

  33. Downloaded using Firefox, no problems. Extracted using 7zip, also no problems.

    After files are extracted:
    “Rename the “____02″ files with “ランス02” and it worked.”


    1. I have to ask this one question. Did you use the two part .rar files or the one part .rar files. Since it seems that the two part .rar files need to be reuploaded since I’m still getting issues with the ???02 files. Also, I’m using 7Zip as well so I have no idea if it’s something I need to do on my side, or if the two part .rar needs to be reuploaded again.

    2. how do you rename the files that way?
      I do not have a clue how to get Japanese writing…
      would copy paste work?

  34. ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02GA.bak
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02BA.bgi
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02BA.ald
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02WA.ald
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02WA.wai
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02GA.ald
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part2.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02.alm
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part2.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part2.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02.bak
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part2.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! \Rance2.part2.rar: Cannot create Rance2\???02.ain
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! \Rance2.part2.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name

    These are the errors I got when trying to unzip it. Removed the directory, but the rest is as it appeared.

        1. Unfortunatelly when I try to rename the file in it’s .rar state, but it won’t allow me to do so. It kept giving me an error that I’m not allowed to edit it or something.

          So would you mind reuploading this one since it seems those “???02.files” need to be fixed or something.

          1. You just have to extract the archive and just keep on closing the windows that appear (those who signal an erro) until the archive is completely extracted. And then in the new created folder, rename the “____02″ files with “ランス02” like thescarletsabre

          2. Yeah but said files do not get extracted, so how am I supposed to rename files that cannot be extracted from said .rar files?

          3. That’s strange because even though i’m ignoring the messages. The files are still extracted into the created folder

  35. i cant download either parts
    all that comes up is:
    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
    ive cleared by cache & cookies, tried multiple browsers & nothing

  36. the part one is corrupted or broken i think. i have tried a lot of times now but its still giving me a 14 mb rar file only and when i try to extract it says the file is broken.

        1. Ok, after searching for a couple of hours last night (yes, I’m stubborn, I know) I found a copy without this error. Google ‘ulmf.org rance 2’, it should be the first hit. There is an uploading link on the second page, it should be a single 411mb file.
          Hope this helps anyone else getting caught by this.

          1. Damn, I’ve replied to the wrong post…
            this was for the problem jerryvang and dekusuta were having.
            Oops, lol.

  37. I get the same blackscreen, SYS42Vm thing.
    My local is set to Japanese for a long time now…
    note that I get lots of WinRAR diagnostic messages.. about 36 error..

    Could use some help

  38. Well. I’ve spent many hours trying to run this game. I don’t have problem with Japanese locale but this prepatched version don’t work for me. I’ve changed all names and stuff. Every time i get menu it’s gray bg and white english menu but i can’t click anything. Tried everything i found on net but it still don’t work.

    Would anybody help me?

  39. Hey, I have a problem opening the application. When I open it through .exe, it has an error message saying JAB and then jibberish.

    That’s what happens, and then the window is just a black screen. Please help.

  40. Trauma’s way work but just for the opening movie, when I wanted to play it, the cursor doesn’t work, can anyone help me?

  41. Can anyone tell me if there are other remake of the rance series? I guess if there’s a remake for no2 there must be a remake for no1, right? BTW, what are the other contents of Alice2010?



  42. never mind i got it 🙂
    1. open AliceStart.ini
    2. Search for the Game Code,
    3. There should be a file called ランス02.ain
    now this is the the difference, if you copy the ランス02 from here you will get what you see here, but what the game want was the “ランス02” from the AliceStart.ini. if you copy from alice start you will get a bit different string it’s almost like there’s a space between the 0 and 2
    “ランス0 2” <=(don't copy this one though)
    after this just copy it to all your "___" file and try it, it worked for me so could anyone verify it??

  43. I get a Sys42VM error and black screen whenever I try and run the game.
    -I have changed the file names like Ryoichi said
    -I have my system locale in japanese, and have played many VNs before this.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If you got black screen, then it is mostly because codec issue.
      download and update your codec, then it should be fine.

  44. Oh…. i feel so stupid. Everyone please ignore my previous post in this page.
    The reason why i only have 7 file after i unpack the file is because part2 are not downloaded properly thus making it corrupt. When i check the size of part2 that i’ve download, the file size is 190, on mediafire the file size was 191 mb, so basically it short 1 MB. Can you guys believe it, 1 MB. Only a few second more until finish, than suddenly the download went corrupt. Arghh……. I din’t notice it before because winrar give me many error message about the file name, so i ignore the last message about corrupted file…. How careless i am.

    For those who still have trouble playing this VN, especially the file name, here is the solution.

    1. unpack part1
    2. rename any file with ??? to ランス.
    For Example – ???02GA.wai to ランス02GA.wai
    3. Run the game. At first, you will be unable to do anything when you click your mouse or hit your keyboard except Esc, but don’t worry, just wait until the opening is finish than
    you can play this VN. ( this will happen only on the first time you run this VN, after that, you will no longer have to wait the opening to finish. Just skip it by clicking the mouse)

  45. Hey people, I have a problem with the .rar packs.
    Whenever I try to unpack them with Winrar, an error pops up. Something about not being able to name the files. It renames them into ____02.ain for example.
    Whenever I try to start the game, only unreadable text pops up.
    I already switched to japanese locale.

    1. Got the same problem as CvK.
      Whenever I try to unpack them with Winrar, an error pops up. And there is no exe file, only 7 file that cannot be open.

  46. sorry, but i already change the name as mentioned by Shurei and also change the appocale but it still show sys 42 error

  47. ah shit i can’t play this game, not even when i changed my locale or whatever it is, i made everything into japanese and now my laptop is in japanese language with japanese region but i am still unable to play it, the extracted system file names are all in “___02.bla bla bla”
    i don’t know what to do anymore,change locale, change language, doesn’t work at all.. God please help me..

    But then my brain think something random, i change the “___02. bla bla bla” in the file name to “ランス02.bla bla bla” and miraculously it works, so far so good. change all the unread (the “___” ones)file names to “ランス02” and you are ready to go. once again, thanks for the game Admin!

    1. I did change the names as you mentioned, and the game started, however after that, i couldn’t do more, i saw the intro but couldn’t start the game, seemed like my mouse did not get recognized or something similiar, also the hotkeys seemed disorted as escape caused something like opening the sound modifications? also the game was (except for the disorted start options) on japanese.

      did you do something else except for changing the names of the datas?

    2. good advice, worked for me too. maybe winrar runs in english only, ignoring all non-unicode characters? the message log made it clear it didn’t seem to like them.

  48. Is there something I can do to get the numbers in game to display properly? The numbers in combat appear properly but the numbers in the status screen and in shops don’t. What can I do to fix it?

  49. for windows xp: use applocale
    for windows vista and seven: change unicode to Japanese (Japan)

    1. open control panel and click in “Change display language”
    2. in the tab “Administrative”, click in “Change system locale”
    3. change the system locale to japanese
    4. if necessary, restart the computer

    in my case, it worked (although you have to play again some games because the old save files dosen’t work in the new unicode)

  50. help i cant seem to get the game to work even though i switch to japanese locale and reboot my computer and appolocal dosnt seem to work as well and i am using a XP system (Y_Y)

    when i start the game it shows the black screen and just exits out (Y_Y)

  51. I can not change my locale to japan, as i CANT get the files for it. Does anyone know anything else i can do?

  52. I dowloaded this game changed my locale to japan and it still gives me a system 42 error what am I doing wrong

  53. forget about my previous post. its working now. i only change the system locale to japan. thank you admin. ^^

  54. when i start the game, only two Sys42VM popups happen. then after that black screen! please help admin. pleeeasse

  55. can anyone make a walktrough there i cant pass the 2nd stage where i need 2 find something 2 activate the teleporter!

  56. just a question admin when i extracted the files i got an warcraft 3 AI data file with the rest of the files is that intentional or was it a mistake?

  57. Well I finished the game. (Yeah I made the same dumbass mistake, thought it was in Japanese because of the intro. >.<)

    Are there other Rance games, besides Sengoku Rance, that have been translated by the way? I know that a group is working/was working on Rance 3 and Rance Quest (Which is Rance 8 I think.)

    But I also heard good things about Rance 6, and I don't know if there is a translated version.

  58. well I finally found the solution to get the game running
    FIRST download it and extract it, preferably using winrar
    Next is to change your locale to japan
    for vista, xp, and 7, go to control panel, click on region icon, click change region, and then set it to Japanese.
    After that, you restart your comp and try clicking on the extension

  59. As TruePerv already noted, it appears that the game is in Japanese even if the download description says “english prepatched”.

    We have to do something to enable the English patch… or it’s a misunderstanding?

  60. Do I have to play in Japanese locale or something?
    If I start the game all I get is moonspeak, and after that just a black screen….

    1. Re-downloaded the files, changed my locale to Japanese and changed my compatibillity to Windows XP Serive package 2.

      But I still get the same error j described, and it’s still all moonspeak…

      I someone knows what to do, it would help…

    1. Yes, I’m going to post every game that was ever released in english eventually. It just takes time. During last 3 days i posted 24 games already.

      1. Admin, something’s wrong with your link since after downloading I keep suffering the same error that j has and I can’t seem to fix it.

        can you help me?

      2. Admin, what about progress to the rance series (I mean rance 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 , and the new 8)? I really looking forward to this rance series :XD. Thanks for you time and hard work…. and i really love this site.I hope this site stay forever :XD

    1. the cg for the item store girl
      Optional: Return to the city and go to the item shop, look at the chest and you will be asked to find it’s “Mother”. Buy one “Wood of Return” if you don’t already own one.
      Enter the Maze and use the teleporter which leads to the dead body. At the Passage west to where the dead body is, near the end of the path you can find a button (Search Surroundings). Press it.
      Teleport back and walk to the Hanny statue and look at it. Go to the end of the corridor to activate the trap. Flee to the statue and use the wood of return there.
      Return to the Statue and pick up the “Mother”. Bring her to the Item-Shop for the CG.
      sry for taking up so much room

    1. ok i find one of the last 2 cgs, one of which is the level goddess which you can only get after lvling up to like lvl 40ish, at which point you assault her, can anyone tell me the other second to last cg?

      1. try asking talking or maybe looking somewhere in the info store at the time when your in shizuka’s maze(part 6 i think)
        her computer is having problems and you need to fix it
        click any thing of the choices until you get electrocuted then enjoy your cg ^^ sorry for the inaccurate info i was in a skip mode and it happened so fast

  61. im getting a sys42vm file error with this game i download a new file to replace the old one in hopes it would get it to work but the error is still coming up

    1. “Alice 2010” contains also other stuff, apart from Rance remake, none of which was translated.
      I’ll spare you downloading of 3GB of other data if that’s the only thing that was translated.

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